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Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is a podcast drama with a modern twist on old time radio that delves into the mystery of true cold cases and unsolved murders. With the help of an ensemble cast, follow our hosts as they take you on an entertaining journey through the crime scene, the investigation and attempt to solve the case. With many surprising plot twists, it’s important you start listening from the first episode of a cold case. New episodes are released every Tuesday. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is a Spotify Original from Parcast.

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Unsolved Murders Rewind: The Hall-Mills Murder ...
In 1922, Reverend Edward Hall and his lover Eleanor Mills were found dead beneath a crabapple tree surrounded by their shredded love letters. Their killer was never identified, but one woman claimed to have witnessed the crime.
33 min
E182: Lava Lake Murders Pt. 1
In 1924, Edward Nickols, Roy Wilson, and Dewey Morris spent the winter in a remote cabin in the Oregon wilderness, operating fur traps near Lava Lake.
37 min
E181: John Rains
In 1862, California wine grower and rancher John Rains was mysteriously murdered. In the wake of his death, the law struggled to find the culprit.
38 min
E180: May Fosburgh
On August 20th, 1900, police responded to the home of wealthy industrialist Robert L. Fosburgh who lived with his wife and 27-year-old son. Fosburgh reported a break-in by three individuals, one of whom shot and killed his 24-year-old daughter May. But police weren’t so sure about his story.
40 min
Best of 2019: Françoise, Duchess de Choiseul-Pr...
In the early 1800s, the Duke de Choiseul-Praslin was suspected of murdering his wife. However, a vial of arsenic and a corrupt government would prevent justice from being served.
47 min
Best of 2019: Françoise, Duchess de Choiseul-Pr...
In the early 1800s, Fanny, the Duchess of Choiseul-Praslin, and her husband Charles, the Duke, were highly regarded among the French nobility.
42 min
E177: “The Death of The Big Bear” Pt. 2: Sonny ...
The mysterious circumstances surrounding Sonny Liston's death in 1971 from an alleged heroin overdose still drew suspicion.
35 min
E176: “The Death of The Big Bear” Pt. 1: Sonny ...
Former heavyweight champion Sonny Liston had a drive and motivation that was infectious.
41 min
E175: “Elliott Speer” Pt. 2
In 1934, Elliott Speer was shot on the Mount Hermon School for Boys campus—a murder eerily similar to the plot of a novel found in his study.
43 min
E174: “Elliott Speer” Pt. 1
On September 14th, 1934, headmaster Elliott Speer was shot through the window of his study at the Mount Hermon School for Boys campus.
41 min
E173: “The 4 Euston Square Mystery” Pt. 2
The body found in the coal cellar of London’s 4 Euston Square is identified as Matilda Hacker; an eccentric woman with an unusual past.
48 min
E172: “The 4 Euston Square Mystery” Pt. 1
On May 9, 1879, a body is found in the coal cellar of a boarding house at 4 Euston Square in London.
34 min
E171: “Tangled in the Web” Pt. 2: Ovida “Cricke...
The 1949 murder or 18-year-old waitress Ovida Coogler would go on to produce incorrect arrests, alleged cover-ups, and a political scandal that would rock New Mexico to its core.
51 min
E170: “Tangled in the Web” Pt. 1: Ovida “Cricke...
A life of loss, burden, and excessive drinking. Discover the events leading up to the 1949 disappearance and murder of 18-year-old New Mexican waitress, Ovida Coogler.
33 min
E169: “A Murder in Ontario” Pt. 2: Lynne Harper
The 1959 murder of 12-year-old Lynne Harper in Ontario, Canada would make headlines.
50 min
E168: “A Murder in Ontario” Pt. 1: Lynne Harper
A twelve-year-old girl whose murder in 1959 forever changed a small town in Ontario, Canada.
49 min
E167: “Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?” Pt. 3
During World War II, two bizarre murders in the West Midlands region of England became linked by speculations of witchcraft and black magic.
52 min
E166: “Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?” Pt. 2
Two years after the unidentified skeleton known as Bella was found in a hollow tree in Hagley Wood, a second bizarre murder struck the West Midlands.
48 min
E165: “Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?”
On April 14th, 1943, four boys discovered the skeleton of a woman in a hollow tree while exploring the woods near Hagley, England.
45 min
E164: The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre Pt. 2
On February 14th, 1929, seven men were gunned down in a garage on the North Side of Chicago.
61 min
E163: The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre
On February 14th, 1929, Chicago was shocked by the most violent crime the city had ever seen, when 7 gang affiliated men were gunned down simultaneously.
54 min
E162: “Ritual Sacrifice” Pt. 2 - Jeannette DePalma
The Springfield, New Jersey police were never able to attach any likely suspects to Jeannette DePalma's 1972 murder.
