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What keeps a Supreme Court justice from going r...
Are there guardrails in place for justices on the high court to make sure they act ethically? Who, if anyone, has the responsibility of enforcing guidelines or norms? And what's to keep a Supreme Court Justice from going rogue?
23 min
Pandemic economy: Recession talk, gas prices, h...
Is there something to the recession predictions, or is it mainly a fearful reaction to current events? Gas prices have been up and down and up again, what's next? And inflation is high, but has it peaked?
9 min
Can unemployment get too low? What's the downside?
The labor market in the US is on fire these days. This is great news... right?
27 min
What the Florida 'Don't Say Gay' law actually says
The so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law down in Florida has generated a lot of headlines. So what does it actually say, and how will it affect children, teachers, and school districts?
26 min
A mom raising two children with autism on her o...
Girls are less likely to be diagnosed with autism than boys, and some are overlooked until adulthood. A mom in Montgomery County who was 39 when she was diagnosed shares her story.
17 min
The murky future of free school lunches
Since the pandemic began, kids at schools and child care centers have been able to access free meals as a result of the USDA implementing child nutrition waivers. However, those waivers are slated to expire at the end of the school year.
10 min
How the pandemic and gas prices are changing tr...
The way we get places changed dramatically over the pandemic, from the sudden abandonment of mass transit to supply chain problems making the computer chips in cars basically unobtainable. And even as we dig out from some of the pandemic related problems, some of the changes we made over the past two years are sticking around.
17 min
Pandemic economy: Richard Nixon beat Hubert Hum...
Jobless claims hit another positive benchmark, the lowest in more than 50 years. The home market has been on fire, but are we forgetting about the affordable part of affordable housing? And there's been some nervous chatter about about a recession coming up, is there reason to ring the alarm bells? Every week on KYW Newsradio In Depth, Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza breaks down the biggest stories of the week and how they apply to you and me.
9 min
Gen Z and Millennials want their employers to d...
Many younger members of the workforce, Gen Z and Millennials, think it's important for a company to share their values. And companies are paying attention.
21 min
Sixers play by play announcer Kate Scott: 'Do y...
Dave Uram sat down with Kate Scott to get her thoughts on her first season in Philadelphia, some of her favorite calls this season and what she still hopes to do in Philadelphia, as well as the impact she's having on aspiring broadcasters.
26 min
How Amazon workers in Staten Island formed a un...
Organized labor seems to be on the rise for the first time in a long time... is that true? What does this union vote mean for workers right now, and what does it mean for labor in the bigger picture moving forward?
24 min
What’s happened since the Taliban took over Afg...
You don’t hear much about Afghanistan now, but its problems haven’t gone away, it is still a very, very troubled country, and with the Taliban in charge, the situation has become specifically terrible for women and girls.
29 min
Inflation is rising, but we need to talk about ...
Every week on KYW Newsradio in Depth, Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza breaks down the most important economic news of the week and what it means for our lives. This week we're talking about March's jobs report, gas prices and the strategic oil reserve, food and housing prices, and why inflation is important, but we need to talk about rising wages too.
9 min
'One day there will be no more Vladimir Putin,'...
Whether the invasion of Ukraine leads to his downfall or he maintains power for years to come, what is going to happen to Russia after Putin?
23 min
What happens if all the bees die? Doomsday Scen...
Bees are critical to our environment. So what would happen if we lost bees completely? This is part five of a mini series on KYW Newsradio In Depth called Doomsday Scenarios, where we ask very smart people if this, that, or the other thing could destroy life as we know it.
33 min
Sanctions: why they work (or don't) and how the...
Russia's invasion of Ukraine was followed by swift sanctions from around the world. Whether they'll ultimately force Vladimir Putin's hand, however, remains to be seen.
20 min
How sports gambling took over the world
We wanted to talk about sports gambling, its impact, and if there is a concern it could lead to corruption in sports.
26 min
Making Vladimir Putin: From KGB to Ukraine inva...
The world's eyes are on Ukraine and the atrocities happening there as the Russian military continues its invasion. We wanted to talk about the man who put this war in motion. Why is Vladimir Putin doing this?
16 min
Anger, theatrics, fluff: Were Supreme Court con...
The Senate confirmation hearings for President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, have concluded. They were quite ugly at times, and it seemed like nobody changed their mind about Judge Jackson or their vote. So, was it always like this?
24 min
Jobless claims history: 'The lowest since Nixon...
What does 2022 have in common with 1969? Similar low jobless claim numbers, in some really good news for a recovering pandemic economy.
10 min
Everything we know about the new Omicron sub-va...
There is an Omicron sub-variant that has emerged recently and grabbed the attention of public health officials in America and overseas. If you've already been infected with the Omicron variant, how vulnerable are you to BA.2? And in general, how concerned should we be about it?
14 min
Why is filing taxes so hard? Is there a better ...
In the United States, filing taxes can be tough, especially if you file them yourself. Are they too hard? Could we be doing it in a different, or even a better way?
31 min
From West Philly to Winning Time: Paul Westhead...
Paul Westhead is being portrayed by actor Jason Segel in the new HBO series Winning Time. The West Philadelphia native reflects on a memorable career in basketball.
32 min
China's role in Russia's invasion of Ukraine
What does China think about the invasion of Ukraine? How much pressure is China under to sway Vladimir Putin one way or the other, and how much influence could China have on the actions that Russia takes from here on out?
37 min
Is Russia committing war crimes in Ukraine?
We are seeing some awful scenes in Ukraine during Russia’s invasion, including the deaths of civilians and the bombings of buildings leading to civilian casualties. Are we watching Russia commit war crimes, in real time?
20 min