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DEADLOCK Podcast: Revisiting WWF Shotgun Saturd...
Get ready to step back in time and relive the third episode of WWF Shotgun Saturday Night from 1997. Two of the biggest names in the business, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Terry Funk, went head-to-head in an unforgettable battle. We'll also be previewing the upcoming WWF Royal Rumble 1997, a landmark event that marked the start of the road to WrestleMania. Shotgun Saturday Night, a great concept, that could have worked if done differently. In addition, we'll be celebrating the 4th Annual DEADIES Awards, where we'll honor the best in the world of professional wrestling from the previous year of 2022. And for the first time ever, we'll also be presenting the 1st Annual DPW Awards, recognizing the standout performers and moments from DEADLOCK Pro Wrestling..
166 min
Revisiting TNA Impact Wrestling 2010, Lord Of T...
"Lord of the Ring," the Feb 18th, 2010 episode of TNA Impact Wrestling. Hulk Hogan presents Abyss with his WWE Hall of Fame ring, declaring that it will make Abyss stronger than Hulkamania and a god among men. This moment not only solidified Abyss as a top contender in the company, but also marked the beginning of a powerful alliance between Hogan and Abyss. This partnership saw the two wrestlers work together to dominate the TNA roster, with Abyss becoming a key player in Hogan's faction, Immortal. AJ Styles, under the mentorship of Ric Flair, beats up the new number one contender and 8 Card Stud winner, The Pope D'Angelo Dinero, and leaves him laying in the ring .This idea of AJ Styles being the next Ric Flair was not well received by the fans as AJ Styles was already a top guy in the company and the face of TNA Wrestling. Also in one of the most infamous moments in TNA Wrestling history, Samoa Joe was kidnapped by NINJAS. After the kidnapping, Samoa Joe was taken off TNA Impact TV, and when he was brought back, the storyline was never mentioned again. This was a major disappointment for fans as it was a bizarre and uninteresting storyline that came out of nowhere and had no real purpose or resolution. Also, The boys talk about DPW Live #1 that saw the main event of SB KENTo vs Lucky Ali for the DPW Worlds Championship. Plus, a review of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.
180 min
Revisiting WWF Thursday Raw Thursday 1997, Shaw...
Thursday Raw Thursday! Thursday Raw Thursday! Thursday Raw Thursday! This week, we're revisiting a historic episode of WWF Monday Night Raw that was moved to Thursday and rebranded as "Thursday RAW Thursday." On this episode, we witnessed one of the most iconic moments in wrestling history as Shawn Michaels forfeits the WWF Championship due to a knee injury and cuts a promo where he famously "Lost His Smile." This was a turning point in the WWF and would ultimately take many wrestlers' careers to different paths. All because Shawn Michaels took his ball and went home. Also, this episode served as the go-home show for the WWF In Your House Final Four pay-per-view event. Where Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Vader and The Undertaker battled it out to determine the new WWF Champion. Join us as we relive one of the most iconic moments in WWF history and discuss the impact it had on the wrestling landscape.
126 min
Revisiting ECW 2000 The Final Episode Of ECW Ha...
In the final episode of ECW Hardcore TV, we take a look back at the final days of Extreme Championship Wrestling, one of the most iconic wrestling promotions in history. From the hard-hitting matches to the memorable personalities, we reminisce on the unique and innovative style that made ECW stand out in the wrestling world. We'll also discuss the impact ECW had on the industry and the lasting legacy it has left behind. Join us for this nostalgically charged tribute to the final chapter of ECW. Justin Credible wants to get the ECW Championship back, Jerry Lynn is “The New F’N Show, and Tommy Dreamer and C.W. Anderson promote their upcoming I Quit Match at the final ECW PPV ECW Guilty As Charged 2001! Plus, The Draft is back with “The Top 5 James Things!”
101 min
Revisiting WWF RAW 1999 Chris Jericho's WWF Deb...
WWF Raw episode from August 9, 1999, where Chris Jericho made his highly-anticipated WWF debut on the microphone by interrupting The Rock! This was a historic moment in wrestling history, as Jericho had built a reputation for himself in other promotions, including most recently WCW, before joining the WWF roster. Fans were eagerly waiting to see how he would perform on the big stage, and he did not disappoint. In his debut promo segment, Jericho faced off against The Rock in a moment that has gone down in wrestling history as one of the best of all time! The New Brood forms as The Hardy Boyz join Gangrel and leave Michael Hayes behind. Chyna gets put into the main event after Stone Cold Steve Austin is attacked backstage! It’s now a 3 way #1 contendership match with Triple H, Chyna, and The Undertaker. We'll also be discussing the ongoing storylines and rivalries that were shaping the WWF at the time, including the buildup to the upcoming SummerSlam event. Plus, The DEADLOCK Patreon Q&A is back!
142 min
Revisiting WWE SmackDown! 2006 Christmas Specia...
On this festive episode on WWE Smackdown!, Batista takes on Santa Claus in an impromptu match. Of course, this was not your typical Santa - it was Sylvan the whole time, dressed in a Santa costume. Despite the unconventional matchup, Batista took down the jolly old man. In the main event, King Booker and Finlay teamed up to battle The Undertaker & Kane. Booker and Finlay were going to divide and conquer The Brothers of Destruction! In addition to the main event, Joey Mercury returns after a brutal ladder match at WWE Armageddon where he took a ladder shot to the face and was left bruised and battered. Despite his injuries, Joey Mercury was ready to continue his rivalry with the Hardy Boyz, whom he blamed for the injury. Plus, the Top 5 Daft is back with “The Top 5 Video Game Series!”
104 min
Revisiting 2001 XWF Episode #1 In Your Face, Ne...
