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Revisiting WWF RAW IS WAR 1999 Mankind Wins WWF...
1999 is the year that the WWF really put the nail in the coffin in WCW during the Monday Night War! It’s a brand new year and WWF was making moves that the fans really enjoyed, especially tonight. This is the night that Mick Foley, also known as Dude Love, Cactus Jack, and Mankind, won the WWF Championship on RAW IS WAR! Over 600,000 people tuned over from WCW Nitro as they tried to spoil the main event of The Rock vs Mankind. This was a huge blunder for them and this was the final turning point in the battle of WWF vs WCW! Kane also recently joined The Corporation and is force to do whatever Mr. McMahon tells him to. Another big focal point of the era is the WWF Hardcore Championship. The Road Dogg is the current champion and he defends his title in an epic brawl against Al Snow where they end up fighting outside into a blizzard! Plus, the DEADLOCK Q&A is back and the boys answer the big questions that they Patrons want to know.
144 min
Revisiting WWF Shotgun Saturday Night 1997 Epis...
A WWF TV show targeted at adults that aired late on Saturday Night sounded like a great idea, however, Shotgun Saturday Night was not it! Coming off of episode #1, the WWF was hyping up an unveiling of "Sunny's Sexy Home Video." The entire night is teased with rumors of who could be in the explicit tape with Sunny. When we get to finally see the film, it is revealed that it is Tickle Me Elmo's older brother Fondle Me Elmo! In what could only be described as bizarre, Sunny does indeed fondle Elmo. We also get another moment that misses the mark. Todd Pettengill signs a duet with The Honky Tonk Man. There are two problems with this, The Honky Tonk Man's mic doesn't work and he can't sing either. It might go down as one of the worst things in this era of pro wrestling. The Sisters of Love were arrested in New York for solicitation. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are in WCW, but that doesn't stop the WWF from using the names Razor Ramon and Diesel. Speaking of The Bad Guy, the boys talk about the greatest wrestling theme songs of the late, great Scott Hall.
99 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown! 2001, Jim Ross Interv...
Last Sunday at WWF WrestleMania X-7, Stone Cold Steve Austin did the unthinkable by shaking hands with the devil himself, Mr. McMahon. Last Monday on RAW Triple H joined forces with Stone Cold Steve Austin to form the Two Man Power Trip. Now after they destroyed The Rock inside a steel cage Mr. McMahon has suspended The Rock Indefinitely. In the main event of SmackDown! Chris Jericho will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Triple H. Before that, Jim Ross will interview his long time best friend Stone Cold Steve Austin to get to the bottom of why he joined Mr. McMahon and turned his back on the World Wrestling Federation and his fans. As we continue with fall out from WrestleMania the Brothers of Destruction are on a path of devastation. Also, the DEADLOCK Q&A is back with some hard hitting questions for the Hogdippers on Patreon!
151 min
Revisiting TNA IMPACT Wrestling 2010, Flair VS ...
TNA IMPACT in 2010 is thick into the Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff era. Abyss takes Dixie Carter hostage at the start of the show and warns everyone that at Bound For Glory on 10-10-10, “THEY ARE COMING!” Because of this Dixie Carter wants Eric Bischoff to FIRE Abyss! Eric comes to the ring to do the deed however Rob Van Dam says if he doesn’t get his match vs Abyss at Bound For Glory he is walking. Heading into the Fortune vs EV2.0 match at Bound For Glory we have a huge Last Man Standing match between Ric Flair and Mick Foley where both wrestlers bleed buckets of blood! Angelina Love and Velvet Sky go against Tara and Madison Rayne for the theme song and the rights to the name “The Beautiful People.” In the main event that spills over into TNA Reaction, we have the 100,000 Bound For Glory Invitational Battle Royal! Plus, The Untitled Theme Song Segment returns as we discuss the best theme songs of CM Punk!
128 min
Revisiting WCW Nitro 2000, San Francisco 49ers ...
WCW Nitro 2000 and Vince Russo is WCW World Heavyweight Champion. The title is now vacant and we are going to figure out the future of the belt. Vince Russo shows up in a Popemobile only to be attacked by Goldberg! Goldberg has to beat his old streak of 176-0 to get another shot at the WCW Title but, if he loses once, he’s fired! Russo ends up leaving the building and puts Mike Sanders in charge of Nitro tonight. Scott Steiner and Sting team against Booker T and Jeff Jarrett with the winner going on to the main event in the infamous San Francisco 49er Match! 4 wooden boxes would be hung in each corner with "weapons!" Hilarity ensues as Booker T and Jeff Jarret battle for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! Also, The DEADLOCK Patreon Q&A returns and all the burning questions are answered, including some of the most overhyped WWF Attitude Era Moments.
140 min
Revisiting WWF Raw Is War 1999, The Black Weddi...
WWF Backlash 1999 is in the books and The Rock was betrayed by Shane McMahon and The Corporation. Stone Cold Steve Austin is the WWF Champion and The Undertaker has taken Stephanie McMahon hostage. Vince McMahon arrives at the building and has to wait for a phone call from The Undertaker. Upon receiving the phone call, he is instructed to have Stone Cold Steve Austin go to the local hotel to deliver documents to The Undertaker. Austin refuses to do it, so Mr. McMahon himself goes. The Lord of Darkness did not approve of this and never shows up to the hotel. Instead, The Undertaker brings Stephanie McMahon to the area and plans to marry her as she is tied to The Undertaker symbol. This is known as “The Black Wedding” episode of WWF Monday Night Raw is War! Not only that, but the Untitled Theme Song Segment makes a return with Bryan Danielson!
112 min
Revisiting WWE RAW 2003, Kane Shocks Shane McMa...
