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The Canadian film industry is feeling the impac...
Marina Cordoni, an independent producer in Toronto, joins Mike Stubbs to talk about how the writer and actor strikes in Hollywood right now are impacting the Canadian film industry.
8 min
A new pilot project in London is looking to dea...
Jared Houliston, President of Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc, joins Mike Stubbs as they talk about the new pilot project in London, The Responsible Pest Management Pilot Program, which looks at an ethical and humane ways to deal with rodents. The project is looking to owls to help solve the problem.
10 min
Jason Kloss will be swimming across Lake Ontari...
The 36-year-old will take on the 51-kilometre swim between Niagara Region and Toronto starting Friday, raising funds and awareness for mental health and suicide prevention.
7 min
A report by the AG found the government’s Green...
Ontario's Housing Minister, Steve Clark, joins guest host Scott Monich to discuss.
7 min
Golf Canada looks to grow the game across commu...
Kevin Blue, Chief Sport Officer at Golf Canada sits down with guest host Scott Monich to discuss the new partnership with First Tee. The partnership aims to improve the accessibility of the game to youth of different socio-economic backgrounds across the country.
8 min
Canadian Swifties are going to war for concert ...
The creator of the Canadian Swifties Facebook group, Abigale Vailliere, discusses the complicated process of purchasing Taylor Swift tickets when she visits Toronto next November.
8 min
Preview of the London 2024 Ontario Summer Games!
Zanth Jarvis, Director of Sport at Tourism London, joins guest host Scott Monich to discuss the event details.
9 min
The National Bank Open: First round kicks off
Lukas Weese, Staff Editor of News at the Athletic, joins the program live from Toronto and provides the latest updates.
11 min
London named in the Top 10 North American tech ...
London-based tech analyst Carmi Levy joins guest host Scott Monich to discuss.
10 min
London-based energy drink company expands into ...
Londoners Mike Pullam and Matt Stirling founded Exponent Energy Inc, will expand their line of energy drinks into the U.S markets this month.
12 min
More students but not enough housing - how the ...
Post-secondary institutions have been increasing their student enrollment numbers over the past few years, largely with international students but what they haven't done is build more residences for these students. This has caused issues in the rental market, bringing rent prices up, more investors taking on rental properties, and making it hard for students to find housing.
16 min
The long weekend is here, and so is London Ribfest
Doug Hillier joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about London Ribfest that's back and taking place all weekend.
6 min
Remembering Wayne Maxner
Jim Van Horne joins Mike Stubbs to talk about the late Wayne Maxner, who coached in the NHL as well as the London Knights and Windsor Spitfires.
9 min
Small landlords in Ontario are leaving, and big...
Kayla Andrade, from Ontario Landlords Watch, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about what Ontario Landlord Watch is and what they do. Andrade also outlines what it's like for smaller landlords to work in an industry where big corporations are taking over.
7 min
A new music festival is coming to London in the...
Natalie Wakabayashi from Tourism London joins Mike Stubbs to talk about the new music festival, Venue by Venue, coming in November to the city. The multi-day, multi-venue festival will feature local artists and genres.
6 min
Deputy Mayor Shawn Lewis talks about London's n...
Deputy Mayor Shawn Lewis joins Mike Stubbs to talk about the Strategic Priority and Policy committee meeting last night and why London needs the Hubs that were discussed. Lewis also outlines what will be discussed at council tonight including the need for more doctors in London, and the request from the Middlesex London Ontario Health Team has requested $240,000 to retain or recruit doctors.
10 min
Sean Warren outlines the 46-page report which p...
Sean Warren, Co-Chair of the Hubs Table from London Intercommunity Health Centre, joins Mike Stubbs to talk about the 46-page report that will be discussed at the Strategic Priority and Policy committee meeting which looks to implement 15 homeless hubs in London.
9 min
July 24th, 2023 - Monday Mornings with Mayor Jo...
Mayor Josh Morgan joins Mike Stubbs to talk about London Pride, and the Strategic Priority and Policy committee meeting taking place today to discuss housing and the 15 hubs that are proposed to help some of the most vulnerable people in the city.
5 min
Nate Erskine-Smith talks his plans for the Onta...
Nate Erskine-Smith, MP for Beaches-East York and candidate for the Ontario Liberal Party leadership, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about Pride in London, his decision to run for the Ontario Liberal Party leadership, and his plans if he were to win the leadership.
8 min
Elgin County Drowning Prevention Coalition givi...
Briar McCaw, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Elgin County Drowning Prevention Coalition, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about National Drowning Prevention Week and what people should know about drowning, and swimming at the local beaches.
9 min
The legend of Barbie: TMU professor and former ...
Dr. Janice Rudkowski, Assistant Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management as well as a former Mattel employee, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the history of Barbie, the growth of the brand, and how Barbie inspires young girls.
7 min
Jade Kovacevic talks Womens World Cup and train...
Jade Kovacevic, former Canada Women's Soccer team member, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the Womens World Cup as well as training the next generation of soccer players.
7 min
Marcus Plowright argues that housing is the onl...
Marcus Plowright, Marcus Plowright, founder of Fund for Change in London joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to argue against the article and plan that Councillor Susan Stevenson shared on twitter that caught a lot of attention online. Plowright points out that housing is the cornerstone of solving the homelessness issue.
6 min
Councillor Susan Stevenson explains a recent tw...
A recent tweet by Councillor Susan Stevenson blew up online and has caused a conversation around how we should address the homelessness issue in London. The tweet, which was a link to an article with a proposed plan on how to solve homelessness, had arresting members of the homeless population as a part of the proposal, which many people online disagreed with. Councillor Stevenson joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to explain why she shared the link and gives her thoughts and reaction.
8 min
The first South Asian Cultural Festival kicks o...
Raunak and Kayley, co-founders of the South Asian Cultural Festival, join 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the first year of the festival, how it came to be, and what listeners can expect when they visit the festival.
3 min