Innovation in Compliance with Tom Fox

Innovation in compliance brings you interviews with industry leading experts who are changing the way practitioners approach compliance. Host Tom Fox, the Compliance Evangelist and Voice of Compliance is driving the conversation about compliance into the 2020s and beyond with his focus on innovations for the compliance practitioner and the compliance profession. If you want to learn how to bring business solutions to compliance problems to more fully operationalize compliance, this is the podcast for you.

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Content is King with Andrea Falcione and Tricia...
Why is content king in compliance? Find out on this episode of Innovation in Compliance when I visit with Andrea Falcione and Tricia Cornell of Rethink Compliance, one of the most innovative companies in the compliance space.
17 min
Training Millennials with Alyson Van Hooser
In this episode, Alyson Van Hooser talks about her passion of effective leadership and how she is bring this message to millennials.
17 min
Celebrating 100 Episodes of Innovation in Compl...
16 min
Compliance in Finance Series Episode 5: Maintai...
In this final episode in this five-part series, Phil Fry brings it all together on maintaining oversight.
10 min
Compliance in Finance Series Episode 4: Sustain...
In this Part 4, Phil Fry discussed sustainability in a changing environment.
10 min
Compliance in Finance Series Episode 3: Control...
In this Part 3 of a five-part podcast series, I continue my exploration with Phil Fry. Today we consider Controlling the Environment with Automation
8 min
Compliance in Finance Series Episode 2: Captur...
8 min
Compliance in Finance Series Episode 1: Overvie...
In this episode 1, Phil Fry and I introduce this 5-part series on innovation in financial regulation compliance.
8 min
Creating a Memorable Podcast Experience at Podf...
In this podcast, I visit with Chris Krimitsos, founder of Podfest Expo on how to create a memorable conference experience.
22 min
Repurposing Your Way to Great Content with Shai...
20 min
Crisis PR with Eden Gillott
Eden Gillott is the President of Gillott Communications, a crisis PR firm, for over 11 years. She chats with Tom Fox about what a company should say in a crisis situation, how to prepare for a crisis in advance, and common mistakes to avoid.
15 min
Making Compliance Simple with Amy Kadomatsu
In this episode of Innovation in Compliance, Amy Kadomatsu joins host Tom Fox to share how her company makes compliance simple for their clients.
19 min
Automating Compliance with Jeff Kushner
In this episode of Innovation in Compliance, I visit with Jeff Kushner, Chief Marketing Officer at Allgress, about what companies should look for in a platform to innovate and automate the compliance function.
22 min
C-Suite Network and the Future of Podcasting wi...
In this episode of Innovation in Compliance, I visit with Jeffrey Hayzlett, the founder and CEO of C-Suite Network. He chats with host Tom Fox about his podcast network and what he sees as the future of podcasting.
14 min
Corporate Training Meets Artificial Intelligence
On today’s episode of the Innovation in Compliance Podcast with host Tom Fox, we get to meet Neha Gupta, chief executive officer at True Office Learning who shares the intersection of corporate training and artificial intelligence.
17 min
Flipping the Script on the Value of Data with E...
How does ImagineBC inform your compliance program? Find out in today's episode of Innovation in Compliance with Tom Fox as he hosts Erik Rind.
20 min
Innovation Through Showing Your Values with Ale...
On today’s episode of the Innovation in Compliance Podcast, I speak with Alex Zlatin about how small business owners should think through the purchase of a technology upgrade.
14 min
The Mindset of Culture with Arnie Malham
What does mindset have to do with culture? I explore this topic with Arnie Malham on this episode of Innovation in Compliance.
11 min
The Human Element of Cyber Security with Eduard...
What is the human element in cyber security? I explore with Eduardo Campos in this episode of Innovation in Compliance.
14 min
Finding Opportunities in a Crowded Industry wit...
What happens when two high school buddies see a market need and then innovate to fill it? Meet the co-founders of Squadcast
21 min
Moving Up to the Board with Louise Duffield
14 min
Foundational Data Security
12 min
Structured Content Strategies with One Stone Cr...
14 min
Rebooting your Mindset with Tanya Otterstein-Liehs
18 min
Continuous Improvement in Compliance with Brian...
Brian Beeghly is the former CCO at Johnson Controls. He is the founder of Informed360 which is brining cutting edge technological solutions to compliance programs.
