What the HELL Were You Thinking?

What the Hell Were You Thinking is a podcast where Host Dave Bledsoe invites you to explore your deep-seated grievances with life in the 21st century. Journey with us through infernal circles of absurdist politics, inexplicable pop culture, conspiracy theories, not-so-theoretical conspiracies, generational ouroboroi, Bigfoot erotica, Satanism, and evil clowns—all via rants based on some sincerely compelling (and surprisingly accurate!) history. No, there won’t be a quiz, but you’ll likely learn some new things you can be really pissed off about. So join your slightly-snockered host and a browbeaten, possibly imaginary producer, Gavin, while we ask the world a simple question--WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?

Society & Culture
Episode 6 Messing With Texas
This weeks episode talks about Jade Helm 2015, so…
16 min
Episode 5 The N Word
thing going for us when it comes to talking about…
14 min
Episode 4 Outside Amy Schumer
This is the Friday, April 24th 2015 edition of th…
13 min
Episode 3A: The Middle Finger of the MTA
In this local edition of the podcast, we examine …
13 min
Episode 3: The Unbreakable Hilly C
"What the Hell Were You Thinking?" for Friday Apr…
10 min