XWF! What does the X stand for? Xtreme? Xcitement? Nobody really knows! XWF IN YOUR FACE! The XWF promotion was founded in 2001 by former WWE Superstars Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs, and Jimmy Hart. The XWF was supposed to feature a mix of established veterans and up-and-coming stars. Some of the top wrestlers in the XWF included Buff Bagwell, Vampiro, The Nasty Boys, and maybe Hulk Hogan. We aren’t sure if he actually signed a contract for the company or not. The XWF helped to pave the way for other wrestling promotions in the years that followed including WWA and NWA TNA Wrestling! Plus, the boys introduce a new segment with a Top 5 Draft!
125 min
Revisiting WWF RAW 1999 The Highest Rated RAW O...
The year is 1999 and pro wrestling is at an all time high, in fact Monday Night RAW gets the highest rating of all time! Shawn Michaels is the commissioner of the WWF and decides to throw a wrench in the plans of the Corporate Ministry and books a crazy show. A Nightstick on a pole match, a Loser Leaves the WWF Match, A Hardcore Handicapped match with Cactus Jack, a Lumberjack match, an Evening Gown match, Ken Shamrock vs Chyna, and Stone Cold, The Rock & Mr. McMahon vs Shane McMahon, The Undertaker, and Triple H in the main event! Plus, the boys answer all the burning questions about DEADLOCK Pro Wrestling in the DPW Q&A Patreon segment!
123 min
Revisiting WCW Monday Nitro 1999 The Finger Pok...
Ric Flair is the new President of WCW as we head into 1999 and one of the biggest WCW Nitro episodes of all time. It’s Goldberg vs Kevin Nash inside the Georgia Dome with 40,000 people in attendance. The match never happens as Goldberg gets arrested on charges of stalking Ms. Elizabeth! Goldberg is taken to the police station for questioning. This makes Kevin Nash pissed off, as he thinks Hulk Hogan is up to it. However, it turns out that Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan have been working together. They get in the ring for the main event and The Finger Poke Of Doom happens! This is the night WCW lost the Monday Night War! The nWo reforms with the Wolfpac & Black & White! Also, Tony Schiavone spoils the results of Mick Foley winning the WWF Title on Monday Night Raw as Mankind! This backfired and everyone turned over to watch WWF! This was truly an epic fail moment!
148 min
Revisiting WWE RAW 2007 Mr. McMahon’s Limo Blow...
It’s the 2007 WWE Draft! The first ever tri-branded draft as RAW, Smackdown, & ECW will all have to win matches to get draft picks. It is also Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night with unscripted comments from WWE Superstars and celebrities. From Donald Trump to Steve-O, all the stars are here to appreciate Mr. McMahon. This is also an infamous episode from when Mr. McMahon’s limo blows up with him inside of it! What happened and who did it? We never get to find out! Also, WWE Champion John Cena faces off against World Champion Edge! Plus, The DEADLOCK Q&A is back!
154 min
Revisiting WWE SmackDown! 2003 Brock Lesnar & B...
The first time is always the best. In this case, that’s 100% true. Brock Lesnar and Big Show have been feuding for a while and it comes to a head in the Main Event of SmackDown for the WWE Championship! Brock Lesnar takes the Big Show up to the top rope and delivers the biggest superplex of all time as the ring implodes. Neither man could get up to their feet and SmackDown goes off the air in pandemonium. The show is also highlighted by the long standing rivalry with Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio over the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Also, Zack Gowan is trying to get a WWE contract and with the help of Mr. America, Zack has an arm wrestling match vs Mr. McMahon. If somehow he can win, he will realize his dream and become a WWE Superstar! Undertaker continues his feud with the FBI. Billy Gunn and Torrie Wilson become an item. Plus, Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin are sick of being in the shadow of Kurt Angle and want to be the new leaders of Team Angle. Kurt does not take this lightly and Team Angle breaks up!
119 min
Revisiting TNA Impact Wrestling 2007, 1st Annua...
TNA Is on the road to TNA Turning Point 2007. This is the infamous show where Scott Hall didn’t show up and Samoa Joe had an open mic. Before we get to that we have the 1st Annual $25,000 TNA Turkey Bowl. There are 3 separate triple threat matches with winners going on to fight in the main event for a check worth $25,000. The loser of the Turkey Bowl will have to wear a Turkey Suit! Kurt Angle is hosting the Angle Family Thanksgiving Dinner and everyone is invited. Throughout the night we go back as everyone arrives at the party. Eventually things go south as Team 3D shows up, who everyone hates, and a food fight breaks out! Plus, The DEADLOCK Patreon Q&A returns!
153 min
Revisiting WCW Thunder 2000, Horace Hogan’s Car...
There are very few times that an episode happens and there are this many legendary WCW moments on one show! This episode of WCW comes smack dab in the middle of The Vince Russo Eric Bischoff Era and the war between the Millionaires Club and the New Blood. Horace Hogan's Career is on the line and if Hulk Hogan get involved its over! Eric Bischoff keeps adding stipulations to the match until it becomes "Horace Will Be Fired If He Loses Match Four On One Handicap Falls Count Anywhere Texas Death I Quit Match!" Kevin Nash get involved after the match and the infamous New Blood Bath happens where the blood misses Kevin Nash! Vince Russo, Crowbar, David Flair, and Daffney go to New York and tour some of the most interesting sights including an adult movie store and "The Statue of Liberty." Eric Bischoff wants the Hardcore Championship off of Terry Funk and forces him to wrestle 2 different matches the first being a handicapped match! The Bill Goldberg Monster Truck is here and it out to destroy Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott's rental car! Arn Anderson comes out of retirement to fight David Flair. Vampiro has a very candid interview that gets interrupted by Sting! In the main event Sting battles Mike Awesome in an Ambulance Match!
138 min
Revisiting WWE RAW 2005 Halloween Edition, Firs...
