X22 Report
X22 Report political and financial reports.
Episode 2236 - Optics Are Very Important, Peopl...
The real estate market is bouncing back, pending home sales soared in June to highest since 2006
42 min
Episode 2235 - Panic Has Set In, [DS] Exposes T...
The economy is rebounding, the powers at be are trying to make sense of what is going on with the gold market. This is panic.
42 min
Episode 2234 - Dr’s Expose The Pandemic, Change...
The economy is now improving, the next push is coming, the event narrative is falling apart rapidly and now Dr's are speaking out.
51 min
Episode 2233 - [DS] Comms Sent, MSM Boxed In, T...
The economy is now shifting. The MSM/[DS] are fighting to keep the economy shutdown, meanwhile Trump knows that the economy will take off once open, the plan to put everything in place for the transition
47 min
Episode 2232 - Message Received, Flags Out, Tre...
The economy has been primed and we can see from other countries that once businesses open up and they are full capacity the economy will bounce back quickly.
56 min
Episode 2231 - It’s Time, The Silent Majority N...
Trump and the patriots wanted to add the payroll tax cuts in the phase 4 stimulus package, the Ds and Rs decided to bypass this and left it out
52 min
Episode 2230 - NG Positioned In Cities, EAS Tes...
Mortgages, existing and new home sales are shot up. The economy is moving forward and getting stronger.
54 min
Episode 2229 - Never Seen Panic Like This, It’s...
Trump administration is now pushing the payroll tax cut proposal, but the corrupt politicians are pushing back.
50 min
Episode 2228 - August Is A Hot Month, 11.4 Mark...
The economy is starting to boom again, gold and silver are rising quickly and the ratio has begun too close.
66 min
Episode 2227 - Manipulation Exposed, [DS] Panic...
The jobless rates are now down in 42 states and only up in 5 states. The economy is ready to push forward, what's holding it back, the [DS] agenda.
48 min
Episode 2226 - It Has Begun, People Are Demandi...
The economic system is now starting to look like a V recovery, more and more people are going back to work and the first time jobless claims are dropping.
45 min
Episode 2225 - Historic Operation Dismantling T...
The economy is coming back like never before, mortgage apps up from last year. Manufacturing rebounds in June, the entire system is coming online
54 min
Episode 2224 - The Truth Is Coming Hard & Fast,...
The MSM is doing everything they can to explain how the economy is going to fail
51 min
Episode 2223 - Do You Feel The Heat Of Summer, ...
Trump and the patriots are now turning up the heat, the IRS is now canceling stimulus checks that were sent out in error
46 min
Episode 2222 - How Do You Introduce Crimes Agai...
Trump and the patriots have now restarted the economy, the MSM has been trying to convince people that we will stay in a recession, the recovery will fail, but what we are witnessing is the actual opposit
48 min
Episode 2221 - Flynn’s Declass Planned Perfectl...
Trump and his team are using all the weapons against the [CB]/MSM. As the Fed continues to push stimulus everyone was ready for inflation, but just like in 2009 Great Recession there is no inflation
48 min
Episode 2220 - Door Opened, [DS] Tricked & Trap...
The economy is improving everyday even with the [CB]/MSM trying to keep from improving.
48 min
Episode 2219 - Darkness Is Being Driven Out By ...
Gold is taking off, we are not seeing the take down of gold like we have in the past, why, who is in control?
49 min
Episode 2218 - We Were Told The Battles We Woul...
Many businesses that received the PPE loans should have not have received them, it's time to take the money back from certain businesses.
47 min
Episode 2217 - Crimes Against Humanity, How Dee...
The markets is pushing upward, pensions, investments have been saved since most are linked to the market because rates continued to drop during 2009 to the present.
48 min
Episode 2216 - Trumps Sends Last Warning To [DS...
The patriots are in control, the msm knew what to expect with the economy, they are no longer informed,this is why they continually get it wrong,
47 min
Episode 2215 - Did You Hear The Cannon, The Hot...
The stock market is holding steady, the NASDAQ has now hit its 23rd record close of the year.
48 min
Episode 2214 - Mission Operators Active, Music ...
Trump and the patriots are now saving the taxpayers money, they have cut the White House staff for a savings of 23 million dollars.
41 min
Episode 2213 - The 16 Year Plan Has Failed, The...
Macy's is continuing with their recovery, sales are increasing as their stores come online. Manufacturing bounces back, the system is coming online.
56 min
Episode 2212 - Enough Must See, You Are Being P...
The patriots are bringing the entire economic system online, the [CB]/MSM/DS they are trying to stop it but it is not working, they have lost control and the patriots have the magic wand
55 min
Episode 2211 - Stand At The Ready, Fireworks, B...
As the patriots push for sound money, China was caught creating fake gold bars, 83 tons to be exact.
