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Ep. 2336 - Extreme Panic In [DC], We Are At A C...
The [DS]/[CB] are panicking, Trump and the patriots are ready to produce the evidence of voter fraud
57 min
Ep. 2335 - The Kraken Is About To Be Released, ...
The [DS]/[MSM] are now trapped in their own [e] agenda. There is now way out of it.
60 min
Ep. 2334 - Once The [News Unlocks] Can The Puz...
The [DS]/MSM are now losing the narrative, the news is getting out that there was voter fraud, censorship
47 min
Ep. 2333 - Dominion Execs Running, Message Sent...
The [DS]/[CB] are now boxed in, the evidence is now pouring out and RG and SP are presenting more and more facts and truth
49 min
Ep. 2332 - Patriots Take Control Of Special Ope...
The patriots are in control, the elections are going exactly how they planned it, it must be shown to the people.
54 min
Ep. 2331 - [DS] Fantasy Land, Who Holds The Po...
The [DS]/[CB] propaganda has run its course, the evidence is overwhelming and the MSM/Social Media companies will move to the next phase.
50 min
Ep. 2330 - Trap Was Set In 2018, The Evidence W...
The [DS]/MSM/[CB] have been setup. Trump set the trap back in 2018 with his EO. Now the evidence is pouring out,
56 min
Ep. 2329 - The Patriots Have It All, Bait Take...
The [DS]/MSM believe they are in control. They are moving forward with their agenda. Trump and the patriots have trapped them,
55 min
Ep. 2328 - Durham! Sometimes You Must Walk Thro...
The patriots are now ready to shift everything in their favor. Fraud propaganda is losing steam, people are not buying what the MSM[DS] are selling
52 min
Ep. 2327 - Rig For Red, Patriots Begin Operatio...
The trap has been set, the fraud evidence is about to be produced and the MSM/[DS] are going to go into a tale spin.
54 min
Ep. 2326 - The [DS]/MSM Start To Shift Their Na...
The [DS]/MSM and the [CB] have now been trapped by Trump and the patriots. Their plan was not to about an election,
50 min
Ep. 2325 - Trump & Pompeo Confirm Our Way Forwa...
The patriots have trapped the [DS], they have led them down this path for this specific reason, this was not about arresting a couple of people, it wasn't about winning
57 min
Ep 2324 - [JB] Sends The Message, GSA Destroys ...
The [DS]/MSM are pushing as hard as they can to convince the people that [JB] has won the election. This push has just failed.
49 min
Ep. 2323 - Let Your Plans Be Dark As Night,Whe...
The [DS]/MSM have pushed their agenda into overdrive, all assets are deployed, they will not give in. The push is to use propaganda to convince the country and the world that [JB] won the election and there is no voter fraud, that is a myth.
57 min
Ep. 2322 - [DS] Is A System, That System Is Our...
The [DS]/MSM are now in the process of convincing the American people that [JB] has one the election.
46 min
Episode 2321 - The Sting Operation Has Begun, T...
The [DS]/MSM fell right into the trap, they had this planned and they needed RGB to carry it out. They never expected her to pass, now they needed to go full steam ahead and push their plan as hard as possible.
54 min
Episode 2320 - Coup d’etat, Trump Sets Trap To...
The [DS]/MSM did exactly what the patriots thought they were going to do. The saw the landslide, the red wave and had to shut it down before it took effect.
49 min
Episode 2319 - What You Are Witnessing Is A Bir...
The [DS]/MSM are now making plans for after the elections, they already know they lost, this is a landslide like we have never seen before.
36 min
Episode 2318 - [DS] Planning The Red Mirage, Pa...
The [DS]/MSM are now planning the red mirage operation. They will not concede the election.
41 min
Episode 2317 - Remember, Remember The 3rd Of No...
The [DS]/MSM have lost and they are now planning their revenge, this is not on Trump but on the people.
44 min
Episode 2316 - [DS] Readies Their Plan, (Sky) F...
. The [DS]/MSM and the elite around the world are ready to push the Dark Winter operation. The new is already being pushed that a second wave is on its way.
48 min
Episode 2315 - It’s Time, Hunter’s Moon Rises,...
The people must see [DS] true intentions. The hunter's moon is out, the hunt is on before winter.
51 min
Episode 2314 - [Zero Day] Approaching, DOJ Con...
The [DS]/MSM are now being bombarded by so much information that they needed to change the narrative,
48 min
Episode 2313 - Recording Released Of [HB], [BO]...
The MSM/[DS] they have now lost the battle over the ACB, she has been confirmed. Most of the states now have to count their ballots on election.