Happy Halloween everyone! On this spooky edition of WWE Monday Night Raw we are eve of Taboo Tuesday. The PPV where the fans get to decide the matches for the show! We get a first time ever match up in the main event of Shawn Michaels vs John Cena. Also advertised, Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to answer Jonathan Coachman's challenge for Taboo Tuesday. Triple H is on a path of destruction and wants to put Ric Flair out of his misery. Triple H says that Ric Flair is an embarrassment and a shell of his former self and he is going to take the horse out back and end it. "The Legend Killer" Rob Conway battles Eugene in a match with Taboo Tuesday implications, where Rob Conway will team up with Tyson Tomko to take on Jimmy Snuka, Kamala or Jim Duggan. Plus, the DEADLOCK Q&A Returns with some very scary Halloween questions!
130 min
Revisiting WWF RAW 2001, Jim Ross Joins Mr. McM...
A week after William Regal kisses Mr. McMahons back side and joins the Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club, the boss wants Stone Cold Steve Austin to be the 2nd inductee to the club. Later that night when things go awry, Stone Cold Steve Austin low blows Mr. McMahon when his pants are down! Jim Ross thinks that is the funniest thing that he has ever seen and that makes Vince furious. Just as JR was about to join the Kiss My Ass Club, The Undertaker comes out to make the save. However, The Undertaker tells everyone that he is the biggest ass kisser in the WWF and asks Jim he thinks he's better than Taker. The Undertaker knocks out Jim Ross with a right hand and shoves JR's head into Mr. McMahon's ass in JR's hometown! Also, the boys talk about the behinds the scenes of the DPW Carolina Classic and also review Terrifier 2 and Halloween Ends!
151 min
Revisiting NWA TNA 2002 Weekly PPV #1, The 1st ...
WCW and ECW have both closed their doors leaving many talented wrestlers without a place to work. Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Jarrett & Bob Ryder were on a boat and had an idea for the creation of the NWA Total Nonstop Action. Many TV networks did not want to take a chance on pro wrestling, so the only logical thing was PPV. They would do things a bit different by offering weekly NWA TNA PPVs for $9.99. In the first ever NWA TNA PPV we get an NWA Champion crowned. There is a giant Gauntlet For The Gold match that saw Ron Killings vs Ken Shamrock facing off in a one on one match in the main event. Ken Shamrock becomes the very first NWA Champion in the Total Nonstop Action Era. They open the show with a showcase of the brand new X-Division. The Flying Elvises take on AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, and Low Ki in a match that is still talked about to this day. Toby Keith has a musical performance that was interrupted by Jeff Jarrett which eventually leads to Toby Keith giving Double J a suplex! Also, The Johnsons make their debut!
146 min
Revisiting WWE SmackDown! 2004 Kurt Angle Tranq...
The year is 2004 and it’s the 5th Anniversary of WWE SmackDown! Kurt Angle has been dealing with The Big Show for a long time as he was thrown off the balcony and put out of action. Angle tells us himself that tonight we will see a moment that will live on forever in the history of WWE SmackDown! To get his revenge on The Big Show, Angle decides that he is going to shoot him! Angle pulls a Tranquilizer gun out, pulls the trigger and shoots Big Show in the back. He then pulls out the biggest scissors ever along with clippers and proceeds to shave the giants head! The boys get to finally talk about the infamous Heidenreich Michael Cole segment where he “reads Michael Cole poetry.” Billy Kidman is scared that he is going to hurt someone so he refuses to do the Shooting Star Press. Another featured moment is the School Girl Match with a twist. Plus, the best theme songs of Hulk Hogan!
151 min
Revisiting WWF RAW IS WAR 1998 Stone Cold Steve...
The very same night that WCW was having Bret Hart vs Hulk Hogan, we got an all timer Stone Cold Steve Austin segment on WWF Monday Night RAW IS WAR! WWF Breakdown just happened and the main event saw Stone Cold vs Kane vs The Undertaker for the WWF Championship.The Undertaker and Kane were barred from pinning each other. If anyone had interfered on Austin’s behalf, Austin would have immediately been stripped of the title. Kane and The Undertaker both pinned Stone Cold Steve Austin so the WWF title was held up. On this episode of RAW Vince McMahon would hold an in-ring ceremony to award the WWF Championship to either Kane or Taker. However, Stone Cold Steve Austin ruined the entire thing as he drove a zamboni down to the ring, jumped over the police barricade and attacked Mr. McMahon. Austin ended up going to jail after this, but the night was not over. Mr. McMahon came back to the ring to award either Kane or Taker the WWF Championship. Because they did not protect him from Stone Cold, Vince said they had to fight at WWF Judgment Day 1998 with Stone Cold as special referee. This enraged Kane and Taker who proceeded to break the ankle of the owner of the World Wrestling Federation. D Generation-X is having issues in the group that leads to a fight where Billy Gunn leaves the arena. Owen Hart delivers an Owen Piledriver to Dan Severn in the same style he did it to Stone Cold. This caused Dan Severn to “hurt” his neck. In the main event it is Kane and The Undertaker in a handicapped match vs Ken Shamrock, Mankind, and The Rock. Plus, The DEADLOCK Q&A is back again!
153 min
Revisiting WCW Nitro 1998 The Only Bret Hart Hu...
WCW Nitro is heating up in 1998 as Hollywood Hulk Hogan gets ready to battle The Ultimate Warrior at Halloween Havoc 1998. Nitro opens with Hogan challenging both Sting and Bret Hart. Bret Hart answers the challenge first and the main event is signed. Bret is still in pain from War Games and has his leg targeted by Hulk Hogan. Bret has to be taken to the back and receive medical attention mid match. However, Sting takes his place. As the match continues Bret Hart stumbles down to the ring. It looks as if he is here to help Sting, but he turns his back on WCW and joins forces with Hulk Hogan and the nWo! Chris Jericho is in his long standing rivalry with Goldberg and claiming that he is undefeated against the WCW Champion. Scheduled is Chris Jericho vs Goldberg! Goldberg comes out to the ring with the fake Goldberg from Fall Brawl on his shoulder. He spears both of the member of Jericho's Personal Security. Also, the boys talk about behind the scenes for DPW Victory Lap and even give us a couple of movie reviews from Clerks 3 and Pearl!
