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Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is a former US Navy Lieutenant Commander, a conservative, a patriot, a physician, and an American Muslim. A frequent television commentator on Blaze TV, Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC, he is also a co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement. In this first of its kind podcast, Dr Jasser holds no punches as he breaches the many fault lines of the day between the West and Islamic communities. If you are looking for hope and have asked where are the courageous voices of pro-American Muslims, take a listen to Reform This!

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Ep 39 | Islamist Misogyny is Not “Female Friendly”
In this week’s episode, Zuhdi takes the Salt Lake Tribune to task for whitewashing a large new Mosque project as “female friendly” when it’s only just another gender apartheid mosque in America. When will these low expectations of American Muslims and tolerance for their misogyny end? Listen in to hear also about what happened on the streets outside the annual UN General Assembly Meeting in New York City.
26 min
Ep 38 | Muslims and American Politics
This week Dr. Jasser takes a look at some of the news items missed in domestic and global policy against radical Islamism because of the continued Trump derangement syndrome. Zuhdi also then takes a deep dive into the political dynamics of American Muslim communities and where they do identifiy with American political parties Democrat, Republican, or independent and where they should or shouldn’t. He will also take you through the stranglehold of Islamists, their tribalism, and their attendant “establishment” and the total lack of a reason based approach for many leading Muslims in politics. Zuhdi answers the question — why don’t Muslims actively identity as conservatives or as liberals?
44 min
Ep 37 | War Games
Don’t miss this week’s episode! Dr. Jasser takes a look at Iran’s Khomenist “war games” with more attacks now against Saudi Arabia’s oil production. Zuhdi gives you insight on how to understand their belligerence and possibly what to expect next in the region. No one can make this mess make more sense than Dr. Jasser! Also, the Department of Education is reviewing Islamist bias in foreign language education grants at the UNC and Duke Consortium for Middle East Studies. Media, however, falsely reported it as the Trump administration’s anti-Islam bias. Hear the truth here. Last, what is going on at the Women’s March?
38 min
Ep 36 | 9-10 or 9-11?
This week, Dr. Jasser shares some reflections on the 18th anniversary of 9-11-01, re-examines where we have come since, and reveals what we all have yet to do for national security and counter-Islamist reforms. His words about 9-11 opening his book, "A Battle for the Soul of Islam" ring true more today than ever before. Yet, The New York Times wrote this week that, "airplanes took aim", and not human beings or jihadists? It's 18 years post-9-11 with so many failures since, yet the mentality is increasingly like 9-10-01. Zuhdi also shares with you the successes and fireworks after a town hall meeting on 9-10-19 that he and other leaders of the Muslim Reform Movement led this week at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, right in Rep. Ilhan Omar's backyard. So much to share!
42 min
Ep 35 | Expect Better of Muslims Than Islamists!
This week, Zuhdi answers the question that large media platforms should be asking when they let Islamists dominate the representation of American Muslims in the social, political, cultural, and theological realms: Can’t American Muslims do better than the Islamists? Shouldn’t we expect better? American Muslims can certainly do better with regards to ideological diversity, integrity, maternity, and Western values than the radicals like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, or the shape-shifting corruption of Mohammad Tawhidi. Platforming them is a bigotry of low expectations.
34 min
Ep 34 | CAIR's disCount
This week, Zuhdi looks at reports that the Census Bureau may actually be partnering with the Islamists at CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations). It's a bad idea on too many levels to describe. Also, presidential candidates and the Left are still touting "ending all unnecessary wars" despite the U.S. not being in nor starting any wars. Where is this coming from? And what is the place of America in the world? Lastly, an announcement. Don't miss this!
34 min
Ep 33 | A CAIR Primer: American Islamist Bullies
Every day, the Council on American Islamic Relations bullies American citizens into submission if they dare to challenge the Islamist worldview. This week they’re intimidating a minor league baseball team owner in Connecticut. In this week’s podcast, Zuhdi gives you a primer into understanding the who, what, why, and how of CAIR and the real mission of the pitbull of American Islamist organizations.
39 min
Ep 32 | BDS Bigots Balk at Israel
Zuhdi sounds off on the manipulative geopolitics and anti-Semitic games of the two Muslim Congresswomen barred entry to Israel. Don’t get confused over what the BDS movement represents and what it really stands for. Also, in France some reform-minded Muslim women leaders have had it with Islamists, and they are beginning a resistance against Islamists.
28 min
Ep 31 | Oh? Ideology Does Matter!
Don’t miss this week’s episode. In the wake of the horrific massacres in El Paso and Dayton, Dr. Jasser looks at how we look at White Supremacism and its adherents' radicalization. The mainstream media‘s rush to expose ideological root causes this week is understandable if not breathtaking in its distinction from their approach to jihadists. Zuhdi also looks at the demonization of the idea of nationalism and the harm that practice has. Last, one year from this week a jihadist terror cell was exposed in New Mexico. Little has changed.
43 min
Ep 30 | Royal Reform or Ruse?
This week, Dr. Jasser takes a look at what we should really make of the royal decree in Saudi Arabia that just supposedly gave women centuries overdue rights to travel alone, be the sole guardian of children, and to work independently. While there is little doubt that this is a major step forward, it is only pro forma or a public relations stunt if it isn't met with concomitant sharia reinterpretations and reform. Then, Zuhdi looks at the controversies over a Muslim basketball camp run by Enes Kanter, a high-profile Gulenist Muslim who has taken on the Erdogan regime, and now their long reach bullies his camp kids. Last, Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) shows a pathological deference to the war criminal, Bashar Assad of Syria. For a candidate that leads on foreign policy, it should be a major concern for every American.
45 min
Ep 29 | The American Islamist Party is Here
This week join Zuhdi Jasser as he tells you about what the foundational meeting of the "Muslim Caucus Collective" means for political Islam in America and how everyone seems to have missed the open formation of America's first Islamist party this week. Also, a viral video from that conference showed Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) dressing down a questioner that asked her about, of all things, FGM. Another 2018 video featuring Omar making the rounds this week revealed her as always ignoring jihadism but also saying that the real threat was "white men". Get the real story on all this and more here.
45 min
Ep 28 | America is a Choice
Join Dr. Jasser this week as he looks at the latest uproar between President Trump and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Is it racist to tell another American, “Love it or Leave it?”. As the son of Syrian immigrants, Zuhdi explains how the idea that is America cannot survive immigrants who reject its exceptionalism and greatness. Dr. Jasser also looks at the suggestion by Boris Johnson in the UK that Islam kept Muslims centuries behind the West. Last, is ISIS resurgent? The jihadi hydra is returning.
46 min
Ep 27 | Independence From Islamists
Don’t miss this week’s podcast as Dr. Zuhdi Jasser reflects on the importance of the Fourth of July. He talks about how the sentiment of patriotism and American national identity and pride in our nation are so central to his own work for modern Muslim reform. He’ll also reflect on the Anti-Americanism of leading American clerics like Omar Suleiman as well as how relevant Nike’s cancellation of their flag show is to this whole cultural war with the Left and Islamists.
36 min
Ep 26 | What do Arabs Actually Believe?
Don’t miss this week, as Dr. Zuhdi Jasser takes a deep dive into new polling released in the Arab world about very telling trends. Also a similar poll about Americans and Holocaust denial may also tell us a great deal about the influence of anti-American media in the West. With the Democratic primary Presidential debates underway, Zuhdi also looks at some of the shocking positions of vying candidates. 
