Wrestle Buddies

Wrestle Buddies exists on the corner of professional wrestling and friendship, as GameSpot's wrestling nerds Mat Elfring and Chris E. Hayner dig into the best, worst, and weirdest aspects of sports entertainment. From classic storylines to bizarre matches, we're going to talk about it all with each other and some Wrestle Buddies we meet along the way, including fellow superfans and pro wrestlers.

The Wrestle Buddies Predict Everything That Wil...
2022 should be a big year, and here's what we think will happen.
46 min
WWE Day One Predictions
WWE's first PPV of the year is on January 1, and we're predicting the winners and losers.
39 min
The 2021 Wrestle Buddies Awards For Excellence ...
It's the 2nd annual Buddiesies award show.
41 min
Interview: Ring Of Honor's Shane Taylor
ROH's Shane Taylor comes on to discuss his upcoming PPV match, representation, and future goals.
24 min
Who Votes For Men Of The Year? (With AEW's Etha...
All Elite Wrestling's Ethan Page visits and discusses how he became a Man of the Year.
48 min
All Aboard The Lex Express!
This week we revisit the most American thing WWE ever did, putting Lex Luger on a tour bus.
48 min
Vince McMahon's Cleopatra Egg And A Slice Of WW...
This week, we look back at WWE Survivor Series, which was brought to you by Red Notice and Pizza Hut, and have a lot to say about Vince's pretty egg.
47 min
GM Mode Is Coming To WWE 2K22! Also, Survivor S...
Learn about the new modes coming to WWE 2K22
48 min
AEW's Native Beast On Mental Health, Cosplay, A...
Nyla Rose discusses normalizing the discussion of mental health and working with Tag Me In.
42 min
MLW's CEO Loves Two Things: Wrestling And Pugs ...
Major League Wrestling's CEO Court Bauer comes on to talk about the MLW.
53 min
Chucky Returns To Wrestling And Chris Is On The...
Mat discusses Chucky from Child's Play on NXT and decides to call Chris while he's driving to Florida.
24 min
Talking Wrestling And Comics (With Headlocked C...
Mat and Chris are joined by comic book creator Michael Kingston to talk comics, wrestling, and so much more,
47 min
The Scariest Wrestlers Ever
It's Halloween season, so let's talk about the absolute scariest wrestlers of all time.
57 min
The 2021 Tournament Of Beef Part 2 (With Keisha...
This week, it's the finale of the Tournament of Beef, in which we crown wrestling's beefiest boy! And TV Line's Keisha Hatchett is back!
47 min
The 2021 Tournament Of Beef Part 1 (With Greg M...
This week, the first installment of our new annual event, the Tournament of Beef. We look at the men and women throughout the professional wrestling industry to figure out who is truly the beefiest boy.
65 min
WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Predictions
It's time to get extreme! This week, we take a look at WWE's upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view and, wow, it doesn't look good.
22 min
AEW Is Making Wrestling Cool Again (With Ben Ho...
This week, we're joined by GameSpot's Ben Howard to talk all things AEW and how it made him love wrestling again.
52 min
We Watched WWE's Super Weird Vince McMahon DVD
This week, we look back on the forgotten WWE DVD that reveals many truly strange things about Vince McMahon.
52 min
AEW All Out 2021 Predictions
For the first timer ever, we're giving our predictions for an AEW and we're really excited about it. CM Punk is back!
53 min
Analyzing CM Punk's And Becky Lynch's Returns
This week, we look at Becky Lynch's SummerSlam return and CM Punk's AEW debut. Plus, the Smackdown Hacker makes his return.
54 min
WWE SummerSlam 2021 Predictions (With WWE's Nik...
It's SummerSlam week and we have a lot to say about it. We're not alone, though! Raw Women's Champion Nikki ASH stops by to preview her title defense.
67 min
Booking CM Punk In AEW
Prior to the August 20 episode of Rampage, the guys discuss how they'd book CM Punk and Bryan Danielson on AEW.
