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Each week the editors of Christianity Today go beyond hashtags and hot-takes and set aside time to explore the reality behind a major cultural event.

Religion & Spirituality
The Case for Hope in a Year of Despair
How to move past Christian platitudes and flimsy one-liners to a robust faith that there is more to our present circumstances.
65 min
There's No Good Plan to Stop 100,000 Opioid Dea...
The Christian call to hard friendship in a national emergency.
58 min
Fewer Politicians Are Seeking Compromise. Shoul...
The norms of working across the aisle are changing. So is the church's attitude about it.
59 min
Why the Climate Change Movement Needs the Church
A Christian conservationist and missionary reports from COP26.
47 min
Should Christians Be Disturbed by Facebook’s Mess?
How to weigh leaving the social media giant behind.
45 min
Does God Really Want Missionaries to Risk Their...
Parsing when doing ministry in the midst of danger is selfish v. selfless.
45 min
What ‘Ted Lasso’ Understands About Redemption
A new show villain doesn’t just serve next season’s drama. It raises questions about how we view transformation and love.
55 min
What Francis Collins Changed for Christians in ...
44 min
Did We Get Tammy Faye Wrong?
The late televangelist gets a Hollywood reassessment.
53 min
Drones Have Changed the Moral Calculus for War
The trouble isn't just civilian casualty numbers.
41 min
Did 9/11 Change How Evangelicals See Muslims?
A brief history of a complicated relationship.
49 min
Wisdom, Folly, and Taking Ivermectin to Treat C...
Can the Book of Proverbs help us figure out how to live in community during a pandemic?
54 min
Slow to Speak: Listeners React to Our Critical ...
Morgan Lee and Kate Shellnutt read listener feedback from Episode 271: Critical Race Theory: What Christians Need to Know.
23 min
Is the Quest for ‘Meaningful Work’ a Scam?
People are quitting their jobs in droves. Should Christian faith compel them to stay?
36 min
'My Heart Is Broken’: An Afghan Pastor Grapples...
America’s departure and the Taliban’s ascent is already forcing Christians out of the country.
40 min
Paul's Advice on Letting Conscience Be Your Gui...
Should Christians trust their personal convictions?
63 min
Rerun: The Fire This Time: How Climate Change S...
Where is God as hundreds of thousands of acres on the West Coast go up in smoke?
56 min
Before Simone Biles Becomes Christians' Next Sp...
Does our discussion of the gymnast’s mental struggles convey a biblical sense of mind and body?
61 min
Billionaires Are Traveling to Space. Should Chr...
Weighing whether discovery in the heavens is money well spent or if their riches are better invested at home.
60 min
Why Some Indigenous Christians Still Have Hope ...
The trauma of faith-based residential schools weighs heavy on Canada’s indigenous community.
61 min
After the President's Assassination, What Haiti...
How effective help looks like in the midst of political unrest, violence, and poverty.
72 min
Critical Race Theory: What Christians Need to Know
Let’s talk about the issue tearing the American church and country apart.
70 min
The Story of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Matter...
Why CT is revisiting the story of the controversial Seattle church.
59 min
Critical Race Theory, Sex Abuse, and Southern B...
64 min
Rick Warren Mastered the Formula for Suburban C...
65 min