40 min
E161: “Ritual Sacrifice” - Jeannette DePalma
16-year-old Jeannette DePalma disappeared one August afternoon in 1972 in the quiet suburb of Springfield, New Jersey.
42 min
E160: “The Gatton Tragedy” Pt. 2 - Australia’s ...
In the early months of 1899, Richard Burgess was arrested for the murder of three members of the Murphy family in Gatton, Australia.
49 min
E159: “The Gatton Tragedy” - Australia’s Murphy...
On the day after Christmas, 1898, three siblings were murdered in the town of Gatton, Australia.
45 min
E158: “La Dolce Vita” Pt. 2 - Wilma Montesi
In October of 1953, a young Roman actress claimed that Wilma Montesi had died after attending a drug-fueled orgy at an exclusive Capocotta estate.
49 min
E157: “La Dolce Vita” - Wilma Montesi
In April of 1953, the body of a young woman washed up on a remote, private beach outside of Rome.
42 min
E156: “Jane Doe #59” - Unsolved Manson Family M...
In late 1969, the body of a girl who had been stabbed to death was found in a tree just off Mulholland Drive, in Los Angeles, California.
41 min
E155: “Muckraker Murdered” Pt. 2 - Walter Liggett
In 1936, Walter Liggett was shot to death outside his home.
48 min
E154: “Muckraker Murdered” - Walter Liggett
On December 9th, 1935, Walter Liggett pulled up to his house in Minneapolis with his wife and daughter in the car.
47 min
E153: “Lynching Leo Frank” Pt. 2 - Mary Phagan
In the summer of 1913, Jewish Superintendent Leo M. Frank was tried for the murder of Mary Phagan.
49 min
E152: “Lynching Leo Frank” - Mary Phagan
On April 26th, 1913, Mary Phagan, 13, was strangled to death in the basement of the National Pencil Company factory in Atlanta.
41 min
E151: “Ballots and Bullets” Pt. 2 - John Clayton
When Republican politician John M. Clayton was assassinated in 1889, many suspected that he was killed by the same people who had conspired to keep him from winning the election.
39 min
E150: “Ballots and Bullets” - John Clayton
In 1888, the state of Arkansas was rampant with corruption and ballot tampering.
40 min
E149: “Adam” Pt. 2 - Adam John Walsh
On August 10th, 1981, a six-year-old boy’s severed head was discovered in a drainage canal in Hollywood, Florida.
57 min
E148: “Adam” - Adam John Walsh
On July 27th, 1981, a six year old boy named Adam Walsh was abducted from a Sears department store in Hollywood, Florida.
49 min
E147: “The Torso Murders” Pt. 2 - Mad Butcher ...
By February of 1937, Kingsbury Run, a railroad slum outside of Cleveland had seen six mutilated corpses scattered across their streets.
53 min
E146: “The Torso Murders” - Mad Butcher of King...
On September 23, 1935, a decapitated torso was found in Kingsbury Run, a railroad slum just outside Cleveland, Ohio.
43 min
E145: “Easey Street” Pt. 2 - Suzanne Armstrong...
When best friends and housemates, Suzanne Armstrong and Susan Bartlett, were stabbed to death in their home in 1977, the city of Melbourne raced to find the killer.
48 min
E144: “Easey Street” - Suzanne Armstrong and Su...
On January 10, 1977, best friends and housemates, Suzanne Armstrong and Susan Bartlett were viciously murdered in their home on Easey Street in Melbourne Australia.
40 min
E143: "Sunken Starlet" - Natalie Wood
On November 29th, 1981, world famous actress, Natalie Wood, was found floating in the ocean, drowned and lost forever.
58 min
E142: “Scottish Nightingale” Pt. 2 - Janet Smith
On July 26th, 1924, Janet Smith, a housemaid in Vancouver was killed in the basement of her employer's home.
44 min
E141: “Scottish Nightingale” - Janet Smith
In 1924 a Chinese immigrant in Vancouver named Wong Foon Sing found his colleague, Janet Smith, lying dead upon the ground with a bullet wound in her head.
37 min
E140: “Still Searching” - Michaela Joy Garecht
On November 19th, 1988, a nine year-old girl named Michaela Garecht was abducted from her local corner store in Hayward, California.
43 min
E139: “The Family No One Knew” - The Bricca Mur...
In 1966 the quiet Cincinnati suburb of Bridgetown was shaken to its core, when the Bricca Family was brutally slaughtered in their own home.
42 min
E138: “Film Fatale” Pt. 2 - Sophie Toscan du Pl...
On December 23rd, 1996, this French filmmaker was murdered outside her vacation home in West Cork, Ireland.
