Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is a podcast drama with a modern twist on old time radio that delves into the mystery of true cold cases and unsolved murders. With the help of an ensemble cast, follow our hosts as they take you on an entertaining journey through the crime scene, the investigation and attempt to solve the case. With many surprising plot twists, it’s important you start listening from the first episode of a cold case. New episodes are released every Tuesday. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is a Spotify Original from Parcast.

True Crime
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New Season! Impostors: The Commander
What if Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. So Wrong? On season 2 of Impostors, Abby Ellin tells the story of one conman who entangled his lovers, friends, family, and coworkers in an identity fraud scheme that stretched all the way to the Pentagon.
11 min
E266: “Boulder Jane Doe” Pt. 1
In 1954, two college freshmen found the body of a young woman in a creek near Boulder, Colorado. Unable to identify her, police simply referred to her as Jane Doe. Over 50 years later, authorities were still unable to track down her name… or her killer.
36 min
E265: “The Needle in the Heart Murder” Dr. Jame...
With the coroner’s inquiry underway, damning evidence reveals the nature of Diana Yeates and Dr. Eric Hedberg’s relationship — but it’s not enough to secure a conviction.
33 min
E264: “The Needle in the Heart Murder” Dr. Jame...
On an early September morning in 1960, surgeon Jim Yeates was found dead in the garage with a pool of blood around his head.
34 min
E263: Jack "Legs" Diamond Pt. 2
Diamond didn’t make many friends as a bootlegger and racketeer. Anybody could have been responsible for his death… including the police themselves.
35 min
E262: Jack "Legs" Diamond Pt. 1
During the 1920s and ‘30s, his rap sheet had everything from robbery, to bootlegging, to drugs. Jack “Legs” Diamond was wanted by law enforcement and wanted dead by other gangsters. After surviving four assassination attempts, he wouldn’t survive the fifth.
45 min
E261: Hazel Drew
In 1908, a young domestic servant was found murdered in upstate New York. Almost a century later, Hazel Drew’s mysterious death — and secret double life — inspired David Lynch and Mark Frost’s “Twin Peaks” television series.
43 min
E260: Barbara Gibbons Pt. 2
When Peter Reilly became the main suspect in his mother’s murder, his Connecticut hometown rallied around him.
38 min
E259: Barbara Gibbons Pt. 1
On September 28th, 1973, 51-year-old Barbara Gibbons was discovered dead in her home by her teenage son.
30 min
E258: "The Bridge King" Joseph Bowne Elwell Pt. 2
As police find — and lose — leads in the Casanova card player’s murder investigation, a housekeeper hides evidence, a countess provides an alibi, and a business partner changes his story.
40 min
E257: "The Bridge King" Joseph Bowne Elwell Pt. 1
The most famous bridge player in the world rubbed elbows with New York’s elite and tutored the likes of King Edward VII and Harold Vanderbilt before he was fatally shot in his Manhattan brownstone.
34 min
E256: The Wonderland Murders
When a fading porn star became desperate enough to help the Wonderland Gang steal from a Hollywood mogul, revenge and murder followed.
32 min
E255: The Murder at Eltham Pt. 2
The trial of Edmund Pook ignited a groundswell of working class support for the murdered Jane Clousen.
32 min
E254: The Murder at Eltham Pt. 1
When a young British maid is found savagely beaten in 1871, police trace clues back to the wealthy family that employed her.
32 min
E253: Harry & Harriette Moore Pt. 2
Decades of investigations yielded multiple confessions and a tangled picture of a deadly conspiracy, but the bomber responsible for the deaths of the Moores was never caught.
41 min
E252: Harry & Harriette Moore Pt. 1
For nearly two decades, a Black couple in Florida took on some of the state’s most insidious civil rights violations.
42 min
E251: “Manson Family Lawyer” Ronald Hughes
In 1971, a mangled body was found in a Ventura County creek. It belonged to Ronald Hughes, the unlikely criminal defense lawyer who represented members of the Manson family until his disappearance.
