Another Mother Runner

Get (+ keep) moving without losing your family, job, or sanity!

Host Sarah Bowen Shea, a mom of three and veteran of 14 marathons, is joined by a rotating cast of co-hosts and often a guest expert to discuss topics ranging from how to reach a big race goal to finding your athletic happy place, and everything in between. Training, nutrition, motivation, mental toughness, TMI issues: These mother runners cover it all (and then some). This witty, conversational podcast makes a great running partner because these gals do all the talking—even on the uphills! New episodes drop every Tuesday and Friday to keep you moving, and there are 500+ back episodes to enjoy.

Health & Fitness
#105: Demystifying the Track
With spring racing season upon us, the mother runners decided it was time to banish any intimidation you might be feeling about track workouts. Dimity and Sarah welcome Carl Leivers, a certified USA Track and Field certified running coach in Atlanta, t...
44 min
#104: Q&A for Early Spring 2014
Before jumping in to answer questions culled from the AMR Facebook page, Sarah talks about her busy running-related morning and Dimity admits to finally “committing” to a workout for her mid-June 70.3 Ironman triathlon. The Ironmother reveals her cleve...
50 min
#103: Talking Nutrition with Olympic Marathoner...
Sarah and Dimity are pleased to welcome Magdalena Boulet, a mother runner who ran in the 2008 Olympic Marathon; Magda is also VP of Innovation, Research & Development at the gals’ favorite energy gel company, GU Energy Labs. Fresh off a win at USA ...
54 min
#102: The 2nd Best-of Show!
Because our website was down all weekend, we are releasing this podcast episode on Monday, not Sunday. Enjoy! The celebration for passing the 100th-podcast mark continues! Sarah and Dimity take you back to their very first running podcast—them being in...
57 min
#101: Kathrine Switzer Reflects Back—and Talks ...
Sarah and Dimity are honored to welcome Kathrine Switzer to the podcast. As the first woman to run the venerable Boston Marathon with an official number, Kathrine changed the course of women’s running. Kathrine walks the mother runners through that epi...
60 min
#100: The Hundredth Episode Special!
Sarah and Dimity never dreamt they’d reach this milestone (that Dimity aptly likens to a 100-mile ultra-marathon) but here they are: episode number 100 of their running podcast! To mark the occasion, the gals revisit some of their favorite segments of ...
73 min
The Sleep Show
Sarah and Dimity re-live their weekend at runDisney Princess Half Marathon, complete with numerous clang-clanging medals. Having woken up at 2:45 a.m. for that race’s early start, it’s fitting that the mother runners bring on a sleep expert, Dr. Kelly ...
48 min
You Ask; We Answer: A Q&A Show
In an uncharacteristically oversharing mood, Dimity opens this show with a TMI tale that cracks Sarah up. (Doesn’t everything?)  Then, jumping into questions posted on their Facebook wall, the mother runners talk about everything from dividing longer r...
49 min
ZOOMA Amelia Island Recap
The ladies travel (virtually!) from Portland to Sochi to Florida, where their guests Kristin Smith and Jessi Schacht recently ran a ZOOMA half-marathon on Amelia Island. Kristin, fresh off a marathon (as in, 6 days prior!), and Jessi rave about all asp...
45 min
Black Girls Run!
Sarah and Dimity, two white girls, talk to Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks, the founders of Black Girls Run. The Atlanta-based duo recounts the motivation behind starting the nationwide running support group—and how it’s grown since (including 70 local run...
41 min
The Polar Vortex Special Edition: How to Stay A...
Dimity and Sarah know this polar vortex has been unbearable for runners, but the mother runners come to the rescue with alternatives to stay active. A body-weight circuit to do at home; pointers on getting optimum results from a spinning workout; trick...
48 min
Larissa Explains It All
Still shimmering with glitter—and a healthy dose of pixie dust—Dimity and Sarah share fresh memories from the 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon at Disneyland. Then the mother runners welcome Larissa Rivers, the run marketing manager at the GPS app/website...
53 min
First Q&A Session of 2014
In this running podcast, Dimity and Sarah dive into the New Year with some new questions, several of which deal with winter or coming back from some time off. The mother runners provide tips for Kristin to help her (and you!) find your groove on a trea...