15 min
Giving Across Borders with Ted Hart
16 min
Keeping Your Third Parties Secure with Dov Goldman
On this episode of Innovation in Compliance Dov Goldman, the Director of Risk and Compliance at Panorays, talks about cybersecurity, and the strategies and measures you can put in place to keep you safe.
21 min
Innovation in Compliance: Episode 75-Taking the...
In this episode, Syed Hussain, the Co-Founder & CEO at Liquidity Digital, a blockchain-based FinTech firm that’s building an end-to-end digital security system. He discusses how does this works and how can it make our organizations more efficient, more compliant, and more profitable.
16 min
Civility as a Workplace Innovation with Carrie ...
11 min
Innovative Ways to Communicate Online with Ben ...
17 min
How Strong HR Processes Can Mitigate Risk with ...
20 min
Leading with Accountability with Sam Silverstein
13 min
Making Compliance Training Fun with Andrew Rawson
22 min
Part 5: The Supply Chain Efficiency Premium
Innovation in Supply Chain Financial Health Series
9 min
Part 4: What are the challenges for Supply Chai...
Innovation in Supply Chain Financial Health Series
9 min
Part 3: Third Party Expansion
Innovation in Supply Chain Financial Health Series
9 min
Part 2: Criticality and Extending the Reach of ...
Innovation in Supply Chain Financial Health Series
10 min
Part 1: Introduction to Supply Chain Financial ...
Innovation in Supply Chain Financial Health Series
10 min
Marketing through Podcasting with Gordon Firemark
18 min
Nimble and Strategic Compliance with Patrick Co...
17 min
Using AI to Detect Bad Actors with Brandon Carl
13 min
The ‘Gmail for Accounting’ with Ian Crosby
18 min
Managing the Extended Enterprise with Dan Kinsella
21 min
Keeping Your Documents Secure with Tomas Suros
15 min
Artificial Intelligence for Proactive Complianc...
14 min
Accelerating Anti-Fraud Innovation with Vince W...
19 min
The TRACE Bribery Risk Matrix with Robert Clark
15 min
Social Networking for Compliance Lawyers with G...
20 min
7 Mistakes that Derail M&A Transactions with Ax...
19 min
Innovating with Smart Contracts with Jacob Enoch
17 min
Cinematic Storytelling in Compliance with Marc ...
13 min
Leveraging the Power of Blockchains with Syed H...
18 min
Separate the Message from the Delivery Mechanis...
16 min
What is Your Spark Score? With Kristy Grant-Hart
10 min
Assessing Your Money Laundering Risk with Jenni...
16 min
Creating Your Integrity Agenda with Jon Feig an...
19 min
Moving to the Front Lines of Compliance, Part 3
8 min
Moving to the Front Lines of Compliance, Part 2
9 min
Moving to the Front Lines of Compliance, Part I
9 min
Moving to the Front Lines of Compliance, Part 4
7 min
Moving to the Front Lines of Compliance, Part 5
8 min
Tropicalizing Your Compliance Program with Carl...
17 min
Adaptive Compliance and Ethics Training with Re...
On bribery and adaptive learning
23 min
Innovation in Corporate Governance Training wit...
18 min
KPIs on Organizational Justice, Surveys, and Be...
Today’s episode focuses on the measurability of KPIs in organizational justice. Tom is joined by Philip Winterburn, Chief Product Officer at Convercent. Together, they dive deep into fairness, using surveys to test the ethical health of an...
28 min
Innovation in Compliance Around M&A with Eric F...
What happens when you acquire or merge with a company with FCPA violations? What are the risks that come from doing so? Eric Feldman, Senior Vice President of Affiliated Monitors, Inc.™,  joins Tom to talk about mergers and acquisitions. They...
22 min
The Power of Effective Due Diligence in Complia...
Your suppliers aren’t the only risk for your company. When was the last time you investigated your customers? Even a single, high-risk transaction can cause far-reaching repercussions for your organization. There’s an estimated $800 billion to $2...
22 min
Proactive Use of Internal Reporting with Ketura...
Reporting a compliance infraction might sound easy until you’re the one who needs to make the call. Today, Tom and Keturah Pestel share an insightful conversation on the value of proactive internal reporting. Keturah is the Code of Conduct Program...