43 min
E137: “Film Fatale” - Sophie Toscan du Plantier
In the idyllic sleepy town of Schull, Ireland, Sophie Toscan du Plantier, was brutally murdered just before Christmas in 1996.
41 min
E136: “Vile Business, Clumsily Done” Pt. 2 - Fr...
Updated episode, we apologize for the hosting error! Enjoy!
47 min
E135: “Vile Business, Clumsily Done” - François...
In the early 1800's, Fanny, the Duchess of Choiseul-Praslin, and her husband Charles, the Duke, were highly regarded among the French nobility.
42 min
E134: “Silk Pajama Strangling” Pt. 2 - Serge Ru...
The investigation would result in the interviewing of hundreds of witnesses and suspects, but they could never deduce who exactly killed Rubinstein.
34 min
E133: “Silk Pajama Strangling” - Serge Rubinstein
He learned everything from his father. How to become obscenely wealthy, but also how to become obscenely corrupt.
38 min
E132: “Philadelphia Framing” - Dolores Della Pe...
In 1972, she was abducted one block away from her home in the Kensington area of Philadelphia.
44 min
E131: “Poisoned Pill” Pt. 2 - The Chicago Tylen...
Who was actually responsible for one of the most vile acts of terrorism Chicago has ever seen?
37 min
E130: “Poisoned Pill” - The Chicago Tylenol Mur...
In 1982, Chicago saw 7 people drop dead under mysterious circumstances.
42 min
E129: “Aztec Assassination” Pt. 2 - Emperor Mon...
The death of the Great emperor Montezuma led to the demise of the Aztec Empire and the near extinction of its people.
41 min
E128: “Aztec Assassination” - Emperor Montezuma II
But what exactly happened on the day Montezuma II died? Did the Spanish murder him for gain? Or did the Aztec people kill one of their own?
49 min
E127: “West Point Wanderer” Pt. 2 - Richard Col...
Was he the victim of foul play by a fellow classmate, or was it due to suspected Cold War counter-espionage gone wrong?
40 min
E126: “West Point Wanderer” - Richard Colvin Cox
Is foul play responsible or did he desert his post?
43 min
E125: "The Lead Masks Case" Pt. 2 - Manoel Pere...
Two fishermen saw a luminous, fireball-like object descend towards the ground and then rise up again into the sky before it exploded.
51 min
E124: "The Lead Masks Case" - Manoel Pereira da...
An obsession with the occult or extraterrestrial life might have caused this 1966 murder.
47 min
E123: “Hitler’s Psychic” Pt. 2 - Erik Jan Hanussen
Hanussen never received a formal investigation, but the list of possible suspects is long.
44 min
E122: “Hitler’s Psychic” - Erik Jan Hanussen
Erik Jan Hanussen, was last seen being driven off by members of the Sturmabteilung, the Nazi party’s paramilitary organization.
45 min
E121: Arnold Rothstein Pt. 2
Who is responsible for killing one of the most powerful kingpins in New York City?
47 min
E120: Arnold Rothstein
Special Kingpins Crossover!
54 min
E119: “The Masked Marvel Murder” - David Bacon
Before he is able to tell them what happened… he died.
44 min
E118: “Dying to Go Out” Pt. 2 - Carolyn Wasile...
A man found dead, hanging from a railcar.
42 min
E117: “Dying to Go Out” - Carolyn Wasilewski
A 14-year-old girl told her parents she was going out to meet a friend and was later found dead, face down on the train tracks.
38 min
E116: “Up In Smoke” Pt. 2 - The Sodder Family T...
After five of their children died in a tragic Christmas Eve fire in 1945, George and Jennie Sodder were certain that it was not due to faulty wiring.
49 min
E115: “Up In Smoke” - The Sodder Family Tragedy
On Christmas Eve 1945, a fire swept through the home of George and Jennie Sodder.
34 min
E114: “The Socialite Slaying” Pt. 2 - Athalia P...
In January 1974, Athalia Ponsell Lindsley was murdered in broad daylight on the front porch of her St. Augustine, Florida home.
47 min
E113: “The Socialite Slaying” - Athalia Ponsell...
There was no shortage of suspects in the January 1974 murder of socialite Athalia Ponsell Lindsley.
48 min
E112: “The Blonde Dolly” Pt. 2 - Sebilla Alida ...
After two other Dutch sex workers were murdered in 1957 and 1958, Sebilla Niemans, aka the Blonde Dolly, hired a bodyguard to keep her safe.
25 min
E111: “The Blonde Dolly” - Sebilla Alida Johann...
The Blonde Dolly was a Dutchwoman who lived a double life as a society lecturer and an upscale sex worker. She was found strangled in her bed next to a detailed log of high profile clients. Was it also a detailed log of possible killers?
40 min
E110: “To Hell With Husbands” Pt. 2 - Josslyn Hay
Many people had a motive to kill Josslyn Hay, but who also had the means and opportunity?