38 min
All About Survivor with Mother Runner Monica Cu...
Sarah and Dimity are delighted to have “Survivor Blood vs Water” runner-up Monica Culpepper as a guest. This mother-of-three runner over-shares all the too-much-information details you’ve been dying to know about the reality show, from how women on the...
50 min
How to Plan Your Races This Year
Dimity and Sarah bring on Briana Boehmer, a coach of endurance athletes (including our own Dimity for Ironman) for the past 12 years who is starting work with Training Peaks, to give advice on planning a race calendar for the year. Briana talks about t...
53 min
Marathon Goddess Imparts Her Wisdom
Dimity and Sarah get to know Julie Weiss, a.k.a. “Marathon Goddess,” who ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks (wowza!). A mother of two, Julie was motivated in her epic quest as a way to raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer research, in honor of her...
44 min
We’ve Got Some Answers
Sarah and Dimity dig up some running questions from their Facebook community and, at long last, provide answers. They tell folks in the same boat as Shelle how to train for a 10K or half-marathon on just three runs per week, and they discuss running un...
48 min
Running While Pregnant, Peeing Your Pants, or H...
On call today with Dimity and Sarah: Elizabeth Stevenson-Gargiulo, an OB/GYN in Dallas who runs the website Running Through Pregnancy with her husband, an elite runner. Dr. Beth talks straight about a variety of gyno-issues. Find out what to expect whe...
48 min
Feel the Gratitude
In this Thanksgiving week, Sarah and Dimity start off the show by discussing running-related things they are grateful for, such as temperate climates for year-round running, nearby BRFs, and the vitality our fair sport provides. “Running is the time I ...
34 min
100 Miles in 24 Hours…On a Treadmill
Dimity and Sarah stammer in amazement at the accomplishments of this show’s guest,  Emily “Emz” Toia, who recently ran her second 100-miles-in-24-hours fundraiser on a treadmill. This 36-year-old mother of one tells the gals how she ran ’round the cloc...
45 min
Safety First
Sarah and Dimity finally found an ideal expert to talk about running safety: Susan Schorn, the author of Smile at Strangers, and Other Lessons in the Art of Living Fearlessly and a second-degree black belt who has been teaching karate and self-defense ...
44 min
Fueling for Epic Races Like runDisney
Dimity and Sarah, along with registered dietician Jennifer Upton, tell you how to dine and dash. No, not leaving a restaurant without paying your bill, but how to fuel your body before a race that starts super-late (or super-early), like the upcoming r...
38 min
Zombie Runs: Get Faster Running From the Undead!
Just in time for Halloween, Sarah and Dimity unearth the appeal of zombie runs by talking to three guests. First up: Bill Ward, the marketing guy for the series Run for Your Life, “a zombie infested 5K obstacle course race.” Bill describes zombie horde...
49 min
Ragnar Relay D.C. Recap
After traversing nearly 200 miles with 23 other mother runners, Dimity and Sarah have a lot of ground to cover in this race recap of the Ragnar Relay D.C. They get help in the telling from Aimee from Team Dimity’s second van and Lorraine in Van 2 for T...
47 min
Find Out How to Run4Good
Dimity and Sarah showcase their current favorite BOGO–Saucony’s Run4Good app —by chatting with two grant recipients, Amanda Fulmer and Jeff Knight. By logging your miles using the Run4Good app, you are helping community organizers get funds for their p...
54 min
2nd Skype Call-In Show
Continuing to pay homage to Click and Clack, Dimity and Sarah laugh their way through another Skype call-in show. The mother runners answer questions, too, such as giving pointers to self-proclaimed “slow runner” Lauren on how to carry on a conversatio...
51 min
First-Time Marathoners
Another fall marathon season is upon us, so Sarah and Dimity chat up two mother runners who are both taking a 26.2-mile victory lap on Sunday, October 6. While they are both novice marathoners, they are very different runners. First up: Carrie Tollefso...
