Calling Out With Susan Pinsky

Susan Pinsky invites you to look into the minds of the best clairvoyants in the world to connect this life with afterlife spirits. Go to for more shows.

Religion & Spirituality
CO 111 Bert And Leeann Kreischer
Comedian Bert Kreischer, "The Machine," brings his better half LeeAnn Kreischer to call out with Medium Calise Simone and Psychic Rebel Colby. Visit to find our approved Cast Of Clairvoyants. Sponsored by BergaFEMME...
80 min
109: 2017 Psychic Prediction Posse
Mediums Jennifer Shaffer, Calise Simone, Apryl Nicole, and Cindy Kaza call out with Susan Pinsky and Dr. Drew to psychically predict the future. HAPPY NEW YEAR! A Playroom Podz Production. Sponsored by 
70 min
108: Jason Ellis and Katie Gilbert
Sirius Radio host Jason Ellis connects to his long lost brother Stevie whom passed early in his life. The tears flow. Psychic Rebel Colby and medium Calise Simone bring Stevie through immediately without knowledge of whom they are reading....
76 min
99: Jen Kirkman
Rebecca Fearing makes her moves on Jen Kirkman finds it's time to get into the pink. Dr. Drew co-hosts bringing his love for Drunk History into the conversation. Music Extro "Ignition" Courtesy of Rayvon Owen. 
78 min
98: Psychic Rebel Calling Out Mary Lynn Radjskub
Anna David Co-hosts as Psychic Rebel Colby takes us into the exciting future of Comedian/Actress Mary Lynn Radjskup. Known from TV and Movie fame, she was recognized immediately  as she came into the studio by our son Jordan for her...
82 min
96: Presidential Predictions & World Affairs 20...
Predictions for 2016
78 min
89: Bewitched in Salem
Susan visits historic Salem, Massachusetts during the Festival of the Dead, and finds herself smack dab in the middle of a bewitching dinner hosted by famed local warlocks, Christian Day, Dean Cain and witch Sandra Power Wright. The next...
90 min
88: Suicide Bridge
Paranormal investigator, F.J. Lennon, author of 'Devil's Gate' and 'Soul Trapper,' joins medium, A.J. Barrera, and psychic/scientist Ellen Marron to describe the many sad and erie events that have occurred on the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena,...
86 min
87: Mama Cass' Orb
Leigh Koechner Co-hosts as MC Medium (Melissa Cubillas) and A.J Barrera meet Owen Elliott-Kugel. A big noisy Mama Cass green orb hangs out in the Playroom for a long time to bring rumors about her passing to an end, and to show love for her daughter...
63 min
CO74: Looking for Love
Andy Dick co-host brings Mike Hermosa and PJ to see if MC and Psychic Rebel can connect. Surprise visit from another celeb friend of Andy's blows us away. Extro by Rayvon Owen from American Idol Sponsored by
84 min
CO73: Rehab Heaven With Bob Forrest & Andy Dick
Rebecca Fearing and Mellisa Cubillas make Calling Out history connecting Andy and Bob to much loved celeb friends. Hear amazing stories about their lives. Music by Bob Forrest "I Melt with You."
100 min
CO66: Nikki Glaser
Live (sort of) from New York!
44 min
CO51: Serial Podcast w/ Lynette Carolla & attor...
Searching for Mail Kimp
85 min
CO42: Theo Von and Heather McDonald
Visits from beyond the grave
88 min
CO31: Gilbert Gottfried w/ Co-host Brad Williams
  Little people bring Marilyn Monroe by to meet Rebecca Fearing and AJ Barerra. Gilbert Gottfried talks to Stalin.    Also, chain mail underpants. You've been warned.
73 min
CO 21: Lisa Williams and Rebecca Fearing
Medium Lisa Williams read by Rebecca Fearing, then submits to an artistic healing read through channeled drawing created by Regine Verougstraete.
61 min
CO 13: Dr. Drews Mom Brings Her Celebrity Frien...
James Van Praagh and Kellee White return, along with Rebecca Fearing, for a podcast about celebrity ghosts. Dr. Drew's Mom calls in, and James, Kelly and Rebecca help open the door to her past. The gang also takes a call from Dr. Drew's...
63 min
CO 06: Lisa Williams and Samantha Schacher Disc...
Lisa Williams sits down with Susan and Gina for a very special episode of Calling Out. The girls open the show with a reading of HLN's Samantha Schacher as a way to showcase Lisa's spectacular abilities. They then take a call from...
60 min
CO 05: Jim Jefferies, Rebecca Fearing and Cind...
Jim Jefferies calls in and gets a live reading from Rebecca Fearing and Cindy Kaza. Rebecca also gives some insight into Cindy's future, and Susan and Gina listen as the girls read Matt and Mike in the control room.
63 min