174 min
Revisiting WWF RAW IS WAR 1999 Mankind Wins WWF...
1999 is the year that the WWF really put the nail in the coffin in WCW during the Monday Night War! It’s a brand new year and WWF was making moves that the fans really enjoyed, especially tonight. This is the night that Mick Foley, also known as Dude Love, Cactus Jack, and Mankind, won the WWF Championship on RAW IS WAR! Over 600,000 people tuned over from WCW Nitro as they tried to spoil the main event of The Rock vs Mankind. This was a huge blunder for them and this was the final turning point in the battle of WWF vs WCW! Kane also recently joined The Corporation and is force to do whatever Mr. McMahon tells him to. Another big focal point of the era is the WWF Hardcore Championship. The Road Dogg is the current champion and he defends his title in an epic brawl against Al Snow where they end up fighting outside into a blizzard! Plus, the DEADLOCK Q&A is back and the boys answer the big questions that they Patrons want to know.
144 min
Revisiting WWF Shotgun Saturday Night 1997 Epis...
A WWF TV show targeted at adults that aired late on Saturday Night sounded like a great idea, however, Shotgun Saturday Night was not it! Coming off of episode #1, the WWF was hyping up an unveiling of "Sunny's Sexy Home Video." The entire night is teased with rumors of who could be in the explicit tape with Sunny. When we get to finally see the film, it is revealed that it is Tickle Me Elmo's older brother Fondle Me Elmo! In what could only be described as bizarre, Sunny does indeed fondle Elmo. We also get another moment that misses the mark. Todd Pettengill signs a duet with The Honky Tonk Man. There are two problems with this, The Honky Tonk Man's mic doesn't work and he can't sing either. It might go down as one of the worst things in this era of pro wrestling. The Sisters of Love were arrested in New York for solicitation. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are in WCW, but that doesn't stop the WWF from using the names Razor Ramon and Diesel. Speaking of The Bad Guy, the boys talk about the greatest wrestling theme songs of the late, great Scott Hall.
99 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown! 2001, Jim Ross Interv...
Last Sunday at WWF WrestleMania X-7, Stone Cold Steve Austin did the unthinkable by shaking hands with the devil himself, Mr. McMahon. Last Monday on RAW Triple H joined forces with Stone Cold Steve Austin to form the Two Man Power Trip. Now after they destroyed The Rock inside a steel cage Mr. McMahon has suspended The Rock Indefinitely. In the main event of SmackDown! Chris Jericho will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Triple H. Before that, Jim Ross will interview his long time best friend Stone Cold Steve Austin to get to the bottom of why he joined Mr. McMahon and turned his back on the World Wrestling Federation and his fans. As we continue with fall out from WrestleMania the Brothers of Destruction are on a path of devastation. Also, the DEADLOCK Q&A is back with some hard hitting questions for the Hogdippers on Patreon!
151 min
Revisiting TNA IMPACT Wrestling 2010, Flair VS ...
TNA IMPACT in 2010 is thick into the Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff era. Abyss takes Dixie Carter hostage at the start of the show and warns everyone that at Bound For Glory on 10-10-10, “THEY ARE COMING!” Because of this Dixie Carter wants Eric Bischoff to FIRE Abyss! Eric comes to the ring to do the deed however Rob Van Dam says if he doesn’t get his match vs Abyss at Bound For Glory he is walking. Heading into the Fortune vs EV2.0 match at Bound For Glory we have a huge Last Man Standing match between Ric Flair and Mick Foley where both wrestlers bleed buckets of blood! Angelina Love and Velvet Sky go against Tara and Madison Rayne for the theme song and the rights to the name “The Beautiful People.” In the main event that spills over into TNA Reaction, we have the 100,000 Bound For Glory Invitational Battle Royal! Plus, The Untitled Theme Song Segment returns as we discuss the best theme songs of CM Punk!
128 min
Revisiting WCW Nitro 2000, San Francisco 49ers ...
WCW Nitro 2000 and Vince Russo is WCW World Heavyweight Champion. The title is now vacant and we are going to figure out the future of the belt. Vince Russo shows up in a Popemobile only to be attacked by Goldberg! Goldberg has to beat his old streak of 176-0 to get another shot at the WCW Title but, if he loses once, he’s fired! Russo ends up leaving the building and puts Mike Sanders in charge of Nitro tonight. Scott Steiner and Sting team against Booker T and Jeff Jarrett with the winner going on to the main event in the infamous San Francisco 49er Match! 4 wooden boxes would be hung in each corner with "weapons!" Hilarity ensues as Booker T and Jeff Jarret battle for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! Also, The DEADLOCK Patreon Q&A returns and all the burning questions are answered, including some of the most overhyped WWF Attitude Era Moments.
140 min
Revisiting WWF Raw Is War 1999, The Black Weddi...
WWF Backlash 1999 is in the books and The Rock was betrayed by Shane McMahon and The Corporation. Stone Cold Steve Austin is the WWF Champion and The Undertaker has taken Stephanie McMahon hostage. Vince McMahon arrives at the building and has to wait for a phone call from The Undertaker. Upon receiving the phone call, he is instructed to have Stone Cold Steve Austin go to the local hotel to deliver documents to The Undertaker. Austin refuses to do it, so Mr. McMahon himself goes. The Lord of Darkness did not approve of this and never shows up to the hotel. Instead, The Undertaker brings Stephanie McMahon to the area and plans to marry her as she is tied to The Undertaker symbol. This is known as “The Black Wedding” episode of WWF Monday Night Raw is War! Not only that, but the Untitled Theme Song Segment makes a return with Bryan Danielson!
112 min
Revisiting WWE RAW 2003, Kane Shocks Shane McMa...