46 min
All About Ragnar
Dimity, fresh off running the Ragnar Relay in the mountains of Colorado, and Sarah host Tanner Bell, the co-founder of the 15-race relay series. Tanner talks about what makes a Ragnar so “magical,” and how he and his energetic co-horts choose relay des...
50 min
Sage Rountree Tells How to Race Wisely
Sarah and Dimity welcome back noted yogini and triathlon coach Sage Rountree to talk about Sage’s latest book, Racing Wisely: a Practical and Philosophical Guide to Performing at Your Personal Best. The gals dive into the difference between a race inte...
40 min
Extra-long Q&A Sesssion
Spurred on by Sarah’s recent trail 10K, the mother runners talk about the myriad joys of off-road races before moving on to answering questions from the tribe. They offer up a solution for Amy, who is debating between slower, heart-rate monitor runs ve...
50 min
A Conversation with Pro Runner Lauren Fleshman ...
Two-time U.S. 5000-meter Champion, 2:37 marathoner, and brand-new mom Lauren Fleshman gets real with Dimity and Sarah, talking about the ups-and-downs of running while pregnant and coming back post-partum. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief along with the...
46 min
Best Running Friends (BRFs)
Dimity and Sarah firmly believe the best running “accessory” is a friend to cover the miles with, so this podcast celebrates bonds forged by running. Dimity reads the friendship chapter from Run Like a Mother (Sarah’s fave chapter of the book), which c...
43 min
Weight, Weight…: Running and Weight Management
Sarah and Dimity have heard from countless frustrated mother runners who have seen the number on the scale creep up instead of down while training for a half- or full marathon. So the gals talk to two guests about keeping weight in check while running....
40 min
Inaugural Call-In Show
Sarah and Dimity decided to go all Click and Clack (from “Car Talk”), and have gals call in on Skype to chat and get answers. All the questions deal with marathon training: Mom of six Sarah wants to know how to build speed as well as endurance; Cyndie ...
51 min
A Conversation about Feet and Toes
Perfect timing: Dimity’s feet are extra-gnarly thanks to doing the Ironman, so the mother runners welcome Jane Andersen, a podiatrist in private practice Chapel Hill, N.C., to talk all things feet. All three gals have big paws, so they start by talking...
41 min
Recommended Reading: Sporty Books for Summer
Other than exercise, Dimity and Sarah don’t have many hobbies, but they are both avid readers. In this podcast, they share some of their favorite sports-related books, ranging from the incredibly inspiring (Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutio...
48 min
Back to the Start of Women’s Running
Sharon Barbano, a past winner of the Finland and Long Island marathons, talks Dimity and Sarah through the experience of being part of the first-ever women’s Olympic Marathon Trials: from the spectators that lined the course even hours before the 11 a....
42 min
Shiver with Race Anticipation
Recorded when Dimity was mere days away from tackling her Ironman triathlon, the mother runners discuss the days (and hours and minutes) leading up to a starting line. They reveal when the reality of a race sets in for them: For SBS, it’s all about dai...
44 min
Pace Like a Mother: A Chat with Coach Greg McMi...
Dimity and Sarah talk to the pace guru Greg McMillan, the coach whose online calculator is like a Magic 8-Ball for runners: It not only predicts the time of your next race finish, but also tells you what speed to muster on your long runs, tempo runs, a...
43 min
Dimity Walks Us through Her Ironman Race
Our most epic podcast yet: Dimity tells, in wonderfully recalled detail, about her strong, heroic effort at Ironman Coeur d’Alene. From the 62-degree swim, to the wetsuit strippers, onto her trusty tri-bike Lyle, up hills and down, a chat with a cute g...
68 min
Solutions for Summer Running
As temps are heating up across the country, Sarah and Dimity answer your questions about sweaty summer concerns. Hope it doesn’t rub you the wrong way, but they spend quite a bit of time talking about chafing. They move on to myriad tips on how to have...
41 min
Our Talk with a Running Stroller Innovator
For Father’s Day, Dimity and Sarah brought on Dan Britton, father of five and founder of Chariot Carriers. These innovative strollers convert from a running carrier to a bike trailer to even a ski (!) carrier. Dan tells about the design process, descri...
