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Welcome to the Yoga Biz Academy Podcast, the go-to podcast for ambitious yoga teachers who are ready to commit to their calling and create wealth from their wealth of knowledge. I’m your host, Amanda Paz, your resident Yoga Business Coach and Marketing Mentor creating weekly content to help you quit your 9-5, scale a profitable yoga business, and reclaim your time.

These episodes are here to help you with marketing, sales, and mindset strategies so you can gain clarity in your business, lead with purpose, and get paid for the incredible work that you do.

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Health & Fitness
Gift Ideas for Your Yoga Students
Ideas for different types of gifts you can buy or make that won't break the bank
14 min
How to Find Corporate Yoga Clients FAST
3 min
Learn How to Launch a YOGA EVENT SERIES that's ...
If you're looking to start or lead a profitable yoga event series, then this video is for you! In this video, we'll show you how to create and lead a successful yoga event series, from planning to marketing to execution.
30 min
How to Skyrocket Your Confidence: The 8 Secrets...
Create and Lead as your most POWERFUL self
15 min
How to Make MORE Money as a Yoga Teacher with t...
So you can work less and earn more!
20 min
Avoid These 4 Mistakes When You First Start Tea...
These are the TOP 4 Mistakes new yoga teachers make when they first graduate YTT
12 min
Navigating Shifts in Our Brand As We Evolve, En...
Brand Evolution, Energetics of Sales & Cycle Syncing for Intuitive Entrepreneurs with Taylor Rae
53 min
The Business of Essential Oils for Yoga Teacher...
Jennifer Pansa is an industry leader in health and wellness for her ability to bring people together to create a world we all want for future generations.
35 min
Do's & Dont's When Teaching Corporate Yoga
Maybe you’re looking to start teaching yoga in the corporate world and maybe you’re not really sure of how to make that transition from the yoga studio into the board room or into any office setting.
19 min
The Abundant Yogi Life with Arianne Traverso
In this episode, I’m joined by Arianne Traverso, author, former acroyoga legend and current Marketing & Business Consultant for wellness brands.
38 min
Yoga for Athletes with Jon Jay
Today I have a very special guest with me. One of my all-time favorite private clients, a long time friend, and professional baseball player, Jon Jay.
39 min
Yoga for Athletes, Flying & Football with Jimmy...
In this episode of the YogaBiz Academy Podcast, I am so honored to feature one of the NFL’s greatest tight ends to ever play the game, one of my first yoga clients, and a dear friend, Jimmy Graham.
17 min
Evolution of a Yoga Teacher's Work & Being a St...
Lizzy Chiappy is a Miami native who has always led an active lifestyle, which drove her to a career in the health and fitness industry in 2010, while completing her MBA through Florida International University. Lizzy is certified as an E-RYT 500-hour yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance and Pilates instructor through Polestar Pilates and The Pilates Method Alliance.
52 min
How To Find Private Yoga Clients Part 2
This is PART 2 of a series where I walk you through different ways you can tap into your community and find new private yoga clients to work with.
8 min
How To Find Private Yoga Clients Part 1
In this episode, we break down different ways you can tap into your community and find new private yoga clients to work with.
10 min
How To Earn Six Figures As A Yoga Teacher
In this episode, I get into how you can simplify and align your yoga business and begin earning six figures in no time.
20 min
Welcome, Your Magic is in Your Specialty
This is the very first episode of the YogaBiz Academy podcast so I thought I’d start by introducing myself and giving you a little breakdown of what you can expect here every week.
12 min