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Where great stories, poetry and music live together in peace & love!

Story Village is also a live and virtual storytelling program featuring storyteller and poet, Aunti Oni Lasana. Feel free to listen on your phone or computer, in the classroom, at home, or on a "Are we there yet?" road trips.

Enjoy over 50 amazing stories and poetry over the coolest world music on the planet. Story Village is a great resource for students to retell and classroom listening. A treat for aspiring storytellers who seek heart-touching stories and poems.

If you are a storyteller and looking to re-tell these stories and poems, don't forget to give shout-outs (credit) to the authors and tell everyone you heard these stories and poems in the podcast, Story Village with Aunti Oni. Thanks.

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Story Village with Aunti Oni is a multicultural family-friendly audio adventure that brings me great JOY to share with you and hope you will feel it and share the LOVE with others!


Story Village with Aunti Oni is produced and voiced by Webby Award-Winning voice talent ~ Oni Lasana ~ International Songwriter, Storyteller, Short Story Author, Poet, Performing and Teaching Artist.

Kids & Family
Stories for Kids
Society & Culture
11: racing against the sun/foundation-wise:rock...
Poems by Nikki Giovanni
4 min
10: A Cabin Tale
A poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar
7 min
9: Why Anansi Has A Small Waist
Anansi the spider is very greedy!
11 min
8: The Palm & The Poui
A Tobago Tale by Oni Lasana
8 min
7: Signifying Monkey
African & American Folktale
7 min
6: Reggie Rascal
Is school realy boring?
10 min
5: My Friend
Everyone should have one.
3 min
00 Aunti Oni Shout Out
Welcome to Story Village
1 min
1: The Girl Who Loves Hip Hop
Music is life!
3 min
2: Beautiful As You Are
Love yourself, everyone else is already taken!
5 min
4: The Jealous Farmer
Shake off dirt & stomp it in the ground, don't let anyone bring you down.
5 min
3: Zuri The Fairy
Hear her hair-story!
5 min