40 min
Episode 2312 - Pientka On Deck, Bidens Are The ...
The [DS]/MSM are fighting for their lives. The people see the truth and they see how corrupt the Bidens are.
44 min
Episode 2311 - Trump Puts Masterplan Into Actio...
The MSM/[DS] are now in trouble, people are catching on, they are awake, they realize the establishment is censoring, creating riots they are the dictators.
35 min
Episode 2310 - Dark Winter, Dark Secrets, Biden...
The [DS]/MSM are now trapped, the patriots have dripped out information on the Biden family and it is very damaging.
48 min
Episode 2309 - Booms Incoming, This Is Not A Dr...
The [DS]/MSM have been hit very hard, they are feeling pain. HB and JB are in the cross hairs,
56 min
Episode 2308 - How Do You Introduce Crimes Agai...
. Giuliani is now dripping the [JB] and [JB] facts out to the public, he is making them feel pain. For the next 10 days the Bidens will feel the heat, will something happen, we will have to see how it all plays out
49 min
Episode 2307 - Giuliani Signals 10 Days, Shutdo...
Trump and the patriots are ready to fire the next missile. This will last for 10 days, information will be presented to the public from now until the elections
41 min
Episode 2306 - [DS] Sends 86-45 Message, GodFat...
39 min
Episode 2305 - Blackmail,Corruption,Foreign Inf...
The [DS]/MSM are panicking, they are now censoring at will. Get ready bribes and blackmail documentation coming soon.
57 min
Episode 2304 - Message Sent During Town-hall In...
The [DS]/MSM have gone full 1984, the people now see their true intentions, censor at all costs
46 min
Episode 2303 - Welcome To 1984, Sometimes You M...
The [DS]/MSM are now showing their true colors, they are no longer hiding in the shadows, the are censoring where everyone can see.
59 min
Episode 2302 - October Surprises, The Gift That...
The [DS]/MSM are doing everything they can to censor information. The Oct surprises have just begun, more on the way,
46 min
Episode 2301 - Patriot’s Caught The [DS] Red Ha...
The [DS]/MSM has now been exposed on how they use the wrap up smear campaign, the MSM/[DS] narrative is now falling apart.
46 min
Episode 2300 - Dark Secrets Will Be Exposed, [B...
The [DS]/MSM are now being pushed back against the wall, the walls are closing in on them.
48 min
Episode 2299 - Patriots Have It All, Red Octobe...
The [DS]/MSM are now trapped, the patriots have always had everything, they have the recordings, the documentation, the emails, the question is why did they wait until now to declass
54 min
Episode 2298 - Comms Sent, Durham Deep In The R...
The [DS] scrambling they do not know what to do, Trump and the patriots are throwing hard facts at them and the propaganda is not working, next phase censor everything.
57 min
Episode 2297 - [DS] Pushing The Last Part Of Th...
.The patriots know the [DS] playbook, countermeasures are already in place, they have tried everything and the last act is insurgency.
49 min
Episode 2296 - Total Declassification Without R...
The [DS]/MSM is now the hunted. The patriots are declassifying documents which show the [DS] players planned a coup against a sitting President.
50 min
Episode 2295 - Did You See What Trump Just Did,...
rump is in the process of destroying the [DS] narrative, he accomplished this in as little of 3 days. During the time he spent at Walter Reed was ordered the declass of certain information.
45 min
Episode 2294 - Don’t Be Afraid,Evidence Must Be...
The [DS]/MSM are now caught in their own narrative, just like the protests/riots when they denied it. Trump is trapping them at every turn.
48 min
Episode 2293 - [DS] Playbook Used Against Them,...
The [DS]/MSM moved forward with their latest plan, use the virus to get Trump off debate circuit, stop the SC confirmation and use fear and chaos.
41 min
Episode 2292 - Hold The Line, Optics Are Import...
Trump and the first lady have been diagnosed with the virus, he will be in isolation for a 10 days or so. During this time optics are very important,
43 min
Episode 2291 - Red October, The Hunt Is On, Th...
The [DS]/MSM continue to push their agenda, but the American people see right thru it, they no longer believe in it. The hunt is on
52 min
Episode 2290 - How Do You Expose Treason,Sediti...
The [DS] believes the debates are going to expose Trump, its the other way around.
49 min
Episode 2289 - Guilty Pleas Incoming, Patriots...
The [DS]/MSM are now exposed, everything they tried to do is being pushed into the light and the people can see clearly for the first time.
54 min
Episode 2288 - Justice Will Prevail, It’s Time ...
