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The perfect birthday gift for West Elgin's late...
Norma McPhail joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about her late husband Duncan McPhail who was the Mayor of West Elgin. Duncan passed away in March, but Norma says he would have been the biggest cheerleader for Kraft Hockeyville coming to West Lorne, and she believes the fact that the town won the title on her late husband's birthday is a perfect present.
4 min
Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada reac...
Pierre Poilievre, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the federal budget, the carbon tax increase, and how his party would have done things differently.
8 min
The time has come to vote for West Lorne to hos...
West Lorne could host Kraft Hockeyville, but it's on the community to vote. Kevin Summers, President of the West Lorne Minor Hockey Association explains how you can get involved.
6 min
South London has a new Costco
Justin Pickett joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the last day of the old Costco location, and the move next door to the new location just down the road.
3 min
Less cables and less financial stress - how the...
Tech journalist Carmi Levy talks about the EU rules over cables and chargers as well as how the Federal government is putting a budget on making sure Canadians have a right to repair on smart devices.
6 min
Utah's new social media legislation - will it c...
Dr. Richard Lachman, Director of Zone Learning for Toronto Metropolitan University, talks about the new social media legislation brought forward in Utah that would put more age restrictions on social media usage, times for it to be used, and more.
8 min
From being 11-years old in a refugee camp in Ke...
Nhial Deng, who recently was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee Award, outlines his early life having to leave his home in Ethiopia, to living in a refugee camp in Kenya, and his journey to now doing work with the United Nations
12 min
A northern light show danced across London's ni...
Tereza Pultarova, a London, UK based science and technology journalist, explains why Londoners were able to see the northern lights last night, and she gives an update on the latest investigation of Oumuamua.
13 min
There is more to Ramadan than you think - Asim ...
Asim Hussein, who goes by the artist name @studentasim, is helping people learn more about Ramadan and how it may have impacted your life without you knowing.
8 min
Getting mental health help for those who need i...
Jon DeActis, Executive Director at the Salvation Army Centre of Hope, talks about how to get help for people struggling with mental health issues who need it but aren't seeking out the help themselves.
8 min
Olympian Maggie McNeil is wading in on the Tham...
London Olympic gold medalist Maggie McNeil joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to chat about the Thames Pool and gives her thoughts on the possible decommissioning of the pool. McNeil also updates listeners on her move to LSU and how her experience has been thus far.
10 min
How has the retail industry been impacted by in...
Jane Domenico, Senior Vice President and National Lead with Real Estate Management Services, gives an outlook on how retail is doing in Canada now.
7 min
The fascinating history of Canada's military - ...
Alex Bowers, talk about the fascinating history of Canada's military and what drew him to learn about it in the first place.
9 min
The long-term effects of second-hand smoke
Dr. Glen Kisby and Dr. Jacob Raber dive into their research on the long-term effects of second-hand smoke in which they used mice over the span of 10-months and were able to replicate the human experience and discover how the exposure impacts the brain.
13 min
West Lorne could host Kraft Hockeyville - here'...
Kevin Summers, President of the West Lorne Minor Hockey Association explains how it felt to see West Lorne on the list of four finalist to host Kraft Hockeyville, and how the community can cast their vote to help.
8 min
Bill C-11 and its impact on AI, deepfakes, and ...
Claire Boine, PhD Candidate at the University of Ottawa Center for Law, Technology and Society, outlines what areas of AI will be impacted by the Bill, the lack of power Bill C-11 will have over fake news, and the need for more legislation regarding deepfakes.
6 min
Flipping the switch on parenting - how the digi...
Samantha Kemp-Jackson talks about how parents can bring out motivation in their kids, and how disciplining has changed in the digital age.
11 min
Tax season is here - find out what you can expe...
Gerry Vittoratos, national tax specialist at UFile Canada, talks about tax season and what you should keep your eye on when you go to file your taxes this year.
5 min
How are London schools tackling Black History M...
Jose Pineida, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Consultant with the London District Catholic School Board talks about the need for more black history education programs, and outlines the role black Canadians played in shaping the country.
5 min
Round Table: Understanding Russia's invasion of...
Mike Stubbs sat down with three Western University experts to talk about one of the largest military conflicts since the Second World War.
22 min
Anti-bullying advocate wants parents to "pay at...
Mike Neuts says bullying is still very much present in our communities
6 min
Will the Rideau Canal open for skating this year?
Saba Aziz with Global News says the canal surface has to be at least 30 cm thick with good quality ice before they allow skating
5 min
Red light for Reptilia - but they still plan to...
Mike Lerner, from Lerners Lawyers and Associates, talks about Reptilia zoo being voted down at council on Tuesday, but says that they still plan to open their doors to the public.
6 min
What does your poop say about your gut health?
Dr. Ashely Margeson, a Naturopathic doctor and host of The Superwomen Code, talks about what your poop says about your health, how your gut health is connected to your brain, how to take care of your gut and more.
7 min
An update on construction around London
Jennie Dann, Director of Construction and Infrastructure Services with the City of London updates listeners on different construction projects around the city.
6 min