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There's No Good Plan to Stop 100,000 Opioid Dea...
The Christian call to hard friendship in a national emergency.
58 min
Fewer Politicians Are Seeking Compromise. Shoul...
The norms of working across the aisle are changing. So is the church's attitude about it.
59 min
Why the Climate Change Movement Needs the Church
A Christian conservationist and missionary reports from COP26.
47 min
Should Christians Be Disturbed by Facebook’s Mess?
How to weigh leaving the social media giant behind.
45 min
Does God Really Want Missionaries to Risk Their...
Parsing when doing ministry in the midst of danger is selfish v. selfless.
45 min
What ‘Ted Lasso’ Understands About Redemption
A new show villain doesn’t just serve next season’s drama. It raises questions about how we view transformation and love.
55 min
What Francis Collins Changed for Christians in ...
44 min
Did We Get Tammy Faye Wrong?
The late televangelist gets a Hollywood reassessment.
53 min
Drones Have Changed the Moral Calculus for War
The trouble isn't just civilian casualty numbers.
41 min
Did 9/11 Change How Evangelicals See Muslims?
A brief history of a complicated relationship.
49 min
Wisdom, Folly, and Taking Ivermectin to Treat C...
Can the Book of Proverbs help us figure out how to live in community during a pandemic?
54 min
Slow to Speak: Listeners React to Our Critical ...
Morgan Lee and Kate Shellnutt read listener feedback from Episode 271: Critical Race Theory: What Christians Need to Know.
23 min
Is the Quest for ‘Meaningful Work’ a Scam?
People are quitting their jobs in droves. Should Christian faith compel them to stay?
36 min
'My Heart Is Broken’: An Afghan Pastor Grapples...
America’s departure and the Taliban’s ascent is already forcing Christians out of the country.
40 min
Paul's Advice on Letting Conscience Be Your Gui...
Should Christians trust their personal convictions?
63 min
Rerun: The Fire This Time: How Climate Change S...
Where is God as hundreds of thousands of acres on the West Coast go up in smoke?
56 min
Before Simone Biles Becomes Christians' Next Sp...
Does our discussion of the gymnast’s mental struggles convey a biblical sense of mind and body?
61 min
Billionaires Are Traveling to Space. Should Chr...
Weighing whether discovery in the heavens is money well spent or if their riches are better invested at home.
60 min
Why Some Indigenous Christians Still Have Hope ...
The trauma of faith-based residential schools weighs heavy on Canada’s indigenous community.
61 min
After the President's Assassination, What Haiti...
How effective help looks like in the midst of political unrest, violence, and poverty.
72 min
Critical Race Theory: What Christians Need to Know
Let’s talk about the issue tearing the American church and country apart.
70 min
The Story of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Matter...
Why CT is revisiting the story of the controversial Seattle church.
59 min
Critical Race Theory, Sex Abuse, and Southern B...
64 min
Rick Warren Mastered the Formula for Suburban C...
65 min
Why Chinese Christians Don’t Talk About Family ...
Will the government’s new three-children policy change the discussion around children at church?
45 min
Homelessness Is Vexing American Cities. Do Chri...
How the church should help the rising number of people sleeping on the streets.
66 min
Is Praying for Peace in the Middle East Enough?
Christians—especially Americans—have many opportunities for peacemaking and reconciliation in the conflict.
66 min
Why Having Babies Is Controversial in 2021
How the church can have a better conversation about the falling fertility rate and society’s changing expectations for mothers.
60 min
Should Christians Cheer Biden’s Plan for Families?
A new proposal would mandate paid parental leave, provide universal pre-K, and help with childcare costs for low-income families.
55 min
Is It Too Early to Get Excited About a Malaria ...
The war on the mosquito-spread disease has taken millions of lives. Could this be coming to an end?
68 min
Reacting to the Derek Chauvin Conviction
What should we make of the jury's decision?
69 min
Why the Transgender Conversation Is Changing
New bans for surgeries and student sports aren't the most dramatic changes in gender identity.
70 min
How Churches Can Welcome Both Vaxed and Unvaxed
Will Sunday services stay divisive?
