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News Commentary
Ep 87 | How to Bridge Our Toxic Political Divid...
Matt Kibbe sits down with P.J. O’Rourke, author of “A Cry from the Far Middle,” to talk about the polarization of 21st-century America.
56 min
Ep 86 | The Threat of Emergency Socialism | Gue...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) to discuss the upcoming series, “The Constitution: Line by Line.”
53 min
Ep 85 | Human Life Is Not Disposable | Guest: H...
Hannah Cox, conservative commentator and writer, sits down with Matt Kibbe to talk about criminal justice reform, the 2020 presidential election, and the Black Lives Matter protests.
46 min
Ep 84 | Finding Purpose in a Simple Life | Gues...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Gary Collins, author of “The Simple Life,” to figure out why people are struggling to find happiness in 21st-century America.
65 min
Ep 83 | How Ron Paul Became a Beacon for Libert...
Dr. Ron Paul sits down with Matt Kibbe deep in the heart of Texas to discuss his intellectual influences and his political history.
63 min
Ep 82 | What America Can Learn from Lebanon's F...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Patrick Mardini, founder of the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies, to talk about the recent explosion that rocked the port of Beirut, killing hundreds.
36 min
Ep 81 | The Future of the Liberty Movement Is E...
Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss his book, “The Freedom Movement: Its Past, Present, and Future.”
48 min
Ep 80 | Be Careful What You Wish For in Biparti...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to talk about trillion-dollar bailouts, the science of the coronavirus pandemic, violence in Portland, police reform, and a host of other issues.
43 min
Ep 79 | China Is Denying Hong Kong’s Autonomy |...
Simon Lee, freedom protestor fighting for Hong Kong’s independence, sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss China’s increasingly aggressive posture toward Hong Kong.
50 min
Ep 78 | Progressives Own the Violence in Portla...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Brad Polumbo, journalist fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education and writer at the Washington Examiner.
50 min
Ep 77 | Stop Helping Us, Government | Guest: Ma...
Matt Kibbe catches up with Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando.
47 min
Ep 76 | This Libertarian Is Running to Win | Gu...
Matt Kibbe talks to Spike Cohen, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for vice president, about values, culture, and the political process.
39 min
Ep 75 | Progressivism Created the Militarizatio...
59 min
Ep 74 | Building a Third Party Through Persuasi...
Matt Kibbe sits down with the Libertarian presidential nominee, Jo Jorgensen, to talk about the issues, the two-party duopoly, and how Libertarians hope to make inroads with voters.
49 min
Ep 73 | The Criminal Justice System Is Rotten t...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Clark Neily, vice president for criminal justice at the Cato Institute, to discuss a few of the many problems with America’s criminal justice system.
56 min
Ep 72 | American Business Is About Free Express...
Brewer, entrepreneur, and Flying Dog CEO Jim Caruso sits down with Matt Kibbe at his brewery to talk about his passion for free speech and personal responsibility.
72 min
Ep 71 | All Atrocities Begin with ‘Safety’ | Gu...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, to talk about lockdowns, protests, riots, and police reform.
53 min
Ep 70 | Libertarians Can Build Bridges on Polic...
Rapper and Blaze contributor Eric July joins Matt Kibbe to talk about the tragedy of George Floyd's death, the ensuing protests, and the need for police reform.
58 min
Ep 69 | Government’s Cure Is Worse Than the Dis...
Venture capitalist and Draper University founder Tim Draper joins Matt Kibbe to talk about lockdowns, free speech, regulation, and the proper role of government.
48 min
Ep 68 | We Don’t Know How Innovation Works | Gu...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Matt Ridley, author of “How Innovation Works,” to talk about the mysterious process of economic and technological progress.
66 min
Ep 67 | We Can’t Neglect Cancer During COVID-19...
While it’s important to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t forget about the other health care issues people are dealing with.
30 min
Ep 66 | How Do We Feed America During COVID-19?...
Matt Kibbe sits down with self-described Lunatic Farmer Joel Salatin and Rep. Thomas Massie to talk about the food shortages Americans are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus lockdown.
68 min
Ep 65 | The Only Thing That Unites the Left Is ...
Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report and author of “Don’t Burn This Book,” sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss the political Left’s response to the coronavirus.