41 min
E109: “To Hell With Husbands” - Josslyn Hay
Josslyn Hay was a British aristocrat who moved with his wife, Lady Idina Sackville, to Africa.
38 min
E108: Tent Girl Pt. 2
Todd Matthews first heard the story of Tent Girl on Halloween night in 1987.
38 min
E107: Tent Girl
When the body of a young woman was found stuffed into a canvas bag along the interchange of I-75 and U.S. 25 in Georgetown, Kentucky, her badly decayed remains rendered police unable to uncover her identity, or the identity of her killer.
41 min
E106: “Home Alone” - The Tan Children Murders
In January 1979, Tan Kuen Chai and Tan Mei Ying returned from their job operating a school bus to find their four children dead in the bathroom of their Singapore apartment.
49 min
E105: “Unprepared” Pt. 2 - The Oklahoma Girl Sc...
After three Girl Scouts were found dead on the edge of an Oklahoma forest, authorities zeroed in on 33-year-old Gene LeRoy Hart – a fugitive who had been serving time for both rape and burglary.
38 min
E104: “Unprepared” - The Oklahoma Girl Scout Mu...
In June of 1977, three girls were found dead at a Girl Scouts Camp on the edge of a northeastern Oklahoma forest.
31 min
E103: “The Skeleton Under The House” - James Gi...
Fourteen-year-old Jimmie Gilmore was missing for 23 years until he was found buried in the crawlspace underneath his own house.
30 min
E102: “Dead on the 4th of July” Pt. 2 - Marilyn...
After a lengthy appeals process, Sam Sheppard was set free in 1964, ten years after his wife Marilyn’s murder.
65 min
E101: “Dead on the 4th of July” - Marilyn Reese...
Prestigious doctor Sam Sheppard woke up in the middle of the night to find his wife Marilyn dead from a gruesome murder.
48 min
E100: “The Sex Diary Slaying” Pt. 2 - Christa H...
Before her violent murder in February 1977, Christa Helm made diary entries and secret audio recordings of her famous and powerful lovers.
38 min
E99: "The Sex Diary Slaying" - Christa Helm
Christa Helm was an aspiring Hollywood actress who was no stranger to the male gaze.
36 min
E98: The Sims Family Murders Pt. 2
In October of 1966, Dr. Robert Sims, his wife Helen, and their 12-year-old daughter Joy Lynn were brutally butchered in their own home.
47 min
E97: The Sims Family Murders
The brutal slayings of Dr. Robert Sims, his wife Helen, and their 12-year-old daughter Joy Lynn rocked the southern city of Tallahassee in 1966.
36 min
E96: The Wanda Beach Murders Pt. 2
The murders of teenagers Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt shocked the community of Wanda Beach.
37 min
E95: The Wanda Beach Murders
Australian teens Christine Sharrock, Marianne Schmidt, and Marianne's four younger siblings set out for the beach.
36 min
E94: “The Murder Nobody Saw” Pt. 2 - Ken McElroy
After years of bullying the residents of Skidmore…
47 min
E93: “The Murder Nobody Saw” - Ken McElroy
Many people wanted Ken McElroy dead, so it was not surprising when he was shot and killed.
42 min
E92: “The Slaying of Pamela Werner” Pt. 2
Who was to blame...her boyfriend… a stranger… a colleague… her father?
56 min
E91: “The Slaying of Pamela Werner”
Retired British diplomat Edward Werner lived a solitary life in Beijing.
53 min
E90: “The Deadly Interview” Pt. 2 - Margaret Ma...
Twenty one-year-old Margaret Martin was eager to start her career as a secretary.
27 min
E89: “The Deadly Interview” - Margaret Martin
At 21 years old, Margaret Martin had graduated college with honors and was ready to pursue her dream of being a stenographer.
27 min
E88: “Missing in Minnesota” Pt. 2 - Cindy Joy E...
In 1976, Cindy Joy Elias moved from Los Angeles back to her hometown: a quiet, sleepy town in Minnesota.
34 min
E87: “Missing in Minnesota” - Cindy Joy Elias
After a night of drinking with classmates at a neighborhood bar, 19-year-old Cindy Joy Elias stepped outside to find a ride back home.
32 min
E86: The Lake Bodom Murders Pt. 2
After four teenagers were attacked, and three of them killed, in July of 1960, the police investigate multiple suspects…
33 min
E85: The Lake Bodom Murders
It sounds like a traditional campfire story: four teenagers camp along the shore of Lake Bodom in July 1960.
28 min
E84: “The Murder at Memorial Church” Pt. 2 - Ar...
After the brutal murder of Arlis Perry, police chased several leads, only to find dead ends.
35 min