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News Commentary
Ep 156 | Are Vaccine Mandates Constitutional? |...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Jenin Younes, litigation counsel for the New Civil Liberties Alliance, to discuss the imminent Supreme Court decision on whether OSHA can legally mandate that workers take the COVID-19 vaccine.
45 min
Ep 155 | Conform or Be Cast Out | Guest: Logan ...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Logan Albright, head writer for Free the People. Together they discuss the ways in which the ruling elites have attempted to enforce conformity on the population using stigma, shaming, and often physical violence.
37 min
Ep 154 | The Technocratic Emperor Has No Clothe...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Brian McWilliams and Calum Nicholson to discuss the failures of the technocratic state in managing public health during a pandemic.
64 min
Ep 153 | The Christmas Special | Guests: The Fr...
Matt Kibbe is joined by a tired and slightly hungover Free the People staff to discuss some of the projects that have been keeping them going all year.
48 min
Ep 152 | Is There Any Limit to Government Power...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Robert Alt to discuss whether there are any effective legal mechanisms to limit government power.
47 min
Ep 151 | Congress Shouldn’t Rely on Courts to D...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) to discuss the bloated end-of-year budget that always keeps Congress in town right up until Christmas.
38 min
Ep 150 | How the Government Grinch Stole Christ...
Matt Kibbe sits down with economist Peter C. Earle to discuss all the policy failures that have led to the Christmas season looking less merry.
56 min
Ep 149 | What Do We Know About the Origins of C...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Matt Ridley, author of “Viral: The Search for the Origin of COVID-19,” to discuss the constantly shifting media narrative surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.
60 min
Ep 148 | Don’t Enable Corrupt Systems; Change T...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Corey Olsen, president of Signum University, to talk about the ways in which higher education has failed to serve students.
62 min
Ep 147 | Capitalism Is the Antidote to Poverty ...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Antonella Marty to talk about Latin America’s struggles with socialism, nationalism, and organized crime.
45 min
Ep 146 | To Fix the Supply Chain, Get Out of th...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Jon Miltimore, managing editor at FEE, to talk about the reason why America’s supply chain has broken down and what can be done to fix it.
62 min
Ep 145 | The Real Cuba Is Not What Tourists See...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Maria C. Werlau, executive director at the Free Society Project, to discuss the popular mythologies surrounding Cuba and its record on human rights.
59 min
Ep 144 | Outsmarting the Medical-Industrial Com...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to talk about the ways in which public health officials like Anthony Fauci have misled the American people.
26 min
Ep 143 | The Biggest Threat to Liberty Is Comfo...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Reed Coverdale, host of the Naturalist Capitalist podcast and professional trucker, to talk about the traditional American spirit of liberty and independence.
55 min
Ep 142 | The World Is Getting Better | Guests: ...
Matt Kibbe is joined by James Harrigan and Antony Davies, economists and hosts of the Words & Numbers podcast.
46 min
Ep 141 | Why Won’t Anyone Talk About Natural Im...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) for a conversation that will surely attract the ire of censors everywhere.
53 min
Ep 140 | It’s Dangerous to Support Freedom in A...
Matt Kibbe talks to Khalid Ramizy about the situation in Kabul during the departure of American forces.
48 min
Ep 139 | The West Is in Serious Trouble | Guest...
Matt Kibbe sits down with founder Glenn Beck to discuss his rescue activities in Afghanistan.
62 min
Ep 138 | We Have to Choose Between Dangerous Fr...
Matt Kibbe sits down with comedian JP Sears to talk about his evolution from a spiritual satirist to a champion of freedom.
57 min
Ep 137 | No Americans Left Behind Should Be the...
Matt Kibbe sits down with veteran and congressman Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) to discuss Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.
45 min
Ep 136 | Telling Stories of Freedom Through Fil...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Jo Ann Skousen, director of the Anthem Film Festival at FreedomFest in Rapid City, South Dakota.
