Kibbe on Liberty

Kibbe on Liberty is a weekly podcast with libertarian author and economist, Matt Kibbe. Kibbe believes that honest conversations, driven by intellectual curiosity and mutual respect, can ignite a new revolution of free thinking and a willingness to question the official narrative. That means talking, and listening, to a wide variety of people outside the echo chamber of officially sanctioned experts. 

Kibbe on Liberty's guests include politicians, economists, musicians, comedians, writers, radio personalities, activists, journalists, and even magicians—with topics of conversation ranging from current affairs to obscure philosophy, from craft beer to the Grateful Dead. Cold one in hand, settle in for the next brain-stimulating hour of Kibbe on Liberty.

As the president of Free the People, Kibbe has decades of experience in the libertarian political sphere. He is the author of three books, including Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff, a #2 NY Times Best Seller. Kibbe is a fanatical DeadHead, drinker of great whisky, and collector of obscure books on Austrian economics.

News Commentary
Ep 287 | Can Comedians Save the World? | Guest:...
When truth is treason in the empire of lies, sometimes it takes a court jester to say what everyone else is thinking.
57 min
Ep 286 | Nobody Wants You Healthy | Guest: Dr. ...
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are reevaluating their relationship with the health care industry and the government bureaucrats who control it.
66 min
Ep 285 | Sassy with Massie (Part 2) | Guest: Th...
Matt Kibbe talks to Rep. Thomas Massie about a wide range of topics, including food freedom, the surveillance state, foreign policy, and how the congressman became the most hated man in Washington.
49 min
Ep 284 | 'How to Run Wars' | Guests: Christophe...
Matt Kibbe sits down with authors Christopher Coyne and Abigail Hall to discuss their new satirical book, "How to Run Wars," which uses humor to shine a light on the bellicose evils of the perpetual war machine and those who seek to profit from it.
49 min
Ep 283 | Sassy with Massie (Part 1) | Guest: Th...
In this special two-part episode, we’re going back through the years to showcase some of Massie’s best conversations with Matt Kibbe.
48 min
Ep 282 | Dr. Fauci Tortured Cats | Guest: Antho...
Matt Kibbe speaks to Anthony Bellotti, president and founder of the White Coat Waste Project, about how an investigation into feline animal abuse in government labs led to a surprising discovery about the origins of the COVID-19 virus.
59 min
Ep 281 | Both Republicans and Democrats Love Wa...
Tulsi Gabbard explains why she parted ways with her old party and what Americans can do to take back their power over the political elite who are supposed to work for them..
51 min
Ep 280 | Independent Creators Can’t Be Stopped ...
In the debate about cancel culture, it’s become cliché to claim that the powers that be won’t permit certain types of entertainment anymore.
50 min
Ep 279 | States Are Laboratories of Liberty | G...
New Hampshire and Maine are positioned to demonstrate that liberty-oriented laws can not only pass, but that they can work to improve the lives of American citizens.
50 min
Ep 278 | Bring Our Troops Home | Guest: Derek P...
Matt Kibbe sat down with Derek Proulx, the New Hampshire state chair of Bring Our Troops Home, to talk about his involvement in the Defend the Guard movement.
30 min
Ep 277 | The Speaker Has No Clothes | Guest: Re...
Speaker of the House Mike Johnson’s job is in trouble, as many Republicans in Congress are dissatisfied with his lack of leadership and willingness to cozy up to the Democratic opposition.
62 min
Ep 276 | How New Hampshire Became the Freest St...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Carla Gericke, president emeritus of the Free State Project, to discuss the history of the project, where it is today, and where it’s going in the future.
45 min
Ep 275 | How Estonia Defeated Socialism | Guest...
After the fall of the Soviet Union, a whole host of European countries were faced with a unique opportunity: the chance to free their economy and clean up a corrupt legal system.
63 min
Ep 274 | Someone Has to Stand Up for Women’s Sp...
Matt Kibbe talks with Jennifer Sey, a champion gymnast and the founder and CEO of XX-XY Athletics, about the abuse she has received for having the courage to speak obvious truths about human anatomy out loud.
45 min
Ep 273 | Government Commits More Crimes than We...
In the information age, it’s ironic that the government is becoming more secretive than ever.
0 min
Ep 272 | Democracy Ain’t What It Used to Be | G...
Matt Kibbe talks to Glenn Jacobs about a wide variety of liberty issues,
51 min
Ep 271 | Why ‘Cabrini’ Is Connecting with Audie...
Matt Kibbe talks to Angel Studios co-founder and president Jordan Harmon about the company’s latest release, “Cabrini,” which is proving to be both a critical and financial success.
42 min
Bonus Episode | Do We Still Have the Right to Q...
Matt Kibbe checks in with Dr. Bhattacharya on the status of Murthy v. Missouri and the prospects for the future of free speech in America.
19 min
Bonus Episode | Ban TikTok, Grow the Surveillan...
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard sat down with Matt Kibbe to discuss the further implications of the TikTok bill
8 min
Ep 270 | The Inspiring Legacy of Thomas Sowell ...
Hounded out of his profession, Clifton Duncan took comfort in discovering the work of another celebrated nonconformist, economist Thomas Sowell.
62 min
Ep 269 | The Truth About Growing Up in the Sovi...
Matt Kibbe talks to Gia Jandieri, founder of the New Economic School, about what it was like for him to spend half his life under an oppressive communist regime.
72 min
Ep 268 | Congress Is Using Kids to Impose Onlin...
Matt Kibbe talks to Yaël Ossowski, deputy director at the Consumer Choice Center, about the importance of free speech and privacy online.
54 min
Ep 267 | Libertarianism Is About Respect | Gues...
Instead of referencing obscure economic concepts and spreadsheets full of data, we can tell a story about values that will connect with audiences, not just on an intellectual level but an emotional one as well.
67 min
Ep 266 | Why Did We Stop Talking About Venezuel...
Just because we stop talking about something doesn’t mean it ceases to exist. In Venezuela, things have only gotten worse.
47 min
Ep 265 | COVID Policy Was a Psychosis | Guest: ...
Tom Woods catalogues how, as the pandemic progressed, the folly and foolishness of lockdowns became ever more clear as public health officials backtracked, contradicted themselves, and made a series of entirely arbitrary recommendations with no basis in science or sound policy.
51 min