Another Mother Runner

Get (+ keep) moving without losing your family, job, or sanity!

Host Sarah Bowen Shea, a mom of three and veteran of 14 marathons, is joined by a rotating cast of co-hosts and often a guest expert to discuss topics ranging from how to reach a big race goal to finding your athletic happy place, and everything in between. Training, nutrition, motivation, mental toughness, TMI issues: These mother runners cover it all (and then some). This witty, conversational podcast makes a great running partner because these gals do all the talking—even on the uphills! New episodes drop every Tuesday and Friday to keep you moving, and there are 500+ back episodes to enjoy.

Health & Fitness
#299: Cross-Training for Runners!
67 min
#298: Heart Health with a Cardiologist + Sudden...
79 min
#297: Bunk to 5K: Unique Running Program for Wo...
66 min
#296: Bart Yasso Talks Races + Retirement with ...
49 min
#295: Meet Our Newest Co-Host
48 min
#294: The Truth about Marathon Training
51 min
#293: Training Tips + Advice from Three Coaches
78 min
#292: All the Hosts Take a Look Back at 2017—an...
81 min
#291: Setting Realistic New Year Fitness Resolu...
57 min
#290: Striving for Big Goals!
71 min
#289: Inaugural Winter Reading Podcast
Sarah and co-host Ellison Weist (a.k.a. The BookBully) gab about books, Netflix offerings, animated movies, and other pop culture goodies as they make the AMR reading-related a bi-annual happening. The good friends play catch-up in th...
72 min
Introducing The Book Bully!
Introducing a new podcast from our very own Ellison Weist a.k.a. The Book Bully! You might know her from a tiny ol’ podcast about running, like this episode with Alysia Montano. Now you won’t have to wait for our annual summer reading...
41 min
#288: Weight Loss Versus Training for Performan...
Sarah is delighted to have Coach MK Fleming as her sidekick, with Ellie Kempton, a Denver-based holistic nutritionist and the official nutritionist of the Train Like a Mother Club, joining the convo. The trio dive in...
60 min
#287: Be Seen, Be Alert: Running Safety
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin are joined by prolific Portland runner Paula Harkin to discuss ways to stay safe while running in the dark. A repeat guest, Paula starts by giving an update on her nearly 9-ye...
50 min
#286: Mindful Running with Author Mackenzie Havey
Sarah and co-host Dimity commune with Mackenzie Havey, author of Mindful Running. Mackenzie defines and demystifies mindfulness, telling how years of overtraining and repeated injuries had sucked the joy out of running—but how mindful...
67 min
#285: Running and Fertility
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin have a candid conversation with Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” Barbieri, a doctor of reproductive medicine at Oregon Reproductive Medicine and a mom of three young kids, about running and ferti...
56 min
#284: Dietitian Discusses Nutrition for Runners
Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini ;tuck in for a discussion about nutrition for runners with registered dietitian Jackie Dikos. As she does in her upcoming book Finish Line Fueling: An Essential Guide to Runner’s Nu...
61 min
#283: 100-Mile Mommas Running for a Good Cause
Sarah and BRF Molly Williams convene for a convo with two remarkable mother runners who recently each ran 100 continuous miles to race money for charity.
68 min
#282: Real Moms Run Milestone Races
In this epic episode, Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin chat and laugh with four mother runners who chose to celebrate banner birthdays or anniversaries with running races!
75 min
#281: A Conversation with Pregnant Pro Runner A...
Sarah and Ellison Weist delight in chatting with professional runner Alysia Montaño, a 2012 Olympian and 7-time (!!!) U.S. Champion in the 800-meters.
80 min
#280: A Sarah + Dimity Catch-up Chat
The AMR co-founders have been on the road! First the Retreat, then the Twin Cities Marathon, so in this episode they pause and play catch-up and share details of both fun-filled weekends.
64 min
#279: How to Rock Your Race
Another recorded-in-front-of-live-audience episode: Listen in as Sarah, Dimity, Coach MK, and Coach Amanda share advice and anecdotes about how to have the best race experience you can.
63 min
#278: Live from the Run + Refresh Retreat - "Ru...
