Kelly Cutrara
Kelly Cutrara brings 20 years of national and international broadcasting experience to her show – not to mention a razor-sharp wit. Join us as Kelly guides you through amazing stories and interviews with fascinating people daily.
What will it take for Jagmeet Singh to pull the...
The NDP leader responds to the Federal budget
18 min
Raptors’ Porter gets lifetime ban from NBA for ...
What rules did he break?
10 min
Can the banks keep your money safe?
A group of customers are planning a class-action lawsuit
10 min
Rod Black on the life, and legacy of the infamo...
The NFL star, actor and accused killer died of cancer at 76
12 min
Your solar eclipse cheat sheet
Everything you need to know
10 min
Ontario minor hockey player gets suspension aft...
We hear from the coach.
8 min
Why children are experiencing vision loss in gr...
What can be done about the increase in myopia?
9 min
Why does it cost so much to put down your dog?
We ask a vet.
7 min
The TTC is not free!
The TTC wants you to know that you have to pay.
9 min
Understanding the Shohei Ohtani/ interpreter ga...
Breaking down sandal swirlign around one of base ball's top players
11 min
"I thought we weren't going to make it" a passe...
Huy Tran and other passengers have filed a lawsuit
11 min
Can Canada really get tough on auto theft?
Kelly asks a guy who used to make the laws
12 min
Pet DNA company sends back dog breed info from ...
How a reporter found out she was apparently part Alaskan Malamute.
8 min
What speech trait could be a precursor to demen...
What to be on the lookout for.
10 min
Uncovering more details from Toronto's World Cu...
Who's really going to make money off of this?
10 min
Surprise! Inflation is down and apparently your...
People feel like prices have gone up more than they have.
12 min
What are Sephora kids?
What you need to know about the online trend
9 min
Local carpenter warns of construction slow down
The province has been handing out cash for municipalities who exceed their housing target
13 min
The lies we tell our coworkers
The average person can't go ten minutes without lying
11 min
Does Ontario need to pay doctor's more?
Family Doctor's pay lags behind many other professions
10 min
Where are they building houses for the GTA for ...
Prices in the surrounding communities are increasing faster than Toronto proper
8 min
Why was a much anticipated drone show canceled ...
The much anticipated drone show was meant to celebrate Toronto's 190th birthday
10 min
Just for Laughs files for creditor protection
What does this mean for the future of standup in Canada
7 min
Lender quits offering mortgages in flood zones
What does this mean for people who live in flood prone regions?
8 min
"Outrageous." Stephen Lecce responds to Teacher...
The education minister also weighs in on the ongoing negations with the OECTA
7 min