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Ask an economist: Is 2% GDP growth underwhelmi...
GDP grew by 2% -- is that a good number or a bad number? Supply chain issues and childcare shortages continue to haunt the economy, but economists are dreaming of a green Christmas nonetheless. And what's going to happen with housing prices?
11 min
Meet the candidate: Republican Jack Ciattarelli...
Jack Ciattarelli says it needs to be more affordable to live in New Jersey. Mike Dougherty interviewed the Republican running for New Jersey Governor about COVID-19, property taxes, recreational marijuana, and police reform.
15 min
A new report rates America’s mental health, and...
There's a mental health crisis in America, people are not always getting the help they need, and then the world got plunged into a global pandemic. So how bad is the problem? Which states are doing better to get resources out to people? And what can we do as individuals and across our society to address a problem that really affects everyone?
12 min
Tracking childhood obesity changes during the p...
How much worse did childhood obesity get during the coronavirus pandemic? And what does the data show about who is most at risk for developing childhood obesity?
17 min
Delta variant financial hardship: Who is strugg...
38% of households in the US say they've struggled financially in the past few months. And families that make less than $50,000 a year say they're in really bad shape.
13 min
He's no longer an Eagle, but Zach Ertz wants to...
Zach Ertz might not be an Eagle anymore, but behind the scenes Zach and the Ertz Family Foundation are still doing important work in Philadelphia.
10 min
'This needs to be spoken about:' Morgan McCaffe...
Morgan McCaffery had recently graduated high school when she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in the Meadowbrook Train Station parking lot in July 2020. Her mom Kathy talked with KYW Newsradio In Depth about her family's work to shine a light on toxic relationships with 'Morgan's Light', the foundation in her daughter's name.
25 min
Pandemic economy: Workers taking back the power
10 min
Should student athletes be considered employees...
Efforts by the National Labor Relations Board could change college sports as we know them.
17 min
The Long Haul: New COVID treatments and the 'en...
Independence Blue Cross presents The Long Haul: Learning to Live in a Lasting Pandemic, a special pandemic mini-series from KYW Newsradio In Depth. In the third and final part of our series presented by Independence Blue Cross, we talk with Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio's Medical Editor.
27 min
The Long Haul: Vaccine safety for children and ...
Independence Blue Cross presents The Long Haul: Learning to Live in a Lasting Pandemic, a special pandemic mini-series from KYW Newsradio In Depth. In the first episode this series we talk with Dr. Paul Offit, the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
19 min
The Long Haul: Holiday dinner vaccination conve...
Independence Blue Cross presents The Long Haul: Learning to Live in a Lasting Pandemic, a special pandemic mini-series from KYW Newsradio In Depth. In the second episode of this series, we talk with Dr. Yesenia Marroquin, a clinical psychologist at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
24 min
'They're not robots.' Lane Johnson’s battle wit...
Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson missed three games because of a "personal matter," which the 31-year-old All-Pro right tackle later revealed had to do with his struggles with depression and anxiety.
19 min
Anti-vax professional athletes: how the choices...
A huge majority of professional athletes are vaccinated against COVID-19, but the select few who aren't continue to dominate headlines
9 min
Phil Murphy vs. Jack Ciattarelli: Is the New Je...
We look at both candidates and what this race could say about national politics.
16 min
'One word? Horrible.' The pre-pandemic causes o...
Child care is in crisis in the US. There's not enough of it, it's incredibly expensive, and the ripple effects of this crisis are significant. So how bad is the problem really? And how do we start to address and fix the situation?
37 min
Pandemic economy: Unemployment claims hit a COV...
There's a lot to be excited about in the jobs report. The retail sales numbers shows that Americans are spending money. And Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza helps us break down the inflation indicators, supply chain pain points, holiday shopping forecast and all the economic news of the week that matters to you in your daily life.
9 min
Debunking myths around COVID vaccines and preg...
Why do some people think it's unsafe to get vaccinated while pregnant? We look into the origins of that misinformation.
14 min
Why the pandemic supply chain issues haven't go...
Many of the supply chain issues disrupting businesses and causing headaches for shoppers are still here, nearly two years into the pandemic. What's going on?
28 min
Uncomfortable questions about Facebook after wh...
Facebook has been in the news a lot for all the wrong reasons. A whistleblower named Frances Haugen says the tech giant hides what it knows about the damage it does with regards to division and hate, and prioritizes its own interests over what’s good for the public and Facebook users.
17 min
In the booth with Lou Nolan: 50 years of Philad...
Lou Nolan is beginning his 50th year as the Flyers’ public address announcer.
12 min
How Sam Hinkie and William Penn both learned to...
For the last several years Frank McKee has been teaching a course at La Salle University about William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, and Sam Hinkie, the former GM of the 76ers and the architect of what became known as The Process.
28 min
Pandemic economy: Overshooting jobs numbers, ho...
Economist David Fiorenza joins KYW Newsradio In Depth to break down the economic news of the week and how it applies to your life.
10 min
Tensions on the rise: China, Taiwan aim to avoi...
Tension between China and Taiwan is nothing new, but with their relationship increasingly at odds, their complicated dynamic is once again in the headlines. Could conflict be imminent?
23 min
War update: Humans vs. the spotted lanternfly s...
How are humans doing in the fight against the spotted lanternfly? Are the squish-on-sight marching orders still the same? And just what is it that makes their presence so concerning?
17 min