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Each week the editors of Christianity Today go beyond hashtags and hot-takes and set aside time to explore the reality behind a major cultural event.

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1 min
Why Christians Have a Reputation for Smashing S...
Throughout church history, believers tore down icons. Sometimes they were Greek gods. Other times, saints.
48 min
Have Pro-Lifers Lost the Supreme Court Fight?
What's ahead for abortion opponents after another frustrating decision.
44 min
How Navajo Christians Are Trying to Serve Their...
Meet the believers trying to reach the reservation’s most vulnerable.
42 min
Where China’s Crackdown Leaves the Hong Kong Ch...
Why Christians aren't all on the same page about the demonstrations and new ruling from Beijing.
39 min
Where the Black Church Is in the Black Lives Ma...
Why African American Christian leaders aren't at the forefront of the protests against police brutality.
53 min
Why White Evangelicals Love Police More than Th...
How a Christian concern for teenagers turned into a reverence for law enforcement.
54 min
Churches Are Reopening. That Doesn’t Mean Singi...
What does it mean when traditional worship is absent from in-person Sunday services?
50 min
Prayer amid Pandemic: "All Shall Be Well," She ...
What to know about the visions that this 14th century English saint Julian of Norwich received while she was ill.
21 min
What the Bible Says About QAnon
The powerful are scheming. The biggest truths have been hidden. Did Paul love conspiracy theories?
52 min
What Ahmaud Arbery’s Death Recalls About Lynchi...
50 min
What Shocks Russell Moore About Covid Church-St...
52 min
Should Christians ‘Believe in Science’ in the M...
What the field can and can’t answer as it relates to navigating COVID-19.
52 min
Should Al Mohler’s Vote for Trump Surprise Us?
What David French makes of the Southern Baptist leader’s change and why he thinks white evangelical support for the president has grown.
60 min
A Major Christian School Just Shut Down Its Bib...
What’s the state of the field after Southwestern’s announcement and the onset of coronavirus?
31 min
Can Urban Churches Survive a Pandemic?
Many congregants have to work through the coronavirus. But their pastors can't afford a canceled service.
43 min
Did He Who Made the Lamb Make ‘Tiger King’?
Finding God among big cats and Netflix docs.
50 min
What This Livestream Moment Means for the Church
Thousands of churches are digitally sharing their services. How will this change things?
45 min
Introducing: Prayer amid Pandemic
A new podcast from Christianity Today
1 min
Christians Responded to Contagious Diseases wit...
When Roman governments didn’t have a coordinated response to plagues, the church stepped up.
50 min
Historically White Christian Ministries Now Hav...
58 min
Do Democrats Want to Reach Christians?
Who the party has reached out to—and ignored—in past and current presidential campaigns.
51 min
Reeling from the Jean Vanier Abuse Allegations?
For those wrestling with faith after another Christian leader is exposed.
61 min
Five Years Ago, ISIS Executed 21 Christians on ...
How the Coptic Church responded in the wake of this heinous act of violence—and what believers around the world can learn from the ancient institution today.
46 min
Why Steve Timmis Was Accused of ‘Spiritual Abuse’
What makes bullying and manipulation in church contexts unique.
45 min