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Libertarian Matt Kibbe puts aside politics to have mostly honest conversations with mostly interesting people. Mostly because it’s really hard to be honest and interesting at the same time. Mostly because we want to have some fun, even as we argue about things that really matter—you know, things like beer. Kibbe digs a little deeper with guests from all over the political spectrum: Right, Left, and libertarian; smart, independent people who don’t give a damn about your preferred political tribe. Let’s listen and learn together. Subscribe to Kibbe on Liberty, the counter-counter-revolution of social media. Because endless virtue-signaling is a total buzzkill.

News Commentary
Ep 213 | In Search of Monsters to Destroy | Gue...
71 min
Ep 212 | The NIH’s Campaign of Animal Abuse | G...
Matt Kibbe and Justin Goodman talk about some of the horrific cases of animal cruelty and abuse that the government has been financing for years.
60 min
Ep 211 | The Myth of Left and Right | Guests: V...
50 min
Ep 210 | The New Church Committee | Guest: Rep....
Matt Kibbe talks to Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) about the recent fight over the Speaker of the House election.
59 min
Ep 209 | How COVID Drove the World Insane | Gue...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Justin Hart to talk about the wide range of irrational behavior we saw during the pandemic
51 min
Ep 208 | A Historic Fight for Speaker of the Ho...
Matt Kibbe gives his analysis of the current election for Speaker of the House taking place in the U.S. Capitol, then is joined by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) for an inside look at the proceedings.
24 min
Ep 207 | Leaving the Left for Liberty | Guest: ...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Sienna Mae Heath, host of “Leaving the Left for Liberty,” to talk about their different strategies for communicating ideas of liberty to the public.
62 min
Ep 206 | People Are Hungry for School Reform | ...
60 min
Ep 205 | Levi’s President Told to Zip It Over C...
Matt Kibbe talks to Jennifer Sey, former brand president of Levi’s, about how she was pushed out of the company over her views on COVID lockdowns.
66 min
Ep 204 | Censorship Is a Big Government Problem...
Matt Kibbe is joined by the R Street Institute’s Adam Thierer and Wayne Brough to discuss the state of free speech on the internet.
56 min
Ep 203 | Liberty Republicans Outperformed the P...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Jack Hunter, co-founder of Based Politics, to discuss the results of the midterm elections, what we can learn from a lukewarm performance from Republicans, and the state of conservatism in the United States.
66 min
Ep 202 | Why Do Tyrants Get Reelected? | Guest:...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) to discuss the results of the recent midterm election.
54 min
Ep 201 | What We Talk About When We Talk About ...
Matt Kibbe talks with economist Per Bylund, who explains what the economy actually is and how it works in terms that are easy for anyone to understand.
70 min
Ep 200 | What Is Foreign Policy Realism? | Gues...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Will Ruger, president of AIER, to discuss the theory of foreign policy realism and how we can apply it to international conflicts like the war in Ukraine.
67 min
Ep 199 | How Lockdowns Killed the Magic | Guest...
Matt Kibbe is joined by comedic magician Doc Dixon to talk about what it was like being an entertainer during the years when live performances were mostly prohibited.
66 min
Ep 198 | Human Progress Means We Should Feel Gr...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Marian Tupy, senior fellow at the Cato Institute and author of “Superabundance,” to talk about the ways in which the standard of living has dramatically increased over the years.
55 min
Ep 197 | COVID Lockdowns Were Unconstitutional ...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Robert Alt, CEO of The Buckeye Institute, and Eric Flannery, owner of The Big Board, to celebrate the filing of their constitutional challenge against the District of Columbia.
50 min
Ep 196 | Parents Are Taking Charge of Their Chi...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Corey DeAngelis, senior fellow at the American Federation for Children, to discuss the bottom-up revolution sweeping the States.
61 min
Ep 195 | The Government Is Waging a War on Smal...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Carol Roth, author of “The War on Small Business,” to discuss the many ways in which government policy favors huge corporations and makes life hard for the independent business owner.
55 min
Ep 194 | We Need a Participatory Health Policy ...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Stanford University epidemiologists Jay Bhattacharya and John Ioannidis to discuss the interaction between science and health policy.
73 min
Ep 193 | Are We in a Perfect Storm of Recession...
Matt Kibbe talks with Gene Epstein, director of the Soho Forum, about the economy, inflation, and whether or not the United States is set to experience a severe recession.
68 min
Ep 192 | The War on Misinformation Is a Disaste...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Jenin Younes, litigation counsel for the New Civil Liberties Alliance, to discuss the lawsuit filed by two attorneys general against the federal government over online censorship.
45 min
Ep 191 | Without Comedy, Society Collapses | Gu...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Lou Perez, comedian and author of “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore,” to talk about the future of comedy in a world where taking offense has risen to the level of a competitive sport.
45 min
Ep 190 | Take the Politics Out of Crowdfunding ...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Heather Wilson and Jacob Wells, co-founders of GiveSendGo, a crowdfunding website that doesn’t discriminate based on differences in ideology.
50 min
Ep 189 | Can a Society Exist Without Government...
Matt Kibbe sits down with economist David Friedman, one of the original advocates for a stateless society, where all services are provided by markets rather than government.
48 min