34 min
Ep 24 | Fast and Loose with the Lexicon
This week Dr Jasser discusses how from “Concentration camps” to “Islamophobia”, the Red-Green axis of the Left and Islamist lobby tries to manipulate the public lexicon to control speech and prevent blasphemy even in the West. With the death of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood’s, Mohammed Morsi, we can learn a great deal from the eulogies and press releases of American Islamists. Last, Zuhdi makes some sense out of  the latest brinksmanship between the Trump administration and Iran’s theocrats.
37 min
Ep 23 | Turn Off The Gaslight
This week join Dr Jasser as he looks at what can be learned from the Canadian Conservative Party’s abandonment of an anti-Islamist Muslim leader, Salam Mansur. It could be a sign that we are doomed in the West? Also learn the 11 signs of gaslighting and how it so mysteriously fits the Left’s and the Islamist’s playbook.
38 min
Ep 22 | Time to De-Ummah-tize
As Muslims around the world celebrated the end of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, (Holiday of the Feast) this week, many sermonizers called on Muslim faithful to "unite" as one nation, one ummah. Dr. Jasser discusses how central that purportedly benign supposed article of faith is to radicalizing Muslim communities globally. Also this week, CAIR is exposed as a fraud in a court settlement from a lawsuit on behalf of defrauded victims. Lastly, Google bans an app from a leading Islamist, Sheikh Al-Qaradawi.
39 min
Ep 21 | The Oppression of “Islamization”
This week, Dr. Jasser walks you through the heart of the global Islamist ideology — their attempt to Islamize “everything” — in every walk of life. Until Muslims confront the Islamist programs to Islamize knowledge and all other avenues of life, they will continue to suffocate and oppress Muslim communities. Learn about this central “oncogene” of Islamism— Islamization. Also, do you know what political Islam is? You’d be surprised what an American imam said about how much damage it does to the faith.
33 min
Ep 20 | Fahrenheit Al Jazeera
Join Dr. Jasser this week as he breaks down the scandal that evolved at Al Jazeera with a horrifically anti-Semitic video on the Holocaust that a radical Islamist correspondent of theirs, Muna Hawwa, of their AJ+ brand, put out last weekend. Al Jazeera has followed that with an unprecedented attempt at trying to cleanse the internet of the video while their suspended employee indignantly dug her heels in on free speech. Also this week, as tensions rise with Iran, Zuhdi looks at what our strategy should be globally against radical Islamism.
40 min
Ep 19 | Truth is Dying by a Thousand Cuts
Join Dr. Jasser as he tells you why Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s Holocaust and Israel historical revisionism is not just a sign of her own radicalism, but the dominant culture of propaganda, and victimization globally of Palestinian Islamists. Zuhdi will also put in perspective for you what exactly is happening between the United States and Iran and what the real story should be. Is there really a new risk of war? This and more from the world of Muslim radicalization and reform.
39 min
Ep 18 | Be Afraid of the Red-Green Axis
This week don’t miss Dr. Jasser's introduction to the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Zuhdi will then give you a primer in the domestic and global Red-Green Axis. Why do Socialists and Islamists work together, and who are they? Also a Muslim American Society grade school performance video featured kids at a Philly school celebrating anti-Semitism and the “chopping off of heads”. This is the tip of the iceberg of American Islamist supremacism and radicalization. Islamists invoke blasphemy laws in Britain, suppressing an “offensive” painting at a Saatchi gallery exhibit. Zuhdi discusses the implications.
35 min
Ep 17 | Baring it All
Don’t miss this week’s episode. Dr. Jasser, looks at what is likley behind the return of ISIS’ Caliph Al-Baghdadi and the messages in his video after a 5 year hiatus. Also, why the Muslim Brotherhood is obviously a foreign terror organization and why it matters to national security, to reformers and to Muslims. Wait. Did Sports Illustrated objectify an all too-willing and confused hijabi in a burkini to teach feminists a lesson about the virtues of misogyny? As Facebook shutters a large swath of new sites, Zuhdi again calls for an internet Free Speech Bill of Rights for activists.
37 min
Ep 16 | ISIS: Gone Today, Jihad Tomorrow
This week, Dr. Jasser looks at the resurgence of ISIS after the worst single terror attack since 9-11, this time in Sri Lanka. While the terror group is clearly regrouping after its defeats in Syria, Iraq and Libya, the global jihad continues to grow unabated. More and more innocents remain vulnerable, and the West has yet to develop an offense against the root cause of militant Islamism. What will that take? Also, another firestorm is brewing around Congresswoman Omar’s 2017 comments about American military operations in Somalia in 1993. With American heroes from “Black Hawk Down” weighing in, this may be one of her radical positions against America that she just can’t dodge.
40 min
Ep 15 | Arab Reawakening
This week, Dr. Jasser will fill you in on the news everyone is missing as they all obsess over the release of the Mueller Report. Two more Arab dictators have fallen, this time in Algeria and Sudan. What does that mean for their countries and the region? Speaking of revolutions, Iranian government hackers saw the tables turned on them as an anonymous group called Read My Lips exposes their information for the world to see. Also, sadly, the federal government’s anti-FGM case appeal against two Michigan physicians is dropped as the law is felt to be inadequate for a victory. What does this mean for the human rights of affected young Muslim girls? Lastly, the reason why the West needs to pay so much more attention to Honor Killings.
41 min
Ep 14 | Coddling Islamists in Congress
This week, join Dr. Jasser as fills you in on why the attention to the halfwittedness of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is going a long way towards finally educating Americans on the type of radical Islamist leadership which dominates so many Muslim communities. Rep. Omar's arrogance, ignorance and Islamism is the worst combination of characteristics for an American politician. Zuhdi looks at the maelstrom around her increasingly offensive tweets and asks why the Left insists on infantalizing her. Saudi Arabia’s Muslim World League's secretary general admonishes American Muslims like Ilhan Omar to better assimilate and be loyal to the Constitution. Is this a sign of real reform for Saudi Arabia or not? Lastly, the Iranian Republican Guard Corps was just named a foreign terror organization (FTO) by the Trump administration. Here's why that is the best thing for the Iranian people and the world.
42 min
Ep 13 | Will there be a Caliphate 2.0?
Join Dr. Jasser, this week, as he looks at the virtually ignored story about the final demise of the ISIS Caliphate. Who should take the credit? And what does it mean for our war against global jihadism? Will there be a Caliphate 2.0? Also, as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg calls for increased government regulation of social media, Zuhdi calls for the urgent need of a social media and internet free speech bill of rights. Don’t miss this episode!
41 min
Ep 12 | MBS the Islamophobe? Huh?
Don't miss this week's episode.  Now, American Islamists are oddly calling Gulf state monarchs and dictators "Islamophobes". That's right, in major U.S. publications, Islamists are saying these Muslim dictators are "Islamophobic bigots".  Dr. Jasser takes a deep look at how the American Islamists have now shown their hand. Zuhdi will make some sense out of that Orwellian doublespeak a.k.a.-- The Takfiri Olympics. Dr. Jasser also updates you on the recent large protests this week outside the CAIR-LA fundraiser keynoted by Congresswoman Ilhan "the Islamist" Omar (D-MN), as well as the Trump Administration’s recognition of Golan.
34 min
Ep 11 | In the End, it’s all about Religious Li...