Dimity hosts a live podcast from the Run + Refresh Retreat, recorded at the wonderful Fleet Feet Spokane!
66 min
#277: How to Get Back in the Running Groove
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin converse candidly with four women who fell out of their running groove to learn how they are finding their way back—or discovering a new way.
73 min
#276: Coming to Terms with Being Sidelined
Sarah and co-host Dimity dive deeply into Dimity’s long-term injury—and the fact it’s going to keep her from running for the foreseeable future.
62 min
#275: Pelvic Floor Health: It’s So Much More Th...
Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini dig deep for a highly informative (and entertaining!) conversation about pelvic floor health with Julie Wiebe, a physical therapist specializing in women’s health and sports medicine + a mom of two.
64 min
#274: Time-saving Hacks from a Coach + a Nutrit...
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin are here to help you get moving more quickly and how to get yourself (and maybe your kids!) out the door, back at your desk, or off to bed after a workout.
67 min
#273: How to Get out of a Training Slump
This show is almost like a trio of co-hosts: Sarah and co-host Molly pick the brain of Coach Amanda for insight into training slumps—and advice on how to pull yourself out of one.
62 min
#272: Prehab: The Secret to Avoiding Running In...
Sarah and co-host Molly are joined by two guests who offer valuable insight into prehab: the simple moves that can help you avoid running injuries.
79 min
#147: Alison Overholt: Mother Runner + Editor-i...
A repeat episode although the guest’s life has changed radically since recording the show: Alison Overholt gave birth to a second child last summer, and a few months prior to that, she was named editor in chief of ESPN The Magazine.
46 min
#271: Advice and Insight from a Sports Medicine...
Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini talk about running injuries and prevention with Dr. David Geier, a respected orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist in Charleston, South Carolina.
62 min
#270: 2017 Edition of AMR Annual Summer Reading...
Sarah and Ellison Weist convene for the fourth annual summer reading podcast to discuss their favorite new books—plus a few fabulous classics.
63 min
#269: Amenorrhea - How It Affects A Range of Ru...
Sarah and co-host Molly Williams tackle the topic of amenorrhea (the cessation of menstrual periods) with two guests.
67 min
#268: Best Ways to Utilize GPS Running Watches
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin spend some time talking about GPS running watches - the best ways to utilize one as well as how to prevent becoming overly reliant on numbers on your wrist.
67 min
#267: NYT Columnist Gretchen Reynolds Demystifi...
Sarah and co-host Ellison Weist delightedly dive into a conversation with respected reporter Gretchen Reynolds.
74 min
#266: A Nutritionist Answers Questions from Mot...
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin welcome Jessica Crandall, a registered dietician nutritionist in Denver specializing in weight management and sports nutrition.
78 min
#265: A Chat with Peter Sagal of WAIT, WAIT…DON...
For the annual Father’s Day episode, Sarah and Dimity welcome with great delight Peter Sagal, the longtime host of the NPR news quiz WAIT, WAIT…DON’T TELL ME.
66 min
#264: Coach Amanda on Fitting in and Juggling W...
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin discuss how to fit in and juggle workouts on a training plan when faced with a disrupted summer schedule or, heck, simply life itself.
57 min
#263: Find Your Extreme You with Sarah Robb O’H...
The dynamic duo of Sarah and Dimity have a chat with Sarah Robb O’Hagan, renowned business whiz, author of the new book Extreme You: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat, and all-around incredibly likable badass mother runner!
55 min
#262: Transitioning Onto a Race Training Plan
Sarah and co-host (and best running friend!) Molly gab with each other in their final days of easy-going running before embarking on 18 (!!) weeks of marathon training.
66 min
#261: Behind the Scenes with Two Race Directors
Sarah and co-host Dimity chat with two race directors-- Virginia Brophy Achman of Twin Cities in Motion, and Sarah Ratzlaff with ZOOMA.
79 min
#260: Melissa Clark of New York Times Talks Run...
Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini serve up a delightful conversation with food writer, cookbook author, and New York Times staff reporter Melissa Clark.
