The Wine & Chisme Podcast

The Wine & Chisme Podcast was created to share the stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things to serve their community. Our host, Jessica Yañez brings her love for wine and passion for storytelling together to highlight the stories that need to be told in communities of color. Chisme (Spanish for gossip) comes from the interviewees themselves as they "spill the wine" on their own terms. So grab a glass of wine and join us for the new Wednesday. #WineAndChismeWednesday

Society & Culture
Personal Journals
Spill the Chisme- September 2023 with J and Ellie
85 min
Exposing the World One Story at a Time with Tif...
69 min
Our Need to be Seen and Belong with Luz Maria Mack
Luz and I I discus how to highlight how parents and teachers can drive demand of culturally relevant book that serves their school communities.
60 min
La Cosecha Grand Tasting with the Mexican Ameri...
50 min
Spill the Chisme - August 2023 with J and Ellie
This month me and Ellie chat about the pop culture chisme that dropped in August 2023
68 min
Art, Inspiration, and Empowerment with Ruben Rojas
65 min
Health & Wellness - A Wine & Chisme LIVE Event ...
49 min
Storytelling Through Piñata Making with Diana B...
Diana and I chat about her piñatas which are used as objects of celebration, resistance, and storytelling.
64 min
Latiné Winemaker Series: Casa Martinez Wines wi...
Daniel shares his story of moving from Michoacán, Mexico to Napa and how he got involved in the wine business, eventually starting his own brand.
55 min
Drop the Chisme - A July Recap of Pop Culture w...
Ellie and I discuss all things pop culture for July 2023
66 min
How to Transition to Natural Beauty Products wi...
Nancy and I discuss all things natural beauty including deodorants and skincare
70 min
Mind Your Money (and Your Business) with Yanely...
Yanely and I discuss all things money and how she convinces lawmakers that states must require financial literacy in schools. She has successfully succeeded at doing this in states like Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Rhode Island, North Carolina and more.
69 min
Latiné Winemaker Series: Parra Wines with Sam P...
Born and raised in St. Helena, winemaker Sam Parra shares his journey into starting a wine brand (in Oregon) and leaping into the future of wine by canning his delicious wine.
60 min
Rewind Episode: Finding Passion Through Art wit...
Maria and I discuss her life in Mexico, how she gave up her corporate job to study art and found her passion in creating art and living art in Dallas, TX.
52 min
Rewind Episode: Race, Politics, and Family Thro...
TikTok star and comedian Che Guerrero speaks to me regarding his journey from the Dominican Republic to the United States and how that has informed his outlook on life, love, family and using his comedy to bring attention to racial and ethnic disparities.
70 min
Rewind Episode: Womb Health with Helen y Jazmin
We recorded this episode during the We All Grow Latina Summit! When it comes to our womb health, so many of us in the Latino community have been told to keep quiet. In this episode Helen, Jazmin, and I talk about all things period and womb related.
55 min
Rewind Episode: Fashion, Trendsetting, and Not ...
Sisters, Mabel and Alejandra discuss their move from Mexico to Dallas as young children, their constant feelings of not being "enough" and their individual journeys that led them to start Cadena Collective together.
68 min
Representation in Media: A Wine & Chisme Podcas...
49 min
Solorio Family Wines with Mario Solorio
31 min
The Power of Perseverance with Dulce Vasquez
75 min
Embrace Putting Yourself First with Criss Madrigal
59 min
Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs About Money w...
60 min
Never Putting Limits on Your Dreams with Valent...
75 min
Building a Business to Make a Social Impact wit...
89 min
Cuban, Muslim, and Changing Media Representatio...
USC Professor and Author, Evelyn Alsultany and I discuss her Cuban and Muslim background and how she became a Hollywood consultant for Arab and Muslim portrayals in television and movies.
69 min