Kelly Cutrara
Kelly Cutrara brings 20 years of national and international broadcasting experience to her show – not to mention a razor-sharp wit. Join us as Kelly guides you through amazing stories and interviews with fascinating people daily.
Scientists discover a way to block food source ...
Kelly talks to one of the scientists behind the research
8 min
Ontario plans to allow beer and wine in conveni...
CAMH gives Ontario a failing grade when it comes to dealing with alcohol
9 min
What you need to know about Bladder Cancer
Kelly talked to Dr. Srikala Sridhar from the Pricness Margrett Cancer
6 min
Province supersedes city's plans to double size...
Councillors are not happy, and worry about what this will mean for infrastructure
10 min
Does Canada need Long-Term Care insurance?
Growing costs are making old age harder for many.
8 min
Wendel Clark on what the Leafs need to do to bo...
Kelly talks to the Leafs Legend
7 min
Why Canada is being left out of a major strateg...
The U.S. U.K. and Australia have agreed to a nuclear submarine deal
9 min
Does Canada have long-term care insurance?
Do we need a system to fund care for aging Canadians?
8 min
Will labour shortages cause continued problems ...
The GTAA says they're ready but are they?
10 min
Randy Bachman remembers Gordon Lightfoot
Gordon Lightfoot died at 84
12 min
Dart Guy weighs in on the Leafs' first entry to...
Kelly talks to a Leafs superman
10 min
The government is throwing a lot of money at th...
Kelly talks to the Flavio Volpe
9 min
WestJet's CEO asks feds to allow compensation c...
Kelly makes sense of the ask.
7 min
Video shows people laying on stairs leading to ...
What's the story behind the video? What can be done to help these people and keep riders safe?
9 min
Documents show Toronto has a "sweetheart deal" ...
Did the city make a bad deal or is this the only way to get a major sporting event?
7 min
Someone asked an AI to 'Destroy Humanity'
What happened next?
4 min
Ontario making changes to fix landlord tenant i...
What does it look like from a landlord's perspective?
9 min
Here's what you can expect from the Roger's Cen...
What's new at the Jay's game?
9 min
Finland joins NATO, what now?
What's behind Finland's entry to NATO and what does it mean for security of the arctic?
9 min
More of us feel gouged by grocery stores
What's behind the numbers?
8 min
Who is the first Canadian heading to the moon a...
Getting to know Jeremy Hansen and the Artemis mission
6 min
ICYMI - Evolution could hold the key to better ...
Tips for getting better sleep and the most out of your sleep
13 min
Ontario Professor says he's got winning Roll up...
Kelly talks to Michael Wallace, a statistics professor at the University of Waterloo
9 min
A cautionary tale about a potentially dangerous...
Ashley Haugen's daughter's life was affected forever because of this product
7 min
Scott McGillivray teams up with Bryan Baeumler
Scott McGillivray stopped by to chat about his new show with Kelly Cutrara
15 min