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Jeff Erickson, Clay Link, James Anderson, Scott Jenstad, Todd Zola and Fred Zinkie cover fantasy baseball year round, including draft prep, strategy and much more!

Fantasy Sports
Redraft vs. Dynasty Strategy with Ian Kahn
Ian Kahn from The Athletic drops by to discuss trading, current progress in his expert leagues, and how he's become equally adept in redraft leagues as he's previously been in dynasty leagues.
44 min
Prospect Rankings Update (Mailbag)
James Anderson answers 50 listener questions about his updated Top 400 Prospect Rankings
67 min
Luck in Fantasy Baseball
Fred Zinkie and Jeff Erickson discuss the role that luck plays in fantasy baseball, focusing on the starts by Alex Cobb and Miles Mikolas on Monday night.
68 min
Weekend Recap / Big Gorman Bidding
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad talk all the FAAB bids, including all the large action on Nolan Gorman, and wrap up the weekend in baseball talking Red Sox, injuries, Mookie and Machado.
63 min
Two-Start Pitchers (Week of May 23, 2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) of RotoWire grade all of next week's two-start pitchers on a 0-5 scale.
57 min
Crushing Overall Contests
Kevin Hasting has won the overall TGFBI contest and is doing great this year in the NFBC's Draft Champions contest. We'll get his tips on how do well in overall contests and discuss the On The Wire podcast he does with Adam Howe on Pitcher List's Network.
42 min
Highlander Fan Favorites w/ Jesse Roche
James Anderson and Jesse Roche discuss the 20 Fan Favorite keeper selections in the Highlander Dynasty Invitational with special guests: Ken Balderston, D.J. Short, Drew Wheeler, Eddy Almaguer, Alex Sanchez and Eric Cross.
91 min
Salvador, Saves, Steals and Waiver Wire Snubs
Salvador Perez's thumb injury and subsequent trip to the IL launched Fred Zinkie and Jeff Erickson into a discussion of catcher values, and whether it's wise to invest an early draft pick on a top catcher. We also discuss the Red Sox, Twins and Marlins bullpens, stolen bases and Fred missing out on George Kirby.
69 min
Kirby FAAB Madness / Weekend Recap
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad wrap up the weekend in baseball and talk George Kirby and Alek Thomas FAAB bidding, Bo Bichette, injuries to some young pitchers and much more.
75 min
Two-Start Pitchers (Week of May 16, 2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) of RotoWire grade all of next week's two-start pitchers on a 0-5 scale.
62 min
Pod's Projections Podcast
Mike Podhorzer from Fangraphs and is off to a great start in both AL Tout Wars and Mixed LABR. He joins Jeff Erickson to talk about his projections process and how it informs his draft strategy, and about his respective teams.
51 min
Pitching Prospects w/ Nate Handy
James Anderson is joined by Nate Handy of Pitcher List to discuss the most impressive pitching prospects of 2022.
69 min
Fred Zinkie's Pessimism
Fred Zinkie thinks that he's not cut out to play in leagues with daily roster moves and first-come, first-serve waivers. He and Jeff discuss that format, and why you might not want to spend a lot of your FAAB budget on George Kirby this upcoming Sunday if he's available in your league.
65 min
FAAB'ing Rookies / Weekend Recap
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad break down a fascinating week of FAAB with all the rookie call-ups from the week, hit all the baseball news from the weekend and discuss a couple of highly drafted middle infielders who have yet to homer.
68 min
Two-Start Pitchers (Week of May 9, 2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) of RotoWire grade all of next week's two-start pitchers on a 0-5 scale.
50 min
Breakout Prospects w/ Dylan White
James Anderson is joined by Dylan White of Prospects Live to discuss some prospect breakouts that they are buying and a couple that give them pause.
60 min
Fred Zinkie's approach to offensive woes
Should we be compiling as many IP as possible while scoring is down? Fred Zinkie makes the case for that strategy among other topics in this week's podcast with Jeff Erickson.
65 min
Droppable Hitters / Week 4 FAAB Recap
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad talk about the action over the weekend in baseball, recap the big FAAB bids and discuss a number of struggling offensive players to decide if they should be drops in your league.