In the Summer of 2003 Kane was forced to take off his mask. Doing so showed off his hideous grotesque face! After Kane delivered a Tombstone to Linda McMahon, Shane McMahon was hell bent on destroying Kane. The previous week featured Shane McMahon kicking
104 min
Revisiting TNA Impact Wrestling 2013, August 1 ...
TNA Impact Wrestling was building up a secret signee on August 1. August 1 Warning had issued mysterious warnings building up a new wrestler coming to the company. He doesn’t work for TNA or Spike TV. Everyone had their guesses on who it could be and rumo
119 min
Revisiting WCW Thunder 2000, Vince Russo's New ...
WCW 2000? Check! David Arquette WCW Champion? Check! Vince Russo in Charge? Check! New York Rules? Check! This is THUNDER! Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff are running the show and we are in the heat of the New Blood vs The Millionaire's Club feud. Vince Rus
104 min
Revisiting WWF Raw Is War 1998, Bang 3:16, McMa...
Stone Cold Steve Austin didn’t follow the rules that Mr. McMahon setup when he was Special Guest Referee at WWF Judgment Day 1998. Because Stone Cold Steve Austin was publicly fired at the PPV. Also, the WWF Title has been vacant because of what happened
160 min
Revisiting WWE Monday Night Raw 2006, Edge and ...
At WWE New Year’s Revolution, The Rated R Superstar Edge became the WWE Champion by cashing in the Money In The Bank briefcase on John Cena. John Cena had just gone through the grueling Elimination Chamber match. Edge was the Ultimate Opportunist that nig
102 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown! 2000, ECW Champion Ta...
2000 was a crazy time in the wrestling world. Mike Awesome defected to WCW, however he was still the ECW World Champion. Facing legal action from Paul Heyman, Mike Awesome had to appear at an ECW event and defend the ECW Championship against Tazz, who was
117 min
Revisiting WWE Monday Night Raw 2004, First Eve...
For the first time ever we have the WWE 2004 Draft Lottery! General Managers, Paul Heyman of SmackDown! and Eric Bischoff of RAW, will get to draw names at random from a tumbler. 12 Superstars from RAW and 12 Superstars from Smackdown will switch brands.
105 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night Raw is War 1999, Li...
The WWF was at the peak of its popularity and had all timer moments every week. Last week featured 3 of the biggest moments of all time including the reveal of The Higher Power as Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin becoming CEO of the World Wrestling
100 min
Revisiting WCW 2000, The First Nitro After Davi...
On WCW Thunder, David Arquette became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, however after doing so he regrets winning it. Vince Russo & Eric Bischoff, of the New Blood, have different plans for him. He will be in the WCW Triple Cage Match at WCW Slamboree 2
121 min
Revisiting TNA Wrestling Impact 2008, Kurt Angl...
147 min
AEW Double or Nothing 2022 Review, CM Punk wins...
CM Punk finally became the AEW World Champion after defeating Hangman Adam Page in the main event of AEW Double or Nothing 2022. The Anarchy in the Arena match went insane as both teams brawled throughout the arena, amongst the fans! Moxley’s theme kept p
140 min
DPW Fire Volume 3 Tapings Behind The Scenes, AE...
DEADLOCK Pro-Wrestling taped DPW Fire Volume 3 on May 15th! James and Johnny break down everything that goes on behind the scenes including the U-Haul saga, setting up a wrestling ring on the 3rd floor & the trials and tribulations of running a pro wrestl
113 min
Revisiting WWE RAW 2002, The Undertaker Drags H...
Just 6 days away from WWE Judgment Day 2002. Hulk Hogan defends the WWE Undisputed Championship against ½ of the owner of the WWE Ric Flair. As Hogan is leaving the building he is attacked by The Undertaker and dragged behind his motorcycle! Ric Flair al
142 min
Revisiting WCW 1995 The First Ever Nitro, Lex L...
The year is 1995 and WCW is debuting it's very first ever WCW Nitro episode inside the Mall of America! They open the show as Jushin Thunder Liger & Brian Pillman have an iconic match that still stands the test of time. Lex Luger makes his debut on Nitro
129 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown! 2001 Jimmy Crack Corn...
We are thick into the Invasion in 2001! WCW & ECW have joined forces as The Coalition try to and take over the WWF. Shane McMahon owns WCW, Stephanie McMahon owns ECW, and Paul Heyman wants to help destroy Sports Entertainment! Stone Cold is going to solv
151 min
Revisiting WWF Tough Enough Season 1 Triple H L...
Triple H surprises the cast of WWF Tough Enough on Episode #3 of Season #1. Not only does he run drills, but he also gives them a big lecture about life on the road in the WWF! You wanna get laid?! Tony Khan makes a huge announcement on AEW, Hook makes hi
173 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night RAW 1996 Brian Pill...
One of the most controversial episodes of WWF Monday Night RAW was the night that Stone Cold Steve Austin invaded the home of Brian Pillman. Pillman said if Austin showed up he had a gun and Stone Cold would meet Pillman 9mm! Chaos ensued and the WWF was
130 min
Revisiting TNA Wrestling iMPACT! 2007 Kurt Angl...
At TNA Victory Road 2007, all the titles were on the line in a tag team match! They follow up on this in a very TNA Wrestling way, Kurt Angle's clothes and championship belts were stolen. Kurt must go on a quest with Jeremy Borash to find out where his st
127 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown! 2001 WWF WrestleMania...
WCW just ended as WWF had purchased their competition a few days. WWF WrestleMania 17 is a few days away and that means this is the go home show for one of the best WrestleManias of all time. WWF SmackDown! from 2001 features one of the most iconic moment
118 min
Revisiting WCW Nitro 2000 WCW War Games 2000 Ru...
The final WCW War Games match happened on September 4th, 2000. It's Russo's Revenge Triple Cage match with the WCW World Championship on the line. Vince Russo put every member of the opposing team in qualifying matches all night. Also on AEW Dynamite we g
116 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown! 1999 Buried Alive Mat...