57 min
#259: The Power of Nature
Sarah and co-host Molly talk with Tina Vindum, the founder of Outdoor Fitness dubbed “the original al fresco guru” by The Guardian newspaper, about the powerful impact of being active in the outdoors.
80 min
#258: Strength Training for Runners: Simpler Th...
Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini have a long convo with strength training expert Michele Olson, Ph.D., a professor of exercise science at Auburn University.
68 min
#257: 2017 Boston Marathon Recap
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin cover the high points of this year’s Boston Marathon, from which world record was broken to how many children the women’s winner has.
45 min
BONUS: Sarah and Molly Chitchat
Listen in as Sarah and Molly gab about changing workout schedules, Sarah’s $1.17 haul (!!) on a recent run, Sarah’s husband “crashing” recent book group gathering, reusable utensils, and more.
25 min
#256: Conversation with Running Icon Kathrine S...
Sarah and co-host Dimity delightedly welcome back to the pod Kathrine Switzer, the pioneer in women’s running best known as the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a registered runner with a bib number.
74 min
#255: Conversation with BIG FIT GIRL Louise Green
Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini welcome Louise Green, author of the just-published book BIG FIT GIRL: Embrace the Body You Have.
63 min
#254: A Conversation with Jean Chatzky, Author ...
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin have a good gab with Jean Chatzky, the financial editor of the TODAY Show and author of numerous books, including the just-released AgeProof: Living Longer without Running out of Money or Breaking a Hip.
52 min
#253: #AMRiversary: AMR Co-Founders Sarah and D...
To celebrate # AMRiversary—seven years since the founding of Another Mother Runner—Sarah and Dimity take a meandering, verbal “stroll” down Memory Lane.
89 min
#252: How to Get Your Kid(s) Involved in Running
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin (calling from her own mom’s house!) have a sit-down with Vicki Lang, a mother of two collegiate runners and a long-time youth cross-country and track coach.
67 min
#251: How to Build Speed and Run Faster
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin talk about how to run faster and hone speed, recognizing from the outset that speed is relative.
47 min
#250: Menopause and Running
Sarah and Ellison Weist, both fifty-somethings, get real, discussing myriad aspects of menopause (both positive and negative) and perimenopause with Dr. Susan Reed, a noted expert in midlife women’s health.
58 min
#249: Hacks and Advice for Runners to Combat th...
Sarah and Molly are feeling creaky on this week's running podcast! With Molly staring down the big 5-0 next month, the best running friends talk about the aches and stiffness that accompany aging—and how runners can fight back.
60 min
#248: The Secret Life of Fat Podcast with Autho...
Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini are joined by Sylvia Tara, Ph.D., author of a fascinating new book called The Secret Life of Fat: The Science behind the Body’s Least Understood Organ and What It Means for You.
48 min
#247: Working Non-Traditional Hours + Running
Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini chat with four mother runners about how they manage to merge running with their non-traditional work schedules.
86 min
#246: Running and Alcohol: Do They Mix?
After divulging their monthly #foundchange tally and differing opinions of “La La Land,” Sarah and Molly shift gears to talk about a more serious topic: drinking alcohol.
78 min
#245: From Short to Long: Meet the 5K and Ultra...
Sarah and Dimity chat up the two newest Train Like a Mother Club coaches, Lindsey Hein and Stephanie Howe Violett.
53 min
#244: How Sex Differences Affect Women's Runnin...
Sarah and Ellison Weist welcome Stacy Sims, Ph.D., the respected exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist.
57 min
#79: Weight, Weight…Running and Weight Management
Sarah and Dimity have heard from countless frustrated mother runners who have seen the number on the scale creep up instead of down while training for a half- or full marathon.
41 min
#243: Motivational Running Advice—and Then Some!
In this hour-plus episode, Sarah kicks off the New Year with two co-hosts—dear Dimity and Amanda Loudin—to talk about motivation: how to bolster it now and throughout the year.
81 min
#242: 2016 in Review with AMR Podcast Co-hosts
An annual AMR podcast tradition expanded: as the year reaches its finish line, Sarah chats up each of her co-hosts to recap their running and racing.