74 min
Two-Start Pitchers (Week of May 2, 2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) grade all of next week's two-start pitchers on a 0-5 scale.
56 min
Closer Encounters
Ryan Rufe, who runs RotoWire's Closer Grid and writes "Closer Encounters," joins Jeff Erickson. We cover Ronald Acuña's early return, Vlad Guerrero's absence, tons of closer news and Ryan's foray into the NFBC Main Event.
55 min
Prospect Mailbag (April 2022)
James Anderson answers over 65 questions about prospects and dynasty leagues.
83 min
Leggo My Gallegos!
Jeff Erickson turned down an offer from Fred Zinkie in the LABR 15-team Mixed League involving Giovanny Gallegos and immediately paid the price on Monday night. We discuss that and the changing fantasy baseball environment and what to do about it in this podcast.
58 min
FAAB Recap / Where is All the Offense??
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad wrap up the weekend in baseball, including news, injuries and FAAB, talk about the lack of offense and break down some fast starters and strugglers.
65 min
Two-Start Pitchers (Week of April 25, 2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) of RotoWire grade all of next week's two-start options on a 0-5 scale.
55 min
Going, Going ... Govier!
Michael Govier from the Pallazzo Podcast joins Jeff Erickson to talk Tigers, NFBC, closers, run-scoring, song parodies and more!
48 min
A's Playing Time & Prospects w/ Melissa Lockard
Oakland A's beat reporter Melissa Lockard joins James Anderson to discuss some breakout players at the big-league level before discussing their replenished farm system.
54 min
Fred Zinkie's Trade Tips
Fred Zinkie and Jeff Erickson discuss April trades, the low run-scoring environment so far, the Braves-Dodgers series and Bryce Harper's elbow issue among the many topics in this podcast.
68 min
Hot & Cold Starters / Too Many Injuries / FAAB ...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad discuss all the injuries and free agent bidding over the weekend and discuss some hot and cold starts to the season from both teams and players.
66 min
Two-Start Pitchers (Week of April 18, 2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) grade all of next week's two-start options on a 0-5 scale.
55 min
Seiya Suzuki's Splashy Start
Sara Sanchez from Bleed Cubbie Blue and CuppaCubbieBlue swings by to discuss Seiya Suzuki's splashy start along with other key Cubs players, Clayton Kershaw's gem and Vladito's big night in the Bronx.
53 min
Marlins Phenoms w/ Craig Mish
Marlins beat reporter Craig Mish joins James Anderson to talk about Miami's exciting young big leaguers and the phenoms in their farm system.
47 min
Early Returns
Fred Zinkie and Jeff Erickson discuss the results from the first week of games, including why Fred is higher than the industry on Steven Kwan.
67 min
Recapping the First Weekend of Baseball and FAAB
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad break down the first weekend of baseball action, talking FAAB, injuries and some players who might actually have changed their value after four days. They also look ahead at the best fantasy schedules for Week 2.
64 min
Two-Start Pitchers (Week of April 11, 2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) of RotoWire look at the Projected Starters grid and grade out all of next week's two-start options on a 0-5 scale.
58 min
Opening Day!
Mike Kurland (@Mike_Kurland) from The Athletic, SK Playbook and the Bases Loaded Podcast joins Jeff Erickson to celebrate Opening Day, break down a few lineups and discuss their recently completed Yahoo Friends & Family Draft.
52 min
Backfields & Big Leagues w/ Chris Welsh
Chris Welsh joins James Anderson to discuss the top prospects on the backfields in AZ and then they break down which prospects could make an impact in the majors this season.
96 min
Yahoo! F&F Live DraftCast
Jeff Erickson and Fred Zinkie livestream the first hour of Yahoo's Friends & Family Draft.
61 min
FAAB Recap & Strategy / Week 1 Chat / Kimbrel &...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad talk about the fantasy implications of a couple of major trades over the weekend, discuss the first week of FAAB & FAAB strategy and break down Jeff's Main Event draft from Saturday.
90 min
The Changing Fantasy Baseball Market
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) keep you updated on the latest news regarding injuries, prospects and job battles, and discuss how those items affect the ever-changing fantasy baseball market.
