Story Village with Aunti Oni

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Where great stories, poetry and music live together in peace & love!

Story Village is also a live and virtual storytelling program featuring storyteller and poet, Aunti Oni Lasana. Feel free to listen on your phone or computer, in the classroom, at home, or on a "Are we there yet?" road trips.

Enjoy over 50 amazing stories and poetry over the coolest world music on the planet. Story Village is a great resource for students to retell and classroom listening. A treat for aspiring storytellers who seek heart-touching stories and poems.

If you are a storyteller and looking to re-tell these stories and poems, don't forget to give shout-outs (credit) to the authors and tell everyone you heard these stories and poems in the podcast, Story Village with Aunti Oni. Thanks.

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Story Village with Aunti Oni is a multicultural family-friendly audio adventure that brings me great JOY to share with you and hope you will feel it and share the LOVE with others!


Story Village with Aunti Oni is produced and voiced by Webby Award-Winning voice talent ~ Oni Lasana ~ International Songwriter, Storyteller, Short Story Author, Poet, Performing and Teaching Artist.

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Stories for Kids
Society & Culture
60. I'm A Storyteller
A story/poem
4 min
59. I Don't Want To Move
Make new friends, but keep the old.
8 min
58. Mr. Egret & Miss Moo
A Trinidad & Tobago Tale
8 min
57. Sissy Ella
Cinderella today.
9 min
56. Beautiful Brown Owl
Listening is learning.
9 min
55. It's A Great Day
Bullys are trouble.
5 min
54: Story Swapping
Everyone has a story!
11 min
53: Andy The Ant
Aesop Fable - The Ant & The Dove
8 min
52: Trina In Trouble
Trina's dad gives good advice.
7 min
Season 3 Shout out ~ Story Village with Aunti Oni
Share with your friends
1 min
51: It Takes A Village
Based on a African proverb
9 min
50: Gumbo Soup
Gran' Nana stirs up goodness fa' sho!
11 min
49: A Library & A Poem
Little Nikki loves the library & poetry too!
6 min
48: Colors of Friendship
Native American folktale on unity
10 min
47: Hi Anansi!
Hello from around the world with Anansi
5 min
46: Who Will Be King?
A Liberian folktale
9 min
I am because we are, we are because I am
10 min
44: The Sparrow & The Farm Child's Lullaby
Two of Paul L. Dunbar's nature and children's poems.
5 min
43: The Frog Who Wanted To Be A Singer
Always follow your dreams.
11 min
42: Martin Luther King Jr.
A story poem about the life of Martin Luther King Jr.
11 min
41: 2022 Hello & Thank You
Thank you and big ups from Aunti Oni
6 min
40: Pulling Together
A classic Russian folktale
10 min
39: How Brer' Rabbit Lost His Tail
Classic African American folktale
7 min
38: 2 Warriors
Irish Folktale
6 min
37: Butterfly Friends
No matter the color, make friends with one another.
8 min