58 min
Ep 64 | COVID-19 Creates Opportunities for Just...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Kathleen McGoey and police Chief Mike Butler, to discuss how one Colorado city is revolutionizing the criminal justice system.
45 min
Ep 63 | Is Cooperation or Coercion the Answer t...
Matt Kibbe is joined by economist Antony Davies and political scientist James Harrigan, hosts of the popular Words & Numbers podcast.
51 min
Ep 62 | Ways to Help Your Kids Learn During Qua...
Still on COVID-19 lockdown, Matt Kibbe is joined by Kerry McDonald, author of “Unschooled,” to talk about alternative education strategies during the coronavirus quarantine.
41 min
Ep 61 | Mayor Says Coronavirus Lockdown Has Tra...
Matt Kibbe is joined via Skype by Glenn Jacobs, the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, to discuss how his state is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.
49 min
Ep 60 | Educate Yourself on COVID-19 Prediction...
As the quarantine continues, Matt Kibbe is joined by Phillip Magness, a senior research fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research.
41 min
Ep 59 | Massie Stands Alone on COVID-19 Bailout...
Rep. Thomas Massie joins Matt Kibbe to give a play-by-play of his stand against the COVID-19 bailout bill.
56 min
Ep 58 | Coronavirus Response Is a Central Plann...
In this special quarantine edition of Kibbe on Liberty, Matt Kibbe is joined via Skype by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky) to discuss the COVID-19 virus and the government’s response to it.
45 min
Ep 57 | Leaderless Movements Are Fighting for D...
Michael Abramowitz of Freedom House joins Matt Kibbe to talk about the need to support democratic movements springing up around the globe.
57 min
Ep 56 | The Four Reasons Parents Live in Fear |...
Free-Range Kids founder Lenore Skenazy sits down with Matt Kibbe to break down the reasons why parents are so much more afraid for their children’s safety these days.
62 min
Ep 55 | Drugs Don’t Kill People, the War on Dru...
Former New York state gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe joins Matt Kibbe to discuss a wide variety of issues from the War on Drugs to why Republicans and Democrats can’t unite the country.
65 min
Ep 54 | Learn About Liberty and Light Up the Wo...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Libertarian Party presidential candidate Jacob Hornberger to discuss the future of freedom in America.
71 min
Ep 53 | It’s Not Possible to Be a Good Presiden...
Economist Max Gulker sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss some of the big ideas coming out of the Democratic primary.
71 min
Ep 52 | Iranians Are Ready for Freedom | Guest:...
Iranian writer and activist Ladan Boroumand sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss her fight for human rights in Iran.
62 min
Ep 51 | Can Socialist Sanders Win It? | Guest: ...
Reason editor at large Matt Welch joins Matt Kibbe to discuss Bernie Sanders and the 2020 presidential campaign. The guys rail on Bernie, but worry about his populist, anti-establishment qualities, similar to those that propelled Donald Trump in 2016. They touch on international trade, foreign policy, health care, and other issues likely to surface as the campaign unfolds.
50 min
Ep 50 | Women Have a Right to Defend Themselves...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Nikki Goeser of the Crime Prevention Research Center to discuss how gun laws have impacted her personally. After she had to watch her husband get gunned down in a supposedly gun-free zone, Nikki wrote a book about how gun laws designed to keep us safe actually make us all potential victims.
40 min
Ep 49 | The Science Is Never Settled | Guest: T...
Author and biochemistry professor Terence Kealey joins Matt Kibbe to discuss how the religion of science is misleading the public. Government funding and the peer review system have created a bubble that refuses to be challenged, and in areas such as nutrition, the resulting groupthink has literally been killing people.
46 min
Ep 48 | Only Congress Can Declare War in Iran |...
In the wake of the killing of Qasem Soleimani, everyone is worried about war with Iran. Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution states that Congress has the power to declare war or authorize military action. Rep. Thomas Massie joins Matt Kibbe to explain how Congress has abdicated that responsibly, giving more power to unelected Deep Staters who always choose war.
60 min
Ep 47 | Canadian Health Care: Myths vs. Reality...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Troy Lanigan, president of Canada’s Manning Center, to talk about what Canadian health care is really like. At a time when everyone in America is talking about Medicare for All, it’s important to puncture the misconceptions about socialized medicine in countries like Canada and point out how such systems would harm patients in the United States.