58 min
Episode 2110 - [HT] Access Closed, [DS] Panic, ...
The stimulus money is now being delivered to the people. Trump wants a second round of stimulus, but the IRS was delivering stimulus to deceased people, this was stopped.
60 min
Episode 2209 - [DS] Foot Soldiers Are Being Tak...
More and more states are now opening, the unemployment numbers are dropping and in states like Michigan we are now seeing an 18% drop.
50 min
Episode 2208 - [DS] Playbook Revealed, Ammuniti...
The patriots are now making other countries pay their fare share, Trump says Germany owes the US 1 Trillion in NATO obligations. Trump is now helping Maine with relief, just like he helped the farmers.
56 min
Episode 2207 - Hunting Party Formed & Ready, Na...
The [CB]/[DS] are trying to stop the economy from opening up, but the patriots will not let this happen.
49 min
Episode 2206 - Blocks Removed, The Attack Run H...
New homes sales are soaring, the real estate market is rebounding and people are taking advantage of the low rates.
48 min
Episode 2205 - It Has Now Been Unleashed, Patri...
The mortgage rates are holding steady and demand continues to rise, the economy is coming back quickly
55 min
Episode 2204 - Do You See What Just Happened, T...
States are opening up, some states are seeing 90% of the economy operational, by next month most of the states will be very close to 100%.
49 min
Episode 2203 - Patriots Setup Hidden Traps Ever...
The economy is now taking off, and new trade deals are in the works. The US and the UK are not talking trade deal outside of the EU.
43 min
Episode 2202 - What We Are Witnessing Is A Coor...
The economic buildup that we are watching coming out of the pandemic is not the economy the patriots are creating.
61 min
Episode 2201 - [DS] Worst Nightmare, A United P...
The [CB]/MSM are now feeling the pain, the economy is now opening up and it is coming back to life
51 min
Episode 2200 - Swamp Creatures Exposed, Prepare...
The [CB]/MSM are pushing their agenda to bring the economy down again, the second wave is here but the people are not buying it, businesses are opening up and people are going back to work.
46 min
Episode 2199 - Everything Is Simply A Happening...
The economy is coming back, the MSM/[DS] they are now pushing their second wave narrative.
54 min
Episode 2198 - Patriots Are 5 Steps Ahead, Peop...
Trump and the patriots are now pushing the economy forward. The great transition is underway, more deregulation coming, more tax cuts.
45 min
Episode 2197 - The Hunt Is On, It’s Time, Senat...
Trump and the patriots are busy building the main street economy. The [CB]/[DS] destroyed main street which allowed them to decimate the economy.
56 min
Episode 2196 - Criminal Referrals Coming, The W...
The MSM/D's have now released all assets to convince the people that the economy cannot be saved.
48 min
Episode 2195 - Do You See What Is Happening, Me...
The MSM/D's are now pushing their narrative that the economy is crashing, it will never recover, this will fail, once people see the economy recovering the narrative falls apart.
53 min
Episode 2194 - They Never Thought She Would Los...
The country is now opening up, retail, dining are opening in Massachusetts. NYC is now opening and 400,000 people will be returning to work. 73% of business are now open in the US
46 min
Episode 2193 - Comms, We See All, We Know All,...
Behind the scenes the patriots are transitioning the economy from a [CB] globalist system into a people run system.
44 min
Episode 2192 - Optics In Place, Alert Readiness...
The economy just bounced back. The pent up demand has now dropped the unemployment rate down to 13%. All of the states are not completely opened, once this happens the economy is going to shine.
63 min
Episode 2191 - Terrorists Tracked,Only At The R...
The economy is moving forward, we see businesses opening, we see real estate picking up, we see the economy coming alive again.
47 min
Episode 2190 - [DS] Power Structure Dismantled,...
The MSM cannot understand why the markets haven't fallen during the riots. It fell during the pandemic but it is now moving up
61 min
Episode 2189 - The People Are Watching, They Se...
More and more lockdown states are now being forced to open up. The people cannot survive with no business and now we are seeing the economy coming back
50 min
Episode 2188 - The Patriots Laid The Trap, [DS...
The people have woken up, the people are calling on their governors and mayors to open up their state. The patriots have now shown the people that business can open, the economy is coming back online.
52 min
Episode 2187 - The Second [DS] Event Just Faile...
The [DS]/MSM played their card, they have failed, the economy is not crashing, the opposite is happening, the economy is rebooting.
53 min
Episode 2186 - [DS] Deploys All Assets, Trap Ha...
Trump is now rebooting the economy, he has everything in place, trade deals are ready to go, the USMCA is ready to go online in June, more businesses are opening.
47 min
Episode 2185 - Trump Signals Next Phase, Huber ...
