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Episode 2139-Stay Vigilant, News Unlocks, Pain ...
The patriots are in control of the economy, Trump signed the DPA to protect the people of this country, he has the ability to force companies, banks etc to protect the people during a national emergency.
43 min
Episode 2137- Night & Day, The Children, Save t...
Trump and the patriots are now in control the economy. The economy is now shifting from the [CB] to we the people, this is the first stage.
42 min
Episode 2136- Rig for Red, Everything Has Meani...
The MSM/[CB] are following their script, China was suppose to be the next economic powerhouse, the game has changed, but the players are sticking to their script.
38 min
Episode 2135- Pain Accelerates, Exposure, The [...
The patriots control the economic narrative, the [CB] is now trying to force the narrative using the event to explain why the global economy is crashing. The patriots are slowly destroying the [CB] system from the inside out.
41 min
Episode 2134- The World Is Watching, Silent No ...
Trump and the patriots are transitioning the economy during the event. Trump now tapped the DPA and it is being used to guide the economy from the [CB] establishment into the new economy.
50 min
Episode 2133- Message Sent [P], Panic Everywher...
The economic message has gone through. Congress is now pushing the supply chain issue, showing the people that it is not a good idea to have the [CB] globalist supply chain .
41 min
Episode 2132-Habeas Corpus Ready, Mass Pop Awak...
The economic system is ready the people are ready to understand what is going to happen next. Trump will be shifting the economy, this was a wake up call for many, and now congress and business are on the same page as Trump.
40 min
Episode 2131-Yellow Sky, Timeline Important, Pa...
The patriots knew the playbook, they knew how to prepare. The patriots staged the economy to get everything they needed to move forward, this was done at an accelerated rate.
36 min
Episode 2130- Keys Open The Door, Blind Justice...
The [CB] is continuing with their agenda. Push the global economy into a depression. This is the coverup. Trump is ready to turn the entire economic system around, he has the [CB] exactly where he wants them.
47 min