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Libertarian Matt Kibbe puts aside politics to have mostly honest conversations with mostly interesting people. Mostly because it’s really hard to be honest and interesting at the same time. Mostly because we want to have some fun, even as we argue about things that really matter — you know, things like beer. Kibbe digs a little deeper with guests from all over the political spectrum: Right, Left, and libertarian; smart, independent people who don’t give a damn about your preferred political tribe. Let’s listen and learn together. Subscribe to Kibbe on Liberty, the counter-counter-revolution of social media. Because endless virtue-signaling is a total buzzkill.

News Commentary
Ep 20 | Can Comedy Survive PC Culture? | Guest:...
Comedian Andrew Heaton joins Matt Kibbe to discuss safe spaces, two-party tribalism, and whether comedy might actually save the world from the enemies of free expression. Over a glass of whiskey and an outrageously loud tie, Heaton ponders whether there’s an audience for thoughtful conversation on the internet and why we can’t all just get along.
49 min
Ep 19 | Drinking Your Way Through the Socialist...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Dr. Robert Lawson and Dr. Benjamin Powell, two thirsty economists who have learned firsthand about surviving socialism in Cuba, starving socialism in Venezuela, and the collectivist black hole of North Korea. They also correct the record on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ darling Nordic countries, which turn out to be almost as capitalist as the United States. Order "Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World":
74 min
Ep 18 | Woodrow Wilson’s Racism | Guest: George...
Matt Kibbe is joined by the iconic George Will, syndicated columnist at the Washington Post and author of "The Conservative Sensibility." The two discuss protesting speakers on college campuses, censorship on social media, and the contradiction of progressives who admire Woodrow Wilson. How can we help young people learn from history and move past the identity politics that divide our nation?
30 min
Ep 17 | Is Mexico the New Venezuela? | Guest: D...
Matt Kibbe is joined by the Atlas Network’s Dr. Roberto Salinas León to discuss the future of Mexico and its relationship with the United States. The conversation covers immigration, free trade, drug cartels, and why Mexico’s new president has a grudge against cold beer. With all these challenges, can Mexico avoid going down the same populist road as Venezuela?
53 min
Ep 16 | Chad Prather’s Cowboy Capitalism | Gues...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Chad Prather, host of The Chad Prather Show and Humor Me on BlazeTV. They talk about Texas, stereotypes in comedy, the difference between libertarianism and conservatism, and whether the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot for 2020.
67 min
Ep 15 | Not All Professors Are Socialists | Gue...
Think all college professors are socialists? You’re in for a shock with guests Peter Boettke and John B. Taylor, professors of economics at George Mason University and Stanford University. Matt Kibbe asks tough questions on how we can educate young people and reclaim words like “liberalism,” “democracy,” and “capitalism.” The three discuss influencers like Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Adam Smith, and the mysterious Mont Pelerin Society.
56 min
Ep 14 | Billboard Top Rapper Says Government Is...
Think all musicians are progressive? Meet Eric July, frontman for BackWordz and an uncompromising defender of liberty. In this episode, Matt Kibbe and Eric July discuss why the Left tends to dominate the cultural conversation. July explains how he uses music to connect with the subculture he’s already part of. Influenced by Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams, July writes lyrics about liberty and limited government to show his listeners an alternative to the progressive mainstream music they’re used to.
65 min
Ep 13 | Speech Police of Silicon Valley | Guest...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Katherine Mangu-Ward, editor-in-chief of Reason, to discuss how government and tech companies form an unholy alliance to restrict our speech online. In this libertarian nerd-fest, they also talk sex work, the War on Drugs, and capitalism, and as a bonus, you’ll get an answer to the burning question of whether Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard person.
49 min
Ep 12 | Star Wars, Standup, and Sex | Guest: Da...
Dave Rubin joins Matt Kibbe to defend the "Star Wars" prequels, talk about his return to stand-up (and why he doesn't do sets drunk or stoned), and ask the age-old question: Are people having enough sex?