48 min
Ep 46 | A Story of Heroes and Villains | Guest:...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Prof. Randy Barnett to talk about the Constitution and how it should be interpreted. Barnett’s new book, “An Introduction to Constitutional Law,” highlights 100 Supreme Court cases that everyone should know to understand how the law of the land has evolved over the course of America’s history. An Introduction to Constitutional Law: 100 Supreme Court Cases Everyone Should Know:
56 min
Ep 45 | A Very Kibbe Christmas | Guests: Free t...
In this special Christmas episode of Kibbe on Liberty, Matt Kibbe is joined by the motley Free the People staff, Terry Kibbe, Matt Battaglia, Kara Pally, Sam Martin, Logan Albright, and Joel Davis to talk about video storytelling and conveying the message of liberty to a younger generation. The gang dives into some of their exciting new projects on the horizon for 2020, and wishes season's greetings to all viewers young and old. Find the projects mentioned in this episode at or
49 min
Ep 44 | Be the America Hong Kong Thinks You Are...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Lee Bishop and Cyan Banister, two of the voices behind the NBA protests in support of a free Hong Kong. They explain their motivation for getting involved and why Americans owe it to themselves to support Hong Kong's struggle for the same types of freedom and democracy we enjoy at home. Free Hong Kong - 香港人加油 美國支持你:
51 min
Ep 43 | Baby Yoda for President | Guest: Andrew...
Comedian Andrew Heaton sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss the perils of Scottish soil, science fiction, and the incipient dark-horse presidential campaign of Baby Yoda. It’s a whirlwind tour through all the hard-hitting issues, and it’s as weird as it sounds.
53 min
Ep 42 | Politicians Are Trying to Control Your ...
Free the People writer Logan Albright joins Matt Kibbe to discuss his new book, “Our Servants, Our Masters.” He outlines how a huge number of so-called public servants, from the education system to health care, are actually more about reducing your options and telling you what to do than offering the help they promise. The guys also learn a thing or two about Irish whiskey. Our Servants, Our Masters:
46 min
Ep 41 | Republicans Have a Messaging Problem | ...
Steve Forbes, editor of Forbes Magazine and two-time presidential candidate, sits down with Matt Kibbe to explain where the Republican Party is going wrong in trying to hold the line against democratic socialism. The problem, Forbes says, is that Republicans focus on how much the Democrats’ proposals will cost, instead of explaining how they will make life dramatically worse for ordinary Americans. A positive vision of more choice, more wealth, and more opportunity is the only way to win this political game.
49 min
Ep 40 | Politicians Can’t Keep You Safe | Guest...
Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas sits down with Matt Kibbe to talk about his successful write-in campaign and the empty promises of mainstream politicians. As a former Green Beret, Freitas recognizes that everyone is responsible for his own safety and that anyone who promises to protect you is really just disguising his urge to control you.
45 min
Ep 39 | She Survived History's Greatest Mass Mu...
Chinese expatriate Li Zhao talks to Matt Kibbe about her experiences growing up under the communist regime of Chairman Mao Zedong. Between her grisly stories of starvation and totalitarianism, she explains why it's so important to continue fighting for worldwide freedom and to resist the allure of democratic socialism today.
53 min
Ep 38 | Why America Is Like Great Jazz | Guest:...
Matt Kibbe sits down with John Wood Jr. from Better Angels USA to talk about political polarization in America and the importance of listening to each other. They discuss Wood’s effort to unseat Rep. Maxine Waters, the influence of the intellectual dark web on free speech, the problem of identity politics, and how jazz is a perfect metaphor for how society functions.
57 min
Ep 37 | Karl Marx Goes South of the Border | Gu...
Economist and social activist Gloria Alvarez sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss the popularity of Marxist ideas in Latin America. She explains how young people are indoctrinated into feeling like victims and associate the free market with corruption and imperialism. She articulates her vision for a big-tent libertarianism that embraces anyone who is skeptical of authoritarianism and top-down control.
35 min
Ep 36 | Can Justin Amash Win as an Independent?...
Matt Kibbe and Rep. Justin Amash team up at America’s Future Foundation’s Laissez Fair for a special live edition of Kibbe on Liberty. Amash discusses his break from the Republican Party, Donald Trump’s impeachment, whether or not Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian spy, and his potential run for president.