58 min
NFBC Main Event Chat
Broc Miller (@BrocNessMonster) and Matty Davis (@_mattywood_) from FTN and Rudy Gamble (@rudygamble) from RazzBall join Jeff Erickson to discuss their Main Event draft, the differing approach to drafting closers, catchers and more!
60 min
Highlander Dynasty Invitational w/ Bret Sayre
James Anderson is joined by Bret Sayre of Baseball Prospectus to discuss the prospects selected in the expert league, The Highlander Dynasty Invitational
70 min
Fred Zinkie's Draft Tips
Fred Zinkie shares all of his critical pre-draft tips with Jeff Erickson as the two of them prepare for Yahoo Friends & Family Draft loaded with experts.
69 min
NFBC Main Event Las Vegas Recap / Player Talk &...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad recap all the news over the weekend and then dive into their NFBC Main Event drafts, with a focus on player breakdowns and draft strategy.
88 min
If You Can’t Win the Medal, Win the Party with ...
42 min
Tout Wars H2H Points Review (2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) of RotoWire shift their focus from roto to points for the majority of the show today as they review Clay's draft in Sunday's Tout Wars head-to-head points auction.
68 min
Prospect Mailbag! (2022)
James Anderson answers over 50 listener questions about prospects and dynasty baseball.
79 min
Tout Wars Review, Pitcher Injuries
Fred Zinkie reviews Jeff Erickson's AL Tout Wars draft, tells him what to do in the NFBC Main Event (well, advises), and the two break down much of the latest news, including injuries to Luis Castillo and Shane Baz.
80 min
2022 Pitcher Targets & Fades / Correa, Story & ...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad discuss the latest round of big names finding their new homes for 2022 and then talk about their targets and fades among starting and relief pitchers.
86 min
News + Beat Todd Zola Recap
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) of RotoWire touch on some of the latest news from around the game before diving into Todd's "Beat Todd Zola" draft from Thursday night.
56 min
Kev Mahserejian, Seth Klein, Sam Wirsching and Ian Swirka join Jeff Erickson to review the recent SCARF draft completed on March 13 (before the Fernando Tatis Jr. injury) and review a few of the copious news items of the week.
57 min
Prospects on the Move (2022)
RotoWire's Lead Prospect Analyst James Anderson (@RealJRAnderson) and Senior MLB Editor Clay Link (@claywlink) discuss the prospects that have been traded since the end of the lockout.
48 min
First-Round Shakeup!
Negative news on Fernando Tatis Jr. and Ronald Acuña has shaken up the first round of fantasy drafts. Matt Olson is now on the Braves. Aaron Judge might not be able to play in home games? That and a lot more with this news-heavy podcast with Fred Zinkie and Jeff Erickson.
76 min
2022 Offensive Fades / Recapping a Slew of Tran...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad break down all the transactions over the weekend from a fantasy angle and then dive into offensive players they are fading for the price in 2022 drafts.
72 min
Clay Link and Todd Zola of RotoWire celebrate the end of the lockout and discuss the little bit of news that has trickled out since before moving on to Todd's LABR and TGFBI drafts.
54 min
Lady and the Legend
Andrea Lamont (@RotoLady) and Lenny Melnick (@LennyMelnick) join Jeff Erickson to talk about: - Their show together. How do they work together and separate it from their normal day-to-day life. - Andrea's Mixed LABR draft and Lenny's NL LABR auction. - Lenny's team in TGFBI - Each of their respective upcoming Tout drafts.
55 min
Talking AL LABR w/ Ian Kahn!
Ian Kahn of The Athletic stops by to recap AL LABR w/ James Anderson and Clay Link of RotoWire! James participated in LABR for the first time this year. Find out their strategies and which players they fought each other for.
75 min
Mid-Range Hitters
Fred Zinkie and Jeff Erickson review many of the hitters going in the 100-200 ADP range, discuss draft enthusiasm in the industry, and a few FOMO players so far.
68 min
Mid-Round Starting Pitcher Strategy / More Base...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad take a deep look into a number of mid-round starting pitchers, talk about their favorite baseball movies / books and discuss which MLB games they wish they would have attended.