The [DS]/MSM are preparing to throw everything they have at Trump and the people before the election and after the election, but the playbook is known.
49 min
Episode 2287 - The [DS] Players Took The Bait,...
. The [DS]/MSM is in the process of being exposed. We are now moving into crimes against humanity.
46 min
Episode 2286 - Operators Are Standing By, Some ...
The walls are closing in on the [DS] players, more information has been declassified and the world is getting a sneak peak into the real corruption.
49 min
Episode 2285 - The Hunt Is On, CF Comes Into Fo...
The plan is now coming together, the [DS] has taken the bait, they are trapped there is no way out.
45 min
Episode 2284 - Welcome To The 15th Round, Knock...
The [DS]/MSM hard getting hit from all sides, each event is now being exposed and people are waking up. October is approaching and messages are being sent.
54 min
Episode 2283 - Supreme Court Nominee On Deck, [...
The [DS]/MSM underestimated the patriots. The pieces are being put into place and the panic level is now off the charts
43 min
Episode 2282 - Timing Is Everything, Election C...
The [DS]/MSM are now trapped, the believed they had the upper hand but that was never true.
41 min
Episode 2281 - Plan Comes Into Focus, Senate Wa...
The plan is now coming into focus. The events have failed and the people are waking up, time to clog the news cycle and change the narrative.
43 min
Episode 2280 - Sleeper In Process Of Being Remo...
The [DS] is a panic like never seen before. The Durham investigation is real, if it weren't the corrupt politicians wouldn't be trying to stop it
40 min
Episode 2279 - The Patriots Are Taking Back The...
The [DS]/MSM narrative is lost, the riots are out of hand, the people see it, the virus is falling apart, the people see the truth, the threat is the [DS]/MSM
55 min
Episode 2278 - Watch The Comms, Playbook Known,...
The [DS]/MSM are now pushing everything to the next level, they are preparing for the elections. The playbook is known, the architect has been exposed
52 min
Episode 2277 - Assange, Rich, Brennan On Deck, ...
Assange, Rich and Brennan are now on deck, news will be coming out shortly, the server brings down the house.
51 min
Episode 2276 - Patriots Forced The [DS] Hand Ea...
The [DS]/MSM have been positioned for the trap of traps. The patriots forced the [DS] hand early.
62 min
Episode 2275 - The Alarm Has Been Set, Accounta...
The [DS]/MSM has been caught in the narrative, the truth is coming out and more is being exposed everyday.
48 min
Episode 2274 - People Are Breaking Free Of The ...
The [DS]/MSM narrative is falling apart, they are now caught in their own lies and people are waking up
55 min
Episode 2273 - Part 2 Of The Movie Coming This ...
More evidence has now come out and it shows phones were wiped under Mueller's investigation. Barr says indictments might becoming before the election.
55 min
Episode 2272 - [DS] Is Repeating Everything The...
The MSM/[DS] panic is off the charts, they are throwing everything they have and even repeating the same stories. This has failed before it started, the disinformation campaign does not work on the people, because once woken up you can see clearly.
39 min
Episode 2271 - Patriots Have Known All Along, T...
he patriots have been planning the destruction of the [DS] for a long time
53 min
Episode 2270 - Military Was The Key, [DS] Event...
The riots and the virus event has now failed. the people are no longer believing and it has backfired on the [DS].
50 min
Episode 2269 - People Are Uniting Behind The Sc...
The people are uniting behind-the-scenes, the [DS]/MSM has lost control of the narrative
47 min
Episode 2268 - All Assets Deployed & Failing, W...
The [DS]/MSM are now deploying all assets, but it failing, the stories don't work anymore, people are awake
47 min
Episode 2267 - In War, Military Strategy Is Key...
The [DS]/MSM is doing exactly what Trump wants, he is using military strategy to direct these people to where he wants the to be when he strikes.
46 min
Episode 2266 - It’s All Happening, Follow The L...
The [DS]/MSM are now becoming desperate, they have lost the narrative for both events, they are now getting ready for another event to distract.
56 min
Episode 2265 - Trump Exposes The Invisible Enem...
The [DS]/MSM are now exposed, they exposed with the virus and with the riots. It's all falling apart, the move to get the grand jury information, to have Don McGahn testify and to get Trump's taxes have all failed
55 min
Episode 2264 - Monroe Is The Message, Missing 3...
The [DS]/MSM are doing everything they can to take back the narrative, it's to late, they fell riot into the trap that was created by the patriots.
39 min
Episode 2263 - Ratcliffe Coordinating With Durh...
