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Welcome to the podcast that helps you eat, play and live better in the Triangle. If you're a foodie, love the local music scene and all the great festivals, we're on it! On each episode, Kathy Hanrahan dives into the local restaurant scene, then help you get out of the house with info on great festivals coming up. There will also be bonus segments from the Out & About TV show. Visit WRAL Out & About for more food and restaurant news, events, concerts and things to do: https://www.wral.com/entertainment/out_and_about/ Watch past episodes of Out & About TV: https://www.wral.com/entertainment/out_and_about/page/17753251/

Society & Culture
Ep. 177: Oak City Fish and Chips
The future is bright for Oak City Fish and Chips. The owners are planning to expand across the country!
23 min
Ep. 176: Wine and Dandy at Longleaf Lounge
A hip and tasty visit to Raleigh's Longleaf Lounge
20 min
Ep. 175: Frozen at DPAC
The Disney film has been transformed into a Broadway-style musical. You can see it at DPAC through Oct. 2, 2022.
13 min
Ep. 174: Jujube's new owner and a farmer collab...
We meet Jujube's new owner and get all the details about a new box offered by The Produce Box that helps support young and beginning farmers.
29 min
Introducing Office Talk, the podcast from Ralei...
Our friends from the "Office Talk with Raleigh Magazine" podcast are taking over this week's episode to fill you in on Goodnight's Comedy Club's future.
37 min
Ep. 173: Vivian Howard
Vivian Howard was the last in-studio guest for the Out and About Podcast in March 2020. She's back (via Zoom) to talk about her new venture, Viv's Fridge.
18 min
Ep. 172: Glasshouse Kitchen
WRAL's Mark Bergin gets the inside scoop on the new restaurant Glasshouse Kitchen straight from the owners!
21 min
Ep. 171: Exclusive interview Char-Grill owners
In this episode, WRAL's Maggie Brown has an exclusive interview with the owners of Char-Grill about their upcoming plans.
13 min
Ep. 170: Comedy Bang! Bang!'s Scott Aukerman
Scott Aukerman (Mr. Show, Between 2 Ferns) is bringing this podcast tour to Charlotte on Aug. 18. Before he hits town, he talked with WRAL's Cory Dinkel.
16 min
Ep. 169: NC Theatre
Take a trip into the world of local theatre with NC Theatre's Eric Woodall!
25 min
Ep. 168: GalaxyCon Raleigh guest William Shatner
You know him from "Star Trek" and a million of projects over storied career. That's right William Shatner is joining the Out and About Podcast this week!
12 min
Ep. 167: Greensboro Science Center, Craften
Let's take a trip with Out and About TV to the Greensboro Science Center and to Knightdale's new food hall concept Craften.
11 min
Ep. 166: Sassool
This week, we sit down with the family behind this business to find out how the pandemic has affected them, what the future holds and how they keep their family's rich history in every dish served.
25 min
Ep. 165: National Women's Theatre Festival
Mix 101.5's Diane Ramsey talks with the National Women’s Theatre Festival Executive Artistic Director, Johanna Maynard Edwards, about what to expect at this year's event,
24 min
Ep. 164: What Remains with Amanda Lamb
True crime author and reporter Amanda Lamb has a new podcast that explores how forensic scientists try to identify human remains.
25 min
Ep. 163: James Beard Award-winning chef Ricky M...
Fresh off of his James Beard Award win for Best Chef in the Southeast, Saltbox Seafood's Ricky Moore talks about his career.
14 min
Ep. 162: MOFU Shoppe brings community to downto...
Heritage and entrepreneurship combine at MOFU Shoppe
5 min
Ep. 161: National Recognition for Durham's Alle...
How Alley Twenty Six’s recent James Beard nomination is a first for North Carolina
14 min
Ep. 160: Celebrate North Carolina Music at That...
That Station Program Director Chris Edge previews the festival
21 min
Ep. 159: How Climate Change Affects NC Wine
North Carolina grapes are feeling the heat (and the cold)
11 min
Ep. 158: Ghost hunting with The Ghost Guild on ...
This week, we go aboard the Battle North Carolina in Wilmington with local paranormal investigators, The Ghost Guild.
12 min
Ep. 157: That time 2 nuclear bombs fell in Gold...
Go with WRAL Tar Heel Traveler Scott Mason and Hidden History reporter Heather Leah on a trip to the site where two nuclear bombs fell from the sky.
10 min
Ep. 156: Juniper Level Botanical Gardens
This week, we take a trip to Juniper Level Botanical Gardens in Raleigh to find out about this 28-acre campus.
