Another Mother Runner

A family of three podcasts to get (+ keep) you moving without losing your family, job, or sanity! Nearly 1,000 (!) back episodes to enjoy.

Every Friday on the original show (launched in 2011), host Sarah Bowen Shea, a mom of three and veteran of 14 marathons, is joined by a rotating cast of co-hosts and often a guest expert to discuss topics ranging from how to reach a big race goal to finding your athletic happy place, and everything in between. Training, nutrition, motivation, mental toughness, TMI issues: This show covers it all (and then some!). 

Many Happy Miles and AMR Answers drop on alternate Tuesdays: Many Happy Miles is hosted by AMR co-founder Dimity McDowell and Sarah Wassner Flynn, and it celebrates and explores all types of forward movement, whether an epic hike, century ride, or your first brisk walk after a setback. The co-founding duo of Sarah and Dimity host AMR Answers, providing insightful responses to listeners’ called-in questions. All three shows are witty and conversational, making them great running partners because the AMR gals do all the talking—even on the uphills!

Health & Fitness
The Gals Answer Questions—and Relive a Scorcher...
Dimity and Sarah recount a brutally hot run they recently survived in Sacramento, showing sometimes they don’t heed their own advice.  After their done laughing at their own stupidity (and chafing!), they answer a few questions from mother runners, inc...
34 min
AMR Virtual 5K Accompaniment
In an extra-special, hour-long podcast, Dimity and Sarah offer advice and encouragement for gals running the Another Mother Runner Virtual 5K. They talk about the importance of getting a little goofy in a race, yet also fighting like a warrior to make ...
65 min
The NuttZo Lady
Dimity and Sarah dig in with Danielle LiVolsi, the mother of three who created the delicious and nutritious nut and seed butter called NuttZo. Find out how the textured yumminess made its way from her home food processor—where Danielle whirred together...
39 min
Training Tips from Two in the Thick of It
Sarah and Dimity trade training tips as they both stare down starting lines: Sarah is set to run the Vancouver Marathon in a mere week, while Dimity now has less than two months to go until Ironman Couer d’Alene. They share secrets on how to keep worko...
42 min
The Boston Marathon Tragedy through the Eyes of...
Dimity and Sarah each talk to a mother runner who ran the 2013 Boston Marathon to hear the story in their own words. Melissa Fryback of Portland dug deep and set a PR (3:43:46) but had barely 20 minutes to celebrate before the blasts, while Katherine S...
39 min
Kara Goucher Talks about Running Boston Maratho...
Kara Goucher in the house! Dimity and Sarah gleefully interview Olympic marathoner Kara Goucher as she preps for her third Boston Marathon. Kara answers questions from @TheMotherRunner Twitter followers, like about running while pregnant three years ag...
44 min
Coach Christine Answers Virtual 5K Training Que...
Sarah and Dimity bring on Coach Christine Hinton to enlighten all of you who are now four weeks into training for the AMR Virtual 5K—or training for any race. The ladies talk about how to maintain an even pace while running and how to get over a sucky ...
45 min
What’s for Lunch—and What Should I Do?
The ladies launch into a discussion about lunch-making fatigue: Dimity suffers from it, and Sarah has recently discovered a few cures. After reliving encounters with various lunchmeats during their formative years, the mother runners get to the meat of...
35 min
Music and Answers
The show opens with Dimity’s big confession of which singer she’s groovin’ to these days (we won’t spoil it for you), while Sarah admits to loving slightly more racy tunes (and to letting her children watch “Glee”!). At long last the mother runners mov...
36 min
Taking the World (Marathon Majors) by Storm
Be prepared to be inspired by the lovely guest Sarah and Dimity talk with on this episode: Sandi Borgman, a mom of three who has run the World Marathon Majors (New York, Chicago, London, Boston, and Berlin marathons) since being diagnosed with multiple...
38 min
The Mothers Answer Fresh Questions