The Trump administration is building the foundation for small businesses, people and those in rural and minority areas. This is the foundation that will get the economy back up and running.
50 min
Episode 2184 - New FBI Docs Show Obama Administ...
The economy is springing back into motion, Obama's top economist says the best economic data in history is about to happen, Kudlow is now saying the same thing.
57 min
Episode 2183 - Everything Is In Place To Break ...
The US economy is opening up, states are now opening up and confidence is now building. The people see hope, the people want to get back to their everyday lives,
48 min
Episode 2182 - [DS] Panicking, Fear Creeping In...
The economy is now reversing, there are now indicators to show the economy is improving as more and more people go back to work.
53 min
Episode 2181 - [DS] Event Has Failed, People Se...
The MSM/Ds are pushing the narrative that the economy will not improve, it will not bounce back, they are pushing this because their event has failed, they are now panicking.
56 min
Episode 2180 - Treason Runs Deep With The [DS],...
The patriots are helping the people, those within gov positions are trying to stop this, they are diverting funds away from where they are suppose to flow to.
51 min
Episode 2179 - When Do Birds Sing, Corruption I...
The MSM are right on schedule, they are now pushing that the economy is a disaster, they are calling it Trump economy, no longer are they calling it Obama's economy.
48 min
Episode 2178 - Boom Week Just Hit, Hunters Have...
Trump is now giving relief to the farmers, they are now receiving 19 billion to help them out. Trump administration is hitting China hard, they are allowing a chip maker from Taiwan build a manufacturing plant here in the US.
54 min
Episode 2177 - FISA Brings Down The House, Thin...
The economy is now reversing, US homebuilder confidence is up, restaurant owners ready to open.
49 min
Episode 2176 - Countdown Is A Go, We Are At Wee...
The economy is beginning to reverse, the [CB]/MSM push to cause more panic and fear in the economy has failed, people are now ready to bring the full economy back online.
52 min
Episode 2175 - We’re Back, You Must Show Them, ...
The D's believe that this is the time to put their economic plan in action, they want to bring the US to a 3rd world economy, they want to move ahead with it, they have already failed, Trump has been dismantling their plan.
58 min
Episode 2174 - The Depth Of The Swamp Is Expose...
The economy is now opening up in the US and around the world. With the rates dropping more people will be able to enter the real estate market, the automobile market, and college market, more businesses will be able to borrow to expand business and pay employees.
51 min
Episode 2173 - The Unmaskers Are Unmasked, Just...
The MSM/[CB] plan has now failed, more and more states are opening up, businesses are opening, the country is no long listening to the MSM and others.
51 min
Episode 2172 - Rain Coming, Targets Locked, Dec...
Countries around the world are now opening up their economies. The US is now opening, more and more businesses are coming online.
47 min
Episode 2171 - The People Are About To Find Ou...
The MSM/D/[CB] push to bring down the economy has now failed. States are now beginning to open up, this is not a depression, this is not a collapse, this was a shutdown and now people are going back to work, the economy was prepared to bounce back, watch what happens next.
51 min
Episode 2170 - Shadow Presidency Dismantled, Pa...
The MSM is now pushing what ever they can to scare the people that the economy will never get back to normal, they are pushing the angle that this might break Trump, the opposite is about to happen and they are panicking that the economy is opening up.
60 min
Episode 2169 - Targets Painted And Locked, Inst...
The MSM is continually wondering how Trump is going to help the economy, they are reporting unemployment numbers, how the economy is a disaster, they are trying to figure out his plan.
54 min
Episode 2168 - Knock, Knock, The [DS] Has You, ...
Business are starting to come back online, Farms are now coming back, the meat shortage will be taken care of in about 10 days.
55 min
Episode 2167 - Targets Have Been Painted, Treas...
Those in the MSM and who are pushing the idea that the economy will not recover will be exposed.
51 min
Episode 2166 - The Time Is Coming, The People N...
The entire economic system is coming back online, states, businesses are now opening up slowly.
51 min
Episode 2165 - Storm Is Coming, You’ll Love How...
The MSM is going to attempt to let us know how the economy is doing using tracker systems, this will fail, the new system that is the foundation will not work in the old [CB] system.
54 min
Episode 2164 - Boom Week Ahead, It’s About To B...
The country is now opening up slowly, business are coming back online, people are starting to get out, most likely by the end of May the majority of the country will be open.
43 min
Episode 2163 - The 7th Floor Is No More, Trappe...
The economy is ready to go, we are already seeing an uptick in mortgage application, rates have been brought down to all time lows, mortgage rates are falling and people are getting ready to move on real estate.
59 min
Episode 2162 - Comms Compromised, Rule Of Law D...
The [CB]s around the world are using the event to cover up the implosion of their system.
48 min
Episode 2161 - Times Up, Be Ready, All The Wall...