Just back from an extended trip to Australia, Dr. Jasser shares his heartfelt reflections after the terror attacks on the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. He looks at the functional and dysfunctional responses. As Zuhdi just happened to be in that part of the world speaking to community, government and media leaders; he also looks at what the West has at stake in this generational battle for liberty against Islamist theocracy. You’d be surprised how much nations of the West share. A major Salafi-jihadi network in the Middle East, NaizakTV, continues to invoke militant Islamist hate speech against Dr. Jasser. He discusses whether Twitter will do something about it.
43 min
Ep 10 | House Democrats Emulate UN’s Bigotry
Speaker Pelosi’s Democrat-controlled House of Representatives twisted themselves into dysfunctional knots unable to even make a clear stand rebuking the anti-Semitic bigotry of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Dr. Jasser shares what you may have missed in this major story this week and also what it means for anti-Islamist reformers and the power of Islamists and their progressive enablers. The House proves that not only are they unable to clearly rebuke anti-Semites in their own party, they treat Muslims with a pathological bigotry of low expectations. Congress has procedurally turned into the United Nations. Don’t miss this must-listen episode!
39 min
Ep 9 | Fezbook Folds to Islamists
This week Dr. Jasser asks how the Saudi regime can have so much “Islamic” credibility in Muslim communities while their Crown Prince just congratulated the Chinese for putting a million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps? Also Zuhdi takes a deeper look at what limits if any should exist in free speech and how the de-platforming of Tommy Robinson and others like him only helps the Islamists and their jihad. Last with all the talk about anti-Semitism, it’s time America takes a crash course in the Islamist roots of anti-Semitism.
36 min
Ep 8 | Treason by Any Other Name
Don't miss this week's episode if you're looking for some common sense about the contrived controversy over ISIS bride Hoda Muthana. Secretary Mike Pompeo and President Trump rightly deny her re-entry on a technicality after years with our nation’s enemies—ISIS-- and the Council on American Islamic Relations now instead finds itself a new low, a new client, deciding to defend her right to return as a citizen and seek "therapy". Zuhdi will give you the contrasting viewpoint of patriotic American Muslims who have had enough with the boundless Islamist mantle of victimization. Enough is enough. No. Islamists are not victims. They are supremacists. And speaking of treason. If you haven't heard of Monica Witt, another American traitor now in hiding in Iran, you'll want to listen to this podcast.
36 min
Ep 7 | Back from Raqqa with Love
This week join Dr. Jasser as he takes a personal look at Valentine’s Day and how western society’s comfort with affection and love is defining incompatibility with Islamist theocrats and their tribal fundamentalists. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is putting America through a crash course on the ideological threats of Islamist extremism. Her ideology is obvious to anyone who understands Islamism. Zuhdi tells you what you aren't learning from media  about her natural and compulsive anti-Semitism. What her bigotry should teach all Americans about Islamism and the Left. Last, ISIS jihadis are trying to return home from Syria to their families in Britain, Canada and the U.S. Should they go directly to jail, or be given a second chance? Zuhdi discusses the depth of their threat and how the United States and other western nations should confront this issue. You won’t want to miss this one. 
46 min
Ep 6 | Status of the Unity
On the heels of this week's #SOTU address by President Trump, Zuhdi takes a look at how much there is to learn for Muslim reform from what American unity should be and is when America is strongest and most United. Dr. Jasser discusses our identity and what unites us. Also, the media all of a sudden wakes up to the handoff of American weapons to Islamist terror groups in the Middle East.
37 min
Ep 5 | Assimilation: Virtue or Vice?
Don’t miss this week’s episode as Dr. Jasser takes a deeper look at the unbelievable outrage over Tom Brokaw’s “faux pax” when he suggested that many in the HIspanic community need to work harder at assimilation. Zuhdi answers the question, also so relevant to defeating Islamism, whether assimilation is a virtue or a vice? Speaking of assimilation. France is set to “welcome back” over 130 ISIS jihadis coming back from Syria. Should they lose their citizenship? Dr. Jasser gives his two cents.
39 min
Ep 4 | The Art of the Venezuelan Deal
This week Dr Jasser reflects on what the power of art and humanities could do in driving long overdue Muslim reforms. There can be no modernity without the human creativity of the humanities. What can the United State's advocacy for freedom with the brewing revolution in Venezuela reveal about American Muslim leaders and also about US policies in the Middle East? Last, should Facebook decertify Maduro?
39 min
Ep 3 | Congressional Islamists
This week Dr. Jasser talks about the ISIS terror attack in Manbij Syria that killed 19 including four Americans. The American pullout of the few troops will likley continue. Zuhdi reviews what it all means. Also, the newly inaugurated Islamist Congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar doubles down on her anti-semitism and wasted no time in floating typical whacky Islamist conspiracy theories. And what so many Muslims need to learn from the courageous NBA player Enes Kanter.
40 min
Ep 2 | Philanthropic Phoolishness
Don’t miss this week’s episode. Zuhdi sums up the facts on the ground in Syria as the U.S. pulls out, or... maybe ...doesn’t pull out our few troops in the northeast of Syria. Dr. Jasser then tells you why the future of American security against radical Islam will not be won by our military but only by taking the ideas of liberty on the offense globally against Islamism. Zuhdi also shares the disturbing revelations from the Investigative Project in Terrorism’s report out this week about the millions of dollars from American foundations going to American Islamist groups like CAIR. Why?
38 min
Ep 1 | 2019’s Women of Islamism
In his first episode of 2019, Dr. Jasser looks at New Years’ Resolutions and why the threat of Islamism should matter to every American. Two American Muslim women were sworn into Congress this week as the media fawns over them ignoring their radical ideologies. Dr. Jasser shares why the whole drama is a disservice to America and to Muslims. Zuhdi also asks how the hate speech log a successful American Muslim physician, Lara Kollab, flew under the radar for so long until finally being exposed by Canary Mission as the radical anti-Semitic bigot she always was. Last why it matters that President Trump referred to Syria as just “sand and death”. Bonus: What you should learn from the emergence of Islamist political parties. in the West.
34 min
Ep. 51 | Syrian Scoreboard: Jihadis 1 US 0
Don't miss this episode as Dr Jasser gives some frontline insight into the surprise announcement by President Trump of a pullout of the only 2000 special forces from Syria. Zuhdi explains that while ISIS may be on the run in Syria since 2017 thanks to a more muscular bombardment, jihadists of both the Shia and Sunni extraction are now teeming all over Syria in a bigger threat to the region than ever. Our departure signals an abandonment of our Kurdish allies and a green light to giving up 30 percent of Syria to Khomeinist, Assadist, Turkish, and salafi-Jihadist militants who will decimate and threaten our allies the Kurds and Israel. Why? 
42 min
Ep. 50 | Rise of the Islamist Resistance
Don’t get too complacent. Islamist terror continues. ISIS took credit for another Islamist terror attack in Strasbourg France this week. Zuhdi shares the latest and what we can learn in the war against global jihad. Also the latest update on the Jamal Kashoggi assassinstion and the regime in Saudi Arabia with the Senate’s grand puffery. Dr. Jasser also discusses the hypocrisy of the free speech police in mainstream media. Pay attention to how the Iranian Islamist regime has coopted the resistance language of the Left.
