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Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is a former US Navy Lieutenant Commander, a conservative, a patriot, a physician, and an American Muslim. A frequent television commentator on Blaze TV, Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC, he is also a co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement. In this first of its kind podcast, Dr Jasser holds no punches as he breaches the many fault lines of the day between the West and Islamic communities. If you are looking for hope and have asked where are the courageous voices of pro-American Muslims, take a listen to Reform This!

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Ep 137 | An Irretrievably Post-American World?
32 min
Ep 136 | Ask Free-Thinking Muslims about so-cal...
33 min
Ep 135 | Geico's Gecko gets a Diversity Lesson
31 min
Ep 134 | Jihad Russian Style
50 min
Ep 133 | American Islamists Reveal their Anti-A...
46 min
Ep 132 | War in Ukraine is Not a Surprise
44 min
Ep 131 | Hypocritical Elites and the CCP Fire K...
41 min
Ep 130 | American Muslims Should and Can Do Better
34 min
Ep 129 | The Free Aafia Movement tells us every...
27 min
Ep 128 | Canadian Medical Association Journal G...
31 min
Ep 127 | Senate on the Verge of Enshrining an “...
40 min
Ep 126 | The Wrong Guy: Rashad Hussain would be...
34 min
Ep 125 | 'Justice' for Me But not for Thee
33 min
Ep 124 | The Lefts’s Identity Politic Movement ...
31 min
Ep 123 | An Islamophobia Csar: an un-American I...
34 min
Ep 122 | Lessons from Islam's Defectors
38 min
Ep 121 | Islamists Dominate American Muslim Inf...
32 min
Ep 120 | What 9/11 should mean to US
33 min
Ep 119 | America's Wanton Retreat
37 min
Ep 118 | Handing the Islamists Victory in Afgha...
37 min
Ep 117 | “Ask only what your country can do for...
34 min
Ep 116 | Iran Tries to Silence an American Musl...
37 min
Ep 115 | Islamists Unhinged in the West
36 min
Ep 114 | Islamists are on their Heels in France
35 min
Ep 113 | Islamists bask in the Spike of Anti-Se...
36 min
Ep 112 | Hamas is Being Normalized by the Media
35 min
Ep 111 | Biden Doctrine sets the Middle East Ab...
34 min
Ep 110 | What is at stake in the Battle over Fr...
38 min
Ep 109 | The Left and Islamists Both Hate America
33 min
Ep 108 | On any other day but 9-11!?
41 min
Ep 107 | Critical Thinking is Dead
39 min
Ep 106 | Will Anyone Actually Cover the Nation ...
38 min
Ep 105 | The Media Blackout on the Islamism beh...
39 min
Ep 104 | Pay Attention to Europe
47 min
Ep 103 | Is the Pope’s Optimism in Baghdad Just...
40 min
Ep 102 | Lessons from an Iranian Prison
34 min
Ep 101 | Biden: A Trojan Horse for Islamists
41 min
Ep 100 | Islamists in Search of Intelligence
30 min
Ep 99 | Hemp State
38 min
Ep 98 | Listening to the Clerics from Iran to P...
34 min
Ep 97 | Into 2021…Less Bias, more Humanity and ...
33 min
Ep 96 | Muslims are not a Monolith
34 min
Ep 95 | Is a “Clash of Civilizations” now being...
41 min
Ep 94 | Flashpoints against the Global Islamist...
42 min
Ep 93 | How Best to Treat the Cancer of Politic...
39 min
Ep 92 | What to expect from a Biden Administrat...
41 min
Ep 91 | France’s War with Islamism goes Global
41 min
Ep 90 | While America Sleeps, Macron Rattles Is...
35 min
Ep 89 | Islamist war against free speech in the...
35 min
Ep 88 | Rihanna apologizes for Blaspheming
33 min
Ep 87 | Islamists Dominate More Platforms
42 min
Ep 86 | The War Against Militant Islamism Conti...
39 min
Ep 85 | Boundaries
45 min
Ep 84 | Did Physicians ‘Jump the Shark’ on Pati...
41 min
Ep 83 | In Memory of Amina and Sarah
29 min
Ep 82 | American Islamists Win at the DNC But L...
30 min
Ep 81 | The Opening of a New Era in Arab-Israel...
34 min
Ep 80 | A Cedar Revolution?
33 min
Ep 79 | Waking up to the CCP’s Genocide of Uygh...
33 min
Ep 78 | Radical Leftists and Islamists converge...
41 min
Ep 77 | America at a Crossroads
36 min
Ep 76 | Our Nation Out of Thin Air?
27 min
Ep 75 | Americans are Being Tested
32 min
Ep 74 | America's Founding Values
44 min
Ep 73 | A Brotherhood of Guilt
35 min
Ep 72 | Islamist Bullies
38 min
Ep 71 | Radicalizing the American Left
35 min
Ep 70 | America’s Haters Unite
32 min
Ep 69 | Free Speech Lockdown
44 min
Ep 68 | Snowflake College
43 min
Ep 67 | What the COVID-19 Pandemic can Teach Us...