35 min
Ep 11 | Can Blockchain Save the World? | Guest:...
Patrick Byrne, CEO and Founder of Overstock, joins Matt Kibbe to discuss the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology to lift entire nations out of poverty, fix voter fraud, and make government middlemen irrelevant. Also, the early days of the Grateful Dead and novelist Ken Kesey.
64 min
Ep 10 | Monty Python and Thomas Paine | Guest: ...
Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) joins Matt Kibbe to talk about his new book, Our Lost Declaration. The guys also discuss the revolutionary populism of Thomas Paine and the 1993 Mike Myers classic “So I Married an Axe Murderer.”
58 min
Ep 9 | Legalize All the Drugs? | Guest: Dr. Jef...
Medical doctor Jeffrey Singer of The Cato Institute sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss the many misconceptions surrounding drug policy, and makes the radical suggestion that reducing harm, not putting people behind bars, should be our goal.
61 min
Ep 8 | Why the Swamp Gets It Backwards | Guest:...
Rep. Justin Amash (MI-3) joins Matt Kibbe to talk about Twitter wars, his family’s immigration to the US, and how to deal with the tribal warfare going on in our country right now. The guys geek out on Friedrich Hayek and find some hope for the future.
59 min
Ep 7 | Have Better Arguments, Be Better Citizen...
Citizen University's Eric Liu sits down with Matt Kibbe for an across-the-aisle discussion of liberty, equality, power, and responsibility, proving that we can disagree without being disagreeable.
65 min
Ep 6 | Dark Money and Scotch Whisky | Guest: La...
Matt Kibbe gets pickled with so-called Dark Money ATM Lawson Bader, who explains why donor privacy is crucial to a functioning democracy.
39 min
Ep 5 | Peace, Love, and Tolerance in Senegal | ...
Senegalese entrepreneur Magatte Wade sits down with Matt Kibbe to tell how she discovered why some countries are rich, why others are poor, and why the French are the worst.
60 min
Ep 4 | Make America Funny Again | Guest: Lou Perez
Comedian Lou Perez joins Matt Kibbe to talk about the need for humor in an increasingly humorless political environment, and why polar bears are evil monsters that must be stopped.
49 min
Ep 3 | The Greenest Member of Congress | Guest:...
Rep. Thomas Massie (KY-4) joins Matt Kibbe to talk science fiction, economics, and the Green New Deal. He also admits to a couple of libertarian heresies, but we won’t hold that against him. Off the Grid with Thomas Massie:
56 min
Ep 2 | The Radical Left’s Identity Politics | G...
Robby Soave joins Matt Kibbe for a discussion on identity politics. Is the new radical Left’s trigger warning culture imploding? Plus the Jussie Smollett scandal, only on Kibbe on Liberty.
74 min
Ep 1 | Behind the Libertarian Curtain | Guest: ...
Matt Kibbe offers Glenn Beck a peek behind the libertarian curtain, where they discuss the War on Drugs, socialism, and why some libertarians keep driving potential allies away.
38 min
Counter-Counter-Revolution | Guest: Matt Kibbe
The Kibbe on Liberty studio is still under construction. The production team is still working out kinks. Nothing is perfect, but we’re leaking this bonus episode anyways. Don’t mind the cats (or the whiskey)—Kibbe on Liberty is back! Welcome to the counter-counter-revolution in this special bonus episode featuring host Matt Kibbe and executive producer Matt Battaglia.
52 min
Coming Soon | All New Kibbe on Liberty
Kibbe on Liberty is back with a whole new show, starting February 18 everywhere you get podcasts! Matt Kibbe puts aside politics to have mostly honest conversations with mostly interesting people. We’re having fun even as we argue about things that really matter — you know, things like beer. Subscribe to Kibbe on Liberty, the counter-counter-revolution of social media. Because endless virtue-signaling is a total buzzkill.
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