32 min
Let's Talk About Heels On Starz (With Stephen A...
Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig of Starz's Heels come on to talk about the show, and we give our opinions of the episodes we've watched.
36 min
WWE Wines + Wrestle Buddies = Friendship
This week, we twy out the new line of WWE wines, based on Undertaker and the Ultimate Warrior. We also take a look at a wide range of wrestling branded alcohol. Who knew there was so much?
56 min
Let's Talk About WWE's San Diego Comic-Con Toys...
This week, we talk about WWE's super cool SDCC exclusive toys from Mattel and gush about wrestling shows with crowds.
39 min
WWE Money In The Bank 2021 Predictions
It's time to climb ladders and earn title shots! Come along as we predict the winners and losers of the WWE 2021 Money in the Bank pay-per-view.
50 min
Interview: WWE's Johnny Gargano of NXT
In this special episode, WWE star Johnny Gargano stops by to talk about his NXT Championship match and his desire to visit Avengers Campus.
14 min
Interview: Ring Of Honor's Dalton Castle
Ring of Honor star Dalton Castle is back on the show to talk about Best in the World, wanting a Golden Globe award, and his army of "rescued" dogs!
16 min
We Watch Impact Wrestling's First Episode So Yo...
This week, Mat and Chris break down the first ever episode of Impact Wrestling, back when it was known as TNA. It's not very good?
68 min
Breaking Down WWE's Latest Wrestler Releases
This week, we look at the latest round of talent released by WWE and spend a long time talking about how perfect Tyler Breeze is.
43 min
GCW's Infamous Invisible Man Match (With DC Com...
This week we're joined by DC Comics writer Joshua Williamson to talk about the iconic Invisible Man vs. Invisible Stan match and so much more.
52 min
WWE Hell In A Cell 2021 Predictions
This week, we figure out who will win at the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and also try to fix the flaws on the card.
31 min
The Best (And Worst) WWE Wrestles To Crossover ...
This week, we take a look at our favorite wrestlers to pivot to acting in movies--and the ones that didn't do so well.
58 min
WWE's Best Worst Merchandise Ever
This week, we take a look at the absolute worst WWE merchandise ever released--and explain why we want to buy pretty much all of it.
59 min
AEW's Cody Rhodes Is The American Dream (With C...
This week, we welcome AEW star and EVP Cody Rhodes to talk about all kinds of stuff, including becoming a dad and how he's like Batman.
48 min
We Bought Hulk Hogan's Ultimate Grill
This week, we watch the informercial for Hulk Hogan's ripoff of the George Foreman grill. Oh yeah, and Chris actually bought the dumb thing.
55 min
WWE Wrestlemania Backlash 2021 Predictions
Are you ready for Wrestlemania Backlash, the not as exciting as Wrestlemania-est of pay-per-views? We are!
26 min
It's A Celebration! (With TVLine's Keisha Hatch...
This week, we celebrate one year of the podcast with returning Wrestle Buddy Keisha Hatchett, a bunch of memories, a special Gangrel Watch, and one very bizarre promo.
47 min
Mini: A Very Serious Debate About Cody Rhodes' ...
A quick aside, where Mat and Chris argue about whether or not Crossrhodes and Sister Abigail are the same move.
16 min
The Rise And Fall Of WWE's Hornswoggle McMahon
This week we talk about Vince McMahon's other other child, the often forgotten leprechaun Hornswoggle. Yes, 'Swoggle was once revealed to be Vince's kid, but that's just the beginning of the story.
61 min
Interview: AEW's Jake Hager Of The Inner Circle
In thie mini episode, we welcome AEW star Jake Hager to talk about Blood And Guts, his MMA return, and longform storytelling.
20 min
WWE's Latest Releases And WCW's Bad Mortal Komb...
Test your might as we dig into the time WCW ripped off Mortal Kombat. Remember Glacier? We also discuss WWE's recent talent releases.
47 min
Worst WWE Storyline Ever: Katie Vick Edition
It's been a long time coming but we're finally going to talk about the WWE feud between Triple H and Kane that introduced a mannequin named Katie Vick.