14 min
Blockchain as a Compliance Strategy with Paul B...
Blockchain technology stretches across a wide selection of corporate industries. This ever-evolving digital ledger chronologically and publicly records transactions, and now has anti-corruption compliance professionals asking how blockchain fits into...
16 min
Managing Conflict of Interest Risks with David ...
Conflict of interest can turn into a tricky conversation, especially with the steady rise of independent contractors working for multiple clients at a time. Today’s guest, David Bunker, helps us understand the ‘conflict of interest’ risk...
9 min
Supply Chain, CSR, and Compliance with Jared Co...
Jared Connors is a subject matter expert on Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance at Assent, an innovative company that helps businesses to link their CSR and Compliance departments to ensure a strong and ethical supply chain. In turn, this...
24 min
KPIs around Employee Engagement with Philip Win...
Reporting compliance issues can be a complex problem for both frontline employees and compliance practitioners. In today’s episode, Tom talks with Philip Winterburn, the co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Convercent – a Denver, Colorado-based...
11 min
The Role of the Board and C-Suite in Ethics and...
Ellen Hunt in the Chief Audit Executive and Ethics and Compliance Officer at AARP. Her experience in the industry is impressive: running departments, reporting to governance, handling investigations, designing education, and more. She’s been...
16 min
Sherlock Holmes & Innovation and Compliance: Pa...
Elementary, my dear Watson! In the first episode of this Sherlock Holmes themed 5-part series, Tom reviews how a CCO or compliance practitioner can develop a digital strategy to help increase the value proposition for a corporate compliance program. ...
7 min
Sherlock Holmes & Innovation and Compliance: Pa...
Have you ever gotten the request, "English, please!" when talking about analytics? This episode is for you. In the 4th episode of our weeklong Sherlock Holmes series, Tom talks about various issues around interpreting data in the compliance space. ...
7 min
Sherlock Holmes & Innovation and Compliance: Pa...
Do you speak data? Does your boss? In part three of the Sherlock Holmes and compliance 5-part series, Tom discusses the role of the corporate compliance officer in translating data for decision-makers and provides some tips for making sure you’re...
8 min
Sherlock Holmes & Innovation and Compliance: Pa...
The best things come in pairs. In part two of this week’s 5-part series – centered on the Sherlock Holmes stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Tom talks about the innovative use of the digital twin concept. This model enables compliance...
9 min
Sherlock Holmes & Innovation and Compliance: Pa...
Is your compliance function ready for the digital future? In the final episode of this week’s 5-part Sherlock Holmes and Innovation and Compliance crossover, Tom highlights this critical question that every compliance professional should be asking...
7 min
Live: Revamping your Swing with Data Analytics ...
Live from this year’s Podcast Movement Conference, Tom covers his two favorite things: innovation in compliance and the 2017 World Series winning team, the Houston Astros. As a case study on the uses of data and analytics from a compliance...
21 min
Taking Due Diligence to the Next Level with Jan...
These days, it takes more than a Google search to find the dirt you’re looking for. Tom talks with Jane Jee, the CEO of Kompli-Global, about some of their innovative due diligence reporting products. They discuss what the future of DD needs to look...
16 min
Identifying Fraud Schemes using Machine Learnin...
Despite their reputation for inevitable shrinkage, the cash register is no match for a smart machine. In this episode, anti-fraud, anti-corruption and compliance analytics expert Vince Walden returns to the Innovation and Compliance Podcast to talk...
18 min
Supply Chain "Health Checks" with Brian Alster
Everyone should see a doctor for a check-up, even the largest and most far-reaching companies. Today, Tom talks with Brian Alster, the Global Head of Compliance & Supply Products at Dun & Bradstreet about their new, innovative technique called...
20 min
Replay: Digital Transformations in Compliance w...
Vince Walden is a partner at Ernst & Young, and he’s passionate about anti-fraud, anti-corruption and compliance-related analytics and innovations. Today, Vince and Tom talk about some of the innovative strategies he’s developing for General...
22 min
New Approaches to Compliance Training with Shaw...
While focusing on new tech, disruption, and regulation change, training often gets left behind in the compliance and innovation conversation. To bring training back to the forefront of the conversation is Shawn Rogers, Lead Counsel, Compliance...
34 min
Shared Risk Requires Shared Solutions with Greg...