The only time a Buried Alive Match happened on WWF SmackDown was on September 9th, 1999! The Rock & Mankind defend their WWF Tag Team Championships against the Unholy Alliance The Undertaker & The Big Show. This match features the infamous Mick Foley bump
147 min
Revisiting WWE Monday Night Raw 2002 HHH Shows ...
Triple H threatens to release video footage of Kane with Katie Vick at a funeral home on WWE Monday Night Raw in 2002, Jeff Hardy makes his AEW debut on AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho betrays Inner Circle and makes a new faction called the Jericho Appreciati
127 min
AEW Revolution 2022 Review CM Punk & MJF Have A...
AEW Revolution 2022 saw the return of the old CM Punk as he and MJF had an all time classic Dog Collar Match! Hangman Adam Page defended his AEW Worlds Championship against Adam Cole in the main event! Along with that, the opener between Chris Jericho and
151 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown! 1999 Big Show's Daddy...
1999 was an insane year for the WWF with some crazy storylines going on including the death of The Big Show's father. WWF SmackDown! on November 11th had one of the most memorable segments off all time when The Big Boss Man interrupted the funeral of The
147 min
Revisiting WWF 1999 WrestleMania XV Rage Party,...
The night before the biggest show of the year in the WWF, they decided to host the WrestleMania XV Rage Party. This ain't no WWE WrestleMania Axxess, this features Chef from South Park, a drunk Shane McMahon partying with The Corporation, a Big Pun concer
103 min
Revisiting TNA iMPACT! 2004 The Biggest Match i...
Jeff Jarrett runs NWA TNA Wrestling as the NWA Champion in 2004. He defends his championship in the biggest match in iMPACT! on Fox Sports Network! It's Jeff Jarrett vs The Alpha Male Monty Brown for the NWA Championship. Some belive they should have pull
143 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown 2000 X Pac Uses A FLAM...
X Pac uses a flamethrower on Kane on WWF SmackDown 2000, The Rock roasts Big Show with no remorse on WWF SmackDown 2000, CM Punk & MJF face each other on AEW Dynamite in Chicago for over 40 minutes
146 min
Revisiting WWE Monday Night Raw 2008 Last RAW B...
WWE Monday Night Raw is going to WWE HD in 2008 and this is the last RAW before WWE HD where Jeff Hardy jumps off a truss, WWE Royal Rumble 2022 happened with Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey doing stuff as usual, Sammy Guevara & Cody Rhodes tear the house d
201 min
Revisiting WWE SmackDown 2002 Billy & Chuck Wed...
The infamous Billy & Chuck wedding or as they sometimes refer to it as the commitment ceremony on WWE SmackDown in 2002, The Deadies 2021 Award Ceremony as the winners are announced, Kings of the Black Throne make their tag team debut on AEW Dynamite
204 min
AEW Dynamite Brody King Makes His Debut In The ...
Brody King debuted on AEW Dynamite with Malakai Black in The House of Black, DPW You Already Know went live this past weekend, Little Guido's best theme songs in wrestling, PAC is blind from the mist, Wardlow faced CM Punk in a singles match on AEW
91 min
AEW Dynamite TBS Debut Episode On New Network, ...
AEW Dynamite debuted on TBS with Bryan Danielson vs Hangman Page 2 for the AEW World Championship along with Ruby Soho vs Jade Cargill to crown the first TBS Champion, DPW held DPW You Already Know in Raleigh NC and hear behind the scenes talk from the bo
91 min
AEW Dynamite Final Episode on TNT, New Years Sm...
The final episode of AEW Dynamite in the TNT era before moving over to TBS! It's New Years Smash Night 1 and Night 2 featuring the first ever AEW teaming of the former Undisputed Era. Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly, and Adam Cole take on Orange Cassi
81 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night Raw 2001 The Rock's...
It's The Rock's Night Before Christmas on WWF RAW Dec 24 2001 as the WWF builds to the first Santa Claus match, Kyle O Reilly makes his AEW debut on AEW Dynamite, DPW Fire ep 2 is now live on YouTube featuring Chris Danger's debut, CM Punk paints his face
130 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night Raw 1999 "A Very RA...
The McMahon-Helmsley Regime book WWF Monday Night Raw in 1999 on Christmas with matches like Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young vs The Acolytes vs The Dudley Boyz, DPW Fire Ep 1 was released featuring a main event of Rosemary vs Andrew Everett, Bryan Danielson &
159 min
Revisiting WWE ECW 2006 Kurt Angle's Last WWE T...
Kurt Angle makes his last WWE TV appearance in WWE ECW before leaving the company & signing with TNA iMPACT! later in the year, the first ever DPW show called DPW FIRE VOL 1 was held this past weekend, MJF is the hometown hero on AEW Dynamite, & HOOK made
162 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night Raw 2000 The Rock H...
Triple H beat The Rock at WWF Judgement Day 2000 for the WWF Championship so now The Rock is hunting down the McMahon-Helmsley Regime 1 by 1 on Monday Night Raw, Cody Rhodes brings out a golden shovel & goes through a flaming table, Tony Nese & Sammy Guev
150 min
Revisiting WWE SmackDown 2004 Big Show Thanksgi...
Luther Reigns crashes Big Shows Thanksgiving on WWE SmackDown in 2004 and answers the age old question of has Luther Reigns had peas before? CM Punk & MJF go face to face on AEW Dynamite with a promo to start the program, and Daniel Garcia faces Eddie Kin
189 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night Raw 2001 Team WWF v...
Team WWF vs Team Alliance is coming to a head as it is the go home to WWF Survivor Series 2001 where The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin sing a duet with the crowd, Tomohiro Ishii makes his AEW debut on AEW Dynamite, Undisputed Era reunited on AEW Rampage
158 min
AEW Full Gear 2021 Review Hangman Adam Page WIN...
