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Fight inflation: suspend the gas tax?
Inflation is up. Gas prices are high. And there is some talk in Congress about tackling both by suspending the federal gas tax. So would it work?
15 min
Omicron in Philadelphia: KYW Newsradio reporter...
We asked some of the reporters at KYW Newsradio to join us for a Twitter Spaces chat and break down what people should know about the virus and the biggest stories of the week.
27 min
Good news for the pandemic economy: 'The lowest...
Jobless claims hit a number we haven't seen in half a century. Inflation is driving prices higher, so what's the long term outlook? Are wages keeping up? What's happening with gas prices, and what's the holiday buying season looking like?
10 min
The fastest growing brands in 2021: how the pan...
As the country continues to adapt to the pandemic, our brand preferences have evolved
19 min
"It's like a double gut shot." Dick Allen's so...
Dick Allen's son Richard Allen Jr. talks with Dave Uram about his father's legacy, the incredible disappointment surrounding Dick Allen's second hall of fame snub, and his message to the Hall of Fame committee.
21 min
Autism and the justice system: new study hopes ...
Philadelphia-based institute publishes new study shedding light on how the autistic community experiences the justice system.
14 min
What happens to a brand when its celebrity spok...
Many celebrities serve as spokespeople for various companies or brands. And usually, the situation is a win/win for everyone -- right up until the celebrity does or says something less than desirable.
13 min
Abortion and the new Supreme Court: 'It seems l...
The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments about a case that could overturn Roe vs. Wade and fundamentally change abortion rights in this country. So what happened in court, and what did the Justices say about the case?
28 min
Pandemic jobs report: Everything is made up and...
The jobs report massively underperformed expectations, so why were the numbers so off? And will it look so bad when the numbers get revised?
11 min
Trump appointed a lot of judges. What is Biden ...
You haven’t seen nearly as much attention on President Biden’s work filling federal court vacancies, but he has been very active and actually getting nominations confirmed at a rate faster than any of his predecessors over the last several decades.
22 min
Drexel's Dr. Michael Levasseur: The omicron va...
There's not a lot of answers about the omicron variant so far. Can it make you sicker? Is it more transmissible? We asked Drexel's Dr. Michael Levasseur.
13 min
Is your pharmacy understaffed or closed altoget...
Are you seeing long lines at your pharmacy? Reduced hours, or even closed altogether? Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are strained across the country.
21 min
Pandemic mental health crisis in kids and teens...
The pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of kids and teenagers. There are signs parents need to look out for, and Dr. Tami Benton from CHOP explains what parents should do to support their kids.
29 min
"All the good feelings:" a school's return to i...
Hear what in-person learning sounds like in the age of COVID.
26 min
Peter Jackson on making The Beatles: Get Back a...
Larry Kane sat down with Peter Jackson to talk about The Beatles: Get Back documentary series and these four special musicians.
23 min
Lessons in leadership, service, and humility: R...
Jim Pasquarette retired in May as a three-star general officer after a 38-year career in the Army. He served in West Germany during the Cold War, in the Pentagon during a global pandemic, and as Commander of the US Army Japan. He learned a few things about leadership, service, and humility along the way.
48 min
'American data for American people:' The case f...
The COVID-19 vaccines have been a big focus of our society for months now. So much work went into developing them, and the work to get them out to people is still ongoing. So is that data being used to help Americans? Is it even being tracked?
24 min
Hamilton's Ta'Rea Campbell on the road that led...
The CAPA grad talks about playing Angelica Schuyler on tour.
19 min
Pandemic economy: Jobs, retail, holiday shoppin...
The jobs numbers revised up quite a bit, and retail sales looked good too. People are spending moot. What should we expeney, inflation and supply chain problems or nct for the holiday season and black Friday?
11 min
How 'race-norming' became part of the NFL's con...
Why did the NFL include race-norming as a factor in concussion settlements? Where did race-norming come from, and where is it still being used today?
13 min
Philadelphia Gay News founder fought for visibi...
Mark Segal talks about the bold actions he took in the 70s and the remarkable changes they ultimately brought.
50 min
Incarceration is going down in Pennsylvania - b...
There has been a lot of focus on trying to reduce the number of incarcerated people in the US. There's been progress on that front, but that progress is not equal. In Pennsylvania, the numbers for men have gone down, but the number of incarcerated women continues to increase.
26 min
What's in the infrastructure deal? Power grid u...
It's finally infrastructure week. So what's in the bipartisan infrastructure bill? Highways, high speed internet, electric vehicle charging networks, and safe drinking water, among a lot of other things.
20 min
'People have a lot of power:' What bosses need ...
Most of the discussion and the hot takes about the worker shortage have focused on the workforce, what individual workers or job seekers want or aren't able to accept anymore. We wanted to take some time to focus on employers. What are bosses doing to adjust to this new normal?
25 min
A sacred journey: How Philadelphia’s USS Olympi...
On her last journey before joining the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, the steel warship USS Olympia carried the Unknown Soldier home to America from France. This is the story of that journey and what it meant for a country reeling from war.
20 min