38 min
Ep. 49 | Graham's Game of Thrones
Don't miss this week's episode as Zuhdi confronts Senator Lindsey Graham's bizarre demand that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin-Salman, also known as ‘MBS', be immediately ousted as a result of his role in the Jamal Khashoggi affair. Moral outrage is one thing; asking for the release of prisoners of conscience would have been a better idea. The United States playing Game of Thrones is so "circa 20th century #FAIL" and is always far more liability than good. Also, did you know that this week the United Nations actually voted in support of the terror organization HAMAS and its attacks on Israel? Where is the outrage of the free world and the defense of our ally in democracy, Israel? Dr. Jasser sounds off on it all.
35 min
Ep. 48 | Islamists Fail Their Own Islamophobia ...
Don’t miss this week’s episode as Zuhdi shares what the passage of one landmark law in Tunisia defending the economic equality of men and women can mean to the movement of Muslims against Islamism. Also, a group called “the Refugee Justice League” exploits a young Muslim girl to defend the hijab and teach locals, not about religious freedom, but apparently about why the hijab prevents assault by crazed men. Last, British lawmakers are  now discussing four questions that define “Islamophobia”. Dr. Jasser dives into the absurdity of that whole discourse and why Islamists fail their own Islamophobia test.
37 min
Ep. 47 | Federal Fail
On this Thanksgiving Day weekend join Dr Jasser as he reflects on all we can be thankful for with all the blessings we have living in the freest nation on earth. Also this week a federal judge dealt an unexpected blow to the first test of a 1996 federal law against FGM (female genital mutilation). Judge Friedman declared the entire law banking FGM unconstitutional nullifying years of FBI work on the torture of young girls by radical Michigan doctors. Zuhdi discusses why conservatives cannot let radicals seek refuge in federalism. The federal government failed to protect young girls.
33 min
Ep. 46 | My Country, Our Country
During President Trump’s visit to Paris this week, he and President Macron  had a significant dust up of a debate about nationalism and patriotism. Don’t miss this episode as  Dr. Jasser shares with you why American nationalism or “Americanism” is truly the world’s “last, best hope” against Islamo-nationalism” or Islamism. This debate is not an exercise but rather the crux of our survival as a sovereign nation against the threat of Islamists globally. Zuhdi will dissect with you how one sermon from a Boston imam epitomizes this entire global conflict.
34 min
Ep. 45 | The Red-Green Axis Goes to Washington
Don't miss this week's episode of Reform This! Dr. Jasser will share with you how the world's "Red-Green Axis" (Socialist-Islamist Axis) has come to the open in the US Congress and how concerned Americans should be about the new Islamist members of Congress Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). Also Zuhdi asks why we aren't hearing more about the plight of Asia Bibi wrongly imprisoned for 9 years for blasphemy in Pakistan? Now finally released she faces threats globally of violent Islamist mobs.
39 min
Ep. 44 | We Must Confront all Forms of Anti-Sem...
This week in the wake of the recent terror attack against the Tree of Life Synagogue, Zuhdi looks at  the plague of anti-semitism and its both disparate and similar forms from neo-Nazis to Islamists. Also, Dr. Jasser asks whether in the wake of what is the most deadly attack ever against the Jewish community in the United States, the mainstream interfaith, media, and government responses in grief should lend these platforms to American Islamist groups?
39 min
Ep. 43 | Nothing Compares to ... Who?
Listen to this week's Reform This! as Zuhdi reacts to news that longtime controversial Irish singer Sinead O'Connor has converted to Islam, now donning a hijab and singing the call to prayer. What are rational questions Muslims and non-Muslims alike should ask? Meanwhile in France, another celebrity Muslim and arguably one of the most influential Islamists in the West, Tariq Ramadan, has begun his feeble defense against multiple charges of rape. Text messages are quickly proving he has been lying about quite a bit all along. Dr Jasser, discusses how Tariq Ramadan’s downfall will have a deep impact on the Islamist establishment across the West and into the nervous system in Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi’s Qatar.
47 min
Ep. 42 | Assassin’s Screed
This week, as the world remains fixated on the Jamal Kashoggi assassination, Dr. Jasser contineus to ask many of the questions too few are asking. Any critique of Kashoggi has been made out by the the media to be synonymous to blasphemy and the sanction of his horrific murder. In this episode, Zuhdi will tell you why any honest reformer, including himself would want the world to be honest about his or her ideas upon their death, rather than blind fictional lionization. What is really at stake for the free press, liberty, the United States, and Saudi Arabia in the Jamal Kashoggi affair? Get perspective here from a Muslim reformer. Dr. Jasser will also cover other stories you may have missed this week. 
41 min
Ep. 41 | The Fix is In
The Fix is in for the Islamists. On this week’s Reform This! Dr. Jasser asks why millions of Muslims on social media cheered on #Khabib’s victory over McGregor, caring little about his radicalism or the regime that created him. Instead, the opium of Islamism intoxicates those who love to see a Western fighter pummeled. Also, listen here to get the full unvarnished story about what we know so far about the disappearance of Jamal Kashoggi. The world has no clear answers. Yes, every journalist and activist should be free to speak and not fear torture or death. Ask all the others unheard of in Turkish and Saudi prisons or their families. This week, gauging by the coverage, one thing has become crystal clear, the Left media and its Islamists only seem to care about the death of popular Islamist activists and none of the others. 
48 min
Ep. 40 | Free Speech: Whose Sword & Whose Shiel...
In this week's episode, Zuhdi looks at the war against Islamism in the West through the lens of free speech thirty years after the Khomeinist fatwa against Salman Rushdie. It's frightening to think that our freedoms in the West are being used as a sword against free thinkers and a shield to protect Islamists. We seemed to have learned nothing from the Rushdie affair and now our entire society is under the threat of blasphemy-like claims of "Islamophobia". The leading Islamist group in the U.S., CAIR epitomizes the tyranny of Islamists against free speech. Also, Ryan Mauro, with the Clarion Intelligence Network, broke the story on Jama'at al-Fuqra. Also, Austria's response to Islamists this week is to outlaw the 4 finger Muslim Brotherhood sign. What should we think about that? Last, this week the UFC world saw Conor McGregor call his opponent's handler a "terrorist snitch". Dr. Jasser discusses how this cross-cultural collision may break the glass on public ignorance about Islamism. 
51 min
Ep. 39 | Romancing Recip and Rouhani!
Don’t miss this week’s episode as Zuhdi gives you the rundown of why we should be very concerned that leading American Islamists like Nihad Awad of CAIR are in New York City meeting with radical Islamist tyrants on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly meeting. There is nothing more emblematic of the dangerous, if not seditious role of American Islamists than this meeting between Awad, Turkey’s Recip Erdogan and Iran’s Hassan Rouhani. Also, Dr. Jasser reflects on how the deep divide between Americans politically is transforming our nation into a cultural war that actually resembles his own deeper long-running efforts inside the Arab and Muslim communities domestically and abroad. Tribalism is Tribalism. 
49 min
Ep. 38 | Curriculum That Rots The Next Generation
This week Dr. Jasser shares with you an I24News story about an IMPACT study which exposes how the first revision of Palestinian grade school textbooks since 2000 is actually even more radical than ever. Weaving in jihad, martyrdom, and anti-Semitic motifs to every subject from math to literature and biology, the radicalization of the next generation of Palestinian Muslims is baked in. Zuhdi will discuss the only way real reform can happen among Palestinians. Also, a New Jersey grade school commemorates 9-11 by reading a fictional account about “A Boy Named Osama” contemplating Muslims as victims of American culture. Dr. Jasser confronts how disastrous this approach is for Muslims and non-Muslim Americans alike. 
