DEADLOCK: A Pro Wrestling Podcast

A combination of lifestyle, culture, & an undying love of professional wrestling: DEADLOCK. Puroresu, WWE, AEW, and everything in between... James, Johnny, and Tony give their insight on the world of wrestling served up weekly.

WWE Saudi Arabia Dispute, Jordan Myles WWE Situ...
WWE wrestlers are stuck in Saudi Arabia, Jordan Myles goes off on WWE on twitter, AEW has women's division problems
91 min
Post WWE 2K20 Launch, Cody Rhodes Punching Glas...
It's been about a week since WWE 2K20 was released & Tony/James talk about it's shaky launch, Cody Rhodes punched glass on AEW, and James participated in a $50,000 tournament
85 min
WWE 2K20 Vegas Trip, Wrestling Video Games, NJP...
Tony & James took a trip to Las Vegas last week to play WWE 2K20 so they talk about that, how wrestling video games have changed, & NJPW announces NJPW of America as we're live
158 min
WWE Hell in a Cell Post Show, AEW Dynamite Debu...
WWE hosts Hell in a Cell where Seth & The Fiend... wrestle??? We're not sure either lmao AEW has their debut show, Smackdown debuts on FOX, & more
111 min
The Fiend vs Brock Lesnar, The "Jar Jar Binks" ...
Who is the Jar Jar Binks of WWE? Cactus Jack only takes headshots baby & what in that world is a Hard 10 tournament?
131 min
NXT Goes LIVE On USA Network, The Fiend Takes O...
NXT does it's first live show on the USA Network, The Fiend turns the graphics on RAW upside down, & we talk Attitude Era theme songs
134 min
WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Post Show: Big Retu...
WWE Clash of Champions just went down & had a big return along with The Fiend showing up, & more
95 min
WWE Clash Of Champions Preview, Anthem Buys AXS...
WWE Clash of Champions is coming up as they returned to Madison Square Garden for the Raw & SD go home shows
139 min
Bayley Turns HEEL, Baron Corbin KOTR Chances, &...
Baron Corbin might be super handsome, but can he become a KING? Bayley turns heel & Tony Schiavone stars in the new movie, IT.
118 min
AEW All Out & GCW/BLP 2 Cups Stuffed (LIVE From...
AEW take over Chicago for AEW All Out while GCW & BLP host a crazy event the night before
125 min