What the HELL Were You Thinking?

What the Hell Were You Thinking is a podcast where Host Dave Bledsoe invites you to explore your deep-seated grievances with life in the 21st century. Journey with us through infernal circles of absurdist politics, inexplicable pop culture, conspiracy theories, not-so-theoretical conspiracies, generational ouroboroi, Bigfoot erotica, Satanism, and evil clowns—all via rants based on some sincerely compelling (and surprisingly accurate!) history. No, there won’t be a quiz, but you’ll likely learn some new things you can be really pissed off about. So join your slightly-snockered host and a browbeaten, possibly imaginary producer, Gavin, while we ask the world a simple question--WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?

Society & Culture
Episode 39 A Thousand Christmas Wars
“Where is the big redemption, that moment where o…
18 min
Episode 38: I See Your True Colors
The bulk of Trump supporters are also under educa…
19 min
Episode 37: Ain't That A Shame
When politicians SAY they are praying for the vic…
19 min
Episode 36 - -Worst Episode Ever
I think it’s ironic that the group of people most…
19 min
Episode 35 - -Uncle Dave Is Already Drunk
Because we’ve recently learned our show is, for s…
14 min
Episode 34- Stranger In A Strange Land
very time a Conservative launches into a tirade a…
26 min
Episode 33 Let This Be Your Last
I’ve noted before certain aspect of the PC Cultur…
28 min
Episode 32- The Lonesome Loser
Off year elections rarely go well for the party i…
26 min
Episode 31 If I Could Turn Back Time
History is not just a class I got stoned in durin…
18 min
Episode 30- Then I Got High
Hell, I am not even talking about pot arrests, co…
23 min
Episode 29: America's Stupidest Home Citizens
The What the Hell Were You Thinking Podcast is br…
24 min
Episode 28 Metal Health
The thing is mental illness is not a uniquely Ame…
19 min
Special Edition 2 - Sorry Seems To Be
Until then, the Republican Party is holding on to…
16 min
Episode 27: Doctor, Doctor, You're In the News
Hello and welcome to the podcast that asks a simp…
27 min
Episode 26- Seasons Dont Fear The Reaper
It’s not just bombs, dear listeners, here is a sh…
22 min
Episode 25: "19th Nervous Shutdown"
This latest faux outrage, well the outrage is re…
24 min
Episode 24: A Elmo Like Boobies
As a New Yorker, and having survived this City fo…
17 min
Episode 24 Your Own Personal Jesus
Hello and welcome to the podcast episode that ask…
28 min
Episode 23 Who Is Cheating Who
First of all, who uses a website to cheat? Hones…
20 min
Episode 22 MY Baby Is American Made
The What the Hell Were You Thinking Podcast is br…
24 min
Episiode 21 Weekend At Bernies
I don’t believe Bernie Sanders has it IN him to d…
23 min
Episode 21 A Local Edition " I Have A Big Butt ...
Naturally, fashion and New York City go together …
16 min
Episode 20 Even I Hate The Poor Now
0.1% of the people in America have basically as m…
22 min
Story Time 1: Jesus Is Open in the End Zone
Welcome to Storytime, factual fictions and fictio…
11 min
Ep 19 Schooled In Scandal
People, many of the same people that believe that…
24 min
Ep 18 Deja Vu All Over Again (Gun Violence)
Look I don’t know any other way to say this, but …
22 min
Episode 17 - Was That Wrong
nd there is the flaw in modern media structures, …
20 min
Episode 16: I Talk the Law in the Law One
But jury duty, that is the worst of the worst, or…
21 min
Episode 15 - -The Passion Of The Trump
Ham Hair has maintained that look of smug, self s…
20 min
Episode 14 - -Them Durn Duke Boys
This weeks show looks at why people are still cli…
21 min
Episode 13 You Mad Bro?
Hello and welcome to the podcast that asks a simp…
20 min
Special Edition 1: 14th Amendment F**CK YEAH!
Meanwhile back on Planet Earth, the only thing th…
7 min
Episode 12: Colt Python In Your Pocket
Is there EVER a situation so bad, so fucked up, t…
21 min
Episode 11A- If You Can't Take A Joke
What do Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry the …
16 min
Episode 11 Frilly Lab Coat
Meanwhile the physics labs, the astronomy departm…
18 min
Episode 10- 19 Candidates And Counting
With just 17 months left to go before election da…
16 min
Episode 9 My Lost Pillar Of Salt
I fire up on is the parents and the people who c…
21 min
Episode 8A- Strip Clubs And Nail Salons
ou can’t look in the window of a nail salon and n…
12 min
Episode 8: From the Home Office In Sioux City I...
We slackers of the Meh Generation watched Letterm…
17 min
Episode 7: Time to Put Grandpa In The Home
This is the Saturday May 16th 2015 edition of th…
18 min
Episode 6 Messing With Texas
This weeks episode talks about Jade Helm 2015, so…
16 min
Episode 5 The N Word
thing going for us when it comes to talking about…
14 min
Episode 4 Outside Amy Schumer
This is the Friday, April 24th 2015 edition of th…
13 min
Episode 3A: The Middle Finger of the MTA
In this local edition of the podcast, we examine …
13 min
Episode 3: The Unbreakable Hilly C
"What the Hell Were You Thinking?" for Friday Apr…
10 min