AEW Full Gear 2021 saw Hangman Adam Page finally defeat Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship, DPW talent announcements started this past week including Luther, Rosemary, & Calvin Tankman, Rocky Romero faced Bryan Danielson on AEW Dynamite, & Team TA
152 min
Revisiting WWF Shotgun Saturday Night 1997 The ...
WWF Shotgun Saturday Night was a 1 hour show hosted in night clubs in New York with a more risque feel than regular WWF programming and this is the very first debut episode, Aerostar & Samuray Del Sol debut on AEW Dynamite vs FTR for the AAA tag titles, C
111 min
Revisiting WCW Monday Nitro 1998 Chucky The Kil...
WCW Monday Nitro 1998 has a special guest Chucky The Killer Doll as he cuts a promo on Ric Steiner, DPW is officially announced along with the first dates for shows, Hangman Page as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man attacks The Elite on AEW Dynamite, Eddie Ki
171 min
Revisiting WWE Monday Night Raw 2002 The FIRST ...
WWE Monday Night RAW is holding RAW Roulette in Las Vegas in 2002 and Eric Bischoff is spinning the wheel for everyone's matches one of which is TLC 4 the very first TLC match on Monday Night Raw, PAC vs Andrade 2 on AEW Rampage, and Cody Rhodes vs Malaka
194 min
Revisiting TNA iMPACT! 2008 Kurt Angle Wedding ...
TNA iMPACT 2008 had a Kurt Angle wedding that was crashed by Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash, the boys review TJPW Wrestle Princess 2 with the main event of Maki Itoh & Miyu Yamashita, Bryan Danielson faced Minoru Suzuki on the AEW Rampage Buy In, and Las Super Ra
220 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night Raw 1998 Stone Cold...
Stone Cold attacks Vince McMahon in the hospital on WWF Monday Night Raw 1998 in one of the most famous segments ever including Mankind debuting Mr Socko, Hangman Page returns on AEW Dynamite in the Casino Ladder Match, GCW Fight Club had Jon Moxley vs Ni
185 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown 2001 Debut Of SmackDow...
WWF SmackDown 2001 goes LIVE with the debut of the iconic SmackDown Fist Stage, Sammy Guevara wins the TNT Championship on AEW Dynamite, Rhodes To The Top debuted on TNT after AEW Dynamite, Dark Side of the Ring covered Atsushi Onita & FMW, Orange Cassidy
210 min
Revisiting WWF Sunday Night Heat 1998 The FIRST...
The first ever episode of WWF Sunday Night Heat in 1998 which had the main event of Kane & Mankind vs The Rock & Owen Hart, WWE Extreme Rules 2021 saw Finn Balor wake up and break a turnbuckle falling into the ring, AEW runs Dynamite & Rampage at Arthur A
147 min
Revisiting ECW on TNN 1999 Steve Corino INVADES...
ECW on TNN 1999 has Steve Corino invading a Limp Bizkit concert to confront Fred Durst, Dark Side of the Ring is back with THE PLANE RIDE FROM HELL, Adam Cole has first AEW match against Frankie Kazarian on AEW Dynamite, Fuego puts his car on the line vs
153 min
Revisiting TNA iMPACT! 2006 Kurt Angle First TN...
Kurt Angle has his first ever TNA match in the main event of the same show where TNA moves to a primetime TV slot on Thursday nights, Jon Moxley faces Minoru Suzuki in his homecoming match on AEW Dynamite but with NO Kaze Ni Nare, Andrade faces PAC on AEW
178 min
AEW All Out 2021 Review ADAM COLE & BRYAN DANIE...
AEW All Out 2021 saw Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, & Ruby Soho make their AEW debuts, Minoru Suzuki confronted Jon Moxley at AEW All Out, DEADLOCK 2nd Anniversary Meet Up got crashed by Chaos Project, & the boys talk the go-home shows to AEW All Out
265 min
Revisiting WWE ECW 2007 CM Punk Wins The ECW Ch...
CM Punk wins the ECW Championship for the very first time in WWE ECW 2007 against John Morrison, Malakai Black destroys Brock Anderson & Arn Anderson on AEW Dynamite, Lucha Bros vs Jurassic Express in the eliminator finals to see who faces Young Bucks at
140 min
CM Punk Debuts On AEW Rampage The First Dance M...
CM Punk returned to pro wrestling on AEW Rampage The First Dance in Chicago, WWE held SummerSlam which saw Becky Lynch return along with a Brock Lesnar return, AEW Dynamite saw the 5th Labor Of Jericho MJF vs Chris Jericho
139 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night RAW 1999 Triple H C...
Triple H crashes the Stephanie McMahon & Test wedding on WWF Monday Night Raw, Christian Cage wins the Impact World Championship on AEW Rampage, Chris Jericho does the 4th labor of Jericho vs Wardlow on AEW Dynamite
194 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown 2002 Vince McMahon INJ...
Vince McMahon injects a lethal dose of poison into the WWF on SmackDown by announcing the nWo is coming, Malakai Black makes his AEW debut vs Cody Rhodes at AEW Homecoming, The Fiend is released by WWE
144 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown! 1999 Vince McMahon Be...
The referees are on strike and Vince McMahon is here to take the WWF Championship from Triple H on WWF SmackDown, Nick Gage slices up Chris Jericho with a pizza cutter on AEW Fight For The Fallen, the boys bring back the Q&A segment
147 min
Nick Gage Makes AEW Dynamite Debut At AEW Fyter...
Nick Gage debuted on AEW Dynamite at AEW Fyter Fest Night 2, James won the AEW Games tournament & booked a match on AEW Dark Elevation, Matt Cardona won the GCW Championship against Nick Gage, and the boys discuss Undertaker's best theme song
176 min
WWE Money In The Bank 2021 Review JOHN CENA RET...
WWE Money in the Bank 2021 saw the return of John Cena as he sets to face Roman Reigns at Summerslam, Darby Allin & Ethan Page had a coffin match on AEW Fyter Fest Night 1, and the boys discuss the best Dudley Boyz theme songs
133 min
Revisiting WWE ECW 2006 Ric Flair vs Big Show E...
