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Susan Pinsky invites you to look into the minds of the best clairvoyants in the world to connect this life with afterlife spirits. Go to for more shows.

Religion & Spirituality
CO- 142 Simona Mangiante with Mediums Calise Si...
Actress, Model and Lawyer Simona Mangiante joins Susan and premiere psychic mediums Calise Simone and Rebecca Fearing who tap in without using her voice to see her life as a woman behind the great man running for congress, and then find her...
130 min
CO 141- Ginger Gonzaga is Calling Out With Rebe...
Hollywood's very own Ginger Gonzaga, AKA @gingerthejester of Kidding, I'm Dying up here, and the most recent season of Grace and Frankie tests her skills at psychic mediumship with world renowned medium du-jour Rebecca Fearing.  Phone lines...
126 min
NEW 2020: CO -140: Mediums Cindy Kaza and Colby...
Calling Out Fox Nation's Kat Timpf from Sincerely Kat on a new video-call in platform with featured psychic mediums to include Mediums Cindy Kaza and Colby Rebel!  Together again at last, Colby takes the lead on each call as she brings a...
94 min
CO 139 - Calling Out Our Demons
Today on Calling Out with Susan Pinsky we are letting go of our Demons inside. Lisa Thomas is a transformational energy healer. She empowers individuals to reach their full potential by removing inherited emotional blocks, such as fear of...
59 min
CO 138 - Calling Out Natalie Wood
Susan is joined by a phalanx of her best psychics, who combine their talents to investigate what happened the night that movie star Natalie Wood died nearly thirty-seven years ago. Former James Bond siren, Lana Wood (Natalie’s sister), is on...
91 min
CO 137 - Where Is Mollie Tibbets?
Calling Out for Mollie Tibetts, a 20 year-old student from Iowa who went missing on July 18.  Please report anything that resonates. Go to Website: , or call  or to leave an anonymous tip. We are looking for clues with...
115 min
CO 136 - Rebel Colby Meets 3 Mamas
Return guest, Owen Elliot Kugel, is the conduit who allows medium Rebel Colby to connect with 3 amazing mamas. These include Owen’s own mother, musician Mama Cass, who has a strong presence, as usual. Colby tunes in, identifies her, and calls out...
88 min
CO 135 Mary Lynn Rajskub / Bob Saget/ James Pr...
Mary Lynn Rajskub returns (ep 98) with newbies James Preston Rogers and Bob Saget of #Benjamin to call out with clairvoyants du jour, Sloan Bella & Rebecca Fearing.  It's a Hollywood who's-who of spirits.  Starring John Wayne, Verne...
93 min
CO 134 Jo Ringer Found
Co-hosts Mary Carey and Kendra Jade Rossi here with Psychic Mediums Calise Simone, Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer for a special follow up to the Joanne Ringer case. We specifically pointed out the area where Jo was discovered on Feb 28, near a red barn and...
83 min
CO 133 Bird Madam Heidi Fleiss
Heidi Fleiss loves her birds and has a remote reading from her bird sanctuary in Parump, Nevada. Mediums Rebecca Fearing and Sloan Bella get a tour of her home.  This episode is sponsored by Bergafemme. Click on the banner on to get...
46 min
CO 132 Tan Mom
Tan Mom, Patricia Krentcil joins mediums Rebecca Fearing and Sloan Bella. KA calls in for a reading too! #YOULIVE #CALLINGOUT  This episode is sponsored by
60 min
CO 131 Calling Out Laci Peterson
Calling Out Laci Peterson with audio from The Afterlife. Defense attorney Mark Geragos joins Rebecca Fearing with an intuitive look at the Scott Peterson Case.  Then Mark is given a one on one with Sloan Bella the Sexxi Psychic. We also took a...
58 min
CO 130 2018 Psychic Predictions
Producer Jennifer Musil presents Jennifer Shaffer, Calise Simone, Apryl Nicole Everett, and Sloan Bella, (Psychic Astrologist) for this "Epic 2018 Prediction Show!" Plus, a special mediumship cameo by AJ Barrrrera taking callers! Calise Simone gives...
143 min
CO 127 Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry
Colby Rebel and Dr. Drew meet a new intuitive astrologist Rachel Lang for a blind read of Teen Mom Kail Lowery.  Baby in the future?  For more information on how to get your reading, go to and Download...
75 min
CO39: Phone Sex With Emily Morse
Susan calls out phone sex
69 min
CO23: Sex With Emily And Orb Shooters
Released 2014: NJ Medium Barbara Mackey reads psychic virgin Sex With Emily's very own Emily Morse and predicts her future. Then, Rebecca Fearing helps 3 listeners who've had repeated paranormal experiences. Co-host Gina Grad. Join us for a NEW SHOW...
74 min
CO 124 Where Is Jo Ringer? PT. 2
Warning: this may be graphic and unsuitable for children. Clairvoyants Calise Simone and Jennifer M. Shaffer are joined by Kendra Jade Rossi in the Playroom Pods Studio to recap their live show findings and further investigate the case of her missing...
85 min
CO 123 Where Is Jo Ringer? (Part One)/ FOUND
Jo's body was found and identified. Many of the the clues from our four prominent Calling Out Clairvoyants investigating this unsolved missing person case came true. Our condolences fro out to the family members and especially to Kendra.  Mediums...
80 min
CO 122 A Psychic Soirée
Psychic-Rebel Colby co-hosts a "Psychic Soirée" with Calise Simone, Cindy Kaza and Joshua-John Delorenzo. Susan promotes her upcoming appearance with husband Dr. Drew on the season finale of E's 'Hollywood Medium" on August 27, 2017. Joining the...
99 min
CO 121 Teen Mom Amber Portwood
MTV's Teen Mom OG star joins us on a LIVE WITH COLBY PSYCHIC REBEL Facebook Live show to be called out by the terrific trio to include the Rebel Colby, Jennifer Shaffer and A.J. Barrera. Amber is stunned by the accuracy of these clairvoyant...
46 min
CO 120 Comedian Kym Whitley
Raising Whitley Star of, and Mom of Joshua, Actress/ Comedian Kym Whitley takes a psychic leap of faith into the arms of the ever so famous Psychic Medium Rebecca Fearing and the lovely Clairvoyant Aussie Calise Simone. Did Walt Disney...
78 min
CO 119 Predictions for 2017: What's Next?
Caleb Bacon joins Jennifer Shaffer, Psychic Rebel Colby and Medium Cindy Kaza for a somber Spring prediction podcast.  We discuss the fate of millennials, President Trump, world events, the fear of terrorism and sports. Dr. Drew gets...
76 min
CO 20: Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll
Dr Drew supports Mackenzie Phillips in a dark episode as Lisa Williams delivers messages from her Rock Star Father John Philips. Mama Cass of the MAMAS and the PAPAS  chimes in and blows them all away. Lisa then connects to CELEBRITY REHAB alum,...
68 min
CO 117 Winchester Mystery House Drunk History
Psychic Rebel Colby, AJ Barrera & special guest Jennifer Musil describe their experience inside Sarah Winchester's Mystery House. The Winchester House is in San Jose, CA and owned by the heir of the Winchester rifle estate. An architectural...
75 min
CO 116 - Christina Pazitsky and Tom Segura
An awesomely funny couple from Your Mom's House podcast Christina Pazitsky and Tom Segura get some psychic shit done with the Rebel Colby and AJ Barrera.  This episode contains and excerpt from "La Vie En Rose" by Édith Piaf, version from...
67 min