48 min
Ep. 37 | 17 Years After 9-11: Victory Is Takin...
Join Dr. Jasser this week as he looks at the 17 year anniversary of 9-11 and why we should honor those lost by taking Western values on the offense against Islamism. Law students defend a 1993 WTC terrorist for irrational religious accommodation requests. Dr. Jasser looks at the battlefront of accommodation. Zuhdi then takes a deep dive into how immigrants either go down the path of separatism or Americanism our last line of defense against the Islamist threat- our American culture and contract.
52 min
Ep . 36 | The Road to Hell: Paving the Way for ...
This week, Zuhdi looks at the realities of free speech infringements by social media companies and what it could do to Muslim reform and national security all in the Orwellian name of national security. You won’t want to miss this frank conversation about why protecting the fringe should matter to all. Dr. Jasser will also tell you why he’s had it with Nike and Kaepernick's misplaced messaging and how it can be applied to Muslim reform issues. Last, an update on Iran and also a reflection on the perennial non-story of “anti-Muslim backlash”. 
46 min
Ep. 35 | The Chinese Government Says Islam Is A...
Join Dr. Jasser as he tries to shed light on the impending massacre in Idlib, Syria. History is watching. In tyrannical China, Islam is treated as a mental illness with over one million Muslims in a reprogramming internment camp. Dr. Jasser also shares some thoughts about underlying themes for Muslims as they approach election season — especially what diversity should mean. How should a college campus learn about 9-11? Last, is the travel ban working and what should be done to fix it.
45 min
Ep. 34 | A Call for an Internet Free Speech Bil...
Join Dr. Jasser in this week's episode as he looks at the biggest Islamic holiday of the year and the debate over animal sacrifice in Islam. Also ISIS's Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has resurfaced and issued a holiday call to jihad for Muslims. What will they respond? With all the debate over free speech on social media, Zuhdi proposes an Internet Free Speech Bill of Rights to become the standard and end the debate over the role of government and corporate censorship of speech. There is no greater battlefront in the war on Islamism. Last who really thinks the Saudi Private Investment Fund interest in Tesla is about diversification or self-preservation and leverage over their greatest existential threat.
51 min
Ep. 33 | Islamismophilia
Join Dr. Jasser this week as he takes a look at the Islamists elected in the primaries this week by the Minnesota Democratic Party including Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison and congressional candidate Ilhan Omar. American Islamists complain about their contrived concept of Islamophobia. Dr. Jasser coins a new term and danger to America: Islamismophilia or Islamistophilia. Then he looks again at the latest with a New Mexico judge's (Judge Backus) unbelievably tone-deaf ruling in favor of militant jihadists at the compound raided earlier this month releasing them on a signature bond. Recent comments from the Tunisian president should give everyone some hope about the possibility for secularism and defeat of Islamism in Muslim majority nations. Last, why a hard line against Turkey is necessary not only as we push for the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson but because of the continued threat against human rights inside Turkey and outside by the spread of Erdogan's Islamism through the region. 
50 min
Ep. 32 | The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Imam
This week Dr. Jasser dives into what we know so far in the horrific case of child abuse and Islamist radicalization in a New Mexico compound. Listen to learn why this case is shaping up to be the most significant teaching moment about American Muslim radicalization since 9-11. The patriarch of the Wahhaj family, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, one of the country’s most pre-eminent Muslim imams, and is a leader in many of the most prominent Islamist organizations. While there is no evidence of Imam Siraj Wahhaj’s direct connection to the militancy of his son and family, his Islamism, which Zuhdi has long warned America about, is of major significance. Dr. Jasser will also share his recent experience at a Muslim Reformer’s conference in Aspen. Last, why the world should care about what may happen soon in Idlib, Syria. The war is not over. 
48 min
Ep. 31 | Minne-sota Arabia
This week, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser ask if you know what's happening with electoral politics in Minnesota? It's the mainstreaming of radical Islamist candidates more fit for Saudi Arabia than for the United States and right before their primaries Zuhdi also .follows up this week on the ISIS terror attack by Faisal Hassain that Canadian and Western media are pretending never happened and was only due to mental illness. Are the Canadian media actually the ones who are mentally ill? Also, reformers around the world are watching what's happening in Iran. Zuhdi gives you the latest update. And, this week's word of the week: "Islamophobia".. What it is and what it isn't.
54 min
Is the Battle for Islamic Reform Hopeless? - 7/...
In this can't miss podcast, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser looks at yet another terror attack, this time in Toronto where there has been a virtual blackout this week of information related to Faisal Hussein's radical Islamist ideology. Join Zuhdi has he takes a deeper look this week into the pathological community denial in the West's conversations about what motivates radical Islamists. To deny the influence of theocratic ideology in each of these cases actually perpetuates and inflames bigotry that may exist while leaving us even more vulnerable. Also, why on earth shouldn't a convicted radical Islamist terrorist lose his American citizenship upon sentencing and especially upon release from prison after serving 18 years? Last and perhaps most importantly, is the battle for reform within Islam hopeless? Zuhdi shares some personal insights.
46 min
Political Islam Continues To Spread Across The ...
This week Dr. Jasser looks at major fronts across the planet in the battle against the spread of political Islam and its Islamist movements. From Indonesia to Saudi Arabia on to France, Austria, and the United States, Zuhdi looks at the most telling current clinics in the battle between freedom and the onslaught of the Islamist movements. Listen to get the latest snapshot of where the world needs to wake up against Islamism.
44 min
The Muslim Brotherhood Is A Terrorist Organizat...
It's hard to believe there are Americans who  refuse to admit, are in denial, or actual allies of the global Muslim Brotherhood. This week Dr. Jasser on the heels of providing testimony to the Subcommittee on National Security of the House Committee on Government Oversight and Government Reform will share with you the obvious reality about the "Mothership" and the primary cancer of most radical Sunni Islamist organizations and Muslim Brotherhood. The Democrats provided a witness, Amb Daniel Benjamin, who went out of his way to defend the viability and so called democratic elements of the Muslim Brotherhood. Dr. Jasser will share with you his outrage and what lies behind the red-green access between supposedly respectable people on the left in the United States and global Islamist of the Muslim Brotherhood working from countries like Qatar and Turkey.
53 min
What Independence Day Can Mean To Muslim Reform...
Don't miss this episode. After a week away, Zuhdi looks at what July 4th means to him as an American and also what Muslim reformers can learn from the battle for independence against Britain's theocrats. Dr. Jasser will take you through the transformations in Egypt in 2011 and 2013 and the lessons of the rise and fall of the Muslim Brotherhood. Recip Erdogan wins another election in Turkey this week and is becoming the most entrenched Sunni Islamist tyrant on the planet. Why we should pay attention and his oft-ignored connection to American Islamists. A UK imam gets a slap on the wrist for beating, molesting over 100 young children at his mosque. Last, the desert mirage of Saudi Arabia's MBS reforms. What should we watch for?
51 min
Pay Attention To The Jihad & Especially To Turk...
This week Dr. Jasser looks at the premature reports by Saudi that ISIS is on the outs. As a movement, the organization may be but the ideology of Salafi-jihadism is stronger than it ever was. Also, Turkey’s Islamists led by Erdogan are more belligerent than ever. Time to boot them from NATO. Last, the US finally departs from the sham that is the UN Human Right Council.