33 min
E250: “Panic on Campus” Christine Rothschild
After her college best friend is murdered in 1968, Linda Tomaszewski devotes her life to cracking the case.
37 min
E249: J. Douglas Edgar Pt. 2
A young journalist took up the investigation into the world-famous golfer’s mysterious death, uncovering a story that began to look a lot like a tale of adultery, jealousy, and murder.
28 min
E248: J. Douglas Edgar Pt. 1
The pro golfer who revolutionized the game with a new technique dubbed “The Movement” was found dead on the side of the road in 1921.
34 min
E247: Chandra Levy
After a Washington D.C. intern disappeared in May 2001, her parents learned she was having a secret affair with a powerful politician.
38 min
E246: “Explosion in Edinburgh” Lord Darnley Pt. 2
Gossip spread throughout Scotland that Mary herself had a hand in Lord Darnley’s murder.
36 min
E245: “Explosion in Edinburgh” Lord Darnley Pt. 1
In 1567, a massive explosion shook the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Mary, Queen of Scots, was safe in her palace — but the same couldn’t be said for her scheming husband, Lord Darnley.
39 min
E244: “Silenced Starlet” Thelma Todd Pt. 2
Thelma Todd's ex-husband and business partner, Roland Hughes, was quick to name the starlet's 1935 death an accident.
30 min
E243: “Silenced Starlet” Thelma Todd Pt. 1
In 1935, a young movie star from Massachusetts was found dead in her Los Angeles garage.
34 min
E242: The Colonel and His Son Pt. 2
After the murder of Colonel Albert Fountain and his eight-year-old son, the governor of New Mexico vowed to bring their killers to justice.
42 min
E241: The Colonel and His Son Pt. 1
In 1896, New Mexico was still the Wild West, and Colonel Albert Fountain was one of the only people keeping the territory from being overrun by bandits.
37 min
E240: Karen Silkwood Pt. 2
Karen Silkwood's death in 1974 seemed like more than a simple accident.
45 min
E239: Karen Silkwood Pt. 1
In November 1974, Karen Silkwood left work at a nuclear power plant in Oklahoma and headed to a secret meeting with The New York Times.
39 min
E238: Daisy Zick Pt. 2
Found dead in her home with twenty-seven knife wounds, Daisy Zick became the subject of intense rumors in her small town of Battle Creek, Michigan.
33 min
E237: Daisy Zick Pt. 1
On January 14th, 1963, Raymond Mercer waited for his girlfriend, Daisy Zick, to show up at the factory where they both worked.
32 min
E236: The Stelzriede Family Massacre Pt. 2
The 1874 Saxtown ax murders turned neighbor against neighbor in the small Illinois town.
40 min
E235: The Stelzriede Family Massacre Pt. 1
On March 19th, 1874, Fritz Stelzriede picked up a mysterious package and made rounds at a farm auction before heading home to Saxtown, Illinois.
39 min
E234: “The Green Bicycle Case” Bella Wright
On July 5th 1919, 21-year-old Bella Wright was found dead in the English countryside, her bicycle strewn across the road beside her.
42 min
E233: "Hitler's Half-Niece" Geli Raubal Pt. 2
The 1931 gunshot death of Geli Raubal was ruled a suicide by Munich police, but for many people, questions remained.
40 min
E232: "Hitler's Half-Niece" Geli Raubal Pt. 1
She’s said to be Hitler’s greatest love — a vivacious companion who became a romantic obsession. Was Geli Raubal also the future Führer’s first victim?
39 min
E231: Florence Broadhurst Pt. 2
By March 1989, Florence Broadhurst’s case had been cold for over a decade.
35 min
E230: Florence Broadhurst Pt. 1
Sultry stage performer, shrewd businesswoman, charming dressmaker… Florence Broadhurst knew the power of bold reinvention.
40 min
The Sodder Family Tragedy: 75 Years Later (Pt. 3)
For decades, family members and sleuths have tried to determine what really happened the night of the fire.