In the Summer of 2003 Kane was forced to take off his mask. Doing so showed off his hideous grotesque face! After Kane delivered a Tombstone to Linda McMahon, Shane McMahon was hell bent on destroying Kane. The previous week featured Shane McMahon kicking
104 min
Revisiting TNA Impact Wrestling 2013, August 1 ...
TNA Impact Wrestling was building up a secret signee on August 1. August 1 Warning had issued mysterious warnings building up a new wrestler coming to the company. He doesn’t work for TNA or Spike TV. Everyone had their guesses on who it could be and rumo
119 min
Revisiting WCW Thunder 2000, Vince Russo's New ...
WCW 2000? Check! David Arquette WCW Champion? Check! Vince Russo in Charge? Check! New York Rules? Check! This is THUNDER! Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff are running the show and we are in the heat of the New Blood vs The Millionaire's Club feud. Vince Rus
104 min
Revisiting WWF Raw Is War 1998, Bang 3:16, McMa...
Stone Cold Steve Austin didn’t follow the rules that Mr. McMahon setup when he was Special Guest Referee at WWF Judgment Day 1998. Because Stone Cold Steve Austin was publicly fired at the PPV. Also, the WWF Title has been vacant because of what happened
160 min
Revisiting WWE Monday Night Raw 2006, Edge and ...
At WWE New Year’s Revolution, The Rated R Superstar Edge became the WWE Champion by cashing in the Money In The Bank briefcase on John Cena. John Cena had just gone through the grueling Elimination Chamber match. Edge was the Ultimate Opportunist that nig
102 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown! 2000, ECW Champion Ta...
2000 was a crazy time in the wrestling world. Mike Awesome defected to WCW, however he was still the ECW World Champion. Facing legal action from Paul Heyman, Mike Awesome had to appear at an ECW event and defend the ECW Championship against Tazz, who was
117 min
Revisiting WWE Monday Night Raw 2004, First Eve...
For the first time ever we have the WWE 2004 Draft Lottery! General Managers, Paul Heyman of SmackDown! and Eric Bischoff of RAW, will get to draw names at random from a tumbler. 12 Superstars from RAW and 12 Superstars from Smackdown will switch brands.
105 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night Raw is War 1999, Li...
The WWF was at the peak of its popularity and had all timer moments every week. Last week featured 3 of the biggest moments of all time including the reveal of The Higher Power as Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin becoming CEO of the World Wrestling
100 min
Revisiting WCW 2000, The First Nitro After Davi...
On WCW Thunder, David Arquette became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, however after doing so he regrets winning it. Vince Russo & Eric Bischoff, of the New Blood, have different plans for him. He will be in the WCW Triple Cage Match at WCW Slamboree 2
121 min
Revisiting TNA Wrestling Impact 2008, Kurt Angl...
147 min
AEW Double or Nothing 2022 Review, CM Punk wins...
CM Punk finally became the AEW World Champion after defeating Hangman Adam Page in the main event of AEW Double or Nothing 2022. The Anarchy in the Arena match went insane as both teams brawled throughout the arena, amongst the fans! Moxley’s theme kept p
140 min
DPW Fire Volume 3 Tapings Behind The Scenes, AE...
DEADLOCK Pro-Wrestling taped DPW Fire Volume 3 on May 15th! James and Johnny break down everything that goes on behind the scenes including the U-Haul saga, setting up a wrestling ring on the 3rd floor & the trials and tribulations of running a pro wrestl
113 min
Revisiting WWE RAW 2002, The Undertaker Drags H...
Just 6 days away from WWE Judgment Day 2002. Hulk Hogan defends the WWE Undisputed Championship against ½ of the owner of the WWE Ric Flair. As Hogan is leaving the building he is attacked by The Undertaker and dragged behind his motorcycle! Ric Flair al
142 min
Revisiting WCW 1995 The First Ever Nitro, Lex L...
The year is 1995 and WCW is debuting it's very first ever WCW Nitro episode inside the Mall of America! They open the show as Jushin Thunder Liger & Brian Pillman have an iconic match that still stands the test of time. Lex Luger makes his debut on Nitro
129 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown! 2001 Jimmy Crack Corn...
We are thick into the Invasion in 2001! WCW & ECW have joined forces as The Coalition try to and take over the WWF. Shane McMahon owns WCW, Stephanie McMahon owns ECW, and Paul Heyman wants to help destroy Sports Entertainment! Stone Cold is going to solv
151 min
Revisiting WWF Tough Enough Season 1 Triple H L...
Triple H surprises the cast of WWF Tough Enough on Episode #3 of Season #1. Not only does he run drills, but he also gives them a big lecture about life on the road in the WWF! You wanna get laid?! Tony Khan makes a huge announcement on AEW, Hook makes hi
173 min
Revisiting WWF Monday Night RAW 1996 Brian Pill...
One of the most controversial episodes of WWF Monday Night RAW was the night that Stone Cold Steve Austin invaded the home of Brian Pillman. Pillman said if Austin showed up he had a gun and Stone Cold would meet Pillman 9mm! Chaos ensued and the WWF was
130 min
Revisiting TNA Wrestling iMPACT! 2007 Kurt Angl...
At TNA Victory Road 2007, all the titles were on the line in a tag team match! They follow up on this in a very TNA Wrestling way, Kurt Angle's clothes and championship belts were stolen. Kurt must go on a quest with Jeremy Borash to find out where his st
127 min
Revisiting WWF SmackDown! 2001 WWF WrestleMania...
WCW just ended as WWF had purchased their competition a few days. WWF WrestleMania 17 is a few days away and that means this is the go home show for one of the best WrestleManias of all time. WWF SmackDown! from 2001 features one of the most iconic moment
118 min