90 min
#241: Interview with Winning Pro Triathlete Liz...
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin enjoy a conversation with Liz Lyles, a professional triathlete and mom of two school-age children.
41 min
#240: Meet the Train Like a Mother Club Coaches
Sarah and co-host Dimity welcome a bevy of savvy, sassy guests: the coaches of the Train Like a Mother Club.
64 min
#239: Running Podcast: Bart Yasso Is the Man!
Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin catch up with running luminary and Runner’s World Chief Running Officer, Bart Yasso, days after Bart’s retirement announcement on Twitter.
61 min
#238: Podcast with Green Chef Talking Food and ...
Sarah and co-host Molly Williams have a rollicking time talking with Denver-based chef Elizabeth Buckingham.
81 min
#237: #BAMR High-Performance Training with Dr. ...
Something different for the holiday week! In this podcast, Dr. Justin Ross, Dimity, and TLAM Club Coach MK talk with Monica Knox and Ana Hernandez, two Denver-based mother runners looking to qualify for Boston at the Philadelphia Marathon.
62 min
#236: Holiday Survival Strategies from a Holist...
Holiday nutrition advice: Sarah and co-host Ellison Weist tuck into a conversation with Ellie Kempton, a Denver-based holistic nutritionist and the official nutritionist of the Train Like a Mother Club.
56 min
#235: 2016 New York City Marathon Recap Podcast
Sarah is joined by two co-hosts (who are also the guests!), Adrienne Martini and Christine Hinton, to talk about Adrienne taking on her first 26.2: the New York City Marathon.
66 min
#234: Podcast with Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon...
The dynamic duo of Sarah and Dimity dive into a lively podcast with Dean Karnazes. Befitting the Ultramarathon Man, the podcast is ultra-long, covering a wide range of topics.
76 min
#233: Heart Rate Training Race Reports
A special episode in which Dimity takes the reigns of hosting! Dimity and MK Fleming welcome three mother runners to ...
62 min
#232: “Stacked” Races: How to Run Multiple Race...
Sarah and her new occasional co-host Amanda Loudin dive into the mind-boggling world of “stacked” races: multi-event weekends that have participants taking on several races on consecutive days.
68 min
#231: A Conversation with Heather “Dooce” Armst...
Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini are delighted to have a gab-session with Heather Armstrong, the genius behind the highly successful, long-running “mommy blog” Dooce.
47 min
#230: Eldercare Advice for “Sandwiched” Mother ...
Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini veer off the typical trail to discuss a topic that’ll affect pretty much every mother runner out there at some point: eldercare
53 min
#229: Drink up this Hydration Podcast!
The dynamic duo of Sarah and Dimity dive into a conversation about hydration with Vishal Patel, the in-house nutritionist at Nuun.
58 min
BONUS: Racing Wisely with Sage Rountree
Recorded live from a workshop session at the 2016 Run + Refresh Retreat in Spokane, WA.
53 min
#228: Live From the Spokane Run + Refresh Retreat
Sarah and Dimity are back together in person for a live show from this year's Run + Refresh Retreat in Spokane, WA.
51 min
#227: Run Fast. Eat Slow: A Chat with Cookbook ...
Sarah and co-host Ellison Weist chew the (healthy) fat with Elyse Kopecky, co-author of the just-released cookbook entitled RUN FAST. EAT SLOW. Nourishing Recipes for Athletes.
45 min
#77: First Time Marathoners (Rerun)
Another fall marathon season is upon us, so Sarah and Dimity chat up two mother runners who are both taking a 26.2-mile victory lap on Sunday, October 6. While they are both novice marathoners, they are very different runners.
47 min
#226: Woof, Woof: Advice on Running with a Dog
In what Molly dubbed a “dogcast,” Sarah and her veterinarian-by-profession running partner Molly focus on running with a dog.
73 min
#225: From Fat to Finish Line
Sarah and Dimity have a virtual sit-down with Jennifer Roe and Katie Foster, two of the stars of the new documentary “From Fat to Finish Line”
63 min
#224: The Mental Side of Running
Sarah and co-host Molly Williams have a major chat with Justin Ross, a Denver-based psychologist who works with runners and triathletes, about the mental side of running (and swimming!).
