Innovation in Compliance with Tom Fox

Innovation in compliance brings you interviews with industry leading experts who are changing the way practitioners approach compliance. Host Tom Fox, the Compliance Evangelist and Voice of Compliance is driving the conversation about compliance into the 2020s and beyond with his focus on innovations for the compliance practitioner and the compliance profession. If you want to learn how to bring business solutions to compliance problems to more fully operationalize compliance, this is the podcast for you.

Business News
3rd Party Management: A risk-based approach - ...
In this concluding Part 5, I am joined by Alexander Cotoia from the Volkov Law Group to consider 3rd party risk management use cases.
13 min
Third-Party Management: A risk-based approach -...
In this episode I visit with Adam Bailey on the need for robust reporting.
17 min
Third-Party Management: A risk-based approach -...
In Part 3, I explore implementation of your third-party risk management program, after the contract is signed.
14 min
Third-Party Management: A risk-based approach –...
In this Part 2, I visit with Stephanie Font on the need for Questionnaires and Due Diligence in the 3rd party risk management process.
15 min
Is Data Fit for Purpose? with Malcolm Hawker
Tom Fox welcomes Malcolm Hawker of Profisee, a company that creates MDM software, to discuss the importance of data quality, master data management (MDM), and data governance.
28 min
Third-Party Management: A risk-based approach -...
In this Part 1, I visit with Michael Parker on the need for risk mitigation regarding 3rd parties.
17 min
Compliance with Data Privacy with Bill Piwonka
In this week’s show, Tom Fox reconnects with Bill Piwonka, Chief Marketing Officer of Exterro, to discuss compliance with data privacy.
26 min
The Secret Power of Meditation with Kara Goodwin
Kara Goodwin and Tom Fox discuss the transformative power of meditation, the benefits it offers to individuals and companies, and how it can help people find balance and purpose in their lives.
21 min
Creating the Insights Lab with Zachary Coseglia
In this insightful episode of the Innovation In Compliance podcast, Tom Fox welcomes Zachary Coseglia, the founder of the Ropes & Gray Insights Lab, to talk about the creation of the unique consultancy within the law firm.
29 min
Leveraging Technology in Third-Party Risk Manag...
Jag Lamba and Jared Ezzell from Certa, join Tom Fox on the Innovation In Compliance podcast to explore the essential elements of a thriving third-party risk management program.
25 min
Entrepreneurship and Risk Management with Adrie...
Tom Fox and his guest, Adrienne Bellehumeur, discuss the significance of gap analysis in the design of internal controls, and why having a thorough understanding of design is critical to the success of gap analysis.
24 min
Key Board Issues Going Forward with Christina B...
Host, Tom Fox, and Christina, head of William Blair’s Corporate Advisory Team, are going to delve into the current state of the corporate world, touching on the challenges faced by boards of directors.
18 min
The Digital Knowledge Graph with Evgeny Likhode...
This week’s guests are Evgeny Likhoded, CEO and founder, and Vladimir Ershov, Head of Data Science, of Clausematch.
23 min
Innovation Through Comprehensive UX with Ben Seals
Tom Fox and Ben Seals, CEO of Thomas Eye Group, delve into the company’s innovative approach to employee, customer, and business process experience.
19 min
Operationalizing Compliance: Part 5-Overwhelmed...
In this concluding Part5, Taylor Edwards joins me to discuss how to avoid being overwhelmed.
17 min
Operationalizing Compliance: Part 4-Effectivene...
In Part 4, Alex Klingelberger joins me to look at effectiveness, redux.
16 min
Operationalizing Compliance: Part 3-Jaycee Demp...
How do you operationalize compliance? Jaycee Dempsey joins me to discuss on Part 3 of this 5-part series.
16 min
Why Sustainability is the Business Opportunity ...
Tom’s guest on this week’s episode of Innovation in Compliance, Richard Blundell, discusses the risks and opportunities associated with growth in the insurance industry.
26 min
Operationalizing Compliance: Part 2-Compliance ...
In Part 2, Jennifer May and Xenia Pirkey discuss compliance program design.
16 min
Operationalizing Compliance: Part 1 - Complianc...
What is compliance program effectiveness? Jennifer May joins me in Part 1 of a special 5-part series.
15 min
Frictionless and Engaging Compliance Training w...
On this week’s episode, Tom’s guest Avi Singer talks about how to make it easier for employees to understand and complete compliance training.
19 min
Data Transformation/Data Sovereignty with Dale ...
Tom Fox and guest, Dale Waterman, discuss how cloud computing and the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies like AI and IoT drove the data sovereignty movement.
29 min
The Disability Navigator with DeeJae Durante
DeeJae Durante joins Tom to talk about creating accessibility for disabled individuals in the corporate world, and the true meaning of inclusion.
20 min
The Meta Contract with David Simon
David Simon and Tom Fox discuss David's article "The G in ESG", and the role of compliance in ESG, specifically in the governance aspect of compliance.
22 min
The Right Training, for the Right Person at the...
Roxanne Petraeus, CEO of Ethena, and Tom talk about her career journey and what she and Ethena are bringing to the compliance sphere.
24 min