Wrestle Buddies

Wrestle Buddies exists on the corner of professional wrestling and friendship, as GameSpot's wrestling nerds Mat Elfring and Chris E. Hayner dig into the best, worst, and weirdest aspects of sports entertainment. From classic storylines to bizarre matches, we're going to talk about it all with each other and some Wrestle Buddies we meet along the way, including fellow superfans and pro wrestlers.

The Final Episode: WWE 2K23 Hands-On And New Da...
All good things must come to an end, so we went out on a bang.
59 min
WWE 2K23 Talk With Visual Concepts
Lynell Jinks, Bryan Williams, and Dino Zucconi come on the show to talk about the upcoming release of WWE 2K23.
33 min
The State Of WWE And AEW In 2023
It's a new year, and here's where we stand with the two major wrestling promotions.
52 min
AEW's Nyla Rose And Serpentico Yell At Each Oth...
The two AEW wrestlers come on Wrestle Buddies, and it's chaos.
57 min
The 2022 Wrestle Buddies Awards For Excellence ...
The Buddiesies are back, and we have some amazing winners to announce.
36 min
Survivor Series Wargames Predictions
The guys pick the winners and losers for every Survivor Series match.
19 min
AEW Full Gear Predictions 2022
Here's who we think are the winners and losers of the upcoming AEW PPV.
30 min
Celebrities Love WWE, But Do We Love Celebritie...
The Buddies are taking a look at the history of celebrities in WWE.
44 min
It's Spooky Time With AEW's Adam Cole
Adam Cole is back, bay-bay, and we're talking about horror movies and horror video games.
49 min
Catching Up With All The Weirdos
Mat and Chris talk to some of the random guests that constantly show up, unannounced.
34 min
What's Next For Bray Wyatt?
Bray Wyatt is back, but what will happen next?
33 min
WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Predictions
The Wrestle Buddies are predicting every match from this year's WWE PLE.
39 min
The White Rabbit, IKEA Furniture, and Extreme R...
It's a random week of random talk.
48 min
There's Nothing Worse Than A Papa Shango Curse
Was the Papa Shango vs. Ultimate Warrior feud as bad as we remember?
48 min
The Suite Life With Mat At AEW's All Out
Mat discusses his time at All Out in a fancy boy suite.
50 min
Serpentico Is The CEO Of Snakeman Industries An...
King Serpentico joins Wrestle Buddies to discuss the origin of his feud with Nyla Rose
46 min
WWE Clash At The Castle Predictions
Ahead of the Welsh WWE event, Mat and Chris are predicting the outcomes of each match.
23 min
AEW Fight Forever At GamesCom And The Future Of...
Heroism, hunting, hiking.
64 min
Billy Corgan On Elevating NWA And Bringing It I...
The President of NWA is here to talk about the company
54 min
Summerslam Predictions
Let's find out who is going to win each match for the WWE 2022 PPV.
38 min
AEW's Adam Cole Finally Opens Up... About How M...
The fifth member of the Wrestle Buddies, Adam Cole, is back, and we're talking about video games.
51 min
Hey WWE And AEW: Your PPV Preshows Have A Serio...
34 min
Money In The Bank Predictions And Forbidden Doo...
Mat's alone and discussing both of the events
35 min
Lots Of Alleged Vince McMahon Talk
With Vince McMahon in the news, lets talk about him stepping down as CEO.
32 min
There's Just Too Many Titles
AEW and WWE have too many championship titles.
35 min