DEADLOCK: A Pro Wrestling Podcast

A combination of lifestyle, culture, & an undying love of professional wrestling: DEADLOCK. Puroresu, WWE, AEW, and everything in between... James, Johnny, and Tony give their insight on the world of wrestling served up weekly.

Revisiting WWE SmackDown Halloween 2008, Cody v...
WWE SmackDown Halloween 2008 features Undertaker vs Chavo Guerrero, Cody faces Orange for the AEW TNT Championship, & the boys answer their favorite & least favorite wrestler interactions
157 min
Revisiting WWE ECW Halloween 2007, Favorite Spo...
WWE ECW had a Halloween show back in 2007 where a Monster Mash Battle Royal main evented the show, it's October so we give our favorite spooky/horror wrestlers, & Cody vs Brodie Lee Dog Collar Match was brutal on AEW Dynamite
153 min
Revisiting WWE SmackDown 2002 Halloween Party, ...
WWE SmackDown 2002 held a Halloween episode where John Cena was Vanilla Ice, Eddie Guerrero was Zorro, & more! Also Butcher main evented against Jon Moxley on AEW Dynamite & Cody Rhodes cut a bizarre promo
122 min
WWE Clash of Champions 2020 Review, Revisiting ...
WWE Clash of Champions 2020 review featuring Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso & Sami Zayn vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy in an Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match, we revisit Christian Cage TNA iMPACT! debut on Spike TV, Serpentico Is David Arquette
114 min
Revisiting Mr America Lie Detector Test WWE Sma...
Mr America has to take a lie detector test on SmackDown to prove he is not Hulk Hogan, Vampiro has a documentary on his career & livelihood since WCW and his run in Mexico, AEW has a huge Parking Lot Fight between Best Friends & Proud N Powerful
161 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night Raw 1999, Miro AEW ...
WWF is on the road to WrestleMania 15! Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock are preparing to go to war. The Big Show is the newest Corporation member. Plus Miro formerly known as Rusev debuts in AEW. It's SUPER TUESDAY!
130 min
AEW All Out 2020 Review, You Cannot Kill David ...
AEW held AEW All Out 2020 one of their flagships ppvs this year headlined by Jon Moxley & MJF, David Arquette released a new documentary called You Cannot Kill David Arquette, Jon Moxley fought a lawyer on AEW Dynamite
136 min
WWE Payback 2020 Review, AEW Dark Order Casket ...
WWE held Payback 2020 one week after Summerslam, Dark Order brings out the Cody casket on AEW, we reveal how the DEADLOCK name was originated
91 min
WWE SummerSlam 2020 Review, Brodie Lee MERKS Co...
WWE presented Summerslam from their new THUNDERDOME, Brodie destroys Cody to win the TNT Championship on Dynamite, DEADLOCK celebrates their 1 year anniversary baby
167 min
Revisiting Hulk Hogan TNA iMPACT Debut, AEW Tag...
Hulk Hogan debuted in TNA iMPACT 10 years ago this year taking the company on a bumpy ride, AEW held tag team appreciate week, and a new TNT Championship has been unveiled
118 min
Revisiting TNA iMPACT! First EVER Episode, Jeri...
TNA iMPACT first episode ever in 2004 from Stage 21 in Universal Resort Orlando is a real good time, Jericho & Orange Cassidy have a debate on AEW and Moxley/Allin have a world title match
125 min
Revisiting Scott Steiner & Triple H WWE Pose Do...
Scott Steiner & Triple H faced in various challenges leading to the WWE Royal Rumble in 2003 including the infamous POSE DOWN CHALLENGE on Monday Night Raw, Cody faced Warhorse on AEW, and Matt Cardona made his AEW debut
119 min
Revisiting WCW Nitro Goldberg vs Hulk Hogan, Sa...
WCW held Goldberg vs Hulk Hogan in the Georgia Dome on Monday Nitro in front of 40,000 fans, Sammy Guevara made his big AEW Dynamite return as Serpentico, Eddie Kingston tears the house down with Cody also on AEW
140 min
WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Review, Impact Wrestling...
WWE held The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, Impact Wrestling held their special year Slammiversary event, & AEW held Fight For The Fallen (which was not a PPV btw)
148 min
Revisiting All Wheels Wrestling, AEW Fyter Fest...
TNA tried to start a side project called All Wheels Wrestling back in 2011 for Speed TV, AEW held Fyter Fest week 2 with Orange Cassidy vs Chris Jericho, and NJPW Dominion went down with a big surprise
108 min
Revisiting TNA iMPACT 2009, AEW Fyter Fest 2020...
James, Tony, & Johnny revisit TNA iMPACT from 2009 where the Main Event Mafia produced the entire episode, AEW held their first Fyter Fest week, & Johnny went to GCW Backyard Wrestling 2
141 min
Revisiting WWE SmackDown 2004, Orange Cassidy &...
SmackDown 2004 is an interesting year for WWE as they look to fill the gap that Brock Lesnar left, Orange Cassidy confronts Chris Jericho on AEW Dynamite, & the boys talk about the best entrance theme openers of all time
138 min
Revisiting WCW Monday Nitro 1999, Best Wrestler...
WCW was deep into the nWo Wolfpac in 1999, we think about some of the best wrestler gimmicks that could be made into movies, Ricky Starks debuts on AEW Dynamite
122 min
The Greatest Wrestling Podcast Ever, WWE Backla...
WWE held Backlash 2020 where they had The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever between Edge & Randy Orton while Tony Hawk made his AEW debut with Darby Allin
125 min
Revisiting WWE Raw 1999, In Your House, AEW Bri...
DEADLOCK heads back to the Attitude Era with WWE Raw in 1999 where The Rock & Stone Cold fight on a bridge, In Your House features some good matches, & Britt Baker is a roll model on AEW Dynamite
148 min
Revisiting Kurt Angle TNA Debut, AEW Inner Circ...
James, Tony, & Johnny revisit TNA in 2006 when Kurt Angle makes his debut on TNA iMPACT!, AEW Dynamite holds an Inner Circle pep rally after Stadium Stampede, & the boys also break down one of Hernandez iconic Border Toss spots
139 min
AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Review, Owen Hart Do...
AEW Double or Nothing 2020 happened this past weekend which saw the Stadium Stampede match and Jon Moxley vs Brodie Lee and VICE released the last episode of Dark Side of the Ring Season 2 which covered Owen Hart
164 min
Revisiting WWE ECW 2006, Chris Jericho DESTROYS...
James, Tony, & Johnny revisit WWE ECW 2006 before it ECW One Night Stand 2006, Cody Rhodes drives a Ford F-150 into AEW Dynamite, Road Warriors is the next VICE Dark Side of the Ring documentary
130 min
WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Review, AEW Dynamite...
WWE Money in the Bank 2020 just happened where they had the mens & womens matches at the same time in Titan Towers, AEW held an amazing street fight with Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara vs Kenny Omega & Matt Hardy, & the most recent VICE doc with Herb Abram
186 min
Revisiting Booker T vs Stone Cold, WWE Writer P...
WWE writer pitched a story about Hornswoggle meeting his timely demise by Vince McMahon, we all look back on Booker T & Stone Cold's little fued in 2001, and we also talk about the David Schultz VICE Documentary
187 min