37 min
Ep 66 | Questioning Authority is Natural
41 min
Ep 65 | CCP: Chinese Communist Pandemic
37 min
Ep 64 | Infected by Insubordination
39 min
Ep 63 | Physical Distancing while Maintaining E...
43 min
Ep 62 | Proportionality or Pandering in a Pandemic
47 min
Ep 61 | The Brass Tacks on Coronavirus
40 min
Ep 60 | Fighting Viral Hysteria
33 min
Ep 59 | Political Islam Virus finally ID’d in F...
25 min
Ep 58 | Done with the Taliban
This week join Dr. Jasser as he looks at the realities of the Trump administration's "peace plan" this week with the Taliban as part of their exit strategy from Afghanistan.
27 min
Ep 57 | Islamic Schools: 9 Questions every Amer...
This week Zuhdi takes a look at Islamic schools and questions every American should be asking about whether their local Islamic parochial schools are assets for religious freedom or Islamist threats producing the next generation of jihadis.
47 min
Ep 56 | Terminal Illness, Assisted Suicide, and...
What we can all learn about a more modern reasoned discourse in Islam from a thoughtful conversation on end of life decisions and PAS.
44 min
Ep 55 | #FreefromHijab
The so called "World Hijab Day" came around again on February 1 and the Islamists were in full gear prosletyzing their fundamentalism in the form of hijab glorification.
41 min
Ep 54 | Our Nation! Not the Ummah
Zuhdi will show you why a recent conversation between Mehdi Hasan of Al Jazeera and Ezra Klein epitomize the Red-Green’ axis attempt to weaken and defeat the triumph of the appeal of liberal democratic republics over Islamic theocracy and their collectivists— in essence radicalizing Muslims.
38 min
Ep 53 | The Bigotry of Identity Politics
This week Dr. Jasser looks at the absurdity of identity politics and the politics of race.
37 min
Ep 52 | The Left’s Liability on Islamism
Join Dr. Jasser this week as he realizes that when it comes to confronting political Islam and actual Muslim reform, it’s more and more clear that, unfortunately, the biggest obstacle is the left’s anti-Americanism and partisan obsessions, much more so than than the host of other obstacles that also exist. No doubt, Muslims need to do a lot more for reform, but the recent, often sympathetic response to the Iranian Mullocracy by the Left should leave many Americans far more enlightened about why there’s been little to no headway against political Islam domestically and globally since 9/11.
39 min
Ep 51 | Rest in Pieces Genocidal Soleimani
Don't miss this week's episode as Zuhdi gives you his take on what's going on in Iraq, Iran and the Middle East from the attack on our American contractors to the so-called demonstrations, rather... terrorist acts ...upon our embassy to now the long overdue targeted killing of General Qasim Soleimani. Make no mistake, this killing is more consequential than the killing of Bin Laden, al-Baghdadi or Awlaki. Dr. Jasser will tell you why.
39 min
Ep 50 | #MeToo Except Muslims
Don’t miss this week’s episode as Zuhdi looks at the story behind the Netflix satire on Jesus and the trending #GayJesus hashtag. Why is it that left media won’t satire a #GayMuhammad, but anything is game against Christianity? The #TerroristVeto trumps all protecting their radical interpretations of Islam. Also, more and more Islamist imams in the U.S. and the West are being exposed as sexual predators. Where’s the #MeToo movement and the liberal media? Do they really care about Muslims? Zuhdi also talks about the recent stories surrounding the dismissed imam at the Scottsdale Mosque in Arizona.
45 min
Ep 49 | It’s the Islamism, Stupid!
This week, join Zuhdi as he looks at some of the top issues in the world of national security against radical Islam and the need for real reforms. On the menu this week: the US Congress finally recognizes the Armenian genocide of 1915 and Turkey's Erdogan responds predictably fanatically. The American Left proves yet again how all-in they are with leading American radical Islamist groups. Last, the Saudi government’s attempt to dismiss the Pensacola terror attack committed by their air force officer(s) is so predictable and emblematic.
31 min
Ep 48 | The Saudi Cauldron of Jihad
Don’t miss this episode as Zuhdi looks at the latest regarding the mass shooting by a Saudi national and Air Force pilot, Mohammed Alshamrani, at the US Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida. It’s not too early to discuss the evolution and stagnancy of the divergent missions of Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabist salafi-jihadist ideology and the House of Saud’s global foreign policy. Is it not about time we revisit what actual reforms would look like in the Kingdom? From Al Qaeda to ISIS their goal remains to destroy the West and sever the relationship between the US and the West. Can a House of Saud sustain real reforms?
