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Slavery and the American Revolution: What the ...
We're taught that the Battle of Yorktown was a great victory for the American Revolution, but it also played a role in embedding slavery into the groundwork of the new nation that came after. Dr. Gregory Urwin, Professor of History at Temple University, wrote about this in the Journal of the American Revolution.
23 min
Expert Wordle tips from Villanova Linguist Dr. ...
What are the best starting words in Wordle? How do I get better at solving the word every day? What are Wordle pitfalls that even experts fall for every day? We asked Villanova University Linguist Dr. Grant Berry for his Wordle pro-tips.
16 min
Me Me Me! Are we more narcissistic than ever? L...
We're so great! Just let us tell you about it! Odds are, you've come across a narcissist or two in your life. And in the age of social media, who knows? You might even have some narcissistic tendencies yourself. According to West Chester University Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Michael Roche, narcissism in a vacuum isn't necessarily a bad thing; it's all about whether people use it in adaptive or maladaptive ways. On this episode of KYW Newsradio In Depth, Roche looks at different manifestations of narcissism, and how people can be more attuned to it.
21 min
Who survives? A look at the fallout from the NC...
The NCAA adopted a new constitution. Dr. Karen Weaver, an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, explains what it means.
11 min
Why Major League Baseball is being sued by form...
There's an interesting lawsuit in the pipeline brought by four former minor league baseball affiliates that is challenging major league baseball’s anti-trust exemption.
19 min
What's the big deal with NFTs?
Are NFTs and cryptocurrency the future? What do you really need to know about them? We get some answers from Dr. Bora Ozkan.
17 min
Doomsday Scenarios, ep. 2: The glacier actually...
The Thwaites Glacier is also known as the Doomsday Glacier. It's massive, it's collapsing, and when it goes - sea levels are going to rise by a significant amount. This episode of KYW Newsradio In Depth is part two of a mini series called Doomsday Scenarios, where we ask very smart people if this, that, or the other thing could destroy life as we know it.
20 min
The Justice Stephen Breyer retirement deep dive...
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is set to retire from the Supreme Court. Dr. Lisa A. Tucker from Drexel University Law School examines Breyer's legacy, talks about the top candidates to replace him, and whether Republicans can do anything to stop a Biden nominee.
18 min
How Vladimir Putin is 'trying to rewrite the en...
There are major tensions between Russia and Ukraine heading quickly towards a boiling point right now. So how is this going to end?
36 min
Kobe Bryant's rise: from Lower Merion to NBA le...
Sports columnist Mike Sielski set out to write Kobe Bryant's origin story. He found out just how much the NBA superstar was intrinsically connected to Philadelphia.
18 min
The biggest risks to the entire world: 2022 edi...
A pandemic that won't go away. Global maneuvering by Russia, China, and Iran. Stable democracy in the United States. These are some of the top risks of 2022, and on today's episode of KYW Newsradio In Depth we find out why.
32 min
Biden vs. Trump: Who had a worse first year?
The good, the bad, and Afghanistan: what grade has President Joe Biden earned after one year? Dr. Ben Berger helps break down the successes and failures of the Biden administration, how they compare to President Trump's first year, and what to expect from the rest of the Biden presidency.
33 min
Pandemic economy: trends in residential permits...
Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza checks in with his weekly Friday update on the state of the economy during the pandemic.
7 min
How would you fare in a fire? Take these steps...
After the Fairmount Fire, Philadelphia's Chief of Fire Prevention wants us all to make sure we're safe.
20 min
The Great Resignation or the Great Shift? Asses...
Americans are choosing to leave their jobs at an unprecedented rate, which could actually have positive long-term implications.
24 min
What we know about Long Covid, 2 years into the...
We have heard a lot about COVID long haulers over the last year or so. And since we're learning new things about this pandemic all the time, we wanted to learn more about what doctors are seeing in long COVID patients right now and whether the omicron variant is complicating things.
14 min
Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, and what ha...
Ghislaine Maxwell was recently convicted in a court of law after a month-long trial connected to Jeffrey Epstein's sexual abuse of underage girls and her role in the abuse. So what happens next, and is there another shoe yet to fall?
21 min
Did You Know? The story of the South Philadelph...
Did you know the Civil Rights anthem ‘We Shall Overcome’ has in a church on Broad Street in Philadelphia?
34 min
Why a conservative Supreme Court overturned one...
The Supreme Court issued rulings on two critical cases involving the Biden Administration's vaccine mandates amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked Temple law professor Craig Green why the justices upheld one mandate and overturned another, and what it means for federal power in the United States.
25 min
Pandemic economy: why the retail numbers don't ...
Jobless claims, retail sales, inflation, and some very nervous onlookers keeping an eye on interest rates and housing prices. It's been a busy week in the economy, so Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza is here help break down the news you need to know and what it means for you.
11 min
Doomsday Scenarios, episode 1: Can an asteroid ...
We're starting a mini series on KYW Newsradio In Depth called Doomsday Scenarios, where we ask very smart people if this, that, or the other thing could destroy life as we know it. Today: could an asteroid strike earth with enough mass and force to kill the planet?
19 min
Deja vu all over again: why is COVID testing st...
Nearly 2 years into the coronavirus pandemic and testing is still an issue in the United States. Why does it seem like we never really got this right?
10 min
Where did we go wrong with COVID messaging?
Public health messaging has been a challenge in the pandemic. Could we have done better, or are people just not listening?
20 min
'Kids need to be in school.' Updated COVID guid...
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's PolicyLab recently updated their guidance for schools, so we reached out to Director Dr. David Rubin to ask what changed and why.
9 min
Setting sights on the spring: a vaccination tim...
Drexel University's Dr. Jennifer Hamilton believes a COVID-19 vaccine for kids 0-4 could be ready by the spring.
11 min