35 min
The Sodder Family Tragedy: 75 Years Later (Pt. 2)
In the aftermath of the fire, a startling number of tips, twists, and witnesses came forward regarding the fate of the Sodder children.
36 min
The Sodder Family Tragedy: 75 Years Later (Pt. 1)
Early Christmas day in 1945, Jennie Sodder woke up to her house on fire.
32 min
E229: Meriwether Lewis Pt. 2
In the immediate aftermath of Lewis's death, all signs pointed toward suicide.
31 min
E228: Meriwether Lewis Pt. 1
The American explorer Meriwether Lewis was made famous by a pioneering cross-country expedition.
41 min
E227: Laetitia Toureaux Pt. 2
Before Toureaux was murdered, the 29-year-old was simultaneously working as a spy for both the Italian fascists and the communists — and picking up money as an informant for the Paris police.
30 min
E226: Laetitia Toureaux Pt. 1
In 1937, Laetitia Toureaux entered the first class car of the Paris metro alone.
32 min
E225: Helen Jewett Pt. 2
There was only one suspect in Helen Jewett's brutal murder: her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Richard.
37 min
E224: Helen Jewett Pt. 1
In 1836, a 23-year-old sex worker named Helen Jewett was found dead in bed at her upscale Manhattan brothel.
36 min
E223: Bobby Fuller Pt. 2
A mysterious gunman, a music exec with mob ties, suspiciously timed life insurance policies… The LAPD may have ruled Bobby’s death a suicide, but evidence pointed overwhelmingly to foul play.
32 min
E222: Bobby Fuller Pt. 1
In July 1966, Bobby Fuller — the musician who popularized “I Fought The Law” and was dubbed “The Rock and Roll King of the Southwest” — wanted out of his band, and out of his contract.
34 min
E221: Mary Jane Reed and Stanley Skridla Pt. 2
In 1948, the investigation into Stanley Skridla and Mary Jane Reed's deaths came to a stand-still.
38 min
E220: Mary Jane Reed and Stanley Skridla Pt. 1
A gruesome double murder in 1948 shocked a small town in Illinois.
29 min
E219: Charles Sessums Pt. 2
After Texas A&M senior Charles Sessums was killed during a 1926 football game against Baylor University, the two schools struggled to find his murderer—but someone was trying to sabotage the investigation.
32 min
E218: Charles Sessums Pt. 1
A college football rivalry between Texas A&M and Baylor University reached a climax in 1926, when a riot broke out during halftime and left one college senior dead.
32 min
E217: Jane Stanford Pt. 2
In early 1905, Hawaiian police opened—and quickly closed—an investigation into Jane Stanford’s mysterious death.
33 min
E216: Jane Stanford Pt. 1
She became one of the most influential people in California when she co-founded Stanford University in 1891.
43 min
E215: Edward & Richard, The Two Princes in the ...
Once the princes disappeared, rumors and theories spread about who killed them—or if they were really dead at all.
40 min
E214: Edward & Richard, The Two Princes in the ...
In 1483, two princes got caught in the center of a bloody war for the throne of England—and became one of the biggest murder mysteries in British history.
38 min
E213: Catherine Anne Cesnik Pt. 2
The search for Sister Cathy’s murderer went cold until the 1990s, when a former student recovered traumatic memories she’d repressed.
43 min
E212: Catherine Anne Cesnik Pt. 1
On January 3, 1970, the body of a young teaching nun was found in a Baltimore suburb.
40 min
E211: Agents Dale Kearney & Ray Sutton Pt. 2
While investigating the murder of colleague Dale Kearney, prohibition agent Raymond Sutton vanished on August 28, 1930.
37 min
E210: Agents Dale Kearney & Ray Sutton Pt. 1
On July 6, 1930, prohibition agent Dale Kearney was shot and killed in the town of Aguilar.
31 min
E209: Alexandra Wiwcharuk Pt. 2
After Saskatoon police failed to find a suspect in the murder of 23-year-old Alexandra Wiwcharuk, the case went cold.
