Notsam Wrestling

Professional Broadcaster Sam Roberts talks to wrestlers and media personalities about their common love of all things pro wrestling, and gives his take on current day Sports Entertainment.

SRW 043 - Summerslam Preview & Stephen Amell
Sam and Katie Linendoll preview Summerslam, and an old interview with Stephen Amell
63 min
SRW 042 - Corey Graves is Back
Corey Graves returns to the show, and Katie Linendoll joins for the State of Wrestling
78 min
SRW 041 - Roddy Piper Tribute
Sam talks Roddy Piper, plays an older interview with him, and Katie Linendoll joins for the State of Wrestling.
59 min
SRW 040 - Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan talks about his career and injury with Sam, and Sam talks Hulk Hogan in the State of Wrestling.
66 min
SRW 039 - Alex The Pug Pourteau
Alex Pourteau talks to Sam about his stint in WWE, and Katie Linendoll joins for the state of wrestling.
75 min
SRW 038 - Daria from Tough Enough
Sam talks to eleminated Tough Enough Contestan Daria Berenato, and Katie Linendoll joins Sam for another State of Wrestling
59 min
SRW 037 - Jim Cornette
Jim Cornette talks to Sam, and Sam covers TNA, Beast in the East and more in the State of Wrestling.
63 min
SRW 036 - Tatanka
Sam and Katie Linendoll talk to Katie's favorite wrestler, Tatanka, and Katie stays around for the State of Wrestling.
80 min
SRW 035 - Finn Balor
Finn Balor sits down with the podcast this week, and Katie Linendoll joins for the State of Wrestling.
66 min
SRW 034 - Corey Graves on Dusty Rhodes
Corey Graves talks to Sam about his memories of Dusty Rhodes, and Sam talks Kevin Owens, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose, and Bray Wyatt in the SOW.
61 min
SRW 033 - Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks on being a headlining NXT Women's Champion, and Katie Linendoll joins for the State of Wrestling.
73 min
SRW 032 - Stone Cold Steve Austin
Sam talks to Stone Cold live from Stone Cold's house. Instant classic.
69 min
SRW 031 - Enzo & Big Cass
Enzo and Big Cass from NXT talk to Sam Roberts and Katie Linendoll, and Sam talks Raw, Elimination Chamber, and TNA in the State of Wrestling.
61 min
SRW 030 - Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens talks family, NXT, PWG, ROH, and more. Plus Katie Linendoll joins for the State of Wrestling.
63 min
SRW 029 - Darren Young
Darren Young tells his story on his first podcast, and Sam talks about Daniel Bryan, Damien Sandow, and the Elimination Chamber.
69 min
SRW 028 - Tony Hinchcliffe
Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe is Sam Roberts' guest this week, and we talk Michelle Beadle and NXT in the State of Wrestling.
76 min
SRW 027 - Ronald McFondle & Eddie Van Glam
Eddie Van Glam and Ronald McFondle from Seattle's SSP, and the filmmakers of "Bodyslam - Revenge of the Banana" join Sam, and Katie Linendoll joins Sam for a State of Wrestling about referees, Billy Corgan, and the WWE Network.
81 min
SRW 026 - Miz and Summer Rae
The Miz and Summer Rae talk to Sam about their story line, NXT, Tough Enough, The Marine 4, the WWE Universe, and more.
64 min
SRW 025 - Paul Heyman
Paul Heyman joins Sam Roberts and Katie Linendoll, and Sam talks Raw in the UK, and utilizing the younger wrestlers on the roster.
66 min
SRW 024 - Charlotte
See for privacy information.
61 min
SRW 023 - Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt right before his match with Undertaker, and Katie Linendoll joins the State of Wrestling to talk about being at Wrestlemania with Sam.
69 min
SRW 022 - Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed
Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed is in studio previewing Wrestlemania 31
60 min
SRW 021 - X Pac and Court Bauer
X Pac from Sam's SiriusXM Show, and former WWE Writer Court Bauer hangs out for a modified State of Wrestling.
86 min
SRW 020 - Tommy Dreamer
Tommy Dreamer joins Sam in studio this week, and the Wrestlemania build in State of Wrestling.
68 min
SRW 019 - Josh Mathews
Josh Mathews is in studio with Sam to talk about his career, exit from WWE, and move to TNA, Sam talks about being wrong about #GiveDivasAChance being a work.
82 min
SRW 018 - Mark Henry
Mark Henry and Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg are in studio, and we talk Roman Reigns and #GiveDivasAChance on State of Wrestling.
71 min
SRW 017 - Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels is in studio with Sam, plus Katie Linendoll is back for the State of Wrestling.
68 min
SRW 016 - Adam Cole
ROH's Adam Cole in studio, and Sam talks HHH on Austin's Podcast, and the Wrestlemania main event.
67 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 015 - Corey Graves
Corey Graves, and last week's Roman Reigns backlash.
73 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 014 - Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns speaks days before the Royal Rumble, and Sam and Katie Linendoll talk about being at Royal Rumble, and the reaction to it.
56 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 013 - DDP
Diamond Dallas Page is in studio with Sam, talking about DDP Yoga, the Monday Night Wars documentaries, Scott Hall, and more, plus Sam's take on TNA"s BDC, and the Royal Rumble
64 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 012 - Jim Ross
Good Ol' JR, Jim Ross, talks Macho Man in the Hall of Fame, WrestleKingdom 9, being in Japan, broadcast partners, his one man show, and more, plus the State of Wrestling.
67 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 011 - Billy Corgan
Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins talks about being a wrestling fan, leaving Resistance Pro, his time in ECW, and more, plus Sam's take on TNA, Wrestle Kingdom 9, and Daniel Bryan's Wrestlemania match.
64 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 010 - Jay Briscoe
ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe, Sam's take on Kurt Angle staying with TNA, and Ryback using The Secret, with a clip from Ryback.
63 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 009 - Machine Gun Karl...
NJPW's head of the Bullet Club, Machine Gun Karl Anderson, State of Wrestling, and a Mick Foley Christmas Story.
67 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 008 - Mick Foley
Mick Foley in studio, and Sam talks about NXT and what it means for WWE programming.
71 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 007 - David Arquette
David Arquette on his time in wrestling, Sam's thoughts on CM Punk and an interview Sam did with him, and Slammy thoughts.
65 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 006 - Robbie E
Robbie E from TNA, and Sam talks about the CM Punk and Steve Austin-Vince McMahon podcasts.
69 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 005 - Sting & State of...
Sam plays his interview with Sting, talks about what a big deal his debut was, and brings up TNA's new TV deal and Raw.
65 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 004 - Seth Rollins
WWE's Seth Rollins, and Sam's review of WWE 2K15, his take on Cesaro, Survivor Series, and a piece of revisionist history.
63 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 003 - Brian Shields
Brian Shields, author of 30 Years of Wrestlemania, and Sam's take on ECW's legacy.
69 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 002 - Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho, and Sam talks about Raw and the WWE Network.
62 min
Sam Roberts Wrestling Ep 001 - Evan Wecksell
Comedian Evan Wecksell & his son Beckett, and Sam talks about Bray Wyatt's return.
63 min