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The Towards Braiding exhibit at Forest City Gal...
Sara Mai Chitty, Anishinaabe Educator, member of Alderville First Nation and board member at Forest City Gallery as well as Curriculum and Pedagogy Advisor at Western University, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about Towards Braiding: Dreaming of Anti-colonial Futures in the Forest City, an exhibit that helps to educate Londoners on their role and responsibility as Treaty People, and how everyone can work together for an anti-colonial future.
9 min
London's homeless hubs are a few steps away fro...
Kevin Dickins, Deputy City Manager of Social and Health Development, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the report on homeless hubs, as well as what the homeless hub program is.
6 min
At least 18,025 Canadian nurses and doctors are...
5 min
The Ontario government and the ETFO have reache...
Education Minister Stephen Lecce joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the tentative agreement that the government has reached with the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario.
8 min
School presidents discuss the plans to integrat...
Alan Shepard, President of Western University and Lauretta Frederking, President of Brescia University College join 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the plans to fully integrate the women's only college into Western by spring 2024.
10 min
'Young peoples homelessness is unique:' YOU CEO...
Steve Cordes, CEO of Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU), joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the new homeless hubs being added to the City of London, and why YOU initially didn't plan to take part in operating one, but have now decided to step up, with healthcare partners, and run one. Cordes also breaks down what it takes to run a hub.
7 min
'Greedflation' isn't the issue, as the big 5 gr...
Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Scientific Director of the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University, joins Mike Stubbs to talk about the grocery summit that was held in Ottawa on Monday with all the leaders of the major grocery retailers in Canada, or as Dr. Charlebois called them 'the big 5.' Dr. Charlebois explains what happened at the meeting, the fact that all people involved came ready to help, and what the next steps are.
7 min
'We all have a reason to run:' CIBC Run for the...
Lynn Seward, Communications lead with CIBC Run for the Cure, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the Canadian Cancer Society CIBC Run for the Cure event which is back across Canada on October 1st.
6 min
Suboxone: Could it be the miracle drug to help ...
London Live listener Rob called Mike Stubbs to talk about his experience with addiction and the issues in the government programs he went through. This conversation led to a text, talking about Suboxone, which has been referred to as the 'Jesus drug to get people off Opioids." But what is Suboxone? What is it made of? How does it work? Is it actually something that can help someone who is addicted to opioids? Mike turned to Dr. Steven Laviolette, from the Anatomy and Cell Biology department at Western University to answers these questions and to get a breakdown of Suboxone and addiction.
15 min
Job hunting has changed with computer algorithm...
Employment Specialist Jeremy McCall joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the difficulties job seekers are facing today, when everything is online and lacking some key words in your resume may automatically eliminate you from the candidate pool.
8 min
Peoples Court of Public Opinion: Fireworks in L...
Mike Stubbs chats with listeners about their thoughts on fireworks in London after Western University set some off after a mustang victory.
18 min
Balancing the needs of roads and intersections ...
Doug MacRae, Director of Transportation and Mobility with the City of London, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about how you can use the Service London portal to make your drive a little easier.
13 min
10,000 endangered Ontario turtles are being hat...
Scott Gillingwater, Species At Risk Biologist with the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the efforts they are taking to help protect turtles and release them back into their natural habitat.
8 min
Councillor Corrine Rahman explains that balance...
Ward 7 Councillor Corrine Rahman joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about why it's important to have social housing in the city, while also keeping the balance on what it takes to maintain the properties and the cost of that.
7 min
Deputy Mayor Shawn Lewis talks about money need...
Deputy Mayor Shawn Lewis joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the geared-to-income housing that London needs but is trying to find the money to support.
9 min
Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce breaks...
Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to break down the OSSTF tentative agreement as well as the $30 million of funding coming to classrooms and staffing in schools.
9 min
Union strikes have been on the rise, but it may...
Dr. Stephanie Ross, Associate Professor in the School of Labour Studies at McMaster University, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the uptick in union strikes over the summer and why we are seeing more of them. Dr. Ross explains that though the strikes are disruptive, we shouldn't be afraid of them as they may benefit us in the long run.
9 min
Soccer and mental health: Kicks for Strength co...
Alexandre and Mackenzie Machado join 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the up-coming fundraiser Kicks for Strength, in honour of their cousin Cameron. The fundraising event brings together Cameron's love of soccer while bringing attention to mental health.
11 min
The number of Ontarians who have died while wai...
Colin Craig, President of, joins 980CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about how many Ontarians have died while on a waitlist for a medical procedure. Over 2,000 people have passed while on a waitlist for surgery, and almost 10,000 have died waiting for a diagnostic scan.
8 min
Help wanted signs can be seen all over London -...
Jeff Sparling, President of Shakespeare Mills Inc. joins 980CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about what it is like to be looking to fill open positions right now. Help Wanted signs can be seen all over London and surrounding areas, but what is it like for the companies that are currently hiring? Sparling tries to explain what it's like.
7 min
Welcome Home: Local Graffiti artist recent inst...
Ken Galloway, Western University graduate, graffiti artist and skateboarder, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about his most recent project in London called the Wet Paint Initiative, where he is painting 10 murals around the city, with the most recent one on the corner of Adelaide St and Hamilton Rd in collaboration with artist Maria Qamar.
5 min
A sit-down interview with Dr. Harry Allen
Just weeks after his 100th birthday Dr. Harry Allen sits down with 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about everything from life growing up on a tomato farm to performing life-saving surgeries in his career in gynecologic oncology, reconstructive surgery and obstetrics.
36 min
"We cannot do this if we are expected to be the...
Deputy Mayor Shawn Lewis wrote a letter calling attention to the issue of members of the homeless community in other municipalities being sent to London against their will. The letter states that over 25 per cent of people diverted away from homeless services in London, have said to staff that London was not where they wanted to go. Deputy Mayor Lewis joins Mike Stubbs to talk more about the issue.
10 min
Supervised Practice Experience Program allows i...
Jack Bangcoyo, an international nurse who is originally from the Philippines, joins Mike Stubbs to talk about how he came to Canada and took advantage of the Supervised Practice Experience Program so that he could become a Registered Nurse in London at LHSC.
8 min
The Canadian film industry is feeling the impac...
Marina Cordoni, an independent producer in Toronto, joins Mike Stubbs to talk about how the writer and actor strikes in Hollywood right now are impacting the Canadian film industry.
8 min