62 min
What the Crucifixion and Resurrection Mean for ...
Spiritually these deeds save us. But do mend our earthly bodies as well?
62 min
What Unites Asian American Christians
Does diversity in cultural and church backgrounds still allow for experiences and passions?
63 min
The Equality Act Through the Eyes of a Christia...
Why Houghton College's Shirley Mullen thinks the legislation endangers religious freedom and dialogue as it tries to protect sexual minorities.
61 min
Honoring Your Father and Mother Is Hard. For Ha...
What the royals’ tough experiences with family can teach us about living out the fifth commandment.
61 min
The Bloody Conflict Dividing Ethiopia’s Christians
A shared faith isn’t sufficient in preventing ethnic violence.
51 min
Did Rush Limbaugh Reshape Christian Radio, Too?
The conservative media personality drew attention and listeners amid a major shift in religious broadcasting.
59 min
Don’t Diminish Ravi Zacharias’s Abuse With ‘We’...
Accountability begins with right theology.
66 min
Old Testament Wisdom for Renaming Public Schools
San Francisco will remove the names of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Paul Revere from its educational institutions. What Scripture has to say about this decision.
70 min
Sponsored Episode: How the Black Church Holds o...
38 min
Should Christians Buy GameStop Stock?
What believers should know before logging onto Robinhood and taking on Wall Street.
63 min
How American Evangelicals Lost Credibility with...
What the last four years has meant for the relationship between US Christians and their brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.
65 min
Should Christians Worry Free Speech Is Eroding?
What social media companies’ actions toward Trump mean about the state of the First Amendment.
63 min
Christian Nationalism Is Worse Than You Think
Millions of Americans believe in this political ideology. What church leaders need to know—and how they can help those under its influence.
58 min
Rerun: Why Someone You Love Might Join QAnon
For Christians trying to navigate conversations with those persuaded by an increasingly popular conspiracy theory.
51 min
How Argentina Is Becoming More Evangelical—But ...
The nation just became the largest country in Latin America to legalize abortion.
55 min
We Should Remember the Scars of 2020
This year was painful. That doesn't mean we should forget it.
48 min
Let’s Nerd Out on Christmas
The past, present, and future of the world’s biggest holiday.
49 min
Does the Death Penalty Bring Justice for Victim...
The Trump administration is moving forward with executing a record 13 people. Will this accomplish what it hopes?
62 min
"The Crown," "The Chosen," and the Challenge of...
How much should we care about TV’s storytellers getting all the details right?
67 min
Why Christians Stopped Talking About Jesus’ Sec...
This Advent, let’s focus on Christ’s return.
54 min
Why We Can’t Stop Talking about Hillsong's Cele...
How "hipster" church leaders remind us how style can be both a status symbol and liability in ministry.
57 min
Spiritual Formation as COVID-19 Gets More Depre...
How to seek transformation when you’re burned out by the pandemic.
36 min
How Faith Issues May Shape a Biden Presidency
Expect renewed focus on partnerships and religious freedom in the next four years.
60 min
Rerun: Why Latino Christians Vote Beyond Immigr...
What are the political priorities of this diverse group of Americans?
58 min
Evangelicals and Election Day 2020: What We Know
Four Christianity Today journalists and one researcher talk through what we’ve learned so far.
63 min
Confronting the Darkness in a Year Full of Death
Making sense of a year where millions have lost loved ones to a virus.
45 min
Armenian Christians Are Especially Worried Abou...
The current conflict with Azerbaijan is rekindling fears a century after genocide.
54 min
Amy Coney Barrett and the Christian Legal Commu...
How the Supreme Court nominee reflects the movement’s shifting values and priorities.
61 min
When Those in Power Get Sick
Do Old Testament stories about kings' illnesses help us understand COVID-19 in the White House?
51 min
The Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Ravi ...
A look inside 'Christianity Today's' reporting and what this means for Christian witness and evangelism.
50 min
Bethel’s Sean Feucht’s Protests and Praises Hav...
The musician has been traveling the country and gathering people to worship God. It’s sparked controversy.
