Confessions of a Bra Lady, with Missy...

Missy Helderman brings us Confessions of a Bra Lady: a podcast sharing personal stories and experiences from her life, business, and ministry. With extensive experience in the bra-fitting world, Missy has been helping women find their fit both in bras as well as giving life advice during times of transition. Sweetheart, you are doing yourself and those around you a disservice by stuffing yourself into places and sizes that you were never intended to fill. Together, let's take this journey to find your fit.

59: Ta Ta for Now from the Bra Lady
11 min
BONUS REPLAY: Put on Your Sassy Pants
I think we all have that one outfit or article of clothing that when we look in the mirror we just feel... a little bit sassy. In today's episode, I'm talking about the mindset of wearing your sassy pants (or shirt, or outfit) and also the impact that trying the wild card might have in our lives sometimes. You are fabulous, and you deserve to feel fabulous.
14 min
BONUS REPLAY: Are You Disqualifying Yourself? Y...
This time of year really makes us think about all the reasons we aren't enough. We disqualify ourselves because we haven't learned enough, accomplished enough, look a certain way, or any other number of things that are all criticisms inside our heads. In this episode, I'm getting vulnerable with you and sharing some of the ways I disqualify myself: especially when it comes to my body. But when we disqualify ourselves, we miss out on the most beautiful experiences in life. So let me ask you: if you weren't disqualified, what amazing things would you do?
15 min
BONUS REPLAY: Behind the Scenes of How I Became...
In this episode, I'm sharing the rest of the story and taking you behind the scenes to get a glimpse at what it was like becoming The Bra Lady. Look at the problems that are around you. What solution can you bring to those problems? That may just lead you to the most rewarding thing you've ever done with your life.
22 min
BONUS REPLAY: Remembering Your Why
What is the Why behind what you do? I had an experience at the store recently with a mom and daughter that made me remember exactly why I do what I do. Today, I'm talking about how important it is to always remember your purpose and motivation.
13 min
BONUS REPLAY: How We Determine Our Self Worth
What determines our value, and how do we view our self-worth? Often, we think about our abilities or our performance when we determine how valuable we are. But in today's episode, I'm challenging you to examine your beliefs and to consider your value to God. And of course, I've got another Hint from Helderman for you!
13 min
58: Finding the Time for Everything
It's no secret that it's been quite the adventure dealing with family, health issues, home repairs, and everything in between. At times the storms have seemed endless, but I'm here to remind you that storms are for passing through, not for stopping and staying. I'm sharing my perspective on seeing each difficulty as a "stepping stone" to better things ahead. As the holidays approach and life gets busy, my hope is that if you have been experiencing a season of "keeping the lights on," that you know you are not alone.
11 min
BONUS REPLAY: 'Tis the Season for Hustle, Bustl...
It's that time of year that's full of rushing around from place to place, hustling and bustling to get lots of things done with lots of plans both personally and professionally. But what happens if we slow down, take a breath, and prioritize rest and care?
20 min
57: Productivity Hack: How to do the tasks you'...
This week, I'm talking about how to complete those mundane tasks you just dread doing. We all have things we have to do but we just don't feel like it. But what if you could use this time in a meaningful way, so you can be productive and check things off your list all while nourishing your mind or your heart? Listen in to this episode for some of my best tips.
10 min
56: Give Me That Hammer!
What we are capable of might surprise us... and the people around us. With all the work we have going on at the house, I've certainly shown off a thing or two I'm capable of that might just surprise you. So today, I'm talking about what other people think we are capable of doing versus what we are actually capable of doing.
12 min
55: Celebrating the Success of Others
I love to see other people succeed. I love to see people come to their full potential. In today's episode, I'm talking about celebrating the success of others, and what it feels like to surround yourself with people who want to celebrate YOU, too.
14 min
54: Chub Rub and Back Fat
We all have those moments where we get in our heads about things like our chub rub or our back fat. I've seen women of all shapes and sizes complain about their insecurities when it comes to things like rolls around the bra strap. But I was reflecting on this recently and I realized that really, none of that actually matters. People won't remember the size and shape of your body or where you might have a little extra fluff and rolls. They'll remember how it felt to be loved by you. In today's episode, I'm sharing more about these reflections.
16 min
BONUS REPLAY: Are Distractions Keeping You from...
This week, we're talking about what happens when we get distracted from what we're being called to do. When our bigger purpose takes us out of our comfort zone, it can be easy to get sidetracked with a million other smaller tasks, and before we know it, another day has come and gone. Listen in for my tips and reflections about how to get back on track and stay focused.
14 min
53: Cleaning Out the Closet
Last week, we talked about letting go... and how that includes decluttering. This week, we're talking specifically about organizing and decluttering our closets. This is the perfect time of year to do some reflecting about the items in your closet and what it might be time to let go of.
17 min
52: Letting Go
If you've been following along with the podcast this year, you know that my year has included some heavy losses and major grief. In today's episode, I'm talking about how we let go of the ones we have loved when they pass on, and let go of the things that it's time to release.
17 min
BONUS REPLAY: God's Love is Unconditional (no m...
I'm sharing a personal story from my teenage years in today's episode. Even today, I can remember exactly how I felt after wrecking my sister's car.
9 min
51: What has God promised you?
Have you ever been walking through your day or walking through life, and all of a sudden you get this big neon sign that reminds you of something that completely slipped your mind? God sent me a reminder this week that He is still here doing exactly what He promised, and boy, was it a reminder I needed to see.
15 min
50: Pajama Day
This week, we are talking about rest and the importance of taking days off. When is the last time you declared a pajama day? Rest as self-care is essential for renewing our spirit, motivation, and creativity.
10 min
49: The Trick to Multi-Tasking
How many things do you have going on at any given time? Are you doing your best to master multitasking? In this episode, I am talking all about the trick to multi-tasking.
17 min
48: Decision Fatigue
Decision Fatigue is real. When you get to the end of the day and you just have no capacity left to make decisions, even as simple as deciding what's for dinner... that's decision fatigue! In this episode, I'm sharing about my own experience with decision fatigue and some tips for how to handle it.
12 min
BONUS REPLAY: Bring Change or Be Changed
Have you thought about what impact you have on the world around you? What presence do you bring to a room? Think about your impact like a Signature Scent. Do people know when you've crossed the proverbial room? What impression do you leave?
14 min
47: Thank God for GPS
What we expect is not always where we end up. We push ourselves to places we might think we are trying to get to, but sometimes that's not really where we need to be.
10 min
46: Finding the Joy in a Tornado {Part 2}
I have a question for you: how is your joy and peace this week? Do you feel like it's being tested? Do you feel it waning a little bit? That's what I'm talking about in today's episode.
11 min
45: Finding the Joy in a Tornado
Well, happy girls, I recently found myself right in the path of a tornado. And while we are rebuilding and renovating from the damage, I've been reflecting. You see, storms are going to disrupt your life and your plans, but the real question is how you're going to react in hard times. If I can find joy even in the aftermath of a tornado, so can you.
21 min
44: Help! Are My Bras Too Old?
When we find a bra that fits well and makes us feel good about ourselves, we want it to last as long as possible. In order to extend the life of our bras, we have to treat them well! In this episode, I'm sharing 3 tips to lengthen the life of your bras. Get the free guide to determine if you need to retire your bra here:
15 min