45 min
Ep 35 | Rand Paul Makes the Case Against Social...
Matt Kibbe talks to Sen. Rand Paul about his new book, “The Case Against Socialism.” In it, Paul takes on the myth of kinder, gentler socialism from progressives like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, pointing out that the ideology is, and has always been, one that leads to poverty, suffering, and death.
22 min
Ep 34 | How to Teach Kids About Free Markets | ...
Author and celebritarian Julie Borowski sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss her new children’s book, “Nobody Knows How to Make a Pizza.” Inspired by Leonard Read’s classic essay “I, Pencil,” the book is a concise and fun explanation of economic cooperation and collaboration. Julie also reflects on the disintermediating influence of the internet and how anyone can reach out and find an audience without having to appeal to government gatekeepers. Nobody Knows How to Make a Pizza:
27 min
Ep 33 | Does Silk Road’s Founder Deserve Two Ce...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Lyn Ulbricht, CEO of, to discuss the cruel and unusual punishment inflicted on her son by the criminal justice system. After founding Silk Road, a free market trading website, Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to more than two life sentences in prison despite not having hurt a single person. After seven years, she continues to ask anyone with a sense of justice to step up and help free Ross. Sign the petition to free Ross Ulbricht:
43 min
Ep 32 | Has France Given Up on Liberty? | Guest...
Alexandre Pesey, founder of Institut de Formation Politique, joins Matt Kibbe to talk about the state of liberty in France. In their conversation, Pesey reveals the truth about the Yellow Vest movement, why the government is cracking down on free speech, and how some of America’s worst ideas originated with French thinkers.
25 min
Ep 31 | How Do We Learn from Venezuela’s Mistak...
Venezuelan expatriate Daniel Di Martino talks to Matt Kibbe about what it was like to grow up under the government of Hugo Chavez. While young people in America are flirting with democratic socialism, Martino explains how these same policies catapulted his country from prosperity to almost unimaginable poverty and oppression. Will America learn this lesson before it’s too late?
37 min
Ep 30 | The Truth About Kamala Harris' Record |...
Reason magazine's Elizabeth Nolan Brown joins Matt Kibbe to discuss presidential candidate Kamala Harris' fluid understanding of her own time as a California district attorney. Despite what she may say in presidential debates, the former DA has a clear record of viciously prosecuting victimless crimes and lobbying to keep the innocent in prison, giving rise to the popular "Kamala is a cop" meme.
45 min
Ep 29 | Better Red Than Dead | Guests: Naomi Br...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Naomi Brockwell, Avens O'Brien, and Free the People CEO Terry Kibbe, three of the leading lights in the modern liberty movement. Together, they discuss the potential of blockchain technology to change the world, the power of storytelling, and how education doesn't have to take place in a classroom. Oh yeah, and they also all happen to have red hair.
63 min
Ep 28 | The Free Market Loves You | Guest: Jeff...
Jeffrey Tucker from the American Institute for Economic Research sits down with Matt Kibbe to debunk the idea that the free market is shallow and impersonal. On the contrary, his new book, “The Market Loves You: Why You Should Love It Back,” posits that markets are really about love and that giving people more freedom inspires more love and mutual respect.
48 min
Ep 27 | Yes, Libertarians Can Win Races | Guest...
Elected Libertarian Jeff Hewitt teaches Matt Kibbe how people like him can succeed in local politics through a combination of hard work and smart messaging. Instead of always shooting for the presidency, libertarians should be populating state and local governments. Only then can they change the world.
42 min
Ep 26 | What Young Americans Can Do for Liberty...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Cliff Maloney, the head of Young Americans for Liberty. Cliff explains his strategy for building a bench of young liberty legislators at the state level, recruiting persuasive communicators, and dealing with PC culture on college campuses.
64 min
Ep 25 | A Christian and an Atheist Meet in Vega...
Matt Kibbe is joined in Las Vegas by Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette. Together, they discuss their unlikely friendship, libertarianism, their changing attitudes towards religion, and the importance of tolerance and communication in modern America. Glenn and Penn show how it’s possible to approach freedom from radically different directions while maintaining mutual respect and good manners.
49 min
Ep 24 | Can Rand Paul Avert War with Iran? | Gu...