Dimity and Sarah’s version of a call-in show: answering questions from gals on Facebook. They assure Sue it’s okay to walk during a race; counsel Laura on coming back from a sprained ankle; give Shelly advice on how to race two half-marathons close tog...
38 min
Time for Another (Mother Runner) Q&A
Enough with Sarah and Dimity: We invite mother runners into the conversation, in the form of questions culled from our Facebook page. We tell Nicole she really should ease back into running after an injury with a run/walk program; we give Letty and Ali...
37 min
The One Where They’re Both Injured
The unthinkable—but the inevitable—has happened: Dimity and Sarah are injured at the same time. The mother runners talk about what’s causing them pain and keeping them awake at night, then they divulge the treatment alternatives they’re pursuing. Based...
31 min
A Chat with Chris McDougall, author of Born to Run
Find out why Dimity dubbed this, “our best podcast ever!” Chris McDougall, author of the bestselling book Born to Run that spawned the barefoot running movement, dishes with Sarah and Dimity about the movie adaptation of B2R, his favorite running route...
44 min
Don’t Let the Weather Get You Down!
The ladies channel their inner Sam Champion and talk about running in the rain and wind. Sarah draws on her hundreds of hours spent in the Portland rain for practical tips, while Dimity gives great advice on how not to feel pushed around by the wind. B...
35 min
Wheezes and Sneezes: Our Talk with an Allergy D...
Dimity and Sarah talk to David Fitzhugh, a doctor specializing in allergy and immunology in Chapel Hill, N.C., because it sometimes seems they’re the only mother runners not suffering from allergies or asthma. (Knock on wood.) Dr. Fitzhugh assures the ...
36 min
Baby, It’s Cold (and Snowy and Icy) Outside!
Given the Arctic temps that have gripped Denver, it was only natural that Sarah and Dimity talk winter weather—and how to dress for exercising in it. Along the way the gals laugh over their experiences running in cold and slippery conditions; Sarah goe...
36 min
It’s All about [Work-Life] Balance
Sarah and Dimity kick off their now weekly podcasts (yes, we’ll now be coming to you every week instead of every other!) by talking to Michelle Jezycki, a triathlete extraordinaire. This Hyland’s Masters athlete talks about thriving on, rather than mer...
31 min
Reflections on Our 2012 Races—and Sports Pride
Sarah and Dimity intended to spend the half-hour looking back at their 2012 races, but, like an exciting, uncharted run, the conversation took some unexpected turns. Dimity laments about lice, while Sarah offers been-there, picked-that advice. Then, Sa...
36 min
Running while on Vacation
With Sarah headed south of the border for a family get-away, the mother runners talk about the in’s and out’s of exercising while away from home. They talk about the guilt of taking time away from the family—and about the necessity of getting that alon...
33 min
Eat Smart to Run Better
Dimity and Sarah serve up a conversation with Cassie Dimmick, a sports dietician and certified running coach in Springfield, Missouri. She’s also a mother runner who knocked 45 minutes off her marathon PR by making a few simple changes to her diet and ...
40 min
Magic Fingers: The Power of Massage
While Sarah and Dimity don’t get massages nearly as often as they’d like, talk is cheap so they chat with Angella King, a massage therapist in Portland, Oregon. Angella clues mother runners into how often to get massage (budget allowing), along with th...
31 min
Help for the Skin You’re in
The mother runners invited Dr. Brooke Jackson, a respected dermatologist and the founder of the Skin Wellness Center in Chicago, on the show to talk about skin issues like chafing, sunscreen, showering in the winter, and adult acne. Turns out the good ...
34 min
Ready, Set, Go: It’s Race Day!
Recorded days before heading to the Twin Cities to run the marathon (Sarah) and 10-miler (Dimity), the gals reminisce about memorable race day mornings—including such beauties as when SBS kept gagging while brushing her teeth before the Nike Women’s Ma...
40 min
Running Costumes for Halloween
Don’t be scared: Sarah and Dimity provide inspiration and ideas for a costume for an upcoming Halloween or Muddy Buddy race. From Wonder Woman to Vikings, the ladies offer suggestions for creative, non-chafing options. Midshow, the gals are joined by K...
32 min