Ratcliffe is now working with Durham and he will be sending him declassified information, panic.
49 min
Episode 2262 - Define Treason, Define Subversio...
The [DS]/MSM are trying to control the narrative, but it is failing the people are awake and they see what is really happening.
50 min
Episode 2261 - People Have Been Brought To The ...
The [DS]/MSM have now lost their narrative the country is not buying what they are selling.
44 min
Episode 2260 - [DS] Already Knows They Lost,The...
The [DS] is now preparing for their loss. They know it is coming. The DOJ is now investigating those Gov that pushed people into nursing homes.
51 min
Episode 2259 - [DS] Projecting The Use Of Milit...
The MSM/[DS] believe by pushing riots and pushing other events this will put pressure on the people to give into their demands. This is having the opposite effect,
47 min
Episode 2258 - People Are Awake, Trump Sets The...
The [DS]/MSM is now pushing everything they have to avoid the inevitable.
41 min
Episode 2257 - Six O’Clock Can Be Dangerous, Co...
Trump and his administration are in the process of creating opportunity zones, this will lift the people up economically.
44 min
Episode 2256 - Brennan On Deck, See Something S...
The US economy has now added 1.8 million jobs, 3x bigger that last administration.
43 min
Episode 2255 - Fifth Column Exposed, Panic In D...
The [CB] is now pushing their agenda in CA, this will fail. The wealth tax has already proven not to work and it does not help the economy.
43 min
Episode 2254 - Silent Majority Wielded It’s Pow...
The [DS]/MSM players are trying to make the case that the economy lags behind our allies, this is very misleading.
45 min
Episode 2253 - First Placeholder Filled, Tracki...
The economy continues to improve, everything the [CB]/MSM have tried has failed, they are no longer in control of the economy.
44 min
Episode 2252 - Another Piece For The Storm, Wel...
The economy is moving in the direction the patriots want it to move, gold and silver start moving up again.
44 min
Episode 2251 - This Is Just The Beginning, Do Y...
The Fed and the MSM pushing the collapse of the economy were wrong.
41 min
Episode 2250 - 11.3 Verifies The First Marker, ...
The economy is doing exactly what the patriots wanted, we are now seeing a V shape in many sectors, the [DS]/MSM plan has failed.
41 min
Episode 2249 - Message Sent & Received, Time T...
The [CB]/MSM have now trapped themselves, the economy is coming back and its in the form of a V.
46 min
Episode 2248 - We Have More Than We Know, The O...
The infrastructure build is continuing, The Trump administration is now funding infrastructure across the country, this is just the beginning
45 min
Episode 2247 - We Are Safeguarded By A ‘Black ...
The [CB] is right on schedule, they are trying to keep control of the system, they decided to drop gold and silver, but will this last, no it won't.
48 min
Episode 2246 - The World Is Watching, They Neve...
The economic is now recovering, the numbers look great, everything the [CB]/MSM tried to do has failed.
40 min
Episode 2245 - Marker, Watch The Water, Electio...
The economy is about to change and the [CB]/[DS] will try to stop it, but it has already failed.
36 min
Episode 2244 - Operation Green Light,POTUS Insu...
The nations largest public pension fund CIO resigned because of ties to Chinese sovereign massive wealth fund
50 min
Episode 2243 - It’s Show Time, The Swamp Is Bei...
Governors and Mayors are now begging people to come back to their cities or states, these areas are now in trouble economically.
45 min
Episode 2242 - Big News Coming, Absolutely Brea...
The cities and states that have been pushing lockdowns are now hurting and they are look for funds to keep their cities operational.
44 min
Episode 2241 - The Perfect Storm, Ukraine Activ...
The US rebound is continuing, factory orders are up in June, as more business open and manufactures come online the economy is improving.
45 min
Episode 2240 - Storm Right Behind Trump, It’s C...
The economy is picking up, new vehicle sales are continually rebounding.
37 min
Episode 2239 - Message Received, Something Big ...
The economy is recovering at lightning speed, the [DS]/[CB]/MSM are trying to stop it but it will not work, the patriots are in control of the economy.
48 min
Episode 2238 - Do You See How It’s All Coming T...
US economy is bouncing back stronger that the [DS]/MSM thought it would, they keep reporting past numbers, these numbers are from the shutdown, the future numbers are what is important because this shows the economy is recovering from the shutdown
60 min
Episode 2237 - The Setup Is Complete, Is This A...
The MSM is pushing the agenda that the economy is in terrible shape, the GDP numbers came out and it set a record of 32.9%, but we need to remember something very important, this is in the past, these are past numbers
49 min