Kelly Cutrara
Kelly Cutrara brings 20 years of national and international broadcasting experience to her show – not to mention a razor-sharp wit. Join us as Kelly guides you through amazing stories and interviews with fascinating people daily.
ICYMI - Trans Woman says trustees censored her ...
Kelly talks to Julia Malott
11 min
Fire safety reminders as you change your clocks
What's the one thing we always forget to do?
7 min
Is Canada Soccer close resolving the labour iss...
The proposed deal could see them become the second highest paid team in the world
7 min
Tim's customers feel cheated by roll up the rim...
Do they have a chance in court?
9 min
Why TikTok is different than other apps
2 min
The Federal government is sending more money to...
Kelly spoke to Professor Leslie Boehm.
9 min
Canada's woman's soccer team plays through majo...
Canada's woman have been incredibly successful on the field and are seeking equal pay to the men
8 min
Are noisy hospitals making it harder for patien...
A new study suggests a musical alternative
7 min
Time is up for Bed Bath and Beyond
Bed Bath and Beyond is closing it's door
5 min
What's behind the objects shot down over North ...
What's behind China's weather balloons?
11 min
Peel police have a new way to protect your cata...
Constable Michael Vertolli
6 min
How much time do you have to get out of a burni...
Kelly talks to the Chief of Hamilton Fire
11 min
Will Mike Schreiner make a run for the Liberal ...
Mike Schreiner opens up to Kelly Cutrara
10 min
Remembering Hazel McCallion
Former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion died at age 101
14 min
Toronto surgeon conducts first robot assisted k...
Kelly talks to the surgeon.
7 min
Harm reduction vending machines coming to Canada
Machines will carry HIV tests, clean needles and more.
9 min
How are we going to tackle the mental health pr...
Mayor is calling for a mental health Summit
9 min
If you want Guardian Angels in Toronto, it won'...
1 min
Can Guardian Angles make Toronto safer?
Toronto feels like it has the problems of a big American city, could we look to the south for a solution?
9 min
Ontario town bans sledding
Siting liability issues the city is planning to put an end to tobogganing on most city hills
8 min
What is the real take-away from the new alcohol...
What's the science behind these guidelines?
8 min
Near beer market continues to grow
New alcohol guide lines come in as more options are available for those who seek to have a drink without a buzz
8 min
London hospital pioneers biodegradable masks
St. Joe's to be first hospital to use masks that will actually breakdown.
6 min
Anti-impaired driving tech will soon be mandato...
Anti-impaired driving tech will soon be mandatory in the US, but what will it look like?
9 min
Remembering David Onley
Remembering David Onley
10 min