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Jeff Erickson, Clay Link, James Anderson, Scott Jenstad, Todd Zola, Fred Zinkie, Erik Halterman and Ryan Boyer cover fantasy baseball year round, including draft prep, strategy and much more!

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Thursday MLB Industry Podcast with Ron Shandler
Todd and Ron about planning for the XFL draft, how to facilitate fantasy league rules discussions and what Ron did and did not miss about playing in LABR and Tout Wars.
42 min
The Best Prospects Chris Blessing Scouted This ...
Chris Blessing of Baseball HQ joins James Anderson to discuss the best prospects he scouted this season.
57 min
Fred & Jeff's Top 5 Mistakes for 2022
Early closers, not enough hitting, too much injury option, and too optimistic projections of players yet to break out top the lists for Fred and Jeff as they break down their top five mistakes of the season in this episode.
48 min
Adds, Drops and Strategy for the Final 10 Days
Scott Jenstad and special guest, Brian Slack, discuss all the strategy dealing with the final 10 days of season and break down all the hitters and pitchers they considered adding for your final kick in the standings.
86 min
Two-Start Pitchers (Week of Sept. 26, 2022)
For the final time in 2022, Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) grade the projected two-start options on a 0-5 scale.
57 min
Talking Baseball with Joe Sheehan
Joe Sheehan and Jeff Erickson cover a number of baseball topics, with a focus on the playoff races and playoff teams.
50 min
Valuing Pitching Breakouts for 2023 w/ Eno Sarris
James Anderson is joined by Eno Sarris of The Athletic to discuss pitchers who broke out this year and some who could be primed for 2023 breakouts.
79 min
Changing Saves to "Saves + Holds"; Twins Collap...
Fred Zinkie made a simple suggestion on Twitter - change the Saves category to Saves + Holds. We delve into the pros and cons of such a rule change, and many of the reactions he received to that suggestion.
46 min
Key Adds and Tough Drops to Help you Down the S...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad discuss all the key adds and tough drops in FAAB this week and also talk late game strategy, Spencer Strider and much, much more.
62 min
Two-Start Pitchers (Week of Sept. 19, 2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) grade all of next week's projected two-start pitchers on a 0-5 scale.
51 min
Changing Your League's Rules - The XFL
Major League Baseball just issued some sweeping rules changes for 2023, and one of our industry leagues, the XFL, is doing the same. Tim McLeod from Prospects 361 and Todd Zola from RotoWire join Jeff Erickson to discuss the rules changes in each league.
42 min
2023 Pitching Prospect Draft
James Anderson, Eric Cross and Chris Clegg draft pitching prospects for 2023 fantasy value only.
62 min
Bo Bichette vs. Francisco Lindor, and the Top-5...
Bo Bichette is on fire - is his recent hot streak enough to elevate him back to the first round and among the Top-5 shortstops for 2023? What happens with his stolen bases next year with the new rules? How does his relative sprint speed compare to other quick shortstops? Fred and Jeff discuss that, Framer Valdez and scrounging for September saves.
59 min
FAAB Adds & Drops / Week 24 Preview
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad preview Week 24 of the fantasy season, talk FAAB Adds & Drops and try to help you finish strong down the stretch.
70 min
Two-Start Pitchers (Week of Sept. 12, 2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) grade all of next week's projected two-start pitchers on a 0-5 scale.
50 min
Paul Sporer from Fangraphs and The Sleeper & Th...
Paul Sporer from Fangraphs and The Sleeper & The Bust podcast joins Jeff Erickson to discuss a medley of topics, with an emphasis on the NFBC Main Event "Hot Air" league.
54 min
2023 Hitting Prospect Draft
James Anderson and three other prospect analysts with strong redraft track records draft hitting prospects for 2023 draft-and-hold value only.
64 min
Five Must-Get September Pickups
Fred Zinkie shares his top five September pickups, and he and Jeff Erickson discuss whether it was worth drafting early closers this year.
55 min
Last Month Strategy / Big Rookie FAAB Week
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad recap the entire weekend in fantasy baseball, including all the Corbin Carroll and Gunnar Henderson FAAB bids, and also discuss a number of strategy points for the final month of the season.
77 min
Two-Start Pitchers (Week of Sept. 5, 2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) of RotoWire grade all of next week's projected two-start options on a 0-5 scale.
57 min
Prospect Rankings Update! (August 2022 Mailbag)
James Anderson answers listener questions about the final update to the top 400 prospect rankings of the regular season.
58 min
Monday Montas & Mikolas Disasters, Corbin Carro...
Monday's games featured multiple starting pitcher disasters, including those of Frankie Montas and Miles Mikolas, and the debut of Corbin Carroll. Fred & Jeff cover those, and they speculate about how many starters go in the first two rounds of 2023's Main Event draft.
62 min
Hader, Corbin Carroll and All the FAAB
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad talk all about the baseball weekend including FAAB, Josh Hader, Corbin Carroll, the struggling White Sox and so much more.
75 min
Two-Start Pitchers (Week of Aug. 29, 2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) grade all of next week's two-start pitchers on a 0-5 scale.
55 min
Thursday Industry Podcast with Jeff Barton from...
Todd Zola welcomes Jeff Barton to the podcast. They chat about Scoresheet Baseball, the woes of the Giants and Red Sox along with Jeff's thoughts about his first year in Tout Wars.
58 min