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China's role in Russia's invasion of Ukraine
What does China think about the invasion of Ukraine? How much pressure is China under to sway Vladimir Putin one way or the other, and how much influence could China have on the actions that Russia takes from here on out?
37 min
Is Russia committing war crimes in Ukraine?
We are seeing some awful scenes in Ukraine during Russia’s invasion, including the deaths of civilians and the bombings of buildings leading to civilian casualties. Are we watching Russia commit war crimes, in real time?
20 min
What changes do we want to keep from the COVID ...
After two years of a pandemic, we’ve realized that some changes might stick around permanently - and maybe they should.
28 min
Creepy flying spiders are friends, put down the...
It's creepy looking, it looks like it flies, it's here on the East Coast, and it's generally considered a big bag of nope. But before you arm the nuclear football, we wanted to find out the truth about this spider, so we called Dr. Christopher Tipping from Delaware Valley University.
13 min
Gas price breakdown, and how many interest rate...
One day it's up, the next day it's down -- why is the price of gas all over the place? Also, the federal reserve is turning its eye on interest rates. How many rate hikes are we likely to see? Every week on KYW Newsradio In Depth, Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza breaks down the biggest stories of the week and how they apply to you and me.
10 min
Race on Broadway: Can revivals fix old problems?
The revival of 'Oklahoma!' is playing in Philadelphia. How does it look at race differently, and is that enough?
21 min
'Books should be uncomfortable:' Why banning bo...
Dr. Miah Daughtery shares her view on the importance of narrative text, and why past book-banning efforts have been effective.
21 min
'Horrifyingly bad' humanitarian crisis is creat...
We are seeing a tragic humanitarian crisis unfold because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Millions of people are displaced and fleeing the country. So how can the world address this? What can be done?
19 min
What happens to the world if Russia defaults on...
Because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the economic screws have been put to the Russian economy. As a result, Russia is likely to default on its debt. What does that mean for the rest of the world?
14 min
Ukraine and Russia make 28% of the world's whea...
The Russian invasion of Ukraine is playing havoc with world energy prices, but the ripple effects on markets don’t end there. Commodities like wheat, corn, and fertilizer are also being impacted. In the global food markets, prices are rising and countries are preparing for supply chain disruptions that could have significant effects.
17 min
'The headline is, we're in trouble.' Findings f...
A recent report about climate change raised a lot of alarm bells about how bad the situation really is. We wanted to break down the report, get the biggest bullet points, and find out how much trouble we're actually in and if there's anything we can do.
21 min
What you should know about Ketanji Brown Jackso...
Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearings begin on March 21st, and if confirmed, President Joe Biden's pick for the Supreme Court would become the first Black woman ever to serve on the highest court in the land. So who is Judge Jackson? What are the highlights of her career? And what should people know about Judge Jackson before the hearings start?
13 min
Are corporations using inflation to rake in hug...
There's been a lot of talk and speculation that some companies have been using inflation as a front to simply raise prices to improve profits. So is this happening?
19 min
Pandemic economy update: unemployment down, 202...
Every week we take a look at the economy in this pandemic with Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza and break down the economic news people need to know in their own lives. This week, we're digging into the jobs numbers. Unemployment decreased to 3.8%! The consumer price index went up significantly, the highest we've seen it since 1982. Gas prices are... down just a bit? What's going on there? And how many rate increases are we going to see to see in the fight against inflation?
8 min
COVID-19 vaccines: Are they truly less effectiv...
COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer have been available for kids 5-11 for a few months now, but a couple of recent studies about the vaccines' effectiveness has sounded some alarms. Are the vaccines really less effective for kids?
14 min
'Livestreamed war crimes.' The power of social ...
How do war zones change when anyone with a phone can become a war correspondent? How can regular people tell the difference between propaganda and truth? And how would other conflicts in history, like the Vietnam War for example, have played out differently if social media was as widespread as it is today?
25 min
Mental health repercussions from COVID-19 hit B...
The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone’s mental health, but it has hit communities of color and the Black community disproportionately hard. So why are some communities in America impacted differently than others?
20 min
First time job seekers, what you need to know a...
For people entering the job market for the first time, what does the landscape look like after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic? What's expected of workers right now? What are employers looking for? We asked these questions to Jennifer Rossi Long, Senior Director of West Chester University’s Twardowski Career Development Center.
17 min
The Dollar General makeover of America was succ...
Two years into the pandemic and shopping has changed dramatically. Morning Consult's Claire Tassin talks about what's changed since early on in the pandemic, why the incredible e-commerce boom is slowing, and what the data says about the future of brick and mortar stores.
19 min
The jobs numbers are outstanding. What happened?
Unemployment fell to 3.8% in February and we got an outstanding jobs report -- 678,000 new jobs. What happened, and what does the report mean for the economy moving forward? Economist David Fiorenza is on the podcast to talk about the economic news of the week and why it matters.
9 min
Listen up, employers: your workers have the upp...
In the aftermath of the pandemic, employers are facing "a watershed moment." SAP Global Vice President of Field Transformation and Readiness Rae Kyriazis explains why.
19 min
'Brilliant lawyering': how Sandy Hook families ...
A record $73 million settlement for the families of victims in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting was years in the making. But as Saint Joseph's University's Dr. Susan Liebell explains, it might not set new legal precedent for gun control.
14 min
Gas prices, palladium, delivery costs, and more...
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has already taken a massive toll on human lives and families, it's affected how society functions in eastern Europe, it's captured the attention of governments and private industry -- and the economic effects have only started to ripple out.
17 min
Russia Ukraine war, Supreme Court history: big ...
President Joe Biden will deliver his State of the Union address on Tuesday night. What should we expect to hear? How much has the message changed given the Russian invasion of Ukraine?
23 min
CDC mask guideline changes explained: 'This was...
The CDC is changing masking recommendations, and it’s part of a sweeping change in how the center measures COVID-19 in communities.
11 min