34 min
E208: Alexandra Wiwcharuk Pt. 1
On May 18, 1962, Canadian beauty queen Alexandra Wiwcharuk went for a walk… and never returned.
33 min
E207: John Hossack Pt. 2
Once Margaret Hossack was arrested for the alleged murder of her abusive husband, her court case became famous across Iowa.
34 min
E206: John Hossack Pt. 1
In 1900, an Iowa farmer was found hacked to death in bed next to his wife, Margaret.
31 min
E205: Arthur “Buddy” Schumacher Pt. 2
After eight-year-old Buddy Schumacher went missing in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin in the summer of 1925, his dead body was found beaten and gagged in the woods.
38 min
E204: Arthur “Buddy” Schumacher Pt. 1
On July 24th, 1925, eight-year-old Buddy Schumacher went missing from his home in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.
34 min
E203: Cleopatra Pt. 2
In 31 BCE, Cleopatra and Mark Antony’s torrid union is tested when Roman leader Octavian declares war against Cleopatra.
50 min
E202: Cleopatra Pt. 1
She became the queen of Egypt in 51 BCE, and ignited a worldwide scandal when her fling with Roman leader Julius Caesar produced a child.
47 min
E201: The Atlanta Ripper Pt. 2
By 1911, a serial killer dubbed the “Atlanta Ripper” had killed so many African American women, even the white-owned newspapers and white-controlled police department were forced to take notice.
40 min
E200: The Atlanta Ripper Pt. 1
In the early 1900s, the city of Atlanta was heavily segregated and embroiled in racial tension.
36 min
E199: Hazel & Nancy Frome Pt. 2
For years after their murder in April 1938, El Paso Sheriff Chris Fox doggedly investigated the double homicide of Hazel and Nancy Frome.
47 min
E198: Hazel & Nancy Frome Pt. 1
In April 1938, the nation was shocked by the news that Hazel Frome and her daughter, Nancy—two innocent, beautiful Bay Area socialites—had turned up dead in a ditch outside of El Paso.
39 min
Edgar Allan Poe: The Mystery of Marie Roget Pt. 5
Part Five: The absence of handkerchiefs at the crime scene continue to generate debate, and theories surrounding the involvement of a gang are examined...
27 min
Edgar Allan Poe: The Mystery of Marie Roget Pt. 4
Part Four: Detective C. Auguste Dupin uses several outwardly-unrelated local newspaper clippings to allege various versions of events the night of Marie’s death and the month preceding...
28 min
Edgar Allan Poe: The Mystery of Marie Roget Pt. 3
Part Three: Detective C. Auguste Dupin criticizes three Parisian newspapers over their initial coverage of the crime, and continues his effort to get closer to the truth...
24 min
Edgar Allan Poe: The Mystery of Marie Roget Pt. 2
Part Two: New physical evidence is discovered contradicting local newspapers’ recent reporting...
26 min
Edgar Allan Poe: The Mystery of Marie Roget Pt. 1
Part One: Bohemian detective C. Auguste Dupin and his assistant, our unnamed narrator, receive a puzzling request from the Parisian police...
30 min
E194: Eliza Grimwood Pt. 2
In 1838, the city of London was shocked by the gruesome killing of famous sex worker Eliza Grimwood.
40 min
E193: NEW: Eliza Grimwood Pt. 1
On May 27th, 1838, one of London's most popular courtesans, Eliza Grimwood, was brutally murdered in her own bedroom. She lived with four other people, yet none had noticed her death until the next morning—casting the whole house with suspicion.
34 min
Crossover Week: Female Criminals (Marjorie Cong...
After heiress Marjorie Congdon dodged prison time in 1977, she remarried and began to build a new life.
37 min
Crossover Week: Female Criminals (Marjorie Cong...
Although she was adopted in 1932, Marjorie Congdon still suffered.
40 min
E192: The Johnson Family Murders Pt. 2
In 1933, Alvira Johnson and her seven children were killed in a rapid blaze that burned down their Minnesota home. The family's patriarch, Albin Johnson, was strangely missing, and the police desperately searched for him as their number one suspect.