44 min
How to Win and Lose the Battle for Mosques in t...
This week Zuhdi takes you into the changes happening across Europe. Austria just decided to shutter 7 foreign-funded mosques and likely remove 60 imams from their country. Denmark just passed a law to outlaw the burqa and the niqab. Are these good ideas or bad ones? Listen in as Zuhdi shares his thoughts about the mixed bag these moves represent. Last, the vitriol against reformers gains momentum. Why? It must mean our reforms are making headway and the Islamist establishment is feeling threatened. 
45 min
A Bridge To Iftar - 6/9/18
In this can't miss episode, Dr. Jasser talks about the first Ramadan Iftar Dinner at the Trump White House. The CAIR protests tell you all you'll ever need to know about their anti-American, and rather un-Islamic agenda. While foreign dignitaries were the only ones invited, who should the White House have invited to send a real Ramadan message? Shouldn't Twitter shut down Ayatollah Khamanei's twitter account for his vile anti-Semitism? What should Ariana Grande do to honor the lives lost in her "Dangerous Woman Tour" concern one year ago in Manchester, U.K.? Last Ben Rhodes weaves a fiction of Soviet proportions on President Obama's decision to do nothing over Assad's breach of his red-line. Zuhdi shares his thoughts on all this and more.
53 min
The Future ‘Greatest Generation’ On their Comme...
In the spirit of the graduation season, Dr. Jasser shares his words of wisdom that he gave graduating high school seniors during their commencement ceremony this week. A window into the advice we give this century’s first high school grads that were born in this century and now the last high school grads born before 9-11 is very instructive about the hope and legacy of reform. Also after the flood of apologies from celebrities and politicians this year, Zuhdi reflects on what a real apology should mean to a moral generation.
44 min
Beware of Fasting Muslims - 5/26/18
In this can't miss episode, Dr. Jasser looks at the bigger issue with Muslim faith practice and what’s behind the bizarre assertion by a Danish minister that fasting Muslims in Ramadan are a danger to society. Also what the Chinese tyranny does to deprogram Muslims into the Communist Party. And look who just won the latest Iraqi election. The perils of majoritocracy. 
44 min
How To Get A Better ROI On That $3T We Spent On...
This week join Zuhdi as he spells out how ridiculous it is that we have spent almost $3 trillion since 9/11/01, yes, $3 trillion according to the latest study on the war(s) to combat terrorism and yet we have very little to show as any return on that investment in keeping us safer into the future. We certainly prevented many jihadi attacks but the whack-a-mole program cannot continue at this cost forever. It's time for a better return on investment. Support anti-Islamist, pro-liberty Muslim reformers.  Dr. Jasser also gives you a look at how much there was to learn from the patronizing responses by Abdul El-Sayed, in a gubernatorial debate in East Lansing, Michigan on May 10, 2018. Islamism matters. Last, how something as simple as a lunar calendar and determining the beginning of Ramadan can take a holy month of fasting and humility and spiritual unity for Muslims and turn it into a clinic in the divide between East (Islamism) and West (modernity).
43 min
Bye Bye Iran Deal, Hello Syria Policy - 5/12/18
This week Dr. Jasser gives you the low down on why the U. S. exit from the Iran deal is good for American security, for our allies, for Iranian citizens, and good for the Middle East region. Zuhdi also takes a heartfelt look at the increasing reports of Muslims in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran are leaving the faith for atheism and why both Muslims and non-Muslims should pay attention. Last, Dr. Jasser will address whether the latest efforts in France to confront the anti-Semitic and violent verses of the Qur’an on target or misguided? 
50 min
Islamism Matters: Stop the Denial - 5/5/18
This week join Zuhdi as he takes an honest look at what supposed roadblocks prevent American Muslims from advocating for religious liberty. A recent report interviews a former CAIR radical come religious freedom advocate, Ismail Royer, and puts the blame on a hostile political climate. Dr. Jasser rejects that and calls upon well-intentioned conservative advocates for religious liberty to stop allowing Muslims to bypass a focus on reform. Zuhdi also looks the new British Home Secretary, Sajid Javid and how revealing some reactions to his appointment are about the ignorance of some who cannot separate between Muslims and Islamists. Last, how un-American is it for a Middle East Studies Association based in Arizona to come to the defense of ISIS' ideological legacy? Listen to find out. 
51 min
Senator ‘Mullah’ Murphy Motions for the Jihad -...
This week Senator Chris Murphy  (D-CT) in a radical partisan effort to condemn Secretary of State Pompeo called Muslim reformer, Dr Zuhdi Jasser and Muslims affiliated with him anti-Muslim and intolerant. Dr. Jasser will tell  you what every American can learn from how a US Senator can become a mouthpiece for global jihadists. Also Zuhdi looks at the latest reveal from Facebook’s anti-extremism push and why the devil is in the details. Last, what’s the latest out of Iran for the revolution, reform and against the theocratic regime? 
44 min
“Facebook Fatwas and Assad Truthers” - 4/21/18
This week Zuhdi will fill you in on what you should take away from the latest foray of leading Middle Eastern clerics intro the world of fatwas about Facebook and  social media. Also Dr Jasser looks at all of the propaganda fallout from the US, UK, and France targeting of the Assad regime’s chemical weapons capabilities.
53 min
Chemical Bashar & The Two-Sided Coin of Assad a...
This week, Dr. Jasser will confront the fallout from the latest use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime. The most recent gas attack in Douma has left the West on the brink of a major military response against the Assad regime and a major national conversation about America’s role in the world in punishing those who commit war crimes. Should the U.S. punish the Assad Regime. Listen to Zuhdi address the controversies you just will not hear elsewhere on Syria and some simple solutions that no one is discussing along the lines of western action in the Balkans in the ‘90s.
53 min
Woke at Duke - 4/7/18
Don’t miss this week’s episode— our 100th! Following up last week’s episode, Zuhdi will fill you in on what happened during his “controversial” visit to Duke University with all the protests from the Muslim Students’ Association. Also, Dr. Jasser talks about what can we learn from the acquittal of Noor Salman, the wife of Omar Mateen, ISIS terrorist who masequered the Orlando Pulse Night Club. What should we be saying about Assad’s status in Syria? Last, Saudi’s crown prince interminable trip goes on and now he’s getting kudos for “recognizing the state of Israel”. Is there cause for optimism? Maybe. But there is an obviously missing ‘fatwa’ no one is discussing.
50 min
Mere Mention of Islamism Triggers Islamists - 3...
Don't miss this week's episode as Zuhdi shares with you the controversy that erupted this week at Duke University after the Muslim Student Association was invited to attend his upcoming speech on April 2, 2018 entitled, "The American Muslim Identity: Patriot or Insurgent". Apparently, any conversation about the incompatibility of Islamism with Americanism triggers Islamists. Dr. Jasser was vilified by the Duke Chronicle newspaper and the Muslim Student Association and its allies at the Duke Chronicle Newspaper and beyond without a single substantive argument or quotation and without yet having even spoken. Without a doubt young aspiring Islamists are threatened by leaders of the Muslim Reform Movement and what it means to their power. This week, Zuhdi also discusses Mustafa AKyol's piece in the New York Times about how Islamism drives Muslims away from Islam.. Last what is Islamic sharia-compliant financing? Why it is the jugular of Islamism. 