39 min
Mini: WWE Wrestlemania 2021 Review And Results
Wrestlemania 37 is over and we have so many thoughts, from the misuse of The Fiend to the rise of Bianca Belair
63 min
Mini: WWE 2K22 Was Announced At Wrestlemania, L...
A new WWE video game is officially happening! We've seen the first footage of WWE 2K22, so let's dig into it.
26 min
WWE Wrestlemania 2021 Predictions
Happy Wrestlemania week! We're celebrating with our predictions for the show and our new friend, a robot that has some very strange ideas about who will win.
50 min
Interview: WWE's Xavier Woods Talks Wrestlemani...
Surprise! We've got a special interview with none other WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods to talk Wresatlemania, UpUpDownDown, and the rise of Big E.
29 min
The Future Of WWE And AEW's Video Games Looks G...
This week, we talk about all of the upcoming wrestling video games, from WWE 2K22 and AEW's first game, to the indie games we're dying for.
55 min
That Time WWE Made John Cena Fight Britney Spea...
This week, we revisit John Cena's feud with Kevin "K-Fed" Federline on WWE Raw and create our own wrestlers in a new segment!
53 min
Mick Foley's WWE Origin Story And "Macho Man" R...
This week, we are caring way too much about Randy Savage's terrible rap album and revisiting Mick Foley's first WWE match as Mankind (and our other favorite Foley highlights).
46 min
Mini: WWE Fastlane 2021 Predictions
Join us as we look at WWE's last pay-per-view before Wrestlemania and figure out who will win.
28 min
The Finger Poke Of Doom And Vince's Beefy Sweat...
This week, we revisit yet another lowlight in WCW history, the dreaded finger poke of doom. Then it's time to learn all about the time WWE boss Vince McMahon launched a bodybuilding company.
65 min
WWE's Higher Power And WCW's Disastrous Human T...
This week, we look back on two incredible gems: WWE's Corporate Ministry (and its "higher power") and the time WCW made Vampire and Sting try to set each other on fire.
55 min
Interview: WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Shayna...
On a special episode, WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Shayna Baszler stops by to talk about defending her title on NXT, wrestling in front of fans again, and her love of magic tricks.
24 min
WWE's Road To Wrestlemania Is A Lie
This week, we're examining the "road to Wrestlemania" and whether or not it actually exists. Then, we dig into a variety of Wrestlemania weekend events, because we can't believe they're happening.
51 min
We Smell What Young Rock Is Cooking (with Josep...
This week, we love NBC's Young Rock and talk to star Joseph Lee Anderson (Rocky Johnson) about it. Plus, we're joined by TV Guide's Megan Vick for a deep-dive discussion of the show.
50 min
Mini Episode: 2021 WWE Elimination Chamber Pred...
Who's going to walk out of the Elimination Chamber bruised but victorious? Mat and Chris are here with their predictions for WWE's next pay-per-view!
20 min
The Most Important 2021 Wrestling Predictions F...
This week, we make some pretty bold predictions about what will happen in WWE and AEW in 2021, and nerd out about Bo Dallas.
57 min
WWE's 1995 In Review: From Shawn Michaels' Rise...
This week we look back on WWE in 1995. It's a "transitional" year, which is code for mostly bad. We still have plenty of highlights to discuss, though.
58 min
Mini: The Royal Rumble Happened, And We Have Mi...
This week, Mat and Lan Pitts are discussing the 2021 Royal Rumble and everything that happened.
27 min
DX Invades WCW In A Jeep With A Tube On It
This week, we look back we the time D-Generation X "invaded" WCW in a "tank." Neither of those things are true.
61 min
Mini Episode: 2021 WWE Royal Rumble Predictions...
Surprise! We're here to predict who we think will win this year's WWE Royal Rumble.
19 min
A Salute To "Man's Man" William Regal (With AEW...