14 min
Ep. 155: Durham Performing Arts Center
This podcast was recorded LIVE at the Earfluence podcast studio at American Underground in Durham on March 16, 2022.
50 min
Ep. 154: Sola Coffee
We started working on this episode last month, weeks before Sola Coffee co-owner Jeanne Luther passed away.
10 min
Ep. 153: Spring cleaning tips with Hello Clutter
Coming home to a cluttered home can be stressful. WRAL contributor Tara Lynn gets some tips on how to declutter your home from Sarah Valeri with Hello Clutter.
31 min
Ep. 152: How not to look your age with Amelia A...
This week, WRAL contributor Sloane Heffernan takes us on a trip into the world of anti-aging products and treatments with Amelia Aesthetics' Plastic Surgery and Skincare educator Gretta Nance.
34 min
Ep. 151: Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
Get ready for this year's Full Frame Documentary Film Festival with an interview with Emily Foster!
26 min
Holiday break time!
The Out and About Podcast is taking a break for the holidays!
1 min
Ep. 150: Tiktok embryologist Alease Daniel
Raleigh embryologist Alease Daniel has become a TikTok star. She takes people into the fertility lab and explains everything from how embryos are graded and to sperm motility.
14 min
Ep. 149: The Ghost Guild
The Ghost Guild take a break from ghost hunting to talk about their most recent paranormal investigations and where you can find them next!
20 min
Ep. 148: Scotty McCreery
County superstar and Garner native Scotty McCreery recently stopped by to talk about his new album, Same Truck.
10 min
Ep. 147: Bob Saget
Yes, that Bob Saget. Danny Tanner himself stops by the podcast to talk about his new standup show coming to Raleigh Improv.
18 min
Ep. 146: Comedian Jen Fulwiler
Comedian Jen Fulwiler has six children. She says the jokes just write themselves. A former talk radio show, Jen is an author, podcaster and social media superstar going viral on TikTok and Instagram with her parenting hot takes.
16 min
Ep. 145: Tarboro Brewing Co.'s Inez Ribustello
Inez Ribustello is a mom, restaurant owner and now an author. Ribustello has self-published a book about the past 20 years of her life.
24 min
Ep. 144: Tepuy Doughnuts
Alejandro Contreras is a one-man operation. He is the chef and owner of one of the most Instagrammable treats in the area - Tepuy Doughnuts
9 min
Ep. 143: Cape Fear Farm Credit Produce Project
Cape Fear Farm Credit CEO Evan Kleinhans talks about the company's Produce Project, which has helped local farmers and food banks.
12 min
Ep. 142: Big Spoon Roasters
Big Spoon Roasters was born out of founder Mark Overbay's love of homemade peanut butter.
18 min
Ep. 141: Six Foot Fit
Brenna Doyle started Six Foot Fit after being laid off from her job as a fitness coach. What started as a small group personal training session in a park has since become a full-fledged business.
15 min
NEW PODCAST: Follow The Truth from WRAL Studios
In 1993, Michael Jordan’s father, James, was murdered. Was the right man convicted of murder?
5 min
Ep. 140: The Float Spa Holly Springs
Ever wondered what it is like floating in one of those float spas or pods? Well, this podcast is for you. We get to the bottom of this new trend with Kelli Wolf, owner of The Float Spa Holly Springs.
18 min
Ep. 139: Oakwood Pizza Box
Oakwood Pizza Box owner Anthony Guerra talks about a new Durham location, a secret celebrity collaboration and more!
28 min
Ep. 138: Camp Gladiator, Rock Solid Warrior
This week, we are taking a trip with Out and About TV to get fit at Camp Gladiator and Rock Solid Warrior.
9 min
Ep. 137: Brandwein's Bagels
Carbs. This episode is about bagels, specifically this relatively new bagel shop in Chapel Hill.
13 min
Ep. 137: Old East Tavern, Rise, Monterrey Mexican
This week, we take a trip with Out and About TV to three tasty restaurants!
12 min
Ep. 136: Amanda Lamb
Amanda Lamb is a force of nature. She's a mother, reporter, podcaster, writer and probably million other things we don't even know about yet.
32 min
Ep. 135: Art in Bloom artist Diane Makgill
This week, we go behind the scenes of the North Carolina Museum of Art's popular "Art in Bloom" event with one of the artists, Diane Makgill.
22 min
Ep. 134: The Spinning Plate, Union Special
This week, we take a trip with Out and About TV to learn more about The Spinning Plate food truck and we chat with Union Special owner Andrew Ullom.
9 min
Ep. 133: Top Chef alum Katsuji Tanabe
Chef Katsuji Tanabe went on BRAVO's Top Chef three times. He tells us whether he would do reality TV again, plus he talks about his upcoming Mexican restaurant in Cary.