Ric Flair heads down to ECW to face Big Show in WWE ECW for the ECW Championship in an Extreme Rules bloody brawl, Aleister Black debuts on AEW Dynamite as Malakai Black, & the boys discuss Mick Foley's best theme songs of all time
127 min
Revisiting WCW Monday Nitro 2000 "The Reboot" A...
Vince Russo comes to WCW Monday Nitro in 2000 and does THE REBOOT which saw all WCW Champions relinquish their titles, Scott Steiner also followed up on his infamous shoot promo on Ric Flair with another shoot promo on Ric Flair, The Young Bucks lose to K
118 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night Raw 1998 Undertaker...
Undertaker crucifies Stone Cold Steve Austin on the Undertaker symbol on WWF Monday Night Raw 1998, Jungle Boy challenges Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship on AEW Dynamite,
122 min
WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Review, YUKES AEW Conso...
WWE held Hell in a Cell 2021 the last PPV of the Thunderdome Era which saw Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre main event for the WWE Championship, AEW released gameplay of their Yukes video game, Brock Anderson debuted on AEW Dynamite
90 min
Revisiting TNA iMPACT! 2008 Shark Boy Awakes Fr...
Shark Boy awakes from his coma as Stone Cold Steve Austin on TNA iMPACT from 2008, Dark Side of the Ring Season 3 covers The Dynamite Kid and we review it, Inner Circle destroy Pinnacle Limo on AEW Dynamite
158 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night Raw 2000 Bubba Ray ...
Bubba Ray Dudley powerbombs Mae Young off the stage through tables on WWF Monday Night Raw 2000, Dark Side Of The Ring covers the life of Grizzly Smith & his family, Andrade El Idolo debuts on AEW Dynamite
129 min
AEW Double Or Nothing 2021 Review, Dark Side Of...
AEW held their Double or Nothing 2021 PPV which saw Kenny Omega vs PAC vs Orange Cassidy and The Stadium Stampede co-main event, Dark Side of the Ring did an episode on the Ultimate Warrior, Cody Rhodes & Anthony Ogogo did a weigh in on AEW Dynamite
133 min
Revisiting WWE Monday Night Raw 2003 Kane Sets ...
Kane sets JR on fire during a sit down interview on WWE Monday Night Raw 2003, Dark Side of the Ring Season 3 covers WCW/NJPW Collision In Korea, Anthony Ogogo punches Austin Gunn on AEW Dynamite and makes him bleed
155 min
WWE Wrestlemania Backlash 2021 Review, Cody Rho...
WWE Wrestlemania Backlash was headline by Roman Reigns vs Cesaro and had zombies, Cody Rhodes cut a promo about patriotism (we think) on AEW Dynamite, Dark Side Of The Ring did a documentary in season 3 on Nick Gage
143 min
AEW BLOOD AND GUTS 2021 Review, Best Rey Myster...
AEW finally holds their own version of War Games, BLOOD AND GUTS, on AEW Dynamite, the boys talk about the best Rey Mysterio theme song of all time, and VICE released the Brian Pillman Dark Side Of The Ring Season 3
109 min
Revisiting WCW Thunder 2000 David Arquette Wins...
David Arquette wins the WCW Championship on WCW Thunder in a tag team match, the boys talk about the best Kurt Angle theme song, and Cody Rhodes fights QT Marshall on the Nightmare Express on AEW Dynamite
128 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night Raw 2001 MILK O MAN...
Milk O Mania is running wild on WWF Monday Night Raw as Kurt Angle looks to get revenge on Stone Cold and The Alliance, Moxley & Kingston destroy The Elite's new trailer with a truck on AEW Dynamite, and the boys bring back the Q&A this week
145 min
Revisiting WCW Monday Nitro 2000 Scott Steiner ...
Scott Steiner is out of control on WCW Monday Nitro in 2000 as they come off the infamous Bash At The Beach PPV, the boys talk about Kane's best theme song ever, and Mike Tyson saves Chris Jericho on AEW Dynamite
116 min
WWE WrestleMania 37 Night 1 & Night 2 Review, M...
WWE WrestleMania 37 Night 1 & Night 2 went down in Florida seeing Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair & Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan vs Edge main event respectively, AEW Dynamite also saw Mike Tyson show up to save Chris Jericho & The Young Bucks betray Jon Moxl
155 min
Revisiting TNA iMPACT! 2006 Abyss Attacks Chris...
TNA is on the road to Lockdown 2006 with the first Lethal Lockdown & Abyss attacks Christian Cage at home because he wants the NWA Championship, the boys discuss the best Rob Van Dam theme song, Statlander & Trent return during Arcade Anarchy on AEW Dynam
98 min
Revisiting WCW Monday Nitro 2001 The LAST Nitro...
WCW Monday Nitro is ending as it has it's last episode ever WCW Night of Champions at Spring Break Out 2001 baby, AEW Dynamite also sees Darby defend the TNT title against John Silver & Matt Sydal have his best match yet against Kenny Omega
113 min
WWE Fastlane 2021 Review, Thunder Rosa vs Britt...
WWE Fastlane 2021 is in the books as we head towards Wrestlemania, Thunder Rosa & Britt Baker tear the house down in a Lights Out match on AEW Dynamite, & The Fiend returns to WWE with a new look
99 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown 1999 DEBUT Episode, Be...
WWF started a new show in 1999 called WWF SmackDown (you might have heard of it), MJF betrays the Inner Circle on AEW Dynamite, and the boys discuss Eddie Guerrero's best theme songs of all time
142 min
AEW Revolution 2021 Review, SHAQ Wrestles On AE...
AEW Revolution saw an infamous ending to the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch, SHAQ wrestled on AEW Dynamite against Cody, and STARDOM ran a show at the BUDOKAN
141 min