This week, we welcome AEW's Scorpio Sky and James Willems from FunHaus to talk about their new podcast, Wrestling with the Week. We also look back at William Regal's "Man's Man" gimmick.
55 min
How The New Day Learned To Rock
This week, we look back at The New Day's WWE debut and how different they were from their current characters. We also revisit the bizarre and wonderful match between Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan.
67 min
Remembering AEW's Brodie Lee
This week, we remember the life and career of John Huber, known as AEW's Brodie Lee and WWE's Luke Harper.
43 min
The 2020 Wrestle Buddies Awards For Excellence ...
This week, we close out 2020 with the first ever Wrestle Buddies Awards. Who's the best wrestler of the year? What's the dumbest thing we've talked about? Find out!
61 min
Merry Christmas From WWE's Worst Toy Ever, Seve...
This week, we play with the dumbest toy WWE ever released--Bungeez--and return to Wrestlepiece Theatre one last time in 2020.
44 min
SEX Sells, Imposter Kane Doesn't
This week, we look back on the time unmasked Kane fought masked Kane for a solid three weeks, and teach you all about Impact's worst stable ever.
48 min
AEW's Kenny Omega Makes Some Kind Of Impact
This week, we discuss the partnership between AEW and Impact Wrestling, plus talk about our love for John Silver on Being the Elite.
50 min
Vince McMahon Wants You To Stand Back
This week, we're discussing the infamous Vince McMahon "Stand Back" performance, the Slammys, and one thing from WWF in 1995 that's better than today.
45 min
Thanksgiving With The Gobbledy Gooker
This week, we celebrate Thanksgiving by resurrecting the Gobbledy Gooker, pro wrestling's weirdest character, and talking about what we're thankful for.
49 min
AEW's Darby Allin And The Mystique Of Man Mount...
This week, we welcome AEW's TNT Champion Darby Allin to the show and revisit one of WWE's worst characters that Mat loves, Man Mountain Rock.
47 min
Johnny Gargano Loves Wheels And Disneyland (Wit...
This week we welcome NXT superstar to the show to talk wheels, Disneyland, and probably wrestling. Mat and Chris also celebrate Gangrel's AEW debut.
50 min
Mini: AEW Video Game Revealed
In this mini episode, Mat and Chris are talking about the brand new All Elite Wrestling video games!
16 min
Electing A WWF President (With Lilian Garcia)
This week, we remember WWF president Jack Tunney and talk to former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia.
55 min
Halloween, But Make It Pro Wrestling
This week it's the Wrestle Buddies Halloween Spectacular, and we're celebrating in style.
46 min
Grabbing A Goldberger At The WCW Nitro Grill (W...
This week, we're joined by DualShockers' Mario Rivera for a deep dive on the WCW Nitro Grill and meet the Smackdown Hacker.
61 min
Boy Meets Vader (With AEW's Sonny Kiss & TV Gu...
This week we welcome AEW wrestler Sonny Kiss and TV Guide's Keisha Hatchett for a wide ranging discussion about wrestling, Boy Meets World, and horror video games.
68 min
WWE Niagara Falls: A Thing You Didn't Know Exis...
This week we talk about WWE's fabled Canadian merchandise shop and thrill ride at Niagara Falls. Then, we jump back in time to revisit Ultimate Warrior being very weird on The Arsenio Hall Show.
53 min
Where's The AEW Video Game? (With AEW's Kenny O...
This week, we welcome All Elite Wrestling star Kenny Omega to the show to talk about AEW's new action figures, wrestling a blow up doll, and the status of the AEW video game.
44 min
WWE 2K Battlegrounds (With NXT's Tyler Breeze)
This week, we welcome WWE superstar Tyler breeze to talk wrestling, video games, winning his first championship in NXT, and more. Plus, we give our thoughts on WWE's new video game.
59 min
Who Was Really Behind GTV? (With Impact's Brian...
This week, we welcome Impact Wrestling's Brian Myers to talk his Impact arrival, wrestling action figures, and more. Plus, Chris and Mat figure out who was behind GTV in the '90s.
