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Gen Z and Anxiety
Ottawa is setting up a $500-million fund to help community health organizations provide more mental health care to young people. Will it help? Dr. Marcia Sirota, author, speaker, coach and psychiatrist, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Declaring intimate partner violence an epidemic
Ontario is moving closer to declaring intimate partner violence an epidemic in the province. Jennifer Dunn, executive director of the London Abused Women's Centre, joins The Morning Show.
6 min
Staying safe in spring
Children's Hospital is offering safety tips for families as the weather warms and kids head outside. Dr. Rod Lim, Section Chief of the Paediatric Emergency Department at Children's Hospital, joins The Morning Show.
7 min
Lessons learned in leadership
Retired and retiring leaders from London's nonprofit sector will be speaking at an event today looking at mental health and the changeover currently happening in the city, and the impact of that. What do Londoners need to know? Paul Seale from the Pillar Nonprofit Network joins The Morning Show.
8 min
London's downtown vacancy rate is (a little) be...
A new report says there was a decrease in the vacancy rate for downtown London to start 2024, but not for the reason you may think. Greg Harris, Associate Vice President for CBRE in their London office, joins The Morning Show.
7 min
Tails of Trax
A St. Thomas canine officer has written a children's book to raise money for the Phoenix Canine to fund service dogs for people in need. Sean James, a canine officer with the St Thomas Police and Sara Dodd from Phoenix Canine, join The Morning Show.
7 min
Improving inter-community travel in the London ...
Travelling to St. Thomas just got a little bit easier for Londoners. A new inter-community route began on Monday improving travel within the region. Cara Finn, the Director of Economic Development for Middlesex County, joins The Morning Show.
7 min
Are you ready for the solar eclipse?
Solar eclipse-mania has settled in for the London area, are you excited? Gary Boyle, astronomy educator and a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada known as the Backyard Astronomer, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Have you done your taxes yet?
Time is running out to file your taxes ahead of the April 30th deadline, do you know everything you need to know? Gerry Vittoratos, National Tax Specialist with UFile, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Be a Donor Month
Donating an organ can save someone's life and Deb Beaupre is a living example. Deb joins The Morning Show to share the inspiring story of how a kidney donation saved her life.
9 min
What to know about protecting your eyes this so...
How you can stay safe during the 2024 total solar eclipse. Dr. Philip Hooper, Professor of Ophthalmology at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University, joins Devon to discuss.
7 min
It's Tee Time at The City of London's two golf ...
Mike Vandertuin from the City of London's recreation department joins 980 CFPL's Devon Peacock to talk about the 2024 golf season as the two city owned courses open today.
7 min
Eclipse 101: what you need to know before Monda...
Jan Cami, professor of physics and astronomy at Western University, joins 980 CFPL's Devon Peacock to discuss what people should know leading up to Monday's eclipse.
9 min
Results of the spring food drive for the London...
Glen Pearson, Co-Director of the London Food Bank joins 980 CFPL's Devon Peacock to give a wrap up of how the spring food drive went, and how great the is need for their services in London.
7 min
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh talks national school ...
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh joins 980 CFPL's Devon Peacock to talk about the carbon tax, grocery prices and a national school lunch program.
7 min
New framework for policing laws in Ontario
Former London Police Chief Murray Faulkner joins 980 CFPL's Devon Peacock to talk about an overhaul of Ontario's law governing policing which took effect on Monday, with its rules and regulations covering everything from oversight to discipline to more easily allowing the suspension of officers without pay.
8 min
Reviewing the Ontario 2024 budget
Ontario is projecting a $9.8-billion budget deficit for the coming fiscal year. What do Londoners need to know about the provincial budget? Mahmood Nanji, former Associate Deputy Minister at Ontario's Ministry of Finance and a Lawrence Centre Policy Fellow at Ivey School of Business at Western University, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Mayor Josh Morgan talks renovictions, housing a...
After a week off for March Break, London city hall will be a busy place this week. Renovictions, housing and fireworks are all on the agenda. Mayor Josh Morgan joins The Morning Show for his weekly interview.
8 min
An early wakeup from winter
Ontario's government is warning bears might be coming out of hibernation sooner than expected due to the mild winter. Annie Langlois, biologist and co-ordinator of the Hinterland Who’s Who program at the Canadian Wildlife Federation, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Can we stop people from drinking and driving?
Every hour in Canada, an average of nine federal criminal charges and provincial short-term license suspensions are laid for alcohol or drug-impaired driving. What can be done to prevent impaired driving? Steve Sullivan, CEO of MADD Canada, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Will 2024 be another bad year for wildfires?
Is Canada in for another extreme wildfire season? Gordon McBean, Western University professor, world renowned climatologist and the co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, joins The Morning Show.
9 min
Is the Hyland movie theatre in danger?
A new study from Canada's independent cinema owners says their industry is "in crisis" and many theatres need increased public funding to stay afloat. Moira Adlan, co-owner of the Hyland Cinema, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Improving elder care in Canada
What can Canada and Australia learn from one another to better care for older adults? Dr. Kristina Kokorelias, Associate Fellow at the National Institute on Ageing, joins The Morning Show.
8 min
Preventing the spread of measles
Grassroots group Ontario School Safety is calling on the province to do more to prevent the spread of measles. Kate Laing, Board Chair of Ontario School Safety, joins The Morning Show to explain.
7 min
London turns burgundy for multiple myeloma
March is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month. London city buildings will be lit up in the colour of burgundy Saturday and Sunday in honour of multiple myeloma. Lisa Bowden from the London and District Myeloma Support Group joins The Morning Show.
7 min