27 min
Ep 135 | The Afghanistan Withdrawal Was Botched...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Kelley Vlahos from the Quincy Institute and Matt Purple of the American Conservative for an emergency special edition of Kibbe on Liberty to sort out what is happening in Afghanistan.
50 min
Ep 134 | Debating Socialists Is a Dirty Job, Bu...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Gene Epstein, director and moderator of the Soho Forum, to talk about the importance of debating big ideas.
52 min
Ep 133 | Libertarianism in Plain English | Gues...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Tom Woods, host of the Tom Woods Show, who discusses public speaking, communication, and the importance of communicating complex ideas in simple language.
50 min
Ep 132 | Americans Must Reject China-Style Auth...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Lily Tang Williams, a survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, to discuss her concerns about the direction America is going.
47 min
Ep 131 | Communicating Liberty Is No Joke | Gue...
Matt Kibbe sits down with comedian Dave Smith, host of the Part of the Problem podcast, to talk about the diverse ways in which we can communicate libertarian ideas to the broader public.
49 min
Ep 130 | Socialism Has Poisoned Every Aspect of...
Matt Kibbe talks to Martha Bueno, Candidate for Miami Dade County Commissioner and the daughter of Cuban immigrants, about the developing situation in Cuba, where locals are rising up in protest against government oppression.
38 min
Ep 129 | Live Free and Thrive in New Hampshire ...
In the first of a series of shows filmed at this year's PorcFest, Matt Kibbe sits down with organizers Carla Gericke and Dennis Pratt to discuss this remarkable gathering of liberty lovers from all across the nation.
38 min
Ep 128 | Governor Beshear vs. Good Beer | Guest...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Ted Mitzlaff from Goodwood Brewing and Oliver Dunford from the Pacific Legal Foundation to discuss the ways in which the capricious mandates from Kentucky’s governor have all but destroyed the state’s brewing industry.
40 min
Ep 127 | What Happens When Tyranny Comes Home? ...
Matt Kibbe is joined by professor of economics Christopher Coyne to discuss the new book “Tyranny Comes Home.”
61 min
Ep 126 | Progressives View Democracy as an Obst...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Blaze Media founder Glenn Beck to talk about the Great Reset or, as Kibbe calls it, COVID socialism.
53 min
Ep 125 | Does America Still Believe in Second C...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) to talk about where Republicans have strayed from their traditional values.
41 min
Ep 124 | The Chinese Model Should Be Shunned, N...
Matt Kibbe talks with Li Schoolland, who grew up in China under Mao Zedong, about the many ways that Chinese communism persecutes individuals and crushes opportunity.
62 min
Ep 123 | An Inside Look at the Violence in Jeru...
Matt Kibbe talks to Gil Dagan in Israel about the recent riots and rocket strikes in Jerusalem.
48 min
Ep 122 | Lockdowns Have Us Singing the Blues | ...
Matt Kibbe sits down with blues guitarist Tommy Z to talk about the hazards of living in a blue state, with a governor bent on destroying the live music industry and stoking public fears.
44 min
Ep 121 | No Dignity Without Integrity | Guest: ...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Mark Pellegrino, a film and television actor who’s had roles in such successful projects as “The Big Lebowski,” “Lost,” and “Mulholland Drive.”
60 min
Ep 120 | Freedom Lets Ordinary People Do Extrao...
Matt Kibbe sits down with economist Peter Boettke to discuss his new book, “The Struggle for a Better World,” about the hope that comes along with the vision of a free society.
65 min
Ep 119 | What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Hope...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Stephen Kent and Matt Battaglia to discuss the valuable moral and political lessons of the world’s most popular movie franchise.
65 min
Ep 118 | The Dubious History of Anthony Fauci |...
Matt Kibbe sits down with economist Phillip Magness, who has been documenting the historical record of America’s most powerful bureaucrat, Dr. Anthony Fauci.
58 min
Ep 117 | Gun Control Creates Haves and Have Not...