33 min
Ep 47 | London Bridge is Falling Down
On this Thanksgiving Day weekend, Dr. Jasser looks at all the levels of failure that led to this weekend’s ISIS terror attack killing two and injuring more; by a known, and believe it or not, previously-convicted radical Islamist terrorist: Usman Khan. This case highlights the three major areas of failure our societies in the West have surrendered in what should be a state of war against Islamists domestically and globally. Listen this week, as Zuhdi highlights our most vulnerable areas in western security.
35 min
Ep 46 | Arizona Muslim Leaders Embrace a Radica...
This week Dr. Jasser looks into why the new Arizona Muslim Alliance, a leadership coalition of major Islamic organizations in Arizona, would launch itself by bringing in a known notorious radical Islamist cleric— Siraj Wahhaj. Despite all of his ideological rap sheet, close contacts with individuals convicted of terrorism, and his anti-American anti-semitism, mosogyny, and homophobic bigotry, he remains a significant fundraiser and icon for the Islamist establishment. This episode is a window into everything anyone wanted to know about the major obstacles to reform within the Muslim communities. Dr. Jasser will also look in this episode at the revolution growing in Iran against the mullahs and what it means for the region and theocrats.
46 min
Ep 45 | Erdogan Will Spawn ISIS 2.0
As President Trump met with the President of Turkey, Recip Erdogan, in the White House this week, Dr. Jasser takes a hard look at all the issues that should have been on the table. Allies, Enemies, or NATO members, all that doesn't matter when it comes to American interests with the neo-Caliph head of a jihadist state which is now helping to re-spawn ISIS 2.0. Also, Michael Oren wrote about the possible coming military conflagration in the Middle East. Zuhdi talks about what happens in the vacuum of American influence and fear with the worst actors in the Middle East.
28 min
Ep 44 | Hell No! to ANY Caliphate
Don’t miss this episode where Zuhdi takes on the ideas of the Islamist establishment now trying to legitimize, of all things, the idea of an Islamic Caliphate. Ovamir Anjum, a writer for Texas-based Islamist clearinghouse, the Yaqeen Institute, just published an extensive piece outlining the legitimacy of a Caliphate for Muslims. Dr. Jasser looks at whether this is truly moderate Islam or, more likely, just ”ISIS-lite”. Also, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN), stumping for Sen. Bernie Sanders, called for an “end to Western imperialism”. How has ‘full-on Islamist’ rhetoric become commonplace for the far Left in America?
46 min
Ep 43 | The Long War against Jihadists
Listen in this week as Zuhdi discusses the impact of Al-Baghdadi’s death upon ISIS and the threat of salafi-jihadist groups to the West. Also, why is the media ignoring the mass protests in Lebanon and Iraq? And what’s the new Muslim appointee on the Commission on Unalienable Rights, Hamza Yusuf, telling other Muslims about the Trump administration that appointed him?
38 min
Ep 42 | E Pluribus Unum
37 min
Ep 41 | Enes Kanter vs. Lebron James- No Contest
Join Zuhdi this week as he looks at the stark distinction between the moral courage of NBA star Enes Kanter and the kleptocratic weakness of “King” LeBron James. What role and responsibility do celebrities have in gathering support and putting pressure on tyrannies like China who commit crimes against humanity? What does it say about our society? Dr. Jasser also will give you the latest on what can be learned from the continued fallout as Turkey begins its war crimes against the Kurds. Last, Zuhdi tells you why calling Tulsi Gabbard a “Russian asset” only helps platform her radical ideas.
44 min
Ep 40 | Bad Strategery
This week, join Zuhdi as he gives you the full story on our strongest allies in Iraq, Syria and the region, save Israel, — the Kurds. What are the moral, strategic, and rational imperatives in the U.S. relationship with the Kurds; and more poignantly, how dangerous is the supposed NATO ally, Turkey, and its neo-Ottoman tyrannical President Recip Erdogan?
42 min
Ep 39 | Islamist Misogyny is Not “Female Friendly”
In this week’s episode, Zuhdi takes the Salt Lake Tribune to task for whitewashing a large new Mosque project as “female friendly” when it’s only just another gender apartheid mosque in America. When will these low expectations of American Muslims and tolerance for their misogyny end? Listen in to hear also about what happened on the streets outside the annual UN General Assembly Meeting in New York City.
26 min
Ep 38 | Muslims and American Politics
This week Dr. Jasser takes a look at some of the news items missed in domestic and global policy against radical Islamism because of the continued Trump derangement syndrome. Zuhdi also then takes a deep dive into the political dynamics of American Muslim communities and where they do identifiy with American political parties Democrat, Republican, or independent and where they should or shouldn’t. He will also take you through the stranglehold of Islamists, their tribalism, and their attendant “establishment” and the total lack of a reason based approach for many leading Muslims in politics. Zuhdi answers the question — why don’t Muslims actively identity as conservatives or as liberals?
44 min