37 min
Find Your Strong: Our Chat with Dorothy Beal
The gals know many of you admire and adore their guest, Dorothy Beal of Mile Posts as much as they do. This mother of three youngsters and veteran of 24 (!!) marathons inspires many, having cut more than an hour pushing a triple stroller. Dorothy confe...
37 min
A Chat with Swim Bike Mom, Meredith Atwood
Time to talk triathlon (and weight loss and the mantra, “just keep moving forward”): Dimity and Sarah are joined by Meredith Atwood, known to many of you as Swim Bike Mom. As recently as the summer of 2010, this mom of two and practicing attorney weigh...
34 min
All the Details of Dimity’s 70.3 Triathlon
You read her written race report, now hear Dimity describe her journey through a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, and 13.1-mile run in Grand Junction last weekend. This Ironmother takes you from the churning water to the stool in the transition area to her...
37 min
The Gals Answer Questions—and Relive a Scorcher...
Dimity and Sarah recount a brutally hot run they recently survived in Sacramento, showing sometimes they don’t heed their own advice.  After their done laughing at their own stupidity (and chafing!), they answer a few questions from mother runners, inc...
34 min
AMR Virtual 5K Accompaniment
In an extra-special, hour-long podcast, Dimity and Sarah offer advice and encouragement for gals running the Another Mother Runner Virtual 5K. They talk about the importance of getting a little goofy in a race, yet also fighting like a warrior to make ...
65 min
The NuttZo Lady
Dimity and Sarah dig in with Danielle LiVolsi, the mother of three who created the delicious and nutritious nut and seed butter called NuttZo. Find out how the textured yumminess made its way from her home food processor—where Danielle whirred together...
39 min
Training Tips from Two in the Thick of It
Sarah and Dimity trade training tips as they both stare down starting lines: Sarah is set to run the Vancouver Marathon in a mere week, while Dimity now has less than two months to go until Ironman Couer d’Alene. They share secrets on how to keep worko...
42 min
The Boston Marathon Tragedy through the Eyes of...
Dimity and Sarah each talk to a mother runner who ran the 2013 Boston Marathon to hear the story in their own words. Melissa Fryback of Portland dug deep and set a PR (3:43:46) but had barely 20 minutes to celebrate before the blasts, while Katherine S...
39 min
Kara Goucher Talks about Running Boston Maratho...
Kara Goucher in the house! Dimity and Sarah gleefully interview Olympic marathoner Kara Goucher as she preps for her third Boston Marathon. Kara answers questions from @TheMotherRunner Twitter followers, like about running while pregnant three years ag...
44 min
Coach Christine Answers Virtual 5K Training Que...
Sarah and Dimity bring on Coach Christine Hinton to enlighten all of you who are now four weeks into training for the AMR Virtual 5K—or training for any race. The ladies talk about how to maintain an even pace while running and how to get over a sucky ...
45 min
What’s for Lunch—and What Should I Do?
The ladies launch into a discussion about lunch-making fatigue: Dimity suffers from it, and Sarah has recently discovered a few cures. After reliving encounters with various lunchmeats during their formative years, the mother runners get to the meat of...
35 min
Music and Answers
The show opens with Dimity’s big confession of which singer she’s groovin’ to these days (we won’t spoil it for you), while Sarah admits to loving slightly more racy tunes (and to letting her children watch “Glee”!). At long last the mother runners mov...
36 min
Taking the World (Marathon Majors) by Storm
Be prepared to be inspired by the lovely guest Sarah and Dimity talk with on this episode: Sandi Borgman, a mom of three who has run the World Marathon Majors (New York, Chicago, London, Boston, and Berlin marathons) since being diagnosed with multiple...
38 min
The Mothers Answer Fresh Questions
Dimity and Sarah’s version of a call-in show: answering questions from gals on Facebook. They assure Sue it’s okay to walk during a race; counsel Laura on coming back from a sprained ankle; give Shelly advice on how to race two half-marathons close tog...
38 min
Time for Another (Mother Runner) Q&A
Enough with Sarah and Dimity: We invite mother runners into the conversation, in the form of questions culled from our Facebook page. We tell Nicole she really should ease back into running after an injury with a run/walk program; we give Letty and Ali...
