Calling Out With Susan Pinsky

Calling Out explores spiritual phenomenon with the world's top psychics, mediums, astrologers, and clairvoyants, in a live show hosted by Susan Pinsky and a recurring cast of celebrity guests. Viewers and listeners are invited to call in for answers about loved ones, paranormal activity, and to receive advice from our guides on love, loss, and living your best life. Find more at

Religion & Spirituality
CO 123 Where Is Jo Ringer? (Part One)/ FOUND
Jo's body was found and identified. Many of the the clues from our four prominent Calling Out Clairvoyants investigating this unsolved missing person case came true. Our condolences fro out to the family members and especially to Kendra.  Mediums...
80 min
CO 122 A Psychic Soirée
Psychic-Rebel Colby co-hosts a "Psychic Soirée" with Calise Simone, Cindy Kaza and Joshua-John Delorenzo. Susan promotes her upcoming appearance with husband Dr. Drew on the season finale of E's 'Hollywood Medium" on August 27, 2017. Joining the...
99 min
CO 121 Teen Mom Amber Portwood
MTV's Teen Mom OG star joins us on a LIVE WITH COLBY PSYCHIC REBEL Facebook Live show to be called out by the terrific trio to include the Rebel Colby, Jennifer Shaffer and A.J. Barrera. Amber is stunned by the accuracy of these clairvoyant...
46 min
CO 120 Comedian Kym Whitley
Raising Whitley Star of, and Mom of Joshua, Actress/ Comedian Kym Whitley takes a psychic leap of faith into the arms of the ever so famous Psychic Medium Rebecca Fearing and the lovely Clairvoyant Aussie Calise Simone. Did Walt Disney...
78 min
CO 119 Predictions for 2017: What's Next?
Caleb Bacon joins Jennifer Shaffer, Psychic Rebel Colby and Medium Cindy Kaza for a somber Spring prediction podcast.  We discuss the fate of millennials, President Trump, world events, the fear of terrorism and sports. Dr. Drew gets...
76 min
CO 20: Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll
Vintage Re-Release
68 min
CO 118 The Dark Side of Ami Horowitz
Investigative Journalist Ami Horowitz who consistently plays with fire gets sage advice from his college buddy. Medium Calise Simone gets the inside scoop about Ami.  After the half, Rebecca Fearing joins in to help take callers Patty...
73 min
CO 117 Winchester Mystery House Drunk History
Psychic Rebel Colby, AJ Barrera & special guest Jennifer Musil describe their experience inside Sarah Winchester's Mystery House. The Winchester House is in San Jose, CA and owned by the heir of the Winchester rifle estate. An architectural...
75 min
CO 116 - Christina Pazitsky and Tom Segura
An awesomely funny couple from Your Mom's House podcast Christina Pazitsky and Tom Segura get some psychic shit done with the Rebel Colby and AJ Barrera.  This episode contains and excerpt from "La Vie En Rose" by Édith Piaf, version from...
67 min
CO 115 - Ross Matthews and Salvador
Everyone's fave TV host of Ross Matthews brings his partner Salvador to a psychic carb free almond laced feast with Anna Vocino of Eat Happy! They get to speak to our premiere psychic mediums to include...
77 min
CO 114 - Mary Carey and Gina Grad
Mary Carey and Gina Grad get some connections with superb clairvoyant Calise Simone as she flies solo and soars into another dimension to contact the loved ones they miss so much. Then the super talented hip hop artist ThIrt3en calls in for some...
87 min
CO 113 - Patricia and Rob Schneider
Patricia and Rob Schneider take a break from filming season two of REAL ROB. They try to connect to their loved ones in the afterlife, and get some psychic advice from Apryl Nicole and Calise Simone.  Sponsored by Bergafemme...
74 min
CO 112 - Eat Happy With Anna Vocino
Psychic Rebel Colby and Medium Calise Simone read nutritional expert and comedian  Anna Vocino. Jason Purdy's mom calls in.  This Episode is sponsored by BergaFemme.
73 min
CO 111 Bert And Leeann Kreischer
Comedian Bert Kreischer, "The Machine," brings his better half LeeAnn Kreischer to call out with Medium Calise Simone and Psychic Rebel Colby. Visit to find our approved Cast Of Clairvoyants. Sponsored by BergaFEMME...
80 min
CO 110 Debra Tate and Dr Bruce Heischober
Debra Tate talks about her feelings about Charles Manson with Rebecca Fearing, Susan Pinsky and and Dr Bruce Heischober. Calise Simone reads Debra and hears a Beatles tune. Caller Tracey reaches out for some help with her grief. ...
75 min
109: 2017 Psychic Prediction Posse
Mediums Jennifer Shaffer, Calise Simone, Apryl Nicole, and Cindy Kaza call out with Susan Pinsky and Dr. Drew to psychically predict the future. HAPPY NEW YEAR! A Playroom Podz Production. Sponsored by 
70 min
108: Jason Ellis and Katie Gilbert
Sirius Radio host Jason Ellis connects to his long lost brother Stevie whom passed early in his life. The tears flow. Psychic Rebel Colby and medium Calise Simone bring Stevie through immediately without knowledge of whom they are reading....
76 min
107 : Nicole Angemi And Dr Paul Koudonaris
Warning: Explicit content: Sex Ghost historian Dr Paul Koudounaris sits in studio with mediums Jen Shaffer, Apryl Nicole and Co-host Cindy Kaza to discuss historical ghost stories of sexual nature. Pathologist @Mrs_Angemi of intstagram fame, Nicole...
67 min
105 : Jack Osbourne
Jack Osbourne allows amazing mediums Calise Simone and Cindy Kaza to connect to his afterlife, and talks about his experiences producer of a ghost hunting show, "The Haunted Highway." We discuss the difference between "The Osbournes"...
75 min
106 : Kate Chastain from Below Deck
Below Deck Star Kate Chastain calls out the reality behind the reality show. Rebecca Fearing makes a connection for her and shows her true talents. Jen Shaffer and Cindy Kaza join in to discuss the fabulous time we actually had together on the Valor...
87 min
104 : This Afterlife on This Life
Dr Drew and Bob Forrest are joined by neuropsychologist Jena Kravitz, PsyD and and evidential psychic medium Melissa Cubillas. Are people addicted to psychics? Dr. Jena explains. Mellisa or MC, reads a couple who are curious about the process....
66 min
103: Psychic Charades with Debra Tate
Co-host and longtime Loveline engineer, Anderson Cowen is blown away by the process as he witnesses a thorough reading victims advocate Debra Tate. Mediums Psychic Rebel Colby, Jennifer M Shaffer, and Rebecca Fearing play a game of Psychic Charades....
68 min
102: Hardware To Habitat Heaven
Susan loses her iconic father Dennis Sailer at 92 who worked 7 days a week until his death. He bequeaths the Sailers with 65 year old Tustin Hardware store full to the brim with goodies. Psychic Rebel Colby is the Psychic du-jour, and special co-host...
85 min
101: Calling Out Making a Murderer
Medium Rebecca Fearing calls out Eddie in the first few minutes, and we all missed the call.  Joined by Psychic Rebel Colby, clairvoyant Calise Simone, plus the Music City Medium - Cindy Kaza for a GRAFFIC description of what...
67 min
100! Musical Claires
Dr. Drew joins four top clairvoyant psychics Calise Simone, Cindy Kaza, Psychic Rebel Colby and Rebecca Fearing to take callers questions. Music Extro "Can't Fight it" by Rayvon Owen available on Feb 20 on Itunes. 
96 min