52 min
#223: Weight Loss and Running
Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini welcome registered dietician Janelle Hodovic to discuss weight loss and running: fueling, nutrition, and getting that dang number on the scale to budge! Janelle, a mom of two young sons in Iowa, starts by sharing...
50 min
#222: 2016 Summer Reading Podcast
Sarah and Ellison Weist reunite to co-host what has now become an annual tradition: the Summer Reading podcast.
48 min
#221: Post-partum Depression and Anxiety
Sarah and co-host Dimity explore an important subject: post-partum depression and anxiety.
65 min
#220: Mother 5K Runners
Sarah and co-host Coach Christine Hinton dive into the joy (and the challenge!) of 5K races, welcoming three mother runners to talk about how they got into running and why 3.1-mile races captivate them.
65 min
#219: Mother 10K Runners
Fresh off her own 6.2-mile race, Sarah talks 10Ks with co-host Molly Williams. The Portland gals bring in a variety of voices on the topic, talking with four mother runners who have recently crossed a 10K finish line and mixing in Voice Memos from...
75 min
#218: The Science of Sweat—and How to Lose the ...
As the summer heats up, Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini welcome two guests to talk about sweat.
54 min
#217: Author Matt Fitzgerald Talks Mental Fitness
Sarah and co-host Molly Williams are joined by writer/coach Matt Fitzgerald for a conversation about mental fitness, based on his latest book, How Bad Do You Want It: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle.
62 min
#216: Summer Running Advice
From popsicles to perceived effort, Sarah and co-host Coach Christine Hinton offer up all the advice you need to survive sweltering summer runs.
62 min
#215: Father Runner + CNN Correspondent Tom For...
To mark Father’s Day, Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini are joined by Tom Foreman, aCNN correspondent and author of My Year of Running Dangerously, which chronicles his return to running to train for a marathon with his older daughter.
66 min
#214: Tales from Back-of-Pack Runners
To get a view from the back, host Sarah Bowen Shea and co-host Coach Christine Hinton are joined by three runners who are often finishing last in a race.
70 min
#213: Muslim Women Runners
Just as Ramadan is about to commence, Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini welcome two guests who are both newer runners—and Muslims—to talk about being a female Muslim (a.k.a. a “Muslimah”) and running.
64 min
#212: #FoundChange: Finding Money While Running
Sarah and co-host Molly Williams explore the topic of finding money while running with three mother runners, including two who donate their #foundchange (and often paper money!) to charities.
67 min
#211: Danny Dreyer Talks about ChiRunning and R...
Sarah and Dimity welcome to the show Danny Dreyer, co-creator of ChiRunning and author of several books, including ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Efortless, Injury-Free Running and Chi Marathon: The Breakthrough Natural Running Program for a...
66 min
#210: How to Be Prepared to Start Training for ...
With summer 5Ks and 10Ks on the horizon, along with training for fall races in the near-future, Sarah and co-host Coach Christine Hinton detail how to embark on a training plan.
64 min
#209: Mother-Daughter Running Duo to Celebrate ...
In honor of Mother’s Day, Sarah and co-host Ellison Weist talk with writer Jen Miller and Jen’s 61-year-old mother, Mary Miller, who just ran her first half-marathon.
51 min
#208: 2016 Boston Marathon Report + Training w/...
Sarah and co-host Molly Williams sit down for a special episode to talk with Sarah’s coach, Briana Boehmer, about the 2016 Boston Marathon.
51 min
#207: Go, Go, ElliptiGO: Runners Who Use an Ell...
Sarah and co-host Ellison Weist talk to two mother runners who mix things up by training on an ElliptiGO, the bike/elliptical hybrid popularized by Olympic marathon Meb Keflezighi.
54 min
#205: Find Your Finish Line
Sarah and co-host Coach Christine Hinton welcome three mother runners poised to run the Boston Marathon on April 18 as part of Hyland’s Find Your Finish Line initiative.
140 min