76 min
News + Mono League Strategy
Clay Link and Todd Zola of touch on a few news items from around the league before moving on to AL/NL-only league strategy ahead of AL LABR.
53 min
Aaron Pagliaro (@FantasyTriage) of Reliever Recon joins Jeff Erickson to talk about this year's reliever pool, how he handles the saves category in his leagues and more!
57 min
Dynasty Rankings Update, TGFBI & More!
RotoWire's Lead Prospect Analyst James Anderson (@RealJRAnderson) and Senior MLB Editor Clay Link (@claywlink) discuss James' updated dynasty rankings, their starts in TGFBI, Tout Wars Draft & Hold, changes to the Top 400 Prospects list and more.
55 min
Industry League Talk
Fred and Jeff have a lot of industry league talk in this edition, reviewing our respective LABR teams from last week, with updates on TGFBI (Jeff), and Tout Wars Draft-and-Hold (Fred).
84 min
Baseball Favorites / ADP Movers / Attacking Pit...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad flip the script on all the negativity around baseball and discuss their favorite things about it. They also talk plenty of fantasy, discussing ADP Movers and pitchers after Pick 200 who can help your weak categories.
81 min
Razzslam & Best Ball Strategy
FSWA Hall of Famer Todd Zola (@ToddZola) and Senior MLB Editor Clay Link (@claywlink) discuss their drafts so far in the Razzslam and general Best Ball strategy.
55 min
Corbin Young Joins RotoWire
Corbin Young (@Corbin_Young21) just started writing for RotoWire, and he joined Jeff Erickson to discuss a wide range of topics, including what he does when starts to do a deep dive on a player.
51 min
Pitching Prospect Tiers 2.0 (2022)'s Lead Prospect Analyst James Anderson and Senior MLB Editor Clay Link dig into James' Pitching Prospect Tiers 2.0 article.
52 min
Jeff Erickson and Fred Zinkie discuss their picks in Tuesday night's LABR Mixed League draft, with special appearances from Jason Collette, Todd Zola, James Anderson and Ryan Rufe!
164 min
The 2022 SB Market / Attacking Offensive Catego...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad break down the stolen base market in 2022 drafts and then discuss some players after Pick 200 who will help address your offensive category deficiencies.
75 min
"War Stories" & History of RotoWire on Sirius R...
50 min
2022 Bold Predictions w/ Jason Collette!
Jason Collette of RotoWire and The Sleeper and The Bust podcast joins Clay Link and Todd Zola to discuss his Bold Predictions article series.
72 min
MLB Moving Averages
John Laghezza (@MLBMovingAvg) joins Jeff Erickson to discuss the concept of Moving/Rolling Averages, and how it applies to fantasy baseball, and this year in particular.
55 min
Hitting Prospect Tiers 2.0 (2022)'s Lead Prospect Analyst James Anderson (@RealJRAnderson) and Senior MLB Editor Clay Link (@claywlink) dive into James' updated Hitting Prospect Tiers for 2022!
62 min
Ranking the Free Agent Pitchers
Jeff Erickson and Fred Zinkie discuss the remaining pitchers on the free agent market, speculating a little about where they'll go and their underlying skills, with a specific emphasis on Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen. They also lead off with a discussion on draft order preference and their Mixed LABR slots.
74 min
Last Year's Bums / Players After Pick 300
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad look at the 2022 value of players who struggled in 2021 and then jump into breaking down a bunch of interesting players post Pick 300.
69 min
Universal DH-cast! (2022)
Todd Zola and Clay Link of go team by team through the National League and discuss likely beneficiaries of the universal DH.
60 min
Reds and MLB Lockout Therapy
Jenny Butler (@JennyButler830), Doug Dennis (@DougDennis41) and Clay Link @ClayWLink) join Jeff Erickson to react to Rob Manfred's press conference, the implementation of the Universal DH, and break down the Reds inaction this offseason and the current roster.
68 min
Best Pitches w/ Geoff Pontes
Geoff Pontes of Baseball America stops by to break down the pitch mixes of the pitching prospects most likely to provide fantasy value in 2022.
80 min
Assessing the FA Hitters
Fred and Jeff assess the top free agent hitters still lacking a team, including Freddie Freeman, Trevor Story, Nick Castellanos, Carlos Correa and more! Plus, Fred shares his long-awaited take on how to use ADP's.