President Trump has enlisted the help of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., to negotiate a new deal with Iran. The libertarian-leaning senator sat down with Matt Kibbe to discuss whether a diplomatic solution exists and whether the economic sanctions many in the GOP want are actually a good idea.
20 min
Ep 23 | It’s Never Been Easier to Succeed | Gue...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Jason Stapleton, host of Wealth, Power, and Influence, to discuss the future of the American Dream. In a country that’s never been richer or more prosperous, why do so many people feel left behind, and what can they do about it? Jason argues that it’s all about taking responsibility for your own life and not expecting anyone else to do it for you.
50 min
Ep 22 | Voters Are Ignorant & Politicians Are S...
Economist Dr. Edward Lopez joins Matt Kibbe to discuss the fundamental insights of Nobel laureate James Buchanan and his public choice theory, namely that politicians are just as self-interested as anyone else. Lopez goes on to explain why government assistance programs so often fail, why elected officials don’t keep their promises, and why some regulations actually benefit the corporations they are supposed to restrain.
53 min
Ep 21 | Bringing Liberty to the Hood | Guest: M...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter and Libertarian candidate for city council. The product of a tumultuous youth in north Philadelphia, Maj discovered that most government policies designed to help minorities actually hurt them, the origins of gun control are racist, and the benefits of liberty are for everyone.
55 min
Ep 20 | Can Comedy Survive PC Culture? | Guest:...
Comedian Andrew Heaton joins Matt Kibbe to discuss safe spaces, two-party tribalism, and whether comedy might actually save the world from the enemies of free expression. Over a glass of whiskey and an outrageously loud tie, Heaton ponders whether there’s an audience for thoughtful conversation on the internet and why we can’t all just get along.
49 min
Ep 19 | Drinking Your Way Through the Socialist...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Dr. Robert Lawson and Dr. Benjamin Powell, two thirsty economists who have learned firsthand about surviving socialism in Cuba, starving socialism in Venezuela, and the collectivist black hole of North Korea. They also correct the record on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ darling Nordic countries, which turn out to be almost as capitalist as the United States. Order "Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World":
74 min
Ep 18 | Woodrow Wilson’s Racism | Guest: George...
Matt Kibbe is joined by the iconic George Will, syndicated columnist at the Washington Post and author of "The Conservative Sensibility." The two discuss protesting speakers on college campuses, censorship on social media, and the contradiction of progressives who admire Woodrow Wilson. How can we help young people learn from history and move past the identity politics that divide our nation?
30 min
Ep 17 | Is Mexico the New Venezuela? | Guest: D...
Matt Kibbe is joined by the Atlas Network’s Dr. Roberto Salinas León to discuss the future of Mexico and its relationship with the United States. The conversation covers immigration, free trade, drug cartels, and why Mexico’s new president has a grudge against cold beer. With all these challenges, can Mexico avoid going down the same populist road as Venezuela?
53 min
Ep 16 | Chad Prather’s Cowboy Capitalism | Gues...
Matt Kibbe sits down with Chad Prather, host of The Chad Prather Show and Humor Me on BlazeTV. They talk about Texas, stereotypes in comedy, the difference between libertarianism and conservatism, and whether the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot for 2020.
67 min
Ep 15 | Not All Professors Are Socialists | Gue...
Think all college professors are socialists? You’re in for a shock with guests Peter Boettke and John B. Taylor, professors of economics at George Mason University and Stanford University. Matt Kibbe asks tough questions on how we can educate young people and reclaim words like “liberalism,” “democracy,” and “capitalism.” The three discuss influencers like Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Adam Smith, and the mysterious Mont Pelerin Society.
56 min
Ep 14 | Billboard Top Rapper Says Government Is...
Think all musicians are progressive? Meet Eric July, frontman for BackWordz and an uncompromising defender of liberty. In this episode, Matt Kibbe and Eric July discuss why the Left tends to dominate the cultural conversation. July explains how he uses music to connect with the subculture he’s already part of. Influenced by Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams, July writes lyrics about liberty and limited government to show his listeners an alternative to the progressive mainstream music they’re used to.
65 min
Ep 13 | Speech Police of Silicon Valley | Guest...
Matt Kibbe is joined by Katherine Mangu-Ward, editor-in-chief of Reason, to discuss how government and tech companies form an unholy alliance to restrict our speech online. In this libertarian nerd-fest, they also talk sex work, the War on Drugs, and capitalism, and as a bonus, you’ll get an answer to the burning question of whether Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard person.
