The Explorers Podcast

The Explorers Podcast is about the greatest explorers and explorations in history.

On the Explorers Podcast, the explorers we cover include Ernest Shackleton, Ibn Battuta, Roald Amundsen, Frederick Cook, Adrien de Gerlache, John McDouall Stuart, Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, Matt Rutherford, Jacques Marquette, Louis Jolliet, James Cook, Abel Tasman, Alice Morrison, Fridtjof Nansen, Yuri Gagarin, Jacques Cartier, Richard Francis Burton, Teddy Roosevelt, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, James Beckwourth, Alvise Cadamosto, Henry the Navigator, Andres de Urdaneta, Edmund Hillar, Tenzing Norgay, George Mallory, Marco Polo, Xu Fu, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, Burke and Wills Expedition, Robert O'Hara Burke, William Wills, Hanno the Navigator, Lewis and Clark, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Hernan Cortes, John Franklin, Lost Franklin Expedition, Francis Drake, Diogo Cao, Pytheas, Nellie Bly, Christopher Columbus, Panfilo de Narvaez, Bartolomeu Dias, Mungo Park, John Cabot, Erik the Red, Leif Erikson, Zebulon Pike, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Ferdinand Magellan, and Zheng He and the Chinese Treasure Fleet, Neil Armstrong, Aztec Empire, Moctezuma, Montezuma, Robert Falcon Scott, Tom Creen, Frank Wild, Cândido Rondon, Brendan the Navigator, and Vladimir Atlasov.

We also cover a variety of subjects and events and travel to many places. Topics include the Far East, the River of Doubt, the Manila Galleons, Mount Everest, the Moon Landing, Apollo 11, the circumnavigation of the world, the source of the Nile, the New World, Vinland, the Niger River, Timbuktu, the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Horn, Antarctica, the Arctic, the Northwest Passage, the North Pole, the South Pole, the Congo River, the Chinese Treasure Fleet, the Corps of Discovery, Tenochtitlán, Japan, China, the Silk Road, the Spice Islands, the Moluccas, the Caravel, Mecca, Medina, Lake Tanganyika, Sputnik, Tasmania, Australia, Siberia, the Mississippi River, the Great Lakes, the Seven Cities of Gold, and much, much more.

Society & Culture
Alexander von Humboldt - Part 3 - The Andes Mou...
Humboldt explorers the Andes
28 min
Alexander von Humboldt - Part 2 - The Orinoco E...
Humboldt goes up the Orinoco River in search of link between that river and the Amazon
33 min
Alexander von Humboldt - Part 1
The early years of Alexander von Humboldt
31 min
The Opening of Japan
Storms take Portuguese traders to Japan - opening up the island to the west for the first time
17 min
Belgica Expedition - Interview with Author Juli...
Author Julian Sancton, who wrote the book Madhouse at the End of the Earth talks with us about the expedition
58 min
Belgica Expedition - Part 5
The Belgica tried to break out of the Antarctic ice pack
50 min
Belgica Expedition - Part 4
The Belgica and her crew prepare to endure 70 days of darkness.
35 min
Belgica Expedition - Part 3
Belgica plunges deeper and deeper to the waters of Antarctica as the long night of winter approaches.
31 min
Belgica Expedition - Part 2
The Belgica reaches Antarctica
34 min
Belgica Expedition - Part 1
Adrien de Gerlache leads the Belgian Antarctica Expedition in 1897
34 min
Welcome to the Explorers Podcast
An Introduction to the Explorers Podcast
2 min
Ibn Battuta - Part 7 - Mali
Ibn Battuta goes on a final journey across the Saharan Desert to West Africa and the Kingdom of Mali
37 min
Ibn Battuta - Part 6 - China
Ibn Battuta goes to the Far East
27 min
Ibn Battuta - Part 5 - India
Ibn Battuta goes to India
36 min
Ibn Battuta - Part 4 - Anatolia and the Golden ...
Ibn Battuta heads to India via Central Asia
31 min
Ibn Battuta - Part 3 - East Africa and Arabia
Ibn Battuta sets off for the fringe of the Islamic world - the colonies of East Africa
25 min
Ibn Battuta - Part 2 - Iraq and Persia
Ibn Battuta travels to Iraq and Persia.
24 min
Ibn Battuta - Part 1 - Mecca
Ibn Battuta sets out on his first great adventure - his Hajj to Mecca
31 min
John McDouall Stuart and the crossing of Austra...
Stuart makes one last stab at crossing Australia
34 min
John McDouall Stuart and the crossing of Austra...
Stuart sets out on his fifth expedition to cross Australia
26 min
John McDouall Stuart and the crossing of Austra...
Stuart leads three expeditions into the Australian interior
38 min
John McDouall Stuart and the crossing of Austra...
Explorer John McDouall Stuart conducts the first of six expeditions into the interior of Australia
32 min
Francisco Vázquez de Coronado and the Seven Cit...
Vázquez de Coronado and his army set out for the supposedly wealthy region of Quivira
31 min
Francisco Vázquez de Coronado and the Seven Cit...
Conquistador Francisco Vázquez de Coronado goes searching of the legendary cities of gold
34 min
Matt Rutherford and the first solo, nonstop cir...
Interview with Matt Rutherford
145 min