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'Four companies control 90%' How the baby formu...
One reason for the baby formula crisis was the shuttering of a major production plant in Michigan. Another reason: the concentration of power in the baby formula industry made it uniquely and critically vulnerable to supply chain issues.
19 min
Transgender athletes: the people, laws, and pol...
There has been a lot of discussion about transgender athletes in recent months, from Lia Thomas’s success as a swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania, to state legislatures working overtime to keep transgender kids off the field and the court.
20 min
What is stopping Putin from using nuclear weapons?
There was a lot of concern at the outset of Russia's invasion of Ukraine about the possibility that this conflict would lead to the use of a nuclear weapon. That hasn't happened, but is the danger still there? What would happen if Russia used a nuke, and how would that escalate?
17 min
53 years of spitting the truth: Ray Didinger re...
As the great Brian Dawkins once said, "Ray spits the truth." For 53 years, Ray Didinger has been an authority on Philadelphia sports, especially the Eagles. Didinger announced he is deciding to retire at the end of May.
27 min
'This is unprecedented.' Data on America's ment...
Our collective mental health has been challenged to say the least during the last couple of years. How are we doing -- as a community, as a nation, as individuals?
10 min
Pandemic economy update: Inflation peaks, track...
Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza is back to break down the biggest economic stories of the week and what they mean for you and me.
12 min
Why cryptocurrency crashed: explaining the cryp...
What just happened in the markets? Why did crypto coins like Luna crash? How far does the damage go, and what happens next?
29 min
Russia has oligarchs. Does America?
Political structures that reward oligarchs can be found all over the world. So how are Russia's oligarchs different? And are there any parallels to what we can see here in America?
12 min
Big shifts in higher education: 'Young people d...
More than two-thirds of those surveyed said that rising higher education costs have affected their plans for what to do after high school, more than a quarter say they are now only considering state schools, and about one in ten say they are looking at a two-year degree as opposed to a four-year degree.
10 min
'The student loan crisis was intentional.' Does...
Student loan debt has become a crisis in this country. It seems like the Biden Administration wants to try and help alleviate at least some of that debt -- but what should that look like? And if we're not also tackling college affordability at the same time as student loan debt, what's the point?
22 min
"I do not like it at all!": it's time to vent a...
Two months into Russia's invasion of Ukraine, gas prices remain high - in some areas they even continue to climb. Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza doesn't like that one bit, and explains why. Plus, we look at the Fed's latest interest rate hike, and break down the new jobs report!
9 min
"You could see a crisis:" what the RaDonda Vaug...
Terri Hinkley, CEO of the Gloucester County-based Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses, discusses the controversial criminal charges against former nurse RaDonda Vaught.
25 min
Why you should care that the US is still under ...
What does having a public health emergency in effect do, and what happens when it ends? We asked Dr. Richard Besser, President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
12 min
What the 5 types of workers want from their jobs
The last couple of years have caused dramatic changes to the workforce, the type of jobs people want to do, what people want out of a job, and where they want to do it.
22 min
Other rights in question after abortion: ripple...
What was leaked out of the Supreme Court, what it could mean for the future of abortion in America, and what it could mean for other rights that people may not realize could suddenly be in jeopardy as a result of this potential court ruling.
19 min
A neuropsychologist's resilience tool-kit to he...
A pandemic of anxiety, or self-growth? It’s your choice. Eric A. Zillmer, PsyD, professor of neuropsychology at Drexel University, shares his resilience tool-kit to help us focus on that growth and find our own happiness in times of crisis.
39 min
The US economy shrank. Is a recession coming?
GDP declined in the first quarter, leading to some cold takes about the economy, even as the jobs numbers continue their hot streak. So what happened? If we were heading toward a recession, when and how would we know?
10 min
Retirement planning misconceptions: are we doin...
Planning for retirement is something we all should be doing, but are we doing it right? Is a 401K the right tool to rely on? Where should social security fit in in your planning?
23 min
The castle in Bucks County: exploring the eccen...
Fonthill Castle was built with hand mixed concrete more than a hundred years ago by Henry Mercer. Today, it's a museum, and the story behind it is fascinating.
22 min
50 years after Title IX, the biggest changes fo...
Title IX turns 50 this year, and in the five decades since its origin the civil rights law has had a profound impact on women's collegiate sports.
15 min
What Twitter means for Elon Musk's end game, 'f...
Why does Elon Musk want Twitter? Should you be alarmed that more and more power and wealth is being put in fewer and fewer hands?
23 min
Making sure the legendary 1982 Cheyney women's ...
It's been 40 years since the first NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament. Did you know that a Philadelphia area school made it to the final? It wasn’t a Big 5 school or Drexel, it was Cheyney University. The Cheyney story is a great one, but one until recently that had kind of been lost to history.
24 min
How the No Surprises Act protects people from u...
Drexel University’s Dr. Robert Field explains how the new law can benefit you, and why the American healthcare system is so complicated
20 min
Ethiopia's civil war is causing devastation. So...
What is happening in Ethiopia, and why don't we hear about it more?
34 min
Streaming woes, infrastructure spending, and is...
There are millions more job openings than people available to work them. What does that mean for workers and for the economy? Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza is on the podcast to look at the biggest news stories about the economy this week and what they mean for regular people in their daily lives.
12 min