37 min
The One Where They’re Both Injured
The unthinkable—but the inevitable—has happened: Dimity and Sarah are injured at the same time. The mother runners talk about what’s causing them pain and keeping them awake at night, then they divulge the treatment alternatives they’re pursuing. Based...
31 min
A Chat with Chris McDougall, author of Born to Run
Find out why Dimity dubbed this, “our best podcast ever!” Chris McDougall, author of the bestselling book Born to Run that spawned the barefoot running movement, dishes with Sarah and Dimity about the movie adaptation of B2R, his favorite running route...
44 min
Don’t Let the Weather Get You Down!
The ladies channel their inner Sam Champion and talk about running in the rain and wind. Sarah draws on her hundreds of hours spent in the Portland rain for practical tips, while Dimity gives great advice on how not to feel pushed around by the wind. B...
35 min
Wheezes and Sneezes: Our Talk with an Allergy D...
Dimity and Sarah talk to David Fitzhugh, a doctor specializing in allergy and immunology in Chapel Hill, N.C., because it sometimes seems they’re the only mother runners not suffering from allergies or asthma. (Knock on wood.) Dr. Fitzhugh assures the ...
36 min
Baby, It’s Cold (and Snowy and Icy) Outside!
Given the Arctic temps that have gripped Denver, it was only natural that Sarah and Dimity talk winter weather—and how to dress for exercising in it. Along the way the gals laugh over their experiences running in cold and slippery conditions; Sarah goe...
36 min
It’s All about [Work-Life] Balance
Sarah and Dimity kick off their now weekly podcasts (yes, we’ll now be coming to you every week instead of every other!) by talking to Michelle Jezycki, a triathlete extraordinaire. This Hyland’s Masters athlete talks about thriving on, rather than mer...
31 min
Reflections on Our 2012 Races—and Sports Pride
Sarah and Dimity intended to spend the half-hour looking back at their 2012 races, but, like an exciting, uncharted run, the conversation took some unexpected turns. Dimity laments about lice, while Sarah offers been-there, picked-that advice. Then, Sa...
36 min
Running while on Vacation
With Sarah headed south of the border for a family get-away, the mother runners talk about the in’s and out’s of exercising while away from home. They talk about the guilt of taking time away from the family—and about the necessity of getting that alon...
33 min
Eat Smart to Run Better
Dimity and Sarah serve up a conversation with Cassie Dimmick, a sports dietician and certified running coach in Springfield, Missouri. She’s also a mother runner who knocked 45 minutes off her marathon PR by making a few simple changes to her diet and ...
40 min
Magic Fingers: The Power of Massage
While Sarah and Dimity don’t get massages nearly as often as they’d like, talk is cheap so they chat with Angella King, a massage therapist in Portland, Oregon. Angella clues mother runners into how often to get massage (budget allowing), along with th...
31 min
Help for the Skin You’re in
The mother runners invited Dr. Brooke Jackson, a respected dermatologist and the founder of the Skin Wellness Center in Chicago, on the show to talk about skin issues like chafing, sunscreen, showering in the winter, and adult acne. Turns out the good ...
34 min
Ready, Set, Go: It’s Race Day!
Recorded days before heading to the Twin Cities to run the marathon (Sarah) and 10-miler (Dimity), the gals reminisce about memorable race day mornings—including such beauties as when SBS kept gagging while brushing her teeth before the Nike Women’s Ma...
40 min
Running Costumes for Halloween
Don’t be scared: Sarah and Dimity provide inspiration and ideas for a costume for an upcoming Halloween or Muddy Buddy race. From Wonder Woman to Vikings, the ladies offer suggestions for creative, non-chafing options. Midshow, the gals are joined by K...
32 min
Supermodel, Super Mother Runner
Sarah and Dimity chat with supermodel Christy Turlington Burns, who, at 5’ 10”, is the pipsqueak of the trio. The founder of the non-profit Every Mother Counts, Christy has switched from strutting the catwalk to running to raise awareness for global ma...
39 min
The Gals Gab about Disneyland Half-Marathon and...