Building and operating an effective compliance program is a tall order if you don’t have the information or the tools – and people – to make it happen. Today, Tom’s talks with Greg Radner, the chief marketing officer of RANE (Risk Assistance...
20 min
Compliance in the Age of Big Data with Alexande...
Forget the 1850’s California and Alaska gold rushes; today’s hot commodity is data. Today, Tom talks with AxiomSL’s CEO Alexander Tsigutkin and Senior Vice President of Project Management Varun Singhal about data analysis and reporting in the...
19 min
Board Governance for the Future: Innovation Req...
Keeping up with the times always requires aggressive change. Today, Tom Fox connects with Sheila Hooda, an independent board director and strategic advisor who has 30+ years of global executive-level experience growing and transforming Fortune 500...
22 min
The Future of A.I. and Compliance with Tim Estes
Today, Tom Fox talks with Tim Estes, the President and Founder of the A.I. and software company Digital Reasoning. Tom asks about the work of his team at DR who have developed new A.I. driven tools that give companies greater insight into the workings...
19 min
The Insight Potential of Forensic Data Analytic...
In today’s episode, Tom Fox talks with Todd Marlin, the Americas Leader of Forensic Data Analytics & Financial Services Forensic Technology at Ernst & Young LLP. The two discuss EY’s 2018 Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey and talk...
21 min
The Risk of Doing Nothing with Joseph Howell
In this episode, Tom Fox chats with Joseph Howell, the Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Workiva. With a background in all things corporate finance, specifically internal auditing and compliance filings, Joe talks about the...
21 min
How ESG Factors will Change Compliance with J.R...
When trying to understand the environmental, social and governmental dimensions of a potential investment, what kind of approach will provide the clearest picture? In this episode, Tom Fox talks to J.R. Lowry, a senior vice president at State Street...
12 min
Demonstrating the ROI of Compliance with Ben Lo...
Ben Locwin is a Ph. D. MDA, and MS who’s held many executive roles for top 10 companies including biotech, big pharma, and hospitals and clinics. In the final episode of this 5 part series, Tom and Ben review the relationship between profitability...
11 min
Embedding Compliance as a Key Component to the ...
Five-Part Series with Ben Locwin
11 min
Prevention Always Beats Correction in Complianc...
Ben Locwin is a Ph. D. MDA, and MS who’s held many executive roles for top 10 companies including biotech, big pharma, and hospitals and clinics. In part 3 of this five-part series, Ben and Tom discuss how to avoid being a compliance firefighter at...
9 min
Operationalizing Compliance at the Staff Level ...
Ben Locwin is a Ph. D. MDA, and MS who’s held many executive roles for top 10 companies including biotech, big pharma, and hospitals and clinics. In Part 4, Ben and Tom talk about integrating compliance operations into the staff level of a business....
8 min
How Forecasting Allows Better Contingency Plann...
Ben Locwin is a Ph. D. MDA, and MS who’s held many executive roles for top 10 companies including biotech, big pharma, and hospitals and clinics. In part 2 of this five-part series, Ben and Tom discuss forecasting’s role in helping to plan for...
11 min
Understanding the Fraud Pentagon with Jonathan ...
Jonathan Marks is a leading fraud expert. He’s helped companies across multiple markets uncover fraud. Jonathan has innovated compliance by creating the Fraud Pentagon. His innovation builds upon work that was done years ago, the fraud triangle....
14 min
The Future of Disrupting Risk with Dan Torpey
Dan Torpey is a forensic accountant CPA and former auditor with over 30 years of public accounting experience. He’s a partner at Ernst & Young and the US leader of EY’s Investigation and Compliance services. With all those credentials, it...
24 min
Malfeasance Prevention and Detection for Greate...
Fighting crime with AI? Sounds like a great sci-fi movie, but it’s a reality. Today’s guest, David McLaughlin, founder and CEO of QuantaVerse, uses next-gen AI systems to help root out fraud and other financial malfeasance. You’ve heard the...
23 min
Marrying Big and Small Data with Ben Locwin
Ben Locwin is a Ph. D. MDA, and MS who has held many executive roles for top 10 companies including biotech, big pharma, and hospitals and clinics. He’s a proponent of analyzing data, and today he and Tom discuss the innovations in data, whether big...
21 min