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News moves at a breakneck speed that it’s almost impossible to keep up while also managing your own daily commitments. So what if you could hear a summary of 3 of the stories on everyone’s lips from this week? Journalist Diyora Shadijanova (@TheDiyora on Twitter), will bring the stories to life, joined by 2 guests every week, to discuss and dissect the topics at hand. #YourBroccoliWeekly
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Your Broccoli Weekly Special: GENERATION WINDRU...
46 min
Introducing Human Resources
2 min
Introducing: Zombiemum
9 min
Introducing: Broccoli Book Club
8 min
Your Broccoli Weekly - How is the lockdown affe...
Do we need to have more conversations about the impact of the COVID19 lockdown on our mental health?
30 min
Your Broccoli Weekly - Is COVID19 really the '...
Are all experiences during the COVID19 pandemic equal? Are we really all in this together?
27 min
Your Broccoli Weekly - Why it’s time to scrap t...
Exploring the Government's No Recourse to Public Funds policy and how it affects migrants
21 min
Your Broccoli Weekly Special: GENERATION WINDRU...
23 min
Your Broccoli Weekly - The impact of COVID19 on...
What will be the long term impact of COVID19 on the UK economy?
24 min
Your Broccoli Weekly Special: GENERATION WINDRU...
21 min
NOTED: Isolation tips
Isolation tips
8 min
Your Broccoli Weekly - How COVID19 has impacted...
COVID19 has touched many areas of our lives. Here's a look at what the impact has been on UK education
29 min
Your Broccoli Weekly Presents NOTED
5 min
w/e 22nd March: Windrush Report, Cancelled Exam...
The long awaited Windrush Report, what happens now that exams are cancelled, and Jhus' new clothing line
36 min
w/e 15th March: The UK's COVID 19 plan, 2020 Bu...
Boris reveals the government's COVID 19 plans, some key points from the 2020 Budget, and grime artist Solo 45's conviction
45 min
w/e 8th March: Priti Patel, Coronavirus vs Flyb...
Priti Patel's bullying allegations, how coronavirus has affected Flybe and the economy, plus Amber Rudd getting 'cancelled'
36 min
w/e 1st March: Coronavirus, Heathrow Expansion ...
Covid 19 hits the UK, the Heathrow third runway denied, and what all the Yorkshire tea Twitter fuss
39 min
w/e 23rd February: UK immigration, Caroline Fla...
The UK's new immigration system, how the media reported on Caroline Flack and The Brits
41 min
w/e 16th February: Jamaican Deportations, Cabin...
The latest on the deportations to Jamaica, the recent cabinet reshuffle, plus Slowthai and Katherine Ryan at the NME Awards
39 min
w/e 9th February: Terrorism, Journalist Boycott...
The Streatham terror attack, journalist boycotting number 10, and Phillip Schofield coming out
46 min
w/e 2nd February: Brexit, Huawei 5G and Sex Edu...
What to expect post Brexit, the UK's 5G plans with Huawei and Sex Education on Netflix
45 min
w/e 26th January: Jess Phillips, hate baiters a...
Jess Phillips has quit, why hate baiters are trash, and the problem with cutting books
50 min
w/e 19th January: Boris, Love Island and the UK...
Boris has resurfaced, Love Island is back, and the UK is in shock after discovering racism
38 min
w/e 12th January: Cyprus, Megxit and Grime Beef
The latest with the Cyprus rape case, Megxit and the Stormzy and Wiley grime beef
44 min
BONUS: 2019 Roundup
What were the big stories of 2019?
57 min