Despite just seeing each other—and their families—in Disneyland over Labor Day, the gals have a lot of catching up to do. Listen in as they recount their debut runDisney race, which they both adored. But find out why they each ditched their respective ...
33 min
Golden Child: Gals Chat with Founder of Altra Z...
Sarah and Dimity can’t imagine blazing a marathon in 2:45, let alone age 12 (yes, 1-2), but that’s what Golden Harper, a co-founder of Altra Zero Drop Footwear did. This wunderkind (who’s now, we reckon in his late 20s) tells us about the origins of th...
33 min
Eavesdrop on an AMR House Party
Thanks to modern technology, the second half of this podcast allows you to be there as Sarah and Dimity read from Train Like a Mother and chat about their work together in front of a lively audience near Portland, Oregon. This episode was recorded at o...
36 min
Tips and Advice to Prep for a Relay Race
With Oregon’s Hood to Coast rapidly approaching, Dimity and Sarah want to remind you of their podcast of relay running strategies and anecdotes. (Sarah is a 9-time vet of the H2C, twice on the same team with dear Dimity.) The lessons the mother runners...
32 min
Behind the Scenes with a Race Director
After Dimity recounts a recent tumultuous stay at a Wyoming dude ranch (“woah!”), she and Sarah welcome Brae Blackley, founder of the ZOOMA women’s half-marathon series, on the show. Brae, a mom of two, tells us how she morphed from being an attorney t...
32 min
Answers to More of Your Questions
Dimity and Sarah serve up answers to several questions related to long runs, including training v. racing pace; how much you can slack off during marathon training; alternative fuel sources; and how to talk back to that evil voice in your head that tel...
33 min
Sage (Rountree) Advice about Yoga
Sarah and Dimity get their “om” on with noted yogini and triathlon coach Sage Rountree, author of “The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga.” The gals discuss the best type of yoga for runners (you Type A’s might not like the answer), and they touch on the hot butt...
32 min
The Ladies Reminisce about Running Together
Together at last! On a recent visit to Portland, Dimity and Sarah finally get to record a podcast sitting within spitting distance of each other. (Thankfully the mikes served as spittle-shields.) In honor of the occasion, the mother runners relive runs...
33 min
Run across A-mom-ica
Talk about an epic run: Dimity and Sarah talk to Laura Mount, who took part in a 3,458-mile, 21-day journey across the United States on foot. During the three weeks, Laura ran anywhere from 9 to 22 miles, day in, day out. Sarah and Laura bond over bein...
30 min
Our Breast Podcast
Sarah and Dimity talk with LaJean Lawson, the country’s foremost expert on sports bras and breast movement: This is a woman knows about ta-ta tamers. The ladies cover such topics as the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to sports bras and the b...
32 min
You Asked for It: Another Q&A Podcast
Dimity and Sarah answer questions posted by their Facebook community, like whether to wear headphones in a race or not and what running gear is splurge-worthy. They spend a lot of time talking maintenance miles, fancy-talk for running while you’re not ...
28 min
The Importance of Rest
Sarah and Dimity talk about nothing—doing nothing, that is. Rest is a crucial part of an exercise program, whether it’s a rest day during a training plan; recovering properly after a race; not overdoing it on “easy” days; or getting enough sleep. The g...
32 min
Strong Women Lift Weights
Sarah and Dimity host guest Ashleigh Kayser, the beautifully buff personal trainer and mom of 4, who designed the at-home strength training plan in Train Like a Mother. Ashleigh leads the circuit training class that Sarah grunts-yet-laughs through twic...
31 min
Boston Marathon, Baby!
The ladies had planned to talk race-day preparation, but Dimity turned the conversation into a chat about Sarah’s upcoming race, the Boston Marathon. It felt like a gift to Sarah, letting her talk and contemplate her choices for the race—from what she’...
32 min
So Many Choices!
Giddy from the debut of Train Like a Mother, the mother runners discuss (Dimity might even say, “pontificate”) the options to consider when going for a run: Indoors or out? Which route to follow? Solo or with a pal? Silence, playlist, podcast–or the st...
32 min