46 min
The Shockmaster's Fall From Grace And Playing U...
This wee,, we welcome Adam Cole to talk about fighting Finn Bálor, his other wrestling stable (Left Right Left Right), and streaming games of Uno during quarantine.
47 min
You Cannot Kill David Arquette's WCW Title Reign
This week, we look back at the time David Arquette became a WCW Champion (Yes, it happened) and recreate a series of incredibly bad promos from the 1980s.
52 min
WWE Goes Beyond Thunderdome
This week, we talk arguably too long about WWE's new Thunderdome concept and remember the time Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio had a ladder match to determine custody of an actual human child.
42 min
Is Wrestling Fake?
This week, we respond to a random person online who felt the need to let us know wrestling is fake. Also, Chris cleaned out his closet and found some weird wrestling mementos.
74 min
WWE Bet Against The House On A Casino (With Rin...
This week, we welcome Ring of Honor senior official Todd Sinclair to tell us all about what it's like to be a referee. We also learn about the failed WWF Hotel and Casino and try to solve a mystery!
93 min
Who's The Sexiest Wrestler: Rick Rude Or Earl H...
This week, TV Guide's Keisha Hatchett joins us for an episode about sext wrestlers, from Rick Rude to Prince Iaukea To... Kane?
80 min
The Good Brothers Talk Shop With The Wrestle Bu...
This week, Mat and Chris are joined by Impact's Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson--The Good Brothers. We also remember our favorite WWE Studios movies ever and break down an episode of Impact.
90 min
Exploring WWE's Ridiculous Cookbook And Amazing...
This week, we're joined by Headlocked Comics creator Mike Kingston, Mat tells us all about the official WWE cookbook, and we look back on WWE's best Comic-Con exclusive toys.
87 min
WWE's Big Show Remembers The Dungeon Of Doom, W...
This week, we revisit 2005's ECW One Night Stand, Mat teaches us about referees, and WWE superstar Big Show remembers his time in the Dungeon of Doom.
72 min
Hulk Hogan's Pastamania Is Running Wild
This week, we talk DDT Pro's weird cast of characters, remember Hulk Hogan's failed pasta restaurant, and tell stories of looking foolish in front of wrestlers.
77 min
Wrestling At Its Best: The WWE's Kennel From He...
This week, we revisit WWE's ludicrous Kennel from Hell match, learn about WCW's Dungeon of Doom, and reenact one of the worst moments in wrestling history.
69 min
Who Is Pro Wrestling's GOAT And Remembering How...
This week, we have a very serious debate about pro wrestling's greatest of all time, remember the awful Mordecai gimmick from Smackdown, and reminisce about Chucky the doll in WCW.
68 min
eFeds Are Wrestling's Less Than Sexy Fan Fictio...
This week we're talking about eFeds, wrestling weddings, and dramatic reenactments with TV Guide's Keisha Hatchett!
63 min
The Ballad Of Singing Wrestlers And How To Buil...
This week, we're talking about our favorite singing wrestlers, what makes a stable great, and learning about jobbers.
65 min
The Origin Of All Elite Wrestling And The Stran...
This week, we're discussing the history of AEW, the restaurant WWE had in Times Square, and being a wrestling fan during a pandemic. Plus, GameSpot's Michael Rougeau talks about Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.
68 min
The Godfather Says Goodbye To His Pimpin' Ways ...
This week we're discussing terrible video games, our first live wrestling shows and none other than The Goodfather.
49 min
Ring Of Honor's Dalton Castle Goes To The Tiger...
This week, we welcome Ring of Honor star Dalton Castle to talk about everything from Tiger King to where his costumes come from. Mat and Chris also talk about the most dangerous weapons under the ring and remember the time Dennis Rodman was a WCW wrestler.
62 min
KISS got its own wrestler and the only AEW vs. ...
This week on Wrestle Buddies, we debate which company has the better empty arena shows, WWE or AEW, figure out why KISS got its own wrestler in WCW, and learn all about ring ropes.
53 min