Matt Kibbe is joined by civil rights attorney Matt Larosiere to talk about the government’s various attempts to restrict our access to firearms.
51 min
Ep 116 | Hypochondria as Policy | Guest: Spike ...
Matt Kibbe talks to former Libertarian vice presidential nominee Spike Cohen about government fearmongering and the threat of vaccine passports to liberty.
54 min
Ep 115 | The Culture War Rages Across the Pond ...
Matt Kibbe sits down with U.K.-based rapper Zuby to talk about coronavirus lockdowns in Britain, cancel culture, censorship, and the role of the arts in speaking truth to power.
58 min
Ep 114 | Why Portland Exploded | Guest: Nancy R...
Matt Kibbe talks with journalist Nancy Rommelmann about her experiences covering Antifa and the riots in Portland, Oregon.
51 min
Ep 113 | How Podcasts Will Save America | Guest...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Marc Clair, host of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, to talk about their common medium of podcasting and how it’s transforming the way that people get their information.
56 min
Ep 112 | How Can We Actually Improve Health Car...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Kara Jones, vice president of FREOPP, to discuss practical solutions to America’s ongoing health care crisis.
57 min
Ep 111 | America Is Back ... to Bombing Syria |...
Matt Kibbe talks to Kelley Vlahos about the Biden administration’s foreign policy, which is already looking a lot like Barack Obama’s foreign policy.
51 min
Ep 110 | Time to End the War on Terror | Guest:...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Scott Horton, editorial director of, to talk about why peace is such a difficult sell in Washington, D.C.
70 min
Ep 109 | America Has Abandoned Reason for Fear ...
Matt Kibbe is joined by economist Donald Boudreaux to try to come to grips with the complete lack of rational risk assessment Americans have displayed with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic.
48 min
Ep 108 | The Coming Currency Crisis | Guest: Pe...
Matt Kibbe sits down with author and economist Peter Schiff to talk about why Donald Trump lost, what to expect from the Joe Biden administration, and the dangers of unconstrained government spending.
54 min
Ep 107 | Live by Executive Order, Die by Execut...
Brad Polumbo joins Matt Kibbe to assess Joe Biden’s first speech as president and the policy agenda he has laid out so far.
46 min
Ep 106 | Only School Choice Can Solve Education...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Corey DeAngelis to discuss the shocking failure of government schools to meet the needs of parents and students during the coronavirus lockdowns.
44 min
Ep 105 | If You Want Personal Freedom, Support ...
Matt Kibbe sits down with economist Robert Lawson to talk about his Economic Freedom Index, an annual ranking of the world’s freest—and most unfree—economies.
56 min
Ep 104 | Is the U.S. in a Cold Civil War? | Gue...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) to talk about the deep political and social divisions running through the country that erupted into violence last week at the U.S. Capitol.
42 min
Ep 103 | To Sell Freedom, Listen More | Guest: ...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Brian Nichols to discuss the failures of libertarians to effectively market ideas.
48 min
Ep 102 | The Deep State Isn’t a Partisan Issue ...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) to discuss their bipartisan bill to repeal the Patriot Act.
36 min
Ep 101 | All We Want for Christmas Is 2021 | Gu...
Matt Kibbe is joined by the entire Free the People staff to celebrate another year fighting for freedom.
58 min
Ep 100 | How Driving Embodies the American Spir...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Matthew Crawford to discuss driving as a metaphor for American individualism, independence, and competence.
52 min
Ep 99 | Government Is Crushing Minorities at Ev...
Matt Kibbe is joined by BackWordz frontman Eric July to talk about a whole slate of government policies that are proving unbelievably destructive for the black community.
56 min
Ep 98 | Government Can’t Replace Entrepreneurs ...
Economists Deirdre McCloskey and Alberto Mingardi sit down with Matt Kibbe to discuss their new book, “The Myth of the Entrepreneurial State.”
