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"I'm sorry it had to come to the rescue:" Dr. D...
University of Pennsylvania scientist Dr. Drew Weissman helped lead research in the development of mRNA vaccines.
12 min
Mayor Kenney grades his performance in a roller...
Philadelphia's mayor reflects on how the city has handled multiple crises in 2021 and looks forward to the next two years.
15 min
"Society can fall apart:" the very real consequ...
A Temple University professer sheds light on a study about the link between social media and fake news.
12 min
The insidiousness of addiction: 'I don't think ...
The opioid crisis hasn’t gotten headlines like it had prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that hasn't stopped it from getting worse. Clinical psychologist Dr. Jaime Zuckerman joins the podcast to talk about the crisis and how to better understand the insidious whispers of addiction.
21 min
Food and friendship for folks who need it: behi...
The last couple of years have been truly unprecedented times for local food pantries, as they have had to deal with levels of need that have skyrocketed. We wanted to check in with one group that has been working hard to make a difference -- so we caught up with Vince Schiavone, CEO of Caring for Friends.
19 min
Facts over Fear: What have we learned two years...
Independence Blue Cross presents Facts over Fear, a special pandemic mini-series from KYW Newsradio In Depth. Dr. Perry Halkitis explains how our public health approach to COVID and future pandemics needs to change.
32 min
Facts over Fear: Why fear of omicron doesn't ne...
Independence Blue Cross presents Facts over Fear, a special pandemic mini-series from KYW Newsradio In Depth. Dr. Brian McDonough shares realistic advice on how to keep safe while still living your life.
22 min
Facts over Fear: Setting the record straight on...
Independence Blue Cross presents Facts over Fear, a special pandemic mini-series from KYW Newsradio In Depth. The holidays are here, and omicron is spreading rapidly. What do we know, and how can we arm ourselves with the facts to combat misinformation?
32 min
The biggest nutrition lies and how to spot them
Nutrition misinformation is 'the original fake news.' How can you tell if something you read about health is true?
30 min
2021's top news stories, and how your political...
The data intelligence company Morning Consult recently released a report that looks at the news stories that really resonated, and those that didn’t break through from this past year.
24 min
The biggest pandemic economy stories of 2021
From the inflation roller coaster to house prices, Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza joins the podcast to break down the biggest stories of the year in a wild pandemic economy.
10 min
What a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympi...
Dr. Mark Thomas explains what it means to diplomatically boycott the games, how many times it's happened before, and what, if anything these actions are going to accomplish in China.
15 min
California guns and Texas abortion: how the sta...
The controversial abortion law out of Texas survived a Supreme Court challenge, and now California announced its intentions to use the framework of that law to target illegal guns.
12 min
Behind America's teacher shortage: "If we had t...
America's teachers are facing increasing needs and decreasing resources, and there just aren't enough teachers to meet the demand.
32 min
Fight inflation: suspend the gas tax?
Inflation is up. Gas prices are high. And there is some talk in Congress about tackling both by suspending the federal gas tax. So would it work?
15 min
Omicron in Philadelphia: KYW Newsradio reporter...
We asked some of the reporters at KYW Newsradio to join us for a Twitter Spaces chat and break down what people should know about the virus and the biggest stories of the week.
27 min
Good news for the pandemic economy: 'The lowest...
Jobless claims hit a number we haven't seen in half a century. Inflation is driving prices higher, so what's the long term outlook? Are wages keeping up? What's happening with gas prices, and what's the holiday buying season looking like?
10 min
The fastest growing brands in 2021: how the pan...
As the country continues to adapt to the pandemic, our brand preferences have evolved
19 min
"It's like a double gut shot." Dick Allen's so...
Dick Allen's son Richard Allen Jr. talks with Dave Uram about his father's legacy, the incredible disappointment surrounding Dick Allen's second hall of fame snub, and his message to the Hall of Fame committee.
21 min
Autism and the justice system: new study hopes ...
Philadelphia-based institute publishes new study shedding light on how the autistic community experiences the justice system.
14 min
What happens to a brand when its celebrity spok...
Many celebrities serve as spokespeople for various companies or brands. And usually, the situation is a win/win for everyone -- right up until the celebrity does or says something less than desirable.
13 min
Abortion and the new Supreme Court: 'It seems l...
The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments about a case that could overturn Roe vs. Wade and fundamentally change abortion rights in this country. So what happened in court, and what did the Justices say about the case?
28 min
Pandemic jobs report: Everything is made up and...
The jobs report massively underperformed expectations, so why were the numbers so off? And will it look so bad when the numbers get revised?
11 min
Trump appointed a lot of judges. What is Biden ...
You haven’t seen nearly as much attention on President Biden’s work filling federal court vacancies, but he has been very active and actually getting nominations confirmed at a rate faster than any of his predecessors over the last several decades.
22 min
Drexel's Dr. Michael Levasseur: The omicron va...
There's not a lot of answers about the omicron variant so far. Can it make you sicker? Is it more transmissible? We asked Drexel's Dr. Michael Levasseur.
13 min