50 min
The Fire This Time: How Climate Change Shifts O...
Where is God as hundreds of thousands of acres on the West Coast go up in smoke?
55 min
Why Someone You Love Might Join QAnon
For Christians trying to navigate conversations with those persuaded by an increasingly popular conspiracy theory.
51 min
Can Christians Justify the Violence on America’...
49 min
Was Liberty’s Board Set up to Support Falwell o...
54 min
Belarus’s Protestants Want Their President Gone
42 min
Why Liberty Finally Reacted to Jerry Falwell Jr...
45 min
COVID Will Change Christian Summer Camp Forever
Coronavirus has closed some camps for good. It’s made it harder for the rest of them to survive.
54 min
When John MacArthur Reopens His Church Despite ...
50 min
J.I. Packer’s Mission Field: the United States
52 min
Your Fellow Christians Don't Share Your Theolog...
46 min
Quick to Listen - Trailer
1 min
Why Christians Have a Reputation for Smashing S...
Throughout church history, believers tore down icons. Sometimes they were Greek gods. Other times, saints.
48 min
Have Pro-Lifers Lost the Supreme Court Fight?
What's ahead for abortion opponents after another frustrating decision.
44 min
How Navajo Christians Are Trying to Serve Their...
Meet the believers trying to reach the reservation’s most vulnerable.
42 min
Where China’s Crackdown Leaves the Hong Kong Ch...
Why Christians aren't all on the same page about the demonstrations and new ruling from Beijing.
39 min
Where the Black Church Is in the Black Lives Ma...
Why African American Christian leaders aren't at the forefront of the protests against police brutality.
53 min
Why White Evangelicals Love Police More than Th...
How a Christian concern for teenagers turned into a reverence for law enforcement.
54 min
Churches Are Reopening. That Doesn’t Mean Singi...
What does it mean when traditional worship is absent from in-person Sunday services?
50 min
Prayer amid Pandemic: "All Shall Be Well," She ...
What to know about the visions that this 14th century English saint Julian of Norwich received while she was ill.
21 min
What the Bible Says About QAnon
The powerful are scheming. The biggest truths have been hidden. Did Paul love conspiracy theories?
52 min
What Ahmaud Arbery’s Death Recalls About Lynchi...
50 min
What Shocks Russell Moore About Covid Church-St...
52 min
Should Christians ‘Believe in Science’ in the M...
What the field can and can’t answer as it relates to navigating COVID-19.
52 min
Should Al Mohler’s Vote for Trump Surprise Us?
What David French makes of the Southern Baptist leader’s change and why he thinks white evangelical support for the president has grown.
60 min
A Major Christian School Just Shut Down Its Bib...
What’s the state of the field after Southwestern’s announcement and the onset of coronavirus?
31 min
Can Urban Churches Survive a Pandemic?
Many congregants have to work through the coronavirus. But their pastors can't afford a canceled service.
43 min
Did He Who Made the Lamb Make ‘Tiger King’?
Finding God among big cats and Netflix docs.
50 min
What This Livestream Moment Means for the Church
Thousands of churches are digitally sharing their services. How will this change things?
45 min
Introducing: Prayer amid Pandemic
A new podcast from Christianity Today
1 min
Christians Responded to Contagious Diseases wit...
When Roman governments didn’t have a coordinated response to plagues, the church stepped up.
50 min
Historically White Christian Ministries Now Hav...
58 min
Do Democrats Want to Reach Christians?
Who the party has reached out to—and ignored—in past and current presidential campaigns.
51 min
Reeling from the Jean Vanier Abuse Allegations?
For those wrestling with faith after another Christian leader is exposed.
61 min
Five Years Ago, ISIS Executed 21 Christians on ...
How the Coptic Church responded in the wake of this heinous act of violence—and what believers around the world can learn from the ancient institution today.
46 min
Why Steve Timmis Was Accused of ‘Spiritual Abuse’
What makes bullying and manipulation in church contexts unique.
45 min
What Bethany’s International Adoption Halt Mean...
There’s a larger culture change around how to best care for vulnerable children.
43 min