58 min
Ep 97 | The Supreme Court Is Supremely Disorder...
Matt Kibbe is joined by the Cato Institute’s Ilya Shapiro to talk about how and why the Supreme Court has become so relentlessly politicized and dangerously powerful over the years.
52 min
Ep 96 | Lockdowns Are Unscientific and Dangerou...
Matt Kibbe is joined by biochemical engineer Ivor Cummins, who has been studying the science behind the COVID-19 lockdown mandates that have been the defining feature of 2020.
54 min
Ep 95 | Bigfoot Exposed! | Guest: Rep. Denver R...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.), author of the new book “Bigfoot: It’s Complicated,” to get to the bottom of what underlies belief in this majestic, mythical beast.
58 min
Ep 94 | The Deep State, Exposed! | Guest: Patri...
In an eyewitness account that seems stranger than fiction, Patrick Byrne blows the whistle on the deep state
59 min
Ep 93 | Government Can’t Legislate Dignity | Gu...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Father Robert Sirico, president of the Acton Institute.
57 min
Ep 92 | Why Are Warmongers Supporting Biden? | ...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Kelley Vlahos to talk about the military-industrial complex and its commitment to permanent war.
57 min
Ep 91 | Political Parties Are Breaking Apart | ...
Matt Kibbe talks with Todd Hagopian, Libertarian candidate for Oklahoma corporation commissioner, about the increasingly fractured nature of America’s political parties.
20 min
Ep 90 | Politics Is Like a Bad Boyfriend | Gues...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Hanna Waugh, Libertarian candidate for Lake County Commissioner, to talk about politicians' abusive relationship with the American people.
44 min
Ep 89 | Meet the Woman the Political Duopoly Fe...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen to talk about the dumpster fire debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.
33 min
Ep 88 | Nobel Laureate on the Morality of Marke...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Nobel laureate economist Vernon Smith to talk about how the market process is not only efficient, but also encourages communities to peacefully cooperate.
56 min
Ep 87 | How to Bridge Our Toxic Political Divid...
Matt Kibbe sits down with P.J. O’Rourke, author of “A Cry from the Far Middle,” to talk about the polarization of 21st-century America.
56 min
Ep 86 | The Threat of Emergency Socialism | Gue...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) to discuss the upcoming series, “The Constitution: Line by Line.”
53 min
Ep 85 | Human Life Is Not Disposable | Guest: H...
Hannah Cox, conservative commentator and writer, sits down with Matt Kibbe to talk about criminal justice reform, the 2020 presidential election, and the Black Lives Matter protests.
46 min
Ep 84 | Finding Purpose in a Simple Life | Gues...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Gary Collins, author of “The Simple Life,” to figure out why people are struggling to find happiness in 21st-century America.
65 min
Ep 83 | How Ron Paul Became a Beacon for Libert...
Dr. Ron Paul sits down with Matt Kibbe deep in the heart of Texas to discuss his intellectual influences and his political history.
63 min
Ep 82 | What America Can Learn from Lebanon's F...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Patrick Mardini, founder of the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies, to talk about the recent explosion that rocked the port of Beirut, killing hundreds.
36 min
Ep 81 | The Future of the Liberty Movement Is E...
Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss his book, “The Freedom Movement: Its Past, Present, and Future.”
48 min
Ep 80 | Be Careful What You Wish For in Biparti...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to talk about trillion-dollar bailouts, the science of the coronavirus pandemic, violence in Portland, police reform, and a host of other issues.
43 min
Ep 79 | China Is Denying Hong Kong’s Autonomy |...
Simon Lee, freedom protestor fighting for Hong Kong’s independence, sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss China’s increasingly aggressive posture toward Hong Kong.
50 min
Ep 78 | Progressives Own the Violence in Portla...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Brad Polumbo, journalist fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education and writer at the Washington Examiner.
50 min
Ep 77 | Stop Helping Us, Government | Guest: Ma...
