Notsam Wrestling

Professional Broadcaster Sam Roberts talks to wrestlers and media personalities about their common love of all things pro wrestling, and gives his take on current day Sports Entertainment.

The Usos End The Bloodline - Notsam Wrestling 449
Sam Roberts talks about the weekend in wrestling, NXT Battleground, AEW Double or Nothing, and WWE Night of Champions, Anarchy in the Arena, the 4 pillars match, Tiffany Stratton's title win, plans for the World Heavyweight Title, Cody losing, the bloodline, and of course... answers email.
76 min
John Cena - Notsam Wrestling 448
Today... John Cena talks to Sam Roberts about starring in Fast X - but also about his storyline with The Rock, the promo on the arm, his time with Austin Theory, piped in crowd noise, being destroyed by Brock Lesnar, the change in Roman Reigns, and so much more. THEN - Sam talks about the life, and impact, of Superstar Bill Graham, AEW's new Collision show, the CM Punk rumors, and of course... answers email.
66 min
Tiffany Stratton - Notsam Wrestling BONUS
Tiffany Stratton talks to Sam Roberts about being a part of WWE 2K23, staying in NXT Post-Draft, who she gets advice from, making the transition to pro wrestling, her favorite match to have watched, and more, in this special bonus episode. 
17 min
How Many Belts Does Roman Need? - Notsam Wrestl...
Sam talks about Edge's promo before the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Brock's segment with Cody on Raw, Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa fighting for the tag team championship, AEW's potential new TV deal, and of course... answers email.
79 min
Puerto Rico & Wembley Change The Landscape - No...
Sam talks about Backlash, the fans in Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny not going on last, his future, AEW selling 60,000 in Wembley, what All In should be, the WWE's World Heavyweight Championship tournament, Drew McIntyre's future, and of course... answers email.
80 min
WWE's New World Heavyweight Title... and Post D...
Sam talks about the new WWE World Heavyweight Title, it's history, why it isn't such a bad idea, and if it's truly second place. He then gets in to the draft. Cody's story not being finished, CM Punk at Raw, Trinity at Impact, and answers email.
75 min
The WWE Draft... According to Me - Notsam Wrest...
Sam talks about Omos and Seth Rollins somehow having a match at Backlash, Karrion Kross' Smackdown promo, Adam Cole & Chris Jericho on Dynamite, answers emails, and more, then... Sam does his complete fantasy draft of Raw and Smackdown for 2023 - Including new GMs!
64 min
Lio Rush - Notsam Wrestling 443
Sam talks about CM Punk's potential return to AEW and when it could be happening, WWE's emmy nomination, John Morrison at Creator Clash, and more Then - Lio Rush joins Sam in studio to talk about the life he's already lived at 28, retiring and unretiring from wrestling, his WWE run, Bobby Lashley, New Japan, and more
111 min
Is Vince Back? - Notsam Wrestling 442
Sam talks about the beating Cody Rhodes took on Raw, WWE's sale to Endeavor, the rumors of Vince being back, AEW's UK announcement, WWE's upcoming draft, and more
75 min
Wrestlemania Aftermath - What's Next? - Notsam ...
Still in Los Angeles, CA, Sam immediately reacts to Wrestlemania, and specifically Roman Reigns beating Cody Rhodes. He also gets in to the rest of the card, and what he got in to in LA, including the live Notsam Wrestling show at The Comedy Store.
63 min
Wrestlemania 39 Preview Spectacular - Notsam Wr...
As we arrive at Wrestlemania week, Sam previews the show going over all of the matches, potential segments, the build, and answers email.
76 min
Wrestlemanias That Needed Different Main Events...
Sam talks about the Emmy award worthy performance of Jey Uso on Smackdown, rumors of the night 1 Wrestlemania event, goes over Wrestlemanias that needed different main events, and answers email.
68 min
Jey Uso's Masterclass & Live From The Monster F...
Sam talks about Rey Mysterio's Hall of Fame induction, MJF's Bar Mitzvah, Hobbs win & Wardlow's loss, Jey Uso's ultimate turn- THEN, Sam goes to The Monster Factory to talk to Twitch, Gabby, and Danny Cage about their new docuseries on Apple TV
75 min
MJF Becomes The Iron Man - Notsam Wrestling 437
Sam reacts instantly to AEW Revolution, then talks about the weekend of live events, the Roman-Cody promo from Smackdown, Uncle Howdy's laugh, Ali, and more.
74 min
WWE's Next Top Guy - Notsam Wrestling 436
Sam talks about why he thinks Seth Rollins, not Cody or Sami is WWE's next top guy, clarifies his thoughts on if Sami losing was a mistake, talks Jake Paul's boxing loss, ROH tapings, Kenny Omega rumors, and more
73 min
Roman Reigns Beats Sami Zayn - Notsam Wrestling...
Immediately after Elimination Chamber, Sam comes on to empty his brain about everything that went down between Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns, then everything else that went down at the show, and the Wrestlemania implications.
59 min
Paul Heyman Changes Everything - Notsam Wrestli...
Sam talks about the potential legacy of AEW, the MJF Promo from Dynamite, Seth Rollins & Logan Paul, Toxic Attraction, and the new position Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes, and The Bloodline finds themselves in.
73 min
Cody, Roman & Sami - How To Get to Wrestlemania...
Sam talks NXT Vengeance Day, what's next for Grayson Waller & Stand and Deliver, Adam Cole's injury and return, WWE 2K23, Cody's Raw promo, and how to get to Wrestlemania with Cody, Roman, Sami, and Jey Uso.
61 min
The Bloodline Dissolves - Notsam Wrestling 432
Sam breaks down the amazing angle that closed the Royal Rumble, and talks about where The Bloodline fits with the great WWE stories.
58 min
Jay Briscoe & Royal Rumble - Notsam Wrestling 431
Sam talks about Jay Briscoe, who we lost last week, and why he was so special in wrestling. Sam then predicts the Royal Rumble, talks Wrestlemania implications, Bloodline, and more.
65 min
Speculate Wildly - Notsam Wrestling 430
Sam talks about being had by the wild speculation of a WWE sale, talks about who could buy, and who won't, looks at where Bray Wyatt might be going, The Bloodline, Adam Cole, and more
62 min
The Boss Is Back - Notsam Wrestling 429
After figuring Mercedes Moné would be the topic of the show, Sam dives deep in to the news of Vince McMahon returning to WWE, a possible sale, how, and why.
59 min
Nakamura's In Japan & Uncle Howdy is Here - Not...
Sam Roberts talks about Don West, the new Ric Flair doc, and the impactful start to 2023, with Nakamura vs The Great Muta, and Smackdown with John Cena, Charlotte, and Uncle Howdy.
63 min
The Story of 2022 - Notsam Wrestling 427
Sam Roberts breaks down what happened in the wrestling world, in the most chaotic year in a long time. From the McMahons, to brawl out, to Cody, to Bray.
66 min
Wrestling Predictions for 2023 - Notsam Wrestli...
Sam Roberts talks about his predictions for 2023 - what will happen with Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, MJF, who will return, Bray Wyatt, CM Punk, Sami Zayn, and more
67 min