49 min
MBS's PR Gambit of Thrones - 3/24/18
Don't miss this episode as Zuhdi reflects on the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s trip to the USA. Dr. Jasser reports on how the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia uses the century old Petro-Islamist playbook where for a western media and its audience, it is not about the reality but about the PR!. Look not at what the King and Crown Prince say but at what they do! Also how a simply clear message from the President of the United States to and for the People of Iran on the occasion of their Nowruz holiday can be a game changer with respect to American credibility with our allies, those citizens who share our values.
52 min
State Department Gets An Upgrade - 3/17/18
In this can't miss episode, Dr. Jasser looks at what the exit of Secretary of State Tillerson and replacement with Director Mike Pompeo from CIA may mean for the global war against Islamism. Islamists should be very, very worried! In an unfathomable turn in policy, previous hawks on Syria are intimating that "letting Assad win may save some Syrian lives". Zuhdi will spare nothing in responding to this corrupt naive submission of the Syrian revolution to the evil tyranny of the Assad regime. Also, have you had enough with the Islamist whining about Islamophobia. Stay tuned for the latest nauseating Islamist narrative demonizing America now on steroids. When racist, separatist American Islamists expand their anti-American narrative, listen to how this reformist Muslim will confront them.
46 min
The Feminist Farrakhan Farce - 3/10/18
Don't miss this week's episode! Join Dr. Jasser as he takes on and exposes the farce which is the "Women's March" leadership. The voices of Muslim reformers will never be heard or found when leaders like that of the Women's March movement is nearly impossible in this environment. Then Zuhdi will boldly take on the question of whether Turkey should be allowed to stay in NATO? Why Western nations should "just say NO" to advertisements from the Saudi royal family. Any a final reflection on the role which Ba'athism played in creating the chaos that brewed Islamist radicalism. 
49 min
French Fried Conservatism - 3/3/18
Is the conservative backlash against French secularism warranted? Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry of the Washington DC Based Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC) this week wrote that "Secular" is French for "anti-Muslim" and yet he ignored the entire threat of domestic and global Islamism. Dr. Jasser exposes some of the intellectual malpractice of conservative anti-secularism and how their misplaced obsession with secularism when combined with a malignant blindness for the threat of Islamism is suicidal, ignorant, and just what the Islamists want. Also, where's the media coverage of Turkish President Recip Erdogan's open encouragement of child martyrdom and an AKP Islamist Party gathering this week? Yet we still wonder how Muslims are radicalized? Last why the future of western and global security rests in free markets and the private companies of the free world. 
44 min
Time for an American Offense! - 2/24/18
Listen to this week’s episode as Zuhdi broadcasts from CPAC in National Harbor Maryland. One year into the Trump administration, as we’ve finally moved beyond the arguments about what we call “Islamist” terror, Dr. Jasser discusses western strategy in the war against global jihad and Islamism. Also, you’ll never guess which country got a top post at the UN as a rapporteur to convenient vacation spots in the Pacific. Last... is there a link between terrorism and poverty? Zuhdi finally puts that notion to rest. 
42 min
Is the West finally waking up? - 2/17/18
This week Dr. Jasser looks at the unbelievable breakthrough of an apparent shift in policy in France and now possibly the West, where President Macron announced that the French government will begin working with Muslim reformers and insisting that Muslim leaders share in the secular social contract of France. Join Zuhdi as he looks at the good, the bad, and the ugly of the long overdue Western awakening against political Islam. Dr. Jasser also reflects on yet another massacre in an American school and also contemplates some of the imagery related to President Obama‘s official painting and legacy. Last a recent Pew poll shows that American Muslims seem to be abandoning Islam at unprecedented rates. Why? 
42 min
Bye Bayyah to Diversity! - 2/10/18
This week Dr. Jasser explains how much work really needs to be done in clearing the depths of the proverbial global Islamist swamp when even our most newly minted Ambassador for International Religious Freedom (Amb Brownback) starts off on the Islamist foot —-meeting with Shaikh Bin Bayyah. Any quick study shows Bin Bayyah to be an Islamist with an obviously anti-American pedigree. And what’s the harm of Macy’s marketing a conservative line of “Muslim” dress? Well it’s monolithic approach violates their own intent at diversity. Last, what’s all the fuss about a parade? 
55 min
“The State of the Reform” - 2/3/18
Join Zuhdi in this week’s “Reform This!” as he reflects on important lessons in national unity and resolve that we should all gain from this week’s State of the Union” (SOTU) address.  American should obviously support ideas and policies from political leaders with which they agree regardless of who may claim credit or lead the solutions in Washington. Dr. Jasser looks at the message President Trump sent to dissidents against tyranny around the world, especially in Muslim majority nations. Last, the terms “human rights” are bizarrely shunned by many old hands at State when dealing with Muslim leaders. Why? This appeasement of Islamists must end. Zuhdi will also give you the latest on the accusations against Tariq Ramadan and discuss why the time is now to exert the toughest sanctions possible against the Ayatollah Khamanei’s interests in Iran and around the world. 
49 min
Protect the US Now from Islamists and their Mon...
Listen to Zuhdi’s take on the recently released report from the Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding the number of foreign-born Americans and immigrants directly connected to terrorism in the United States. Dr. Jasser lays out why border security is so important in the ideological battle against Islamism and how the natural follow on from that is protecting us from the devastating influence of foreign funding and “Petro-Islam”. Canada is considering a solution. The U.S. should also. An ISIS devotee in Phoenix, is sentenced to just 1 year. Where’s the national outrage or even conversation? Or even a local one? Last, why it really matters which American Syrian group hosts a delegation of the Free Syria Army (FSA) fighting against Assadist tyranny in Syria. 
47 min
The Frontline Battle for Muslim Civil Rights i...
As the US commemorated the Martin Luther King holiday this week, Dr Jasser reflects on why the real frontlines for Muslim civil rights are inside the mosques and in the streets of Islamic sharia states across the planet. As Islamist groups and countries bully Americans about Islam, real equality is actually only a dream for most Muslims inside Muslim communities. Also, Zuhdi looks at what’s behind a growing spate of fake reporting of hate crimes by young Muslims. Last, unbelievably unreported this week was a declaration by the Muslim Brotherhood that the United States is their enemy. Dr. Jasser will inform you about what it should teach every American.
46 min
Muslims must deal with anti-Semitic Scripture -...
How many radical anti-semitic sermons by American imams need to be exposed before American Muslims finally and honestly address the cited scripture? It’s not only about the hate-filled preachers, it’s about the common supposed sayings of the Prophet Muhammad that are quoted globally. This week Zuhdi asks the questions about Muslim reform few are asking. Even the media covering the recent slew of hateful sermonizers couldn't seem to ask the obvious? Real reform is long overdue. Also, 2018 opened with the hope of the evolution of real revolution in Iran. The light of hope dimmed a bit this week but shines on. Dr. Jasser sheds light on the latest out of Iran and also why the revolution in Syria may not be over.
49 min
Evolution to Revolution - 1/6/18
Join Dr. Jasser in this week’s can’t miss episode where he covers the profound implications of what appears to be the beginning of a 2018 Iranian revolution against its theocratic tyranny. Listen to learn about the implications for the battle against Islamism and the impact of a failed Iranian theocracy upon the region and the world. And listen to a story you didn’t hear much about this week about an Erdogan agent laundering money to Iran from the West.