76 min
Draft Strategy / Intriguing ADP in the Top 200
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad open up talking some draft strategy, including how they use ADP and then delve into a bunch of intriguing players with ADP in the top 200.
72 min
Resetting for 2022
Clay Link and Todd Zola return for their first Friday podcast of 2022! They reset things a bit and discuss general draft trends, observations on the player pool, how they're attacking closer and much more!
48 min
Forks in the Road w/ Rob Silver
James Anderson and Rob Silver discuss some roster construction dilemmas for Rounds 3-10 of NFBC leagues.
78 min
Top 400 Prospects Update (2022)
Lead Prospect Analyst James Anderson and Senior MLB Editor Clay Link discuss James' latest update to the Top 400 prospects list!
63 min
Observations From Early Drafts
Fred Pinkie and Jeff Erickson with their first 2022 podcast together cover early draft results, Fred's reaction to the ADP of Mike Trout and Yordan Alvarez, and early closer prices.
67 min
Back Talking Baseball!
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad return to their usual Monday slot and talk lockout, draft prep, early draft trends and break down some old faces heading to new places.
70 min
Process & Strategy w/ Phil Dussault
James Anderson talks process and strategy with 2021 Main Event Overall Champion Phil Dussault.
61 min
Catcher Strategy w/ Toby Guevin & Dave McDonald
James Anderson has Toby (@batflipcrazy) and Dave (@RunDMcD) on to share their redraft strategies for drafting catchers.
123 min
Zero Shares Teams w/ Michael Simione
James Anderson and Michael Simione go position by position nominating players who won't end up on any of their fantasy teams.
55 min
Tough Projections w/ Jeff Erickson
James Anderson chats with Jeff Erickson about some players who have been challenging to project heading into 2022.
49 min
RotoWire Dynasty Mock, Part 3
James Anderson is joined by Matt Eddy, Jake Devereaux, Jordan Rosenblum, Michael Richards, Nate Handy, Andrew McMahon and Ben Wilson to wrap up the discussion of the RotoWire Dynasty Mock.
167 min
RotoWire Dynasty Mock, Part 2
James Anderson is joined by Phil Goyette, Chris Maher and Jake Wiener to discuss their roster builds in the RotoWire Dynasty Mock, plus Chris grills James about his roster.
105 min
RotoWire Dynasty Mock, Part 1
James Anderson is joined by Matt Williams, Dylan White, Chris Clegg, Lucas Biery and Mark Barry to discuss the teams they drafted in the RotoWire Dynasty Mock.
124 min
Offseason Mailbag
James Anderson answers over 40 listener questions regarding prospects, dynasty, redraft and even some non-baseball stuff.
70 min
Early ADP, Redraft Strategy w/ Fish and Zack
James Anderson brings on John Fish and Zack Waxman to talk about early draft trends, strategy and ADP.
85 min
AFL Recap with Chris Welsh
Chris Welsh joins James Anderson to recap the Arizona Fall League and discuss which prospects are overrated/underrated in dynasty.
110 min
Pitching Prospects for 2022 w/ Paul Sporer
James Anderson is joined by Paul Sporer to discuss which pitching prospects could make a fantasy impact in redraft and draft and hold league.
69 min
Hitting Prospects for 2022 w/ Eric Cross
James Anderson and Eric Cross discuss which hitting prospects could provide value in 2022 redraft and draft and hold leagues.
79 min
Catching Up with Geoff Pontes
Lead prospect analyst James Anderson catches up with Geoff Pontes about Geoff's new job, his scouting philosophies, some rank debates and much more!
92 min
FYPD w/ Bret Sayre and Jesse Roche
Bret Sayre and Jesse Roche of Baseball Prospectus join James Anderson for a 10-round mock First-Year Player Draft
76 min
Live Looks in AZ w/ Chris Blessing
James Anderson gets scouting reports from Chris Blessing on a plethora of big-name prospects Chris scouted last week in Arizona
69 min
AFL Preview with Chris Welsh
James Anderson and Chris Welsh set expectations for the top prospects in the Arizona Fall League.
55 min