19 min
Ep. 132: WRAL's Keenan Willard
Keenan Willard recently joined WRAL as its Eastern North Carolina reporter. The Raleigh native is happy to be home after working in Texas for the past few years.
21 min
Ep. 131: Thomas Rhett
Country star Thomas Rhett wants to help you get outside and maybe his upcoming tour, which stops in Raleigh this Fall, will help do that.
9 min
Ep. 130: Olde Raleigh Distillery
Olde Raleigh Distillery opened its doors in Zebulon in January. Owner Brandon McCraney spent four years on this passion project and hopes that the space will become a community hotspot.
13 min
Ep. 129: Pineapple Sol
Dahiana Vitabar and Aleena Azhar started Pineapple Sol in early 2021. The goal was to help set up decorative picnics, high teas and other outdoor events. They also provide catering services.
12 min
Ep. 128: NC Sweetpotato Commission
North Carolina is the number one sweet potato producing state in the country. Michelle L. Grainger, executive director of the NC Sweetpotato Commission, explains why this veggie is so important to the state.
15 min
Ep. 127: Dram and Draught
Dram and Draught is a neighborhood bar in downtown Raleigh. It is expanding though into Cary and Durham.
14 min
Ep. 126: The Avett Brothers' Joe Kwon
Joe Kwon has been playing cello with The Avett Brothers for 15 years, so when the pandemic hit and live music stopped he searched for a sense of accomplishment.
25 min
Ep. 125: Big Ed's
Big Ed's has been a City Market staple for decades. It's also a WRAL Voters' Choice Award winner for best Southern food.
12 min
Ep. 124: Bond Brothers Beer Company
Bond Brothers in downtown Cary has navigated the pandemic and are even planning to open a second location soon.
16 min
Ep. 123: K8_smallthings aka Kate Bryan
Raleigh mom and social media star Kate Bryan has a following of more than 800,000 people between YouTube and Instagram.
19 min
Ep. 122: Golden Mummies of Egypt
The North Carolina Museum of Art is the first art museum in the country to host Golden Mummies of Egypt, an exhibit featuring actual mummies preserved in their wrappings.
19 min
Ep. 121: Raleigh Cheesy
If you love cheese, then you need to check out Raleigh Cheesy, a local snack board company.
15 min
Ep. 120: Culture State
Culture State is a new podcast from WRAL's Chris Lea and Dennis Cox. It explores the music, sports and pop culture that has put North Carolina on the map.
20 min
Ep. 119: Transfer Co. Food Hall
Transfer Co. Food Hall occupies a 50,000 square-foot space at 500 E. Davie St. in downtown Raleigh.
14 min
Ep. 118: Chocolate Smiles
Chocolate Smiles is a chocolate lovers paradise in downtown Cary. Owner Melanie Williams shares some
13 min
Ep. 117: Tobacco Wood Brewing
Tobacco Wood Brewing is North Carolina's first female veteran-owned brewery. This week, founder Mara Shelton drops by to talk about their recent announcement of expanding to Durham.
12 min
Ep. 116: Vitis House Wine School
At one point, chef Doreen Colondres was hosting three cooking shows airing in 16 different countries. Now, she is has opened her first wine school in Raleigh.
20 min
Ep. 115: Musician Rod Abernethy
Award-winning musician Rod Abernethy's storied career includes losing on "Star Search" and composing music for video games. Now he is going back to his acoustic roots with a new album.
20 min
Ep. 114: WRAL meteorologist Kat Campbell
WRAL meteorologist Kat Campbell stops by the podcast to talk about what led her to WRAL, her adorable dog and more.
22 min
Ep. 113: WRAL's Mikaya Thurmond
WRAL's Mikaya Thurmond stops by the podcast to talk about her worst gift ever, her upcoming gig as WRAL Voters' Choice Award host and much more!
19 min
Ep. 112: WRAL's Ken Smith
WRAL's Ken Smith has been with the station for 22 years! And for many of those years he hosted the First Night Raleigh NYE celebration.
22 min
Ep. 111: Triangle Pop-Up
Get ready to shop local this holiday season. Sarah Moody from Triangle Pop-Up drops by to talk about their monthly market and new pop-up shop in downtown Raleigh.
11 min
Ep. 110: Nights of Lights
Get a sneak preview of what to expect at this new holiday drive-through light show at Dix Park!
14 min
Ep. 109: Mix 101.5 FM's Bryan Lord
Mix 101.5 FM's Bryan Lord drops by to talk about Snapple, his new web show, musical theatre and becoming a dad!