49 min
The Year in the Fight against Islamism - 12/30/17
Catch Reform This!’s last episode for 2017 as Dr. Jasser looks at the Year in Review for Muslim reform. Zuhdi also takes on the Islamist fundamentalists who radically refuse to participate in anything having to do with Christmas— a telltale sign of diehard separatist Islamists. You also won’t believe what Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said about what he wants to learn from Canadian Muslim ISIS fighters returning from Jihad in Syria.
54 min
Hizballah and the Legacy of Hizb-Obama - 12/23/17
In this week's can't miss episode, Zuhdi looks at the bombshell Politico story about the Obama administration's apparent obstruction of multiple DEA cases against Hizballah terrorists receiving financing from Latin America narcotics trafficking. And this week the mainstream media, part of what Zuhdi calls “Hizb-Obama” (party of Obama) pretended the story didn’t exist. Then Dr. Jasser takes a look at the Trump Doctrine laid out this week at the State Department. Also, the absurd and telling Islamist and UN fuss over Jerusalem grows.  Dr. Jasser also asks what should be a simplified breakdown of the essentials of refugee assimilation and integration with a look at what Austria is considering doing in that regard. 
48 min
Enough Defense! Time for Offense! - 12/16/17
Don't miss this week's episode, as Dr. Jasser looks at yet another attack, suicide bombing, on our homeland and on New York City's Port Authority by a Bangladeshi immigrant. In this segment, Zuhdi exposes the disgusting anti-American response of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) only hours after the attack on behalf of Akayed Ullah’s family. He talks about the role groups like CAIR play in separating and radicalizing American Muslims out of the American consciousness and what we finally need to learn. Dr. Jasser also asks how it is that American university apologists for the tyrannical rule of Bashar Assad in Syria are still given public space and credibility for their useful idiocy in spreading Assadist propaganda? Last, what are the latest lessons learned after the Port Authority suicide bombing on our broken immigration system. Time to finally stop letting in those who don't share our values.
49 min
The Militant Islamists’ Heckler’s Veto - 12/9/17
This week Dr. Jasser looks at what’s all the fuss been about for decades about the US simply acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Zuhdi will tell you how the pathway to peace will always be through treating Arabs and Muslims as adults without appeasing the “militant Islamists heckler’s veto”. And what could genuine Muslim modernists and reformers do with $500M? Not buy a piece of canvas. Last, Dr. Jasser speaks to you from London about why the West needs to finally take to offense against global Islamists against which we’ve so far only been on defense for decades.
41 min
No, Saudi Arabia is not having an Arab Spring! ...
As the 32 year told Crown Prince Salman consolidates power in the Kingdom, Dr. Jasser dissects the bizarre claim by Tom Friedman that he finally represents a real “Arab Spring” for Saudi Arabia and its people. Zuhdi will also give you his pick for “Person of the Year”. You might be surprised. While ISIS is on the verge of defeat, jihadism remains stronger than ever.  Last, Dr. Jasser laments over how much President Trump is harming his own national security agenda when he retweets videos from radical nativists in Britain like he did this week. 
44 min
Expressing gratitude through legacy - 11/25/17
On this thanksgiving holiday Zuhdi reflects deeply on how American Muslims should express real gratitude for the freedoms they have in America by advocating a global legacy of freedom and the end of Islamism. A French professor this week exclaimed that the only way to save France from civil war against the Islamists within is to give them their own separate state inside France. Dr. Jasser reflects on what this realization means for both awareness of the real conflict and a sad surrender to global Islamism. Last, ISIS may be on the run, but caliphism, Islamism,  and Salafi-jihadism are thriving more than ever. The ideology will never be defeated militarily but rather only through real and global reform. 
27 min
All Reform is Local - 11/18/17
On the heels of his presentation at the international Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, Dr. Jasser discusses the importance of engaging technology and viral networks in disrupting the global Islamist establishment. After a heated panel versus Cenk Ungyur of the Young Turks, Zuhdi exposes why the Left apologizes for Islamism and blames everything on Christianity. In the end, technology is an important tool, but nothing replaces human contact and persuasion. With ISIS on the run why we are no where close to defeating them ideologically. And last, what can Muslims learn from the Christian reformation 500 years later. 
44 min
Synchronicity - 11/4/17
In this can’t miss episode, Dr. Jasser looks at this week’s yet another attack on our homeland on October 31 by an ISIS loyalist, now for the first time since 9-11 back again in Manhattan. Zuhdi looks at how New York City became more vulnerable after Mayor Deblazio gutted their counterterrorism approach against jihadization. Also, the unusual alignment of Protestantism’s 500 year anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation with this attack is a ‘synchronicity’ that must teach us something. Last, Dr. Jasser testified to the Canadian Parliament on “Islamophobia” and their M103 this week. He wholesale rejected the term and then the fireworks flew.
46 min
Saudi Window Dressing: We are fools no more - 1...
This week join Zuhdi as he exposes the recent spate of Saudi pronouncements that they will now, this time, really target "extremism". Right. Dr. Jasser will explain why this is still obviously window dressing concealing the world's continued most radical Islamist nation. Zuhdi then looks at the Pew data analysis comparing American liberal and conservative views on Islam and Muslims. Dr. Jasser also discusses the latest update on our refugee policy. The ban expires and new vetting procedures begin. Last, the western neo-Islamist darling at Oxford University and France, Tariq Ramadan, is accused of rape by a former student. 
42 min
Nature abhors a vacuum - 10/21/17
Join Zuhdi this week as he first steps back to vent on how offensive he finds the recent politicization of the experience of Gold Star families who have lost a loved one on active duty. Dr. Jasser wants this disrespect and exploitation to stop! He then looks at what we can learn from the continued spate of jihadi terror attacks in Somalia, Niger, and across the planet. ISIS territorially in Iraq and Syria is on the run and on the verge of being decimated territorially but not ideologically. Dr. Jasser also lays out what ISIS's welcome disappearance will mean for Iraq and Syria and sadly how Iran will fill it with its reflection- Shia radical Islamism of Iran. Nature abhors a vacuum. Last, did the U.S. just abandon our allies, the Kurds? And Bergdahl's epilogue – traitor.
48 min
Petro-Islamist billions still whisper loudly in...
This week, join Zuhdi as he again takes on the issues few others will discuss. The Trump obsessed Washington Post reported on Arab American billionaire and close Trump friend, Tom Barrack. All this reporting and yet no one asked where this influential Arab American stood on disempowering the sharia states of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, countries whose establishments Mr, Barrack helped invest billions upon billions. Also, why are established ‘conservative’ think tanks suggesting the U.S. openly support Islamists who do not even remotely share our values?  And last, sex slavery by ISIS rises as they are on the run. Plus what you should know about Hizballah and Iran in Syria? 
53 min
In Wake of Las Vegas Terror, Islamists cry ‘Whi...
This week, Zuhdi gives you his take on America's response to the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas. He confronts the grotesquely inappropriate American Islamist complaints this week that the muted national response to Stephen Paddock's terror somehow reveals...wait for it..."White Privilege" and yet again the victimization of Muslims against America? Dr. Jasser also reminds us about the two ISIS attacks this week in Edmonton, Canada and Marseilles, France. Last, Zuhdi takes a deep dive into the rise of ISIS and jihadism in the South Phillipines.
51 min