Matt Kibbe catches up with Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando.
47 min
Ep 76 | This Libertarian Is Running to Win | Gu...
Matt Kibbe talks to Spike Cohen, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for vice president, about values, culture, and the political process.
39 min
Ep 75 | Progressivism Created the Militarizatio...
59 min
Ep 74 | Building a Third Party Through Persuasi...
Matt Kibbe sits down with the Libertarian presidential nominee, Jo Jorgensen, to talk about the issues, the two-party duopoly, and how Libertarians hope to make inroads with voters.
49 min
Ep 73 | The Criminal Justice System Is Rotten t...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Clark Neily, vice president for criminal justice at the Cato Institute, to discuss a few of the many problems with America’s criminal justice system.
56 min
Ep 72 | American Business Is About Free Express...
Brewer, entrepreneur, and Flying Dog CEO Jim Caruso sits down with Matt Kibbe at his brewery to talk about his passion for free speech and personal responsibility.
72 min
Ep 71 | All Atrocities Begin with ‘Safety’ | Gu...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, to talk about lockdowns, protests, riots, and police reform.
53 min
Ep 70 | Libertarians Can Build Bridges on Polic...
Rapper and Blaze contributor Eric July joins Matt Kibbe to talk about the tragedy of George Floyd's death, the ensuing protests, and the need for police reform.
58 min
Ep 69 | Government’s Cure Is Worse Than the Dis...
Venture capitalist and Draper University founder Tim Draper joins Matt Kibbe to talk about lockdowns, free speech, regulation, and the proper role of government.
48 min
Ep 68 | We Don’t Know How Innovation Works | Gu...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Matt Ridley, author of “How Innovation Works,” to talk about the mysterious process of economic and technological progress.
66 min
Ep 67 | We Can’t Neglect Cancer During COVID-19...
While it’s important to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t forget about the other health care issues people are dealing with.
30 min
Ep 66 | How Do We Feed America During COVID-19?...
Matt Kibbe sits down with self-described Lunatic Farmer Joel Salatin and Rep. Thomas Massie to talk about the food shortages Americans are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus lockdown.
68 min
Ep 65 | The Only Thing That Unites the Left Is ...
Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report and author of “Don’t Burn This Book,” sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss the political Left’s response to the coronavirus.
58 min
Ep 64 | COVID-19 Creates Opportunities for Just...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Kathleen McGoey and police Chief Mike Butler, to discuss how one Colorado city is revolutionizing the criminal justice system.
45 min
Ep 63 | Is Cooperation or Coercion the Answer t...
Matt Kibbe is joined by economist Antony Davies and political scientist James Harrigan, hosts of the popular Words & Numbers podcast.
51 min
Ep 62 | Ways to Help Your Kids Learn During Qua...
Still on COVID-19 lockdown, Matt Kibbe is joined by Kerry McDonald, author of “Unschooled,” to talk about alternative education strategies during the coronavirus quarantine.
41 min
Ep 61 | Mayor Says Coronavirus Lockdown Has Tra...
Matt Kibbe is joined via Skype by Glenn Jacobs, the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, to discuss how his state is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.
49 min
Ep 60 | Educate Yourself on COVID-19 Prediction...
As the quarantine continues, Matt Kibbe is joined by Phillip Magness, a senior research fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research.
41 min
Ep 59 | Massie Stands Alone on COVID-19 Bailout...
Rep. Thomas Massie joins Matt Kibbe to give a play-by-play of his stand against the COVID-19 bailout bill.
56 min
Ep 58 | Coronavirus Response Is a Central Plann...
In this special quarantine edition of Kibbe on Liberty, Matt Kibbe is joined via Skype by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky) to discuss the COVID-19 virus and the government’s response to it.
45 min
Ep 57 | Leaderless Movements Are Fighting for D...
Michael Abramowitz of Freedom House joins Matt Kibbe to talk about the need to support democratic movements springing up around the globe.
57 min