37 min
E191: The Johnson Family Murders Pt. 1
On April 10th, 1933, the small town of Harris, Minnesota was shocked to see the Johnson family's farmhouse burning down. They were horrified to discover that Alvira Johnson and her seven children all perished in the blaze. But a peculiar absence made some suspect that this fire was not an accident after all.
30 min
Parcast Classic: Lake Bodom Murders Pt. 1
It sounds like a traditional campfire story: Four teenagers camp along the shore of Finland’s Lake Bodom in July of 1960. But their weekend of fun turns dark when an unknown murderer commits a triple homicide—leaving only one survivor. This isn’t just a scary story…it’s real.
28 min
E190: Burger Chef Murders Pt. 2
In late 1978, four teens from Indiana were abducted from the Burger Chef restaurant where they worked—and murdered later that same night.
43 min
E189: Burger Chef Murders Pt. 1
On November 17th, 1978, four teens were working at the Burger Chef fast food restaurant in Speedway, Indiana. As they were closing up the restaurant, an unknown assailant abducted them at gunpoint. Their corpses would later be found in a forest the next town over.
40 min
E188: Betty Gail Brown
In the early morning hours of October 27th, 1961, 19-year-old student Betty Gail Brown went missing on her college campus. Her disappearance led to a campus wide-search, until she was eventually found in her car, strangled by her own bra.
47 min
E247: Chandra Levy
After a Washington D.C. intern disappeared in May 2001, her parents learned she was having a secret affair with a powerful politician.
38 min
E187: Amy Robsart Pt. 2
In 1560, scandal hits young Queen Elizabeth when the wife of her rumored paramour, Lord Robert Dudley, is found mysteriously dead from a fall.
36 min
Unsolved Murders Rewind: Josslyn Hay Pt. 1
Josslyn Hay was a British aristocrat who moved with his wife, Lady Idina Sackville, to Africa. There, they were part of the “Happy Valley Set,” a group of wealthy expats who lived to drink alcohol, do drugs and have sex.
38 min
E186: Amy Robsart Pt. 1
In 1560, young Queen Elizabeth I's relationship with Lord Robert Dudley had one complication: his wife.
38 min
E185: Irene Izak Pt. 2
In 1968, a state trooper found the brutalized body of a young school teacher named Irene Izak on the side of the road.
32 min
E184: Irene Izak Pt. 1
On a lonely night in 1968, a young French teacher named Irene Izak was driving north, to Canada, for a job interview.
31 min
E183: Lava Lake Murders Pt. 2
After the bodies of Edward Nickols, Roy Wilson, and Dewey Morris were found in a frozen lake in 1924, investigators scrambled to find their killer.
43 min
Unsolved Murders Rewind: The Hall-Mills Murder ...
In 1922, Reverend Edward Hall and his lover Eleanor Mills were found dead beneath a crabapple tree surrounded by their shredded love letters. Their killer was never identified, but one woman claimed to have witnessed the crime.
33 min
E182: Lava Lake Murders Pt. 1
In 1924, Edward Nickols, Roy Wilson, and Dewey Morris spent the winter in a remote cabin in the Oregon wilderness, operating fur traps near Lava Lake.
37 min
E181: John Rains
In 1862, California wine grower and rancher John Rains was mysteriously murdered. In the wake of his death, the law struggled to find the culprit.
38 min
E180: May Fosburgh
On August 20th, 1900, police responded to the home of wealthy industrialist Robert L. Fosburgh who lived with his wife and 27-year-old son. Fosburgh reported a break-in by three individuals, one of whom shot and killed his 24-year-old daughter May. But police weren’t so sure about his story.
40 min
Best of 2019: Françoise, Duchess de Choiseul-Pr...
In the early 1800s, the Duke de Choiseul-Praslin was suspected of murdering his wife. However, a vial of arsenic and a corrupt government would prevent justice from being served.
47 min