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Pandemic economy: Unemployment claims hit a COV...
There's a lot to be excited about in the jobs report. The retail sales numbers shows that Americans are spending money. And Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza helps us break down the inflation indicators, supply chain pain points, holiday shopping forecast and all the economic news of the week that matters to you in your daily life.
9 min
Debunking myths around COVID vaccines and preg...
Why do some people think it's unsafe to get vaccinated while pregnant? We look into the origins of that misinformation.
14 min
Why the pandemic supply chain issues haven't go...
Many of the supply chain issues disrupting businesses and causing headaches for shoppers are still here, nearly two years into the pandemic. What's going on?
28 min
Uncomfortable questions about Facebook after wh...
Facebook has been in the news a lot for all the wrong reasons. A whistleblower named Frances Haugen says the tech giant hides what it knows about the damage it does with regards to division and hate, and prioritizes its own interests over what’s good for the public and Facebook users.
17 min
In the booth with Lou Nolan: 50 years of Philad...
Lou Nolan is beginning his 50th year as the Flyers’ public address announcer.
12 min
How Sam Hinkie and William Penn both learned to...
For the last several years Frank McKee has been teaching a course at La Salle University about William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, and Sam Hinkie, the former GM of the 76ers and the architect of what became known as The Process.
28 min
Pandemic economy: Overshooting jobs numbers, ho...
Economist David Fiorenza joins KYW Newsradio In Depth to break down the economic news of the week and how it applies to your life.
10 min
Tensions on the rise: China, Taiwan aim to avoi...
Tension between China and Taiwan is nothing new, but with their relationship increasingly at odds, their complicated dynamic is once again in the headlines. Could conflict be imminent?
23 min
War update: Humans vs. the spotted lanternfly s...
How are humans doing in the fight against the spotted lanternfly? Are the squish-on-sight marching orders still the same? And just what is it that makes their presence so concerning?
17 min
Un-president-ed: Trump's grip on GOP remains st...
Donald Trump still holds a mighty grip over factions of the Republican party nearly a year after his defeat. Whether his ability to engage a portion of the GOP proves to be advantageous or divisive remains to be seen.
14 min
How Gabby Petito brought attention to our fasci...
The Gabby Petito homicide and the investigation into who is responsible for her death is the latest example of a tragic crime story that has captured the attention of the country.
34 min
'Pretty dramatic:' Everything you need to know ...
New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. says a recent study shows they have an experimental pill that reduced hospitalizations and deaths by half in people who are newly infected with COVID-19. They are planning to ask for emergency use authorization for the treatment.
14 min
Ford, Chrysler, Uber: The most and least truste...
The pandemic caused serious disruption in travel, from the hospitality and tourism industry down to finding a used car to buy. As a result, it really upended and solidified which brands Americans trust in the transportation sector.
16 min
How funding fights in Washington move the pande...
What's going on with the unemployment numbers and the GDP revisions? Inflation is up, but what does that mean to an economist? And what does the debt ceiling and funding fights in Washington mean for the economy?
10 min
The evolution of homecoming
How did the tradition of homecoming start? And how has its meaning and value changed over the years? Temple professor Bryant Simon gives us the history of homecoming.
15 min
The most pointlessly destructive political fig...
The threat of a government default because Republicans and Democrats are arguing over the debt ceiling is a seemingly frequent occurrence. We're going through the drama right now. And it might be the most pointless and needlessly destructive fight in Washington.
20 min
Kids and COVID-19: how coronavirus affects kids...
Dr. Lee Savio Beers, President of the American Academy of Pediatrics joins the podcast to talk about kids, the COVID-19 vaccines, the dangers of the Delta variant, and how the playing field has changed for kids over the course of a very long pandemic.
10 min
Food bank prepares for a 'tidal wave' of need ...
The Food Bank of South Jersey is still experiencing substantial need among the people they serve, and with the expiration of benefits and rent to moratoriums changing, a lot of factors could make the problem worse.
17 min
What Halloween, home sales, and supply chains w...
It looks like the housing market is seeing a bit of a resurgence, but what does that mean for people trying to buy or sell or renovate their homes? Halloween season is in full swing, and it could have major implications for the economy. There's a showdown looming over the debt ceiling. Why are politicians fighting over money that's already been spent during a pandemic? And why are we still having serious supply chain issues?
9 min
How to prepare for extreme weather disasters
We've seen an unprecedented amount of extreme weather recently. Since September is National Preparedness Month, we thought it would be a great time to catch up with Paul Huang, FEMA's Acting Associate Administrator of Resilience, and learn about what we all can do to be prepared.
8 min
"A wake of confusion": The effects of the new T...
Texas's new, highly restrictive abortion law has been in effect for a few weeks now. What has it meant for Texas, U.S. courts, and the future of Roe v. Wade?
25 min
The "shadow docket" explained: should the Supre...
On this episode of KYW Newsradio In Depth, Temple University law professor Laura E. Little explains why the relatively new and previously under-the-radar concept of the "shadow docket" is all of a sudden drawing so much attention, and how it could affect the perception of the United States Supreme Court.
22 min
'See your doctor:' the pandemic's secondary rip...
For nearly 20 months, COVID-19 has been top of mind. The pandemic, however, has created another troubling development. People are now putting off addressing general health concerns that could be better managed by routine check ups or general well visits.
16 min
Pandemic economy update: The new employment nor...
The weekly jobless claims showed a slight increase, but they still represent a pandemic low that seems like it's stabilized a bit. Continuous claims, however, continue to go down. There was good news with retail sales which rose in August instead of dipping -- and there's a lot to talk about auto sales and the ongoing chip shortage.
9 min
'Impossible to ignore:' The impact of climate c...
Destruction caused by extreme weather events is fresh in the Philadelphia area. Tropical Depression Ida tore through the region earlier this month, leaving behind a heartbreaking trail that pointed to a harsh truth: the Delaware Valley's infrastructure wasn't prepared for the storm.
29 min