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Writer’s Digest Presents is the official podcast of Writer’s Digest, where we’re writers helping writers since 1920. Hosted by the editors of Writer’s Digest, this monthly podcast features interviews with writing and publishing experts whose insights will help ignite your creative vision, hone your skills, build your platform, and get your work out into the world. Join us on the third Tuesday of each month for conversations, interviews, book recommendations, and a writing prompt connected to our episode theme.

Fan Fiction and Retellings
Take a deep dive into fan fiction, retellings, and reimaginings with the editors of WD!
85 min
Writing Charismatic Villains: In Conversation w...
Listen to our newest book club conversation with author Cherie Dimaline.
62 min
Why Writers Should Read Romance
All writers have something to learn from this popular genre.
62 min
How To Define Success as a Writer
The WD editors sit down for a discussion on measuring success for writers.
51 min
Writer's Digest Presents: 2022 In Review
Writer's Digest Presents: 2022 In Review
71 min
Writer's Digest Presents: THE WEIGHT OF BLOOD B...
Join us with author Tiffany D. Jackson for a discussion about her new YA horror novel, The Weight of Blood!
41 min
Writer's Digest Presents: Working With Literary...
Everything you need to know about working with literary agents, finding the right one for you, and more!
73 min
Writer's Digest Presents: Writing Communities
Find your writing community with Writer's Digest!
89 min
Writer's Digest Annual Conference!
An overview of what our Writing Conference can offer you!
2 min
Writer's Digest Presents: Vacation Reads
Writer's Digest Presents: Vacation Reads
119 min
Writer's Digest Presents: World-Building
Take a look at how world-building impacts your storytelling!
82 min
Writer's Digest Presents: National Poetry Month
In this episode, WD takes a deep dive into poetry to celebrate National Poetry Month!
91 min
Writer's Digest Presents: Debut Authors
Celebrate debut authors with the WD team!
86 min
Writer's Digest Presents: Flash Writing
Episode 2 is all about (super) short fiction, nonfiction, and more!
102 min
Writer's Digest Presents: Beginnings
The inaugural episode of Writer's Digest's official podcast.
80 min