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Canada Geese in London have been nesting since ...
"That Bird Guy" Brendon Samual, a PhD Candidate at Western University joins Mike Stubbs to talk about why you may have seen some baby geese wandering around London recently, why Canadian Geese may be nesting now, and why their seasonal patterns may be changing.
6 min
New book shines the spotlight on 'Hollywood's F...
Mark Kearney, Professor at Western University and Author of "Al Christie: Hollywood's Forgotten Film Pioneer," joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the book and the impact Londoner Al Christie had on the film industry and his role in making Hollywood what we know it as today.
8 min
The Federal Conservative Leader looks back on 2...
Pierre Poilievre, leader of the Federal Conservative Party of Canada, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to look back at 2023, and to talk about plans and what Canadians could see in 2024.
16 min
Reviving the wartime housing program
Dr. Mike Moffat, Economist and Founding Director of the Place Centre, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the wartime housing program and what it is. Dr. Moffat was a key player pushing for the federal government to revive the wartime housing plans.
8 min
The AG report has highlighted the amount of mon...
Peter Bergmanis, Co-Chair and Co-Founder of the London Health Coalition, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the Auditor General report and the money spent in health care.
13 min
Mirrors of Faith: Building bridges between fait...
Imam Mohammed Al-Jamali, from the London Muslim Mosque, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about their event, Mirrors of Faith.
6 min
Hanukkah: Lighting up the night, one candle at ...
Rabbi Gurkow joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the start of Hanukkah, the festival of lights. Rabbi Gurkow talks about the importance of Hanukkah, and how people may be feeling about the celebration this year.
5 min
Budget 101: Former London Mayor breaks down how...
Former London Mayor Matt Brown joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the upcoming draft budget. Brown outlines why Londoners may see a tax increase and what it takes to build the draft budget.
10 min
London community has come together to support L...
Jon DeActis, Executive Director of the Salvation Army Centre of Hope joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the homelessness outreach and the generous donations they've seen so far this year. DeActis explains how this response, and community support, has been the highlight of his career.
5 min
A how-to on wills with Jennifer Butkus of McKen...
Jennifer Butkus of McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP talks with 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs about wills in the province of Ontario. What happens if you die without a will? How official doea will need to be. Jennifer provides answers to those questions and more.
7 min
Explained: Prof. Kempa on Freedom of Assembly
Michael Kempa, Associate Professor of Criminology at the University of Ottawa joins Mike Stubbs, to discuss.
3 min
The Lights & Sirens Toy Drive is back to fill u...
Frances Elizabeth Moore, President of the Board of Directors for Life Spin joins Mike Stubbs to talk about the Lights and Sirens Toy Drive the is coming up this weekend for its 10th year.
6 min
Open the door to a conversation with someone ne...
Pete Bombaci, founder of The GenWell Project, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about Talk to a Stranger Week, the time to keep stranger danger in mind, but also to open the door to conversations with someone you may not know, and see what comes out of it.
9 min
Violence in the classroom is on the rise, with ...
There were 958 violent incidents reported in Thames Valley schools for the month of October that involved staff, 700 of those involved objects. Craig Smith, Local President of the ETFO Thames Valley joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the numbers and explains what they mean and how the disciplinary system works. Then, listeners bring their voice to the conversation, talking about their experience working in classrooms, or voicing their thoughts as members of the community.
35 min
"If your intention was to instill hate into the...
Ali Chahbar, Chairperson of the London Police Services Board, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to share his thoughts on the guilty verdict delivered today in the Natheniel Veltman trial.
5 min
Texas King and their love of the hometown crowd
Phil Spina, bassist for Texas King, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about Texas King performing at London Music Hall this month, what it means to bring the show home, performing in front of friends and family, and what it takes for an indie band to break into the music scene.
10 min
Right turns on red lights: more cities are look...
Dr. Nicolas Saunier, Professor of civil engineering at Polytechnique Montreal, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about research into if turning red at a red light causes any risk to pedestrian and biker safety, if it saves any time off your commute, and overall, the pros and cons of allowing it, or not.
8 min
The first hockey player to wear a neck guard wo...
Kim Crouch suffered a neck injury while playing hockey in 1975 when he was cut by a skate and almost lost his life. His Dad made him a neck guard to prevent any further injuries, making Crouch the first hockey player to wear a neck guard. Almost 50 years later, neck guards still are not mandatory in all leagues. Following the death of Adam Johnson in the UK, it brings forward the question of whether this should change.
11 min
The Big Bandemic is bringing back the Big Band ...
Dick Williams and Karl Herman join 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about the upcoming event in Port Stanley, The Big Bandemic, which is bringing back the loved Big Band style to Port Stanley's Storke Club on November 25th.
13 min
Understanding fentanyl and it's deadly power
13 min
Could land for $10 move you up north? Mayor of ...
Peter Politis, Mayor of Cochrane, Ontario, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about a new program that could see plots of land selling at extreme discounted rates, which could be as low as $10. The goal of the program is to help boot the housing supply and attract more people to the area.
7 min
Controversial CMHA homeless hub proposal was wi...
Mike Stubbs is joined by London Mayor Josh Morgan, Ward 7 Councillor Corrine Rahman, and Sean Warren, Complex Urban Health Specialist with the London InterCommunity Health Center and Co-Chair of the hubs implementation table, to talk about the Canadian Mental Health Association Thames Valley withdrawing their proposal for a homeless hub focused on serving women and female-identifying individuals.
29 min
Ingersoll's Katie Rice is a back-to-back OCAA C...
8 min
London's own Maggie Mac Neil made history at th...
Swimmer Maggie Mac Neil joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about her record-breaking five gold medals at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.
10 min
As temperatures drop, London Coffee House is do...
Rose Whelan, from the London Coffee House, joins 980 CFPL's Mike Stubbs to talk about their upcoming warm wear donation drive this Saturday from 11am-1pm. London Coffee House, located on Hamilton Road at Redan Street, supports up to 200 individuals each day, with many of these people being homeless, living in encampments, or couch surfing.
4 min