The economy is slowly opening us, Gov across the country and making preparations to open more and more businesses every single day.
56 min
Episode 2160 - Timing Is Everything, Drip, Drip...
The Economy is now opening up, the people are ready and they want to get back to work, they want to live again
54 min
Episode 2159 - It Has Begun, Those [Knowingly] ...
The MSM are pushing the news that the US is in a recession and will be very difficult to get out of a recession
47 min
Episode 2158 - Precursor, Nothing Can Stop The ...
The patriots are now pushing the fiat currency to the edge. The economy is now prepared with the a strong foundation.
53 min
Episode 2157 - The People Need To See & Learn T...
Trump has now signed the 484 Billion relief bill. This will give additional aid to the people and small businesses.
49 min
Episode 2156 - Iron Eagle, Marker, The Silent W...
The patriots have gained total control the economy, the foundation has been set and built. Trump has control over the Fed, companies, the next step is getting the infrastructure bill past.
45 min
Episode 2155 - [DS]/MSM They Know What's Coming...
The new stimulus package has been approved, the people are going to be helped during this transition. Colleges and Universities and large companies will need to return the funds
47 min
Episode 2154 - The MSM Spin Begins, More Declas...
Trump and the patriots continually pushed the D's to get the stimulus money, after weeks of stalling the deal has finally been reached.
45 min
Episode 2153 - It Was A Scam, You Will Find Out...
B] have been pushing their agenda to shutdown the economy, this has failed. Trump is now pushing to change the supply chains, he has now brought attention to it and countries have now realized that the globalist supply chains must be changed.
47 min
Episode 2152 - We Are Ready, Countdown Ended, I...
Trump and the patriots have prepared the economy, those who do not wish it to open are trying to keep it from opening again.
44 min
Episode 2151 - [DS] Has Been Blocked, [Renegade...
The patriots have now countered the [CB], they tried to bring the US economy to its knees and it has failed.
47 min
Episode 2150 - Clear You Mind, The Choice To Kn...
The [CB] has now pushed the country to the edge, the patriots are now countering it with currency from the [CB].
46 min
Episode 2149 - Facts Will Be Presented, We Are ...
Trump and the patriots are preparing the economy to open, everything is in place, Trump has control of the country through the NE, DPA and the signed emergency declaration.
42 min
Episode 2148 - “The Truth Is Learned Never Told...
Trump and the patriots have positioned the economy, it is ready to be opened. But the DS/[CB] players are trying to keep the system closed or trying to make it hard for Trump to open up the economy.
54 min
Episode 2147 - At What Stage In The Game Do You...
The patriots are now changing the landscape of the US economy, the regulations that were holding the US from moving forward are now being removed.
36 min
Episode 2146 - Bigger Than You Can Imagine, [F]...
The economy is about to be brought back online, everything has been prepped, the Fed is now within the treasury, Trump calls the shots and can now dictate what he needs to the Fed.
36 min
Episode 2145 - Game Theory, [Evil] Has Been All...
The economy is prepared and ready, Trump is now in control of the Fed. UK and US trade has been postponed, this is what the [CB] wanted, this will fail. Trump is now making a move to put the economy back on track,
37 min
Episode 2144 - Patriot Stand At The Ready, The ...
The [CB] pushing a global recession is losing the battle, the US is on a different track, this track is to expose the [CB]
46 min
Episode 2143 - Soon The World Will Understand, ...
The patriots are doing everything they can to help the people. The economy has been shutdown for many weeks and businesses are feeling it now.
47 min
Episode 2138-Coyotes on the Run, Operators on S...
rump and the patriots are now using the latest event to pivot the entire system. The patriots will now ask for anything including the kitchen sink.
40 min
Episode 2142- Public Will Learn, Rule Of Law Re...
Trump and the patriots are now push the economy into overdrive, everything is setup for after the event. The stimulus money is now going to people and small businesses, another round will be going out shortly.
37 min
Episode 2129 - Operation Signal, Blockage Disma...
The MSM is pushing the idea that the stimulus bill will not save the economy, they are putting out stories of recession. Trump and the patriots timed it perfectly, the entire market is about to be reversed.
41 min
Episode 2141-The People Must Be Shown First, Th...
The MSM/[CB] are continually pushing a recession, they are actually hoping for it. Trump and the patriots are doing everything possible to make this transition as easy as possible.
36 min
Episode 2128 - Do Not Fear, Look for Message, D...
The [CB] is being brought to its knees. The patriots are now running the entire [CB] system to the extreme, having the [CB] print, lower rates.
46 min
Episode 2140 -"And The Rocket's Red Glare, The ...
Trump and the patriots are now in the process of taking over the energy sector. The [CB] has setup OPEC for the sole purpose of controlling the flow of oil and the petrodollar.
41 min