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Armenian Christians Are Especially Worried Abou...
The current conflict with Azerbaijan is rekindling fears a century after genocide.
54 min
Amy Coney Barrett and the Christian Legal Commu...
61 min
When Those in Power Get Sick
Do Old Testament stories about kings' illnesses help us understand COVID-19 in the White House?
51 min
The Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Ravi ...
A look inside 'Christianity Today's' reporting and what this means for Christian witness and evangelism.
50 min
Bethel’s Sean Feucht’s Protests and Praises Hav...
The musician has been traveling the country and gathering people to worship God. It’s sparked controversy.
50 min
The Fire This Time: How Climate Change Shifts O...
Where is God as hundreds of thousands of acres on the West Coast go up in smoke?
55 min
Why Someone You Love Might Join QAnon
For Christians trying to navigate conversations with those persuaded by an increasingly popular conspiracy theory.
51 min
Can Christians Justify the Violence on America’...
49 min
Was Liberty’s Board Set up to Support Falwell o...
54 min
Belarus’s Protestants Want Their President Gone
42 min
Why Liberty Finally Reacted to Jerry Falwell Jr...
45 min
COVID Will Change Christian Summer Camp Forever
Coronavirus has closed some camps for good. It’s made it harder for the rest of them to survive.
54 min
When John MacArthur Reopens His Church Despite ...
50 min
J.I. Packer’s Mission Field: the United States
52 min
Your Fellow Christians Don't Share Your Theolog...
46 min
Quick to Listen - Trailer
1 min
Why Christians Have a Reputation for Smashing S...
Throughout church history, believers tore down icons. Sometimes they were Greek gods. Other times, saints.
48 min
Have Pro-Lifers Lost the Supreme Court Fight?
What's ahead for abortion opponents after another frustrating decision.
44 min
How Navajo Christians Are Trying to Serve Their...
Meet the believers trying to reach the reservation’s most vulnerable.
42 min
Where China’s Crackdown Leaves the Hong Kong Ch...
Why Christians aren't all on the same page about the demonstrations and new ruling from Beijing.
39 min
Where the Black Church Is in the Black Lives Ma...
Why African American Christian leaders aren't at the forefront of the protests against police brutality.
53 min
Why White Evangelicals Love Police More than Th...
How a Christian concern for teenagers turned into a reverence for law enforcement.
54 min
Churches Are Reopening. That Doesn’t Mean Singi...
What does it mean when traditional worship is absent from in-person Sunday services?
50 min
Prayer amid Pandemic: "All Shall Be Well," She ...
What to know about the visions that this 14th century English saint Julian of Norwich received while she was ill.
21 min
What the Bible Says About QAnon
The powerful are scheming. The biggest truths have been hidden. Did Paul love conspiracy theories?
52 min
What Ahmaud Arbery’s Death Recalls About Lynchi...
50 min
What Shocks Russell Moore About Covid Church-St...
52 min
Should Christians ‘Believe in Science’ in the M...
What the field can and can’t answer as it relates to navigating COVID-19.
52 min
Should Al Mohler’s Vote for Trump Surprise Us?
What David French makes of the Southern Baptist leader’s change and why he thinks white evangelical support for the president has grown.
60 min
A Major Christian School Just Shut Down Its Bib...
What’s the state of the field after Southwestern’s announcement and the onset of coronavirus?
31 min
Can Urban Churches Survive a Pandemic?
Many congregants have to work through the coronavirus. But their pastors can't afford a canceled service.
43 min
Did He Who Made the Lamb Make ‘Tiger King’?
Finding God among big cats and Netflix docs.
50 min
What This Livestream Moment Means for the Church
Thousands of churches are digitally sharing their services. How will this change things?
45 min
Introducing: Prayer amid Pandemic
A new podcast from Christianity Today
1 min
Christians Responded to Contagious Diseases wit...
When Roman governments didn’t have a coordinated response to plagues, the church stepped up.
50 min
Historically White Christian Ministries Now Hav...
58 min
Do Democrats Want to Reach Christians?
Who the party has reached out to—and ignored—in past and current presidential campaigns.
51 min
Reeling from the Jean Vanier Abuse Allegations?
For those wrestling with faith after another Christian leader is exposed.
61 min
Five Years Ago, ISIS Executed 21 Christians on ...
How the Coptic Church responded in the wake of this heinous act of violence—and what believers around the world can learn from the ancient institution today.
46 min
Why Steve Timmis Was Accused of ‘Spiritual Abuse’
What makes bullying and manipulation in church contexts unique.
45 min
What Bethany’s International Adoption Halt Mean...
There’s a larger culture change around how to best care for vulnerable children.
43 min
Prayer in the Time of Coronavirus
A microbiologist urges Christians to resist the fear that surrounds contagious diseases.
49 min
What This Aboriginal Christian Wants to Tell th...
Why the unprecedented natural disaster is an opportunity to start listening to indigenous voices.
48 min
Can the Church Lead on Race Relations? Atlanta ...
A movement that started at the world's biggest Confederate monument is establishing trust and relationships among faith leaders of all ethnic backgrounds.
53 min
Introducing Christianity Today’s New Editor in ...
Daniel Harrell on how he became a Christian, pastoring on the East Coast and Midwest, and losing his wife to cancer.
48 min
This New Year, Resolve Not to Forget God
How Christians might return to their first love.
40 min
What Lee Strobel Wants Christians to Know About...
The prominent apologist investigated miracles in the 21st century. Here’s what he found.
56 min
Christian Sex Ed in an Age of Ubiquitous Porn
How anxious parents should speak with their kids about a complicated topic.
51 min
Don’t Remember Reinhard Bonnke for His Crowd Sizes
Focusing on the numbers obscures the German evangelist's real legacy in Africa.