21 min
Ep. 108: Wine and Dandy
Prepare for Thanksgiving or just a random Tuesday night with these wine suggestions from our friends at the Wine and Dandy podcast!
20 min
Ep. 107: Grandfather Mountain
From the mile-high swinging bridge to the breathtaking views, we find out more about this must-visit attraction.
15 min
Ep. 106: STIR and Oak City Cares
STIR Raleigh's Chris Brett talks about the restaurant's collaboration with local nonprofit Oak City Cares.
15 min
Ep. 105: Candid Yams Kickback Movie Series
A new movie series is sparking conversation and community at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.
19 min
Ep. 104: Grazin' Gals
Childhood friends Lauryn Colatuno and Erin Riddick launched this Triangle-based charcuterie board company during the coronavirus pandemic.
19 min
Ep. 103: The Ghost Guild returns
The Ghost Guild has been investigating things that go bump in the night since 2017.
26 min
Ep. 102: Music writer David Menconi
David Menconi has been covering the music scene in North Carolina since the 1990s. His upcoming book, Step It Up and Go, covers everything from bluegrass to alternative rock.
17 min
Ep. 101: Kandy Apples by K
Craving candy apples? Kandy Apples by K creates decadent apples year-round. Flavors include Tropical Punch (topped with Nerds candy) and Cake Batter.
20 min
Ep. 100: Sola Coffee Cafe
John and Jeanne Luther opened Sola Coffee Cafe eight years ago. It won the 2019 WRAL Voters' Choice Award for best coffee shop.
9 min
Ep. 99: Durham Delivers
A new local delivery service has launched to help area restaurants. Cara Rousseau, one of the founders, explains how Durham Delivers got started.
11 min
Ep. 98: WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner
WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner does it all. This mother-of-two loves the outdoors and is even on a quest to bring a whitewater rafting park to the Triangle.
8 min
Ep. 97: The Good of the Hive
Artist Matthew Willey is traveling the globe on a mission to paint 50,000 individual honey bees.
9 min
Ep. 96: Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken
Rise was founded in 2012 in Durham and has expanded to include 16 locations in six states.
12 min
Ep. 95: Hospitality Now
The hospitality group behind Kō•än and its sister restaurant So•ca has renamed itself hospitality•NOW. We find out about this new initiative from owner Sean Degnan and Koan chef Drew Smith.
13 min
Ep. 94: Bites of Bull City
Amber Watson started the Bites of Bull City blog, which covers the Durham restaurant scene, six years ago.
16 min
Ep. 93: Bill Leslie
Former WRAL anchor and current WRAL.com Voters' Choice Award Best Twitter winner Bill Leslie updates us on what he's been doing during the pandemic.
13 min
Ep. 92: Stir Raleigh
This week, we talk with Stir's new executive chef Heather Miro about what it was like starting a new job during the pandemic.
13 min
Ep. 91: Tonbo Ramen
Tom Mukoyama of Raleigh's Tonbo Ramen talks about the secrets to great ramen, plus how his business has been affected during the coronavirus pandemic.
13 min
Ep. 90: Prime BBQ
Prime BBQ opened its doors during a pandemic. Owner Christopher Prieto explains how they are navigating the coronavirus and why he is a self-confessed BBQ nerd.
17 min
Ep. 89: Baba Ghannouj
How does a buffet change its methods during a pandemic? That's the question we asked Baba Ghannouj owner Kaid Ghamayem on this week's podcast.
10 min
Ep. 88: Carroll's Kitchen
Carroll's Kitchen, a cafe in downtown Raleigh, gives jobs to women trying to escape domestic abuse, facing homelessness or dealing with other crises.
14 min
Ep. 87: Wonderpuff
Jackie Morin is a big fan of sugar, so it is natural that she has a business that is all about cotton candy.
16 min
Ep. 86: Zambrero
Australia's largest Mexican franchise Zambrero is expanding to Durham.
10 min
Ep. 85: Locals Oyster Bar, Daily Coronavirus Ed...
Chef Eric Montagne and co-owner Lin Peterson say demand has been high for local seafood during the pandemic.
10 min
Ep. 84: Saltbox Seafood, Daily Coronavirus Edition
Saltbox Seafood owner Ricky Moore went from wanting to become a graphic artist to cooking in the military and then going toculinary school.
35 min
Ep. 83: Norse Brewing, Daily Coronavirus Edition
Norse Brewing opened its doors in December 2019 and only a few months later they had to close again due to COVID-19.
9 min
Ep. 82: Lucettegrace, Daily Coronavirus Edition
Pastry chef Daniel Benjamin opened Lucettegrace in downtown Raleigh more than five years ago.
21 min