49 min
Ep 12 | Star Wars, Standup, and Sex | Guest: Da...
Dave Rubin joins Matt Kibbe to defend the "Star Wars" prequels, talk about his return to stand-up (and why he doesn't do sets drunk or stoned), and ask the age-old question: Are people having enough sex?
35 min
Ep 11 | Can Blockchain Save the World? | Guest:...
Patrick Byrne, CEO and Founder of Overstock, joins Matt Kibbe to discuss the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology to lift entire nations out of poverty, fix voter fraud, and make government middlemen irrelevant. Also, the early days of the Grateful Dead and novelist Ken Kesey.
64 min
Ep 10 | Monty Python and Thomas Paine | Guest: ...
Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) joins Matt Kibbe to talk about his new book, Our Lost Declaration. The guys also discuss the revolutionary populism of Thomas Paine and the 1993 Mike Myers classic “So I Married an Axe Murderer.”
58 min
Ep 9 | Legalize All the Drugs? | Guest: Dr. Jef...
Medical doctor Jeffrey Singer of The Cato Institute sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss the many misconceptions surrounding drug policy, and makes the radical suggestion that reducing harm, not putting people behind bars, should be our goal.
61 min
Ep 8 | Why the Swamp Gets It Backwards | Guest:...
Rep. Justin Amash (MI-3) joins Matt Kibbe to talk about Twitter wars, his family’s immigration to the US, and how to deal with the tribal warfare going on in our country right now. The guys geek out on Friedrich Hayek and find some hope for the future.
59 min
Ep 7 | Have Better Arguments, Be Better Citizen...
Citizen University's Eric Liu sits down with Matt Kibbe for an across-the-aisle discussion of liberty, equality, power, and responsibility, proving that we can disagree without being disagreeable.
65 min
Ep 6 | Dark Money and Scotch Whisky | Guest: La...
Matt Kibbe gets pickled with so-called Dark Money ATM Lawson Bader, who explains why donor privacy is crucial to a functioning democracy.
39 min
Ep 5 | Peace, Love, and Tolerance in Senegal | ...
Senegalese entrepreneur Magatte Wade sits down with Matt Kibbe to tell how she discovered why some countries are rich, why others are poor, and why the French are the worst.
60 min
Ep 4 | Make America Funny Again | Guest: Lou Perez
Comedian Lou Perez joins Matt Kibbe to talk about the need for humor in an increasingly humorless political environment, and why polar bears are evil monsters that must be stopped.
49 min
Ep 3 | The Greenest Member of Congress | Guest:...
Rep. Thomas Massie (KY-4) joins Matt Kibbe to talk science fiction, economics, and the Green New Deal. He also admits to a couple of libertarian heresies, but we won’t hold that against him. Off the Grid with Thomas Massie:
56 min
Ep 2 | The Radical Left’s Identity Politics | G...
Robby Soave joins Matt Kibbe for a discussion on identity politics. Is the new radical Left’s trigger warning culture imploding? Plus the Jussie Smollett scandal, only on Kibbe on Liberty.
74 min
Ep 1 | Behind the Libertarian Curtain | Guest: ...
Matt Kibbe offers Glenn Beck a peek behind the libertarian curtain, where they discuss the War on Drugs, socialism, and why some libertarians keep driving potential allies away.
38 min
Counter-Counter-Revolution | Guest: Matt Kibbe
The Kibbe on Liberty studio is still under construction. The production team is still working out kinks. Nothing is perfect, but we’re leaking this bonus episode anyways. Don’t mind the cats (or the whiskey)—Kibbe on Liberty is back! Welcome to the counter-counter-revolution in this special bonus episode featuring host Matt Kibbe and executive producer Matt Battaglia.
52 min
Coming Soon | All New Kibbe on Liberty
Kibbe on Liberty is back with a whole new show, starting February 18 everywhere you get podcasts! Matt Kibbe puts aside politics to have mostly honest conversations with mostly interesting people. We’re having fun even as we argue about things that really matter — you know, things like beer. Subscribe to Kibbe on Liberty, the counter-counter-revolution of social media. Because endless virtue-signaling is a total buzzkill.
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