40 min
Wayne Grudem Tells Us Why He Changed His Divorc...
What the complementarian theologian learned from in-depth study of 1 Corinthians 7:15.
46 min
What to Understand about Christianity’s Decline...
The implications of recent poll numbers for the church and for the country.
51 min
The Palestinian Priest Welcoming Syrian and Ira...
How the church in the Middle East is responding to the refugee crisis.
37 min
Pentecostals and the President
Why their prophets exalt Trump and Paula White pastors him.
44 min
When Christian Ministries Ask Their Ex-Employee...
How a corporate world practice became mainstream for evangelical nonprofits and churches.
44 min
Kanye West's Long, Complicated Relationship wit...
The rapper’s need for God has manifested in his music far before “Jesus Is King.”
66 min
John MacArthur Is No Stranger to Controversy
A closer look at the ministry and theology behind the outspoken California pastor.
51 min
Trump's Withdrawal from Syria Threatens the Gro...
Christianity is spreading in the majority Sunni community. But what will the violence mean?
48 min
Catholic Leaders Are Discussing Married Priests...
What Protestants need to know about Pope Francis’s Amazon Synod.
45 min
Lecrae Got Baptized Again. Here's Why People We...
A deep dive into a very old sacrament.
46 min
Does Evangelism Belong at Chicago’s Top Tourist...
The unique complexities of sharing the gospel in public.
48 min
So, What's an Evangelical?
And why does it matter?
49 min
Benny Hinn's Prosperity Gospel Message Started ...
What inspired one of Christianity’s most polemic movements?
48 min
What 1619 Means for Christian History
How Catholics and Reformers reacted to the transatlantic slave trade.
49 min
Another Denomination Changes Its End Times Doct...
Why the Evangelical Free Church of America stepped back from its premillennial convictions.
40 min
Coming Next Week: Living and Effective, Season 2
An immersive journey through the prosperity gospel, grief, and death.
7 min
A Christian Satirist Talks The Babylon Bee
The former editor in chief of The Wittenburg Door on making fun of the church in love.
51 min
The Limits of Pentecostal Women Leaders
When the tradition’s unique understanding of calling meets societal norms of leadership.
47 min
What Mass Shootings Mean for Loners and Youth M...
Where churches fall short in reaching young people.
59 min
Responding to Josh Harris's Announcement
What should we do when loved ones and public figures leave the faith?
53 min
They Tried to Kill Me for My Christian Faith. S...
Last week, the US hosted its second religious fre…
51 min
Should You Pass Your Church to Your Son (or Dau...
It claims 100,000 members. It owns and operates a…
45 min
Are Our Ordination Controversies Unique?
What this sometimes contentious rite looks like i…
45 min
Here’s What Makes the ‘First-Century Mark’ Saga...
Last week, CT published a piece about the “First …
57 min
How a US-China Trade War Threatens Christian Pu...
China is home to some of the worst religious repr…
50 min
African and West Indian Christians Are Changing...
How God is working through the Windrush generatio…
47 min
Beth Moore Is Speaking Up
In August 2010, CT published a cover story on Bet…
46 min
This Pastor Criticized Trump When Pence Visited...
Popular Southern Baptist pastor David Platt learn…
45 min
The Christian Backstory of Hong Kong’s Anti-Gov...
In April, nine Hong Kong activists were convicted…
50 min
India Is Not Protecting Its Christians
On Thursday, Indians will learn the results of th…
51 min
Jean Vanier’s Faith Convicts All of Us
Last week, the Canadian Catholic leader Jean Vani…
52 min
How Christians Can Reach Muslims During Ramadan
This week marked the start of Ramadan, a 30-day s…
49 min
France Loves Notre Dame. Do They Still Believe ...
Two weeks ago, the Notre Dame caught fire and bur…
63 min
The Easter Attacks Are a Turning Point for Sri ...
Nearly 300 people are dead after suicide bombers …
53 min
Valuing Women of Color at Christian Conferences
everal weeks ago, theologian Ekemini Uwan was int…
73 min
When the Government Bans Chaplains from Executi...
Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that Texas co…
55 min
Christians Are on All Sides of the Immigration ...
At the beginning of this year, Christianity Today…
51 min
The Christian Bookstore Chain Is Dead. What Com...
In 2013, Christian book retailer, Cokesbury Books…
54 min
Retirement for Those Who Can’t
Christianity Today’s March 2019 cover story exami…
48 min
Our Venezuelan Brothers and Sisters in Christ A...
Venezuela has been in crisis for years, but the s…
47 min
How Christian Art Historically Depicts Women an...
As part of the launch of her latest book, Shamele…
52 min
Methodism’s Global Reach Has Changed the Denomi...
For the past four days, the General Conference of…
41 min
Introducing: The Way to Glory
Introducing: The Way to Glory by Christianity Tod…
1 min
The Struggle to Say ‘I’m Sorry’ in Public
Note: Quick to Listen now has transcripts! Scroll…
54 min
No, Millennials Aren't Killing Evangelism
Half of millennial Christians say it’s wrong to e…
57 min
How This Dutch Congregation Pulled Off a 96-Day...
For nearly 100 days, more than 500 Dutch pastors—…
49 min
Why Islamist Terrorists Attacked Christians in ...
SIS has claimed responsibility for an attack that…
55 min
The Hebrew Israelites in That March for Life Vi...
Videos from last Friday’s March for Life and the …
54 min
No Sign Language in the World Has Its Own Bible...
Note: Our guest on this week’s show signed his re…
39 min
The Schism Dividing the Orthodox Church
Last fall, the Patriarch of Moscow cut ties with …
45